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She told him Sunday night to make no plans for Thursday. “We’ll be going to the Society House for a special training on Thursday,” she explained. “I know it will be tough, but I don’t want you to cum at all before then.”

It had been a long three and a half days by the time Thursday finally arrived. Of course, even though he had not been allowed to cum, that hadn’t stopped Amy from teasing him. In fact, she had seemed intent to keep him on edge for the entire time. He had spent more time continuously hard than he had in recent memory. It got so bad, Amy had to restrain his hands and feet to the bedposts at night so he wouldn’t play with himself or roll over and rub one out on the sheets.

It was almost over though. Paul and Amy were driving to The Society, she at the wheel, he naked in the passenger seat. Only those they passed driving higher profile vehicles, like trucks and SUV’s, would have any inkling he was naked. This had happened before, being driven while sitting nude in the car. He had almost gotten used to it and was only mildly embarrassed when a passerby would react like they had actually seen he was naked.

“It’s almost over baby,” Amy said, leading him by the cock into the Society Building. “You have been such a trouper, being denied release without whining. I think it will be well worth the wait.”

The mystery had intrigued him. What possibly could this “training’ be, he wondered. He had submitted to all her instructions and kinky requests so far. Paul could think of nothing he hadn’t already been taught to do correctly.

Paul was brought into a large, well lit salon. He was not alone. There were about 5 other men, all nude and erect, there too.

“Ladies,” Ms. Lake said, entering the room with the regal gait she always used, “you know what tonight entails. Please make sure you are totally prepared before we continue. Do you all wish to continue?”

There was a choir of enthusiastic “yes” replies. The women then moved away leaving only the men grouped around Ms. Lake.

“Most of you don’t realize,” she began, “that the goddesses, whose pleasure is your responsibility, are often unsatisfied from making love with you.” She looked from one to the other man in the room. “Those dicks of yours are not the end all, be all for women. Most of the time, when you ejaculate, we haven’t finished. We act like we have, but we haven’t. You roll off satisfied while we yearn for the final Big O that never comes, at least not until you fall asleep and we masturbate while you snore away. Tonight we all learn how to fix that.”

Rebecca reached into a bowl on the table and pulled out two slips of paper. “The first pairing is Paul and Tina.”

Tina approached him smiling from an ante room. She was a petite brunette with a thin waist and alabaster skin. She wrapped her hand around his cock, leading him out of the room. Paul looked around for his wife to ascertain her level of participation in this “training”. She was nowhere to be seen.

Tina pulled Paul into a small room off the main salon. It was dimly lit. In front of them was yet another room. Once his eyes adjusted Paul witnessed a scene he had only seen in his fantasies up until now.

Paul recognized the nasty, sour feeling welling up from the pit of his stomach. It was jealousy.

He saw a couple in the next room. The beautiful nude woman stood, passionately kissing a tall man in front of her. They were slowly stroking casino oyna each other’s bodies, obviously preparing for sex. The man he recognized from other encounters at The Society. The woman was Amy! He had never seen his wife involved with another man. Sure, he had seen her idly stroking one of the men attending the many Society Socials they had attended together. He knew she enjoyed the oral attentions of many men during these gatherings but he had never actually witnessed it because he had his face buried in some other woman’s pussy. Fair is fair, after all.

As uncomfortable as it was to watch, Paul couldn’t take his eyes off Amy.

With her hands attached to the man’s cock, Amy laid back into a semi reclining position on the chaise lounge, the only piece of furniture in that room. Slowly she spread her legs wide. Even Paul could see the skin glistening from her arousal from his position.

Tina encouraged Paul to kneel on the floor. She sunk to her knees behind him. He could feel Tina’s soft, large breasts pressing against the skin of his back through the fabric of the diaphanous gown she was wearing. Paul’s eyes were lower than his wife’s position on the chaise. His view of their coupling was no longer obscured by their bodies. Paul saw no faces. From this position his view was entirely of sexual organs, cock and cunt meeting in rhythmic motion. The erotic scene inflamed his long denied desires but his brain was screaming “a stranger is fucking my wife”!

Paul couldn’t pull his gaze away. The man’s dick pushed in and out of his wife’s cunt. She was obviously enjoying it.

“She looks so sexy when she’s fucking,” Tina whispered in his ear from behind. She had reached around and was fondling his cock, her fingers running up and down the entire length on the underside of his shaft. “And listen to her,” Tina encouraged, almost cruelly.

This is my wife, he thought, it’s my responsibility to please her.

Judging from Amy’s vocal reactions, the man sawing in and out of her was doing one fine job! “Oh, god, harder, yesss, please, fuck me, fuck me,” her guttural words assailed Paul’s ears, burning in the pit of his stomach even as they also inflamed his desires.

The man sped up. His back arched. With a grunt, he pushed firmly into Amy’s pussy then stiffened. It was obvious he was cumming; pumping his load inside Paul’s own wife. When finished, the man didn’t collapse onto Amy’s body as a true lover would, but rather simply pulled his softening dick from her and left.

His flaccid tool fell out with a ‘plop’. Paul watched a large dollop of thick semen flow from Amy onto the furniture below her. There was a steady stream, a narrow rivulet of man milk flowing from her cunt. Amy was still breathing heavily, her breasts heaving with her labored breaths. Her fingers moved over her hard, sweat slicked nipples down to her pussy. She fingered her clit while lifting her head slightly and making direct eye contact with her husband behind the thin curtain.

“Come to me, my love. Please come clean me.”

She was not asking him to replace the other man inside her. She was asking he prove, once again, there was nothing he would not do for her; to submit yet again to her desires with no thought to his own. She was asking him to remove the semen another man had left inside her with his own mouth.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Crawling on his knees to her quickly, Paul dove slot oyna between the puffy folds of her cum covered pussy and began to gather the juices on his tongue. Hers were sweet and delicious. His were thick and a bit salty. In combination, the cum cocktail was not totally unpleasant.

He tongue fucked his wife while she did a fast finger dance on her own clit. With a thumb on either side of her slick pussy lips Paul pulled, allowing deeper access to her cunt. He licked, sucked, tongued, he did all those things he would have done normally. Maybe she was close when the other guy had pulled out of her. Maybe the situation was inflaming her own desires. For whatever reason, she orgasmed strongly, coating Paul’s face with her slick juice while bucking her hips and moaning, “oh, god this is so fucking good” over and over.

Paul could not help himself, he had to agree: this was so fucking good! The only thing better would be if it were his own semen he was retrieving. This would be even more palatable were it the liquid created by love between he and his wife, rather than the lust of a stranger.

Amy’s over stimulated nerve endings could stand no more. She pushed Paul’s face away.

Paul sat back on his haunches, at eye level with his wife’s pussy. Her pussy lips and asshole were still pulsing, pursing, puckering with her orgasmic contractions.

Amy sat up finally, feet on the ground. She leaned forward and kissed her husband’s lips. “I hope you enjoyed that even half as much as did I.” She smiled broadly while standing. Looking down into her husband’s upturned eyes she added, “feel free to enjoy this, too. I intend to.”

Paul remained where he was; on his haunches, watching his gorgeous wife as she walked away. He knew he should feel degraded. He had, after all, just swallowed another man’s semen. But he didn’t feel degraded. He felt uplifted and proud. He had just fulfilled one of his wife’s fantasies and in so doing, made her scream in ecstasy. That was, after all, his one true mission in life as a man, as her man.

“I want you inside me, now,” said a voice from beside him. Paul snapped his head around to see Tina settling onto the chaise in front of him. With a leg on either side of the wide seat, her pussy was in clear view between her wide spread thighs. By training, his first reaction was to feast on those wet, glistening folds. He couldn’t resist. Not just training, but also desire. He wanted to taste her.

“Fuck me,” she hissed as Paul ran his tongue from base to clit on his way up. Paul crawled along her body, kissing as much of her soft, warm skin as he could while following her insistent tug on his hard cock. With a hand around his shaft, Tina placed the head of his dick at her opening. She bucked her hips up to meet his initial thrust into her.

It had been a while since he had felt the tight hug of pussy around his cock. Soft. Wet. Tight. Paul pulled back until just the head remained lodged in her sheath then slowly pushed back in until his balls slapped against her outer lips.

“Lift up,” she hissed, “I want to watch.”

Paul lifted himself off her chest with both arms. Tina lifted her head slightly to watch his shaft saw in and out of her.

“Hard and fast, baby,” she encouraged. He, too, lowered his eyes to look beneath them. His stiff shaft glistened with a thicker coating of her pussy juices with each outward move. Tina thrust her hips up to meet his down canlı casino siteleri stroke. He sped up to match her rhythm, faster and faster he thrust into her. Their preorgasmic moans mingled in harmony. He was coming, he could feel it. It was close. He no longer cared about how she was feeling. Was her orgasm near? It didn’t matter to him anymore. He had held back, denying his own pleasure for his wife. He was not going to deny himself this orgasm for Tina.

He moved in and out, faster still, suddenly aware his orgasm was upon him. He could feel his thick semen shoot, splashing against the walls of her womb. He continued to move back and forth, even though his nerves were frayed. Sensual overload on the sensitive head of his cock caused him to push against her one final time. He fell on top of her, Tina’s billowy tits cushioning his own body’s fall. He remained still, while he continued to pump his liquid into her. She continued to writhe under him, rubbing her own sensitive inner parts against his already softening shaft.

It was subtle, that soft push against his shoulders, but he understood. She was done with him. He had played his part. It was time for him to leave and make way for the next act.

Paul pulled out, his dick falling from her stretched cunt. A rivulet of semen cascaded from her opening. Tine covered her pussy with her hand to keep all of it from draining to the floor before her husband took his assigned place between her just fucked lips.

Without looking back Paul walked from the room softly but quickly.

Amy was waiting for him in the next room. She had not bothered to dress. Paul stared in awe at the naked beauty that was his wife, his goddess. Her eyes, glassy from excitement, stared directly into his. He followed her beckoning arms. They pressed their bodies, wet from sex, together in a tight embrace. Amy was idly toying with her sticky pussy with one hand. She wrapped her unoccupied arm around his neck and pulled his head close to her mouth.

“That was so fucking hot,” she hissed in his ear. She kissed him hard and full on the mouth. Their tongues swirled together. “You looked so hot fucking her. Gawd, you’re beautiful.”

Amy kissed his mouth one more time before kissing his chin, his nipples, his navel. She sunk to her knees before him. “She is still all over you,” Amy whispered as she ran her tongue along the edge of his shriveled manhood.

Much as he had sucked another man’s semen out of her moments before, Amy was using her own mouth and tongue to clean Tina’s residue from his cock. She seemed to enjoy it, just as he had to admit to enjoying the last few minutes feasting at his wife’s well used cunt.

“I want to live like this,” she said moving her mouth from his balls to the head of his shaft. After licking Tina’s juices from his shaft she continued to manipulate his cock with one hand, his balls with the other. “I want you naked all the time. I want your cock. It’s mine. I want your mouth, your tongue, whenever, wherever. I want to tease you. I want to come in your mouth. I want to share you. I want you to worship my body, all of my body. I will be your goddess.”

Was he hard again already because of her caresses or because of her words?

Without relinquishing her grasp on his cock Amy kissed her way back up his body. After another deep, passionate kiss on the mouth she asked, “will you dedicate yourself to me? Think only of my pleasure? Will you forsake your own needs and be my pleasure slave?”

Amy was now looking him directly in the eyes. He responded the only way he could. The only way he wanted to. The only way that made sense.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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