College Chancellor and Male Virgin

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Kyle Benton and his cousin Kara Benton met at the university that both of their parents graduated from for an annual Homecoming weekend filled with festivities.

A prestigious university, the two seniors whose birthdays were within two weeks of one another looked forward to seeing the other again. It had been months since either had seen the other because they lived hundreds of miles apart.

The great thing was these two seniors were amongst only 50 individuals in the country who were invited to the University for a Special Pre-admissions Interview with the chancellor, Mrs. Catherine Hollows. Mrs. Hollows had a masters in psychology with a graduate degree in business administration. A long time placement counselor and now chancellor, she scheduled 45 interviews the day before the big homecoming game the next day.

Kyle toured the campus initially with one of the University’s collegiate guides familiar with all areas of the campus. Kyle happened to run into a good friend from back home who he was tight with and who quickly made friends with his cousin Kara too. Derrick Johnson decided he would tag along with Kyle and Kara.

After receiving the full tour of the campus, they ate lunch, and then prepared to interview that afternoon at the chancellors office. Derrick already interviewed so he left with his dad. He told Kyle something privately.

“I’ll tell ya what man, she isn’t what ya think. She doesn’t dress like she’s an old woman. I mean I don’t know how old she is but I thought she’d be this 55 year old woman; all stuffy and in a business suit but she wasn’t dressed that way when I was in there. That’s not saying she wore some provocative looking outfit, but dude she was ummm hott. I guarantee ya dude, she was hott. I can’t explain it Kyle, just decide for your own self. See ya later okay?”

Derrick had Kyle wondering what he meant and expected to see a mature woman trying not to appear too old and giving off a hint that she was a young woman who in reality wasn’t.

As he and his cousin Kara sat outside her office waiting, they heard giggling inside her door. They looked at each other and wondered what it was all about. First Kara went in and her appointment lasted only 25 minutes. The woman was thorough but brief and soon enough Kara walked out looking satisfied.

“She isn’t 50 years old Kyle, I can guarantee you that. There isn’t any way she’s that old.” Catherine Hollows wasn’t that old. In fact, she was only 41 but fortunately a daily regimen of diet and proper exercise perpetuated the appearance only a small percentage of the nation’s population were gifted with. She easily looked 10 to almost 15 years younger.

Mrs. Hollows had hair which flowed naturally down past her shoulders; the color was naturally light brown too. She never colored it. Her figure was mature but she had the spirit and vitality of someone close to 25 or 30. Tall, slender, long legged, and a reasonably sized chest, her figure easily was discernable by any who wished to take notice; she always commended herself afterwards when she saw that anyone observed.

Finally Kyle was called in. With a preoccupation of what this chancellor actually looked like he quickly checked her out. “Oh yeah,” he thought, “she’s not 50 years old. That’s for sure. Oh yeah, she’s definitely not that; wow that is for sure!” Whatever he was thinking showed up in expressions and his eyes.

“Welcome Kyle,” as she put out her hand out to shake his hand. How is your visit going” while continuing to follow his eyes as they focused on her body. “I am going to take for granted you like the campus and the surroundings? May I assume that Kyle?” She began bending left and right somewhat to catch up with his line of sight, which was not on her face. Smiling while she tried getting his attention and focus, he decided her figure was as excellent as Derrick said she was.

She never did mind what she presumed was his assessment of her. She prided herself on her appearance. It meant a lot to her. She valued how old she was in comparison to how old she appeared to others as well as how healthy she was to herself.

Finally knowing she’d be behind schedule if she didn’t get the young man’s attention, she put her hand on his arm and said “Feel free Kyle to have a seat right here in front of me. Pull that chair up if you care too.”

Using her well practiced smile, she easily got Kyle to open up about his future plans and what he sought in the right university. They talked and talked and 55 minutes passed. Before long, she was ‘giggling’ as she did with other prospective students. He was impressed. She was happy. She threw out her fishing line, used the right bait, and before anyone knew it she reeled in another ‘catch’ for the day.

“Mrs. Hollows, what is the night life around here like? I know there isn’t anything here in town but what about other areas?” Only a handful ever asked that question. Only a few visit the outside clubs. It is something the University casino oyna wanted to discourage but a few did go out and party on weekends after games at nightclubs in the area. Mrs. Hollows was one of those who patronized a specific club. Even her husband hadn’t a clue she did. For all he knew, she went back to her office and worked. Not Catherine Hollows, she actually brought a change of clothes and headed out for excitement on weekends when the school had home games.

Finally the interview was over. Kara and Kyle left. They talked and he admitted “She wasn’t what I expected; she isn’t what anyone expects I bet. She knows her shit that’s for sure Kara. She knew almost everything about me and what she didn’t know, I felt as if we knew each other very, very well at the end. I just get an odd feeling about her. I mean I know her like I know some girls in school or something. Is that strange?” “Umm yeah maybe, but I kinda feel that way too. She sends out vibes Kyle, she really does. Look how long you two were in there talking? How long was it maybe 55 minutes and me, well I was only in maybe 20 to 25 minutes tops. Don’t you think that’s odd? How long was Derrick in there with her?”

“I think he said 50 minutes. I’m not sure. But anyways let’s go wait for our parents or do you want to walk around?” They walked around a little bit and then came back and then they saw the chancellor come out the back door where they waited.

She smiled at them, waving politely and in a cute voice said, “Enjoy your weekend here you two. It was so nice to meet both of you, good bye.”

Kara caught on that she was looking at Kyle the whole time when she got in her car; she looked over at him again as she closed her door. “See there is something odd. She looked at you as if, well as if, she was flirting with you.”

He laughed and said “Noooo wayyy Kara, uhh huh no way; she didn’t do that. Heck, how old is she and she’s flirting with me? We know she can’t be 25 or 30 although she looks like she is. No way is she 25 or 30 Kara; there’s just no way!”

Finally they saw their parents and toured the campus some more; their parents wanted a break so Kara and Kyle went off on their own. Walking around, both loved the scenery. It included more then just the manicured landscapes and perfectly kept complexes. It included, as far as Kyle was concerned, hundreds and hundreds of coeds that offered a guy like him a dozen opportunities. Not that he was going to hook up with anyone, he still flirted with the idea that one, or another might be interested in an 18 year old senior in high school.

Kara did the same thing as she looked at the guys. Gazing left and right or even backwards, she picked good looking ones she dreamt of hooking up with. They stared too long at too many knowing they were out of their league; there wasn’t a chance in hell the college students would give them a second look.

She knew looking at the ones she picked that they wouldn’t look too long at her. It was evident they weren’t college students. They decided they were hungry and went to the campus eatery. It was full of teachers, administrative personnel, and older students.

Looking around, they noticed none of people were older then 30. None of them looked like it at least. They were all well dressed, but they sat and talked looking at Kyle and Kara once in a while. All of a sudden the chancellor walked in with her shoulder bag and everyone and their sister said hi to her. She sat alone reading a magazine as she ate a sandwich or talked on her cell.

She took a break from reading and studied who else was at the eatery. Upon seeing Kyle and Kara, she smiled and waved. It seemed she remembered them. She stood up, walked over, and actually talked to Kara more then Kyle, at first. She asked all sorts of questions she didn’t ask in the initial interview. With her hand on Kara’s back, she smiled and was very congenial.

She mentioned how she heard one sorority was having an initiation party the next night after the game. She said that would be a super way for Kara to get a feel for the campus.

Finally after she said that, she mentioned how Kara might be interested in some social event beginning in about 20 minutes. She mentioned how a few of the individuals we saw in the eatery at the moment were hooking up with college freshman and they could accompany Kara to some outing. She had Kara pumped up and Kara agreed to go.

That left Kyle all alone and it didn’t matter because either way she wanted to talk to him. Kara left, after Mrs. Hollows arranged for her to be escorted to the event. I didn’t see her until the next morning because she got in late and I had gone to bed at 11pm.

After Kara left, Mrs. Hollows asked question after question almost getting personal. She began asking him what he did on a weekly basis besides school. She hinted at the idea if whether or not he had a girlfriend. Did he go to dances or if given an opportunity this weekend, would slot oyna he go dancing around this area with coeds on campus.

Kyle laughed because he was embarrassed at her thorough inquiry. He blushed but she tried soothing any tension he may have had from her questions. In other words the woman, who truly looked all of 30 years old at best, put him at ease as he enjoyed every second of it.

After an hour, she said she had an idea. There was a club which many younger coeds went to and due to the music. They’d dance with almost anyone, she said. He started convincing himself that she was cooler then cool and wondered where the place was.

He headed back to where they stayed and his parents and aunt and uncle were watching TV. A call came in from one of two guys who said they were told that he was interested in going out.

The two guys were on the Dean’s list, played lacrosse for the university, and asked Kyle all sorts of questions. In a half hour they came over, met his parents and they liked the guys so they Kyle go to the club.

There were all sorts of coeds that were nice. They had no problem dancing with him. It was as if he was meant to be there; it was as if he was a freshman. The girls were hott too. They didn’t dress like they were out to meet anyone. They dressed simply to go out, dance, socialize, and have some innocent fun. Kyle was the innocent fun. He was their fun. There weren’t any hard feelings because there weren’t any expectations.

All went well but he told one girl he thought she was cute and she liked it when he said it and giggled. She thanked him for being sweet and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She was ready to leave and offered him a ride. Getting ready to step inside her car he asked her about the club next door.

“Ohh yeah that place is hott, but you gotta watch out because you never know who’s gonna be there. Yeah man, you never know who’s showing up there. It could be girls a lot older, girls my age. It could be guys a lot older or guys our age. What’s worse is often some administrators show up and that’s when things get weird. There is one woman who works in administration and I never can remember her name, but guys like her a lot. I think she’s dangerous Kyle, I really do, so if you think about going in there, think twice because you might be hit on by some older woman. I mean it there are a few women and men who like hitting on younger guys or girls. I don’t know about you, I like to go in there but I feel like a ho-bag after I leave.”

“Why would ya say that” he asked after listening to her. “Why do you say you feel like that after you’ve left? You aren’t a ho-bag in my opinion, umm no way are you that. You’re too nice and just too cute I think to ever be a ho-bag.” He did want to ask sarcastically if she was one but didn’t out of respect for her.

She drove him to his hotel and they sat and talked briefly but she happened to lean over and give Kyle a kiss on his lips. Kyle quickly took advantage of that and hugged her, kissing her longer then she expected.

“Ohh wow Kyle, umm maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I wasn’t expecting anything in return. I think you are nice so I felt like giving you a kiss but getting one in return, well wow Kyle, thank you. That was nice” and then she gave him another one on his lips. “Goodbye Kyle it was nice talking and getting to know you. Maybe if you get a chance, come back to the club tomorrow night and I’ll see you there, okay?”

He said yeah with a shit-eating grin on his face. Kyle was wired up. A college freshman kissed him? That was the only thing on his mind. “She kissed me! She kissed me on my lips!” He had to tell someone. Where was Kara? He had to call Derrick. What was his cell number? He didn’t have it programmed in so he couldn’t call Derrick. “Where is Kara?”

She wasn’t there when he walked in. Their parents were sound asleep and he didn’t know Kara’s whereabouts, so he went to bed. She came in about 30 minutes later. She had a boring time but was promised a great time the next night. Kyle finally fell asleep. She didn’t hear anyone so she went to bed herself. At 7:30 in the morning he went running. He runs a good pace. Running through the university’s complex it was quiet as the sun barely rose. All anyone really heard were the birds and a few people either running or jogging.

He saw a handful during his morning run. The faster ones were students and slow ones mainly were older men or woman. He only recognized about 4 older people. He didn’t know any of the students out running except one basketball player.

Of the four older people it was a surprise to him that one of them was Mrs. Hollows. She passed him by not expecting his presence, but she did recognize him and he figured by the looks of her, she couldn’t place him. She seemed to be running one single route around the large courtyard area.

Kyle ran along the perimeter of the campus on a designated trail for walkers or long distance runners. canlı casino siteleri It intersected with the courtyard trail Mrs. Hollows was on. He crossed paths with her 3 times. Finally on the third time she said “Hi, how are you?”

As he passed her up he said “Fine Mrs. Hollows how are you this morning?” She stopped and strangely enough he did too. Each turned around and when he did, she looked at the fine youthful frame before he caught her gazing at his young frame.

“You are I’m sorry I forget your name again.” He told her and she immediately recalled it. With a congenial smile she put out her hand to shake his. “I do hope you’re having a wonderful time. What have you done since visiting?”

He told her several things he did including visiting one of the nightclubs. He told her his sister was his cousin in fact. He also mentioned about the other night club and how he considered visiting it possibly.

“Oh I bet you had a great time” she remarked. “It is a fun club. I’ve been in there. I like to go out dancing myself, but I don’t go to the one you were at. I’m into the one next door actually. I enjoy that music there as opposed to the one you went to. Did you go the one next door last night? I wasn’t there, but I do go in often enough I suppose.”

“Well no but I was told by some students that maybe I wouldn’t enjoy that one you go to as much.” He was trying to be subtle. He didn’t want to offend her. “I was told that maybe I’d be a little uncomfortable because I suppose being around people closer to my parent’s age wouldn’t be any fun.”

“Ohhhhhh” she began in a long drawn out reply, “did all those coeds tell you that I bet? It’s just a big fun party where everyone gets together as if at a wedding and they dance. The older crowd as you call it is not old acting at all. Let me assure you of that Kyle” she said with her trademark smile. “In fact I’d love to prove that to you, if you are game. I can and I’d love to show you how much what you heard isn’t true. I’ll leave it at that and I hope you have an awesome day. Think about what I said about that club because I’m going to be there and I’m gonna be rockin and a rollin okay?”

He said okay and laughed. She was pleased with the way their conversation ended. “I hope I didn’t give you the wrong impression mam” he added. She told him she didn’t get any wrong impression and they said goodbye. He went on running and finally headed home. He hopped in the shower and went to breakfast, then to the morning rally, and finally onto the game.

After the game, they ran into Mrs. Hollows again and finally discovered there was a Mr. Hollows. A friendly congenial man he wasn’t anything like her; she is attractive, tall, trim, and young-at-heart. Everyone thought he was around 50 and agreed that she wasn’t 41. That’s what Kara and Kyle believed too.

In addition to being attractive, she wore a pair of Capri’s. A flowery design showed off her attractive, slender, vivacious, and slim figure. Due to cool temperatures, nobody saw what her top looked like due to the jacket.

As they left the stadium, he ran into the girl who brought him home that he kissed. She acted as if they were long time friends, hugged him, and kissed his cheek. His parents were about that incident. They asked him of course what it was all about and so did Kara, jokingly.

The hours passed. Kyle and Kara sought freedom from their parents. They finally got it 7pm. Thinking to himself, he asked Kara what she was planning on doing. She was heading off to a sorority party and invited him. He turned her down. He had other plans.

“Are you going to track down that one girl?” He told her maybe but if that didn’t work out he might come back to the sorority party. However he knew where the girl’s dorm was; he knew where the sorority house was too.

“So what are you doing Kyle? Where are you headed off to tonight?”

He wasn’t telling. He said it was a secret and felt as if he did tell her she’d worry or something. “It’s cool. I’m gonna check something out and see if the place is cool or not.” She was clueless. She didn’t know about the one nightclub’s history.

He was anxious and headed over to the one club where Mrs. Hollows said was cooler then anyone gave it credit for. When he got there, he didn’t see too many people. He thought he should leave and come back. The guy at the bar where he sat said with in 45 minutes the club would fill up and if he wasn’t in there before that, he’d be screwed and wouldn’t be able to get back in until maybe 11pm. He stayed and ordered a coke and something to eat.

He paid for his meal and stood up and thought about leaving. The bartender said, “Don’t leave because the good parts about to start and if you leave that stool, you’ll never get it back.” He sat back down and ordered another coke. The bartender slipped a few drops of rum in it. “Shhh, I’m not saying anything if you aren’t, got it?”

It was cool to Kyle. He wouldn’t get drunk, but he’d loosen up and soon enough he was in a friendly mood. Talking with the bartender, the band came out and began playing. People hit the dance floor and began dancing. “Whoa, look at those women, look at them” he thought, “they are hott as heck.”

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