Codename Lumiere – Soft Launch Pt. 4

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Codename Lumiere – Soft Launch Pt. 4

Chapter 04 – Nicolet D’Arcey


I do not own any of the characters on this story, save if they are original characters (OC). They belong to their creators, producers, broadcasters, publishers and distributors,
as the works they come from or inspired in way the story written below.
I do not have any financial gain through this written piece nor I intend to cash on it. This content is mostly to be seen as a parody work with adult content. I repeat, a parody.
With adult content. Because of that, people under the authorized age to see erotic material wherever they live aren’t allowed to read this story.
Anyone else who bears something against the content, characters or anything else must also look somewhere else to be.
If you are fit to read this story and contribute with something, feel free to do so.
Thanks and now, enjoy this work as much as I did writing.

Who is this Nicolet D’Arcey you talked about at the last chapter, my dear writer?

Might be the question you are doing right now. And, my dear reader, I shall not make you wait in the search for an answer.

Nicolet is Lumière best friend. Well, ‘friend’ is just an understatement here, since their relationship went beyond than just regular friendship. Yes, you might call it also ‘friends with benefits’, but it is also way beyond just this form of relationship.

Actually Nicolet was pretty much the only person who deeply understood Lumière internet casino and what he was or thought. Being both affluent families, they knew each other since k**s and grew up together. They did almost anything together and both were the closest confidents to each other when they had to reveal secrets or share stuff they wouldn’t with anyone.

And Ms. D’Arcey shared two important loves with her friend. The first was their affinity for Old Hollywood, they liked nearly the same movies, the same actors and actresses and liked to spend days and nights talking about it and doing movie binges. The other was haute couture. To be specific, she also shared a trait with many actresses from these eras, only dress with fancy dresses, hats, gloves and so on. Then you can understand why both seemed meant to each other.

As Lumière grew up and he began his obsessive job with parallel dimensions and such, she at first thought he was going crazy! She wasn’t properly the one who believed, somewhere, there could be a way to visit different dimensions than the one they lived. And when she heard about his true intentions, Nicolet believed he was totally going nuts!

“Lumière, I am your friend and I love you. But I do think your idea to ‘enter the movies’ the craziest thing I ever heard!”

“So you don’t believe in me? My best friend, the only who stood with me since the beginning…”

“I am not saying I do not believe in you. I just think this is an insane idea! You can’t ‘join the canlı poker oyna movies’ just to sleep with the women there”

“Nicolet, I can’t sleep without thinking there is a way I can be there. I dreamed with it for so long and I want to do it. Even if I spend the rest of my life locked up in a mental institution or die trying. I have to do it. I have…”

From all his girlfriends, Nicolet was the most faithful of them. She was his first one (and so he was her first) and, from then, they became lovers. They had sex constantly, even if they had other partners. The woman knew what Lumière liked, as she never removed her hat or undergarments like garters or corsets as they fucked. They weren’t shy to know that they were, so far, the only people who knew how to please each other.

And his wishes were, deep down, also Nicolet’s own. He was the only one who knew about her own wishes to test the waters of other women. She actually never tried to do lesbian sex because she never got the guts to go further in her desire. Even with her best friend supporting her to realize that fantasy.

Because of that and the fact it was her best friend of all time. Nicolet decided to support Lumière’s dreams. Heiress of a large fortune and also an investor at a number of companies, she put some of her money at his research, even if she could lose much of her wealth if his alternate reality project went to the drain. But she did it for love, the love she had for him. Not only the carnal canlı bahis love, but the friend love, the sentimental love. Love above all bad things.

“You know I love you, Lumière dear. I love you so much to see you suffer because of that”

“Who says I am suffering, Nicolet?”

“It’s that you know I care about you. I want you to succeed in your project. But what if you fail?”

“I won’t. I won’t fail. I know I won’t, I just feel it won’t fail”

“But what if it does?”

“I won’t. I won’t fail. I will go until the last energies of my life exist to push me, Nicolet”

“I just don’t want you to suffer….”

“Don’t worry. I am fine. We are in this together, right?”

“Yeah, Lumi”

“Nicolet. I do love you and you are the one I want with me in this journey. We will take over Old Hollywood together, do you understand? We will do something that will completely change the world and spark things that might transform the entire existence of humanity. I don’t do because of lust. I do it because it’s the challenge I put myself to fulfill”

“I know. And I will say it again I care deeply about you and don’t want you to get sad”

“I am not sad, I am with you, my love”

Both cared about each other to know they were too stubborn on their views and ideas. Even if she thought sometimes his ideas would be a failure, Nicolet supported him and saw him get success with his projects. And Lumière also wouldn’t give up that easily. It wasn’t his kind.
The two were meant to each other and they were ‘partners in crime’, lovers, BFFs, business partners, whatever you say they were. A relationship which would see deep changes on both lives when they realize their dreams were about to become real.

And we are closer to find how…

THE END (of this chapter)

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