College Life: Panty Thief UnMasked

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It all started in my dorm room with my missing thong. . .

You know how weird things tend to happen in college? How one day you are walking to class and a drunk student runs through the campus in a banana costume or worse butt-naked! All those stories you see from all the college life snaps that you never thought could happen to you! I never thought I would have my own story to tell, but I do and it involves a college jock. A friend I never thought would do such a thing to me…

My alarm went off and it continued to scream. It was 8 am and I did not have class until 2pm. I had laundry and homework to do. I rolled over in my bed and grabbed my iPhone from under my pillow. Blinking my eyes, it read 8:01am under the covers. I hit snooze and rolled back over. My blanket covering one of my legs and leaving the other uncovered. Erica saw it as an opportunity to wake me up by slapping my exposed ass.

“Ouch! What the fuck!” I yelled in agony as I threw my blanket at Erica.

My booty was muscular and firm from all my years playing soccer, but that did not stop the sting from traveling from my ass to the rest of my body. “Now I have your hand print on my ass! Erica was our goal keeper and ending up on the wrong side of her palm was never ideal.

Erica became my alarm clock on the days where I stayed up late. Last night was no exception, we had Chris, Megan and Dan over to watch a new series on Netflix. We devoured episodes from two different shows and stayed up until 2 am.

I rolled to the side of the bed to get up and felt a wedge. A new panty can give you the worst wedgie ever! I leaned to the right and pulled the lace out of my bum and stretched my arms into the sky letting out a long yawn. I wanted to stay in my bed, but laundry had to be done.

I jumped off my bed and grabbed the sweatpants off the pile of clothes on the back of my chair. Comfy and productive was my goal today. That all changed when I grabbed my laundry and detergent from under my bed. I headed towards the common area of the suite we shared with our other two roommates. We had an ikea couch and an older TV my parents gifted us at the beginning of the semester.

I saw a glimpse of my jeans on the floor in the bathroom and remembered I left my clothes in there last night before we all watched those shows. I dropped the detergent in my basket and grabbed my jeans by the pant leg. I grabbed the other leg and to my surprise and my new rainbow lace thong was not there. Usually, I just drop my jeans and underwear in one swoop. Maybe I kicked them off into a corner or behind the toilet. I checked behind the door of the bathroom and behind the toilet. Nothing there except soap, toilet paper and cleaning sprays.

“What the hell! Where is my new panty?”

I closed the door to find my blouse hanging on the hook on the back of the door right where I left it. I lift it up and no panty hiding there either. I reached over to open the shower curtain and to my surprise it is nothing but shampoos, conditioner, and hair brushes. Jeans and blouse in hand I walk out of the bathroom with a stunned feeling.

“Did someone steal my panty!”

I walked back into my room and looked on my bed and on my floor for it. Nothing was found and this was starting to drive me crazy! I hate losing things and I will not stop until it is found.

“I think someone stole my new thong!” I said loudly hoping it would magically reappear.

They were brand new and I only got to wear them once. I have a weird feeling that someone stole them and I was going to figure out who!

I opened Erica’s top draw and rifled through her panties. Tossing her underwear, bras and socks all over! She was never organized with her unmentionables and noticing things out of place is not her strongest resume building skill to date. I only found a few cartoon undies that are actually cute, but no rainbow lace panty of mine! Erica had close to fifty pairs, but none of them were mine. I am relieved my best friend wasn’t secretly wearing my used thong.

“What else could have happened to them?”

I seriously began to wonder where they could have gone in such a short time. I would have never noticed if I did not buy them only two days ago.

“Maybe one of the guys took it?”

I couldn’t believe that was one of my thoughts, but I guess it was possible. A friend from home did tell me once how she caught her younger brother’s friend peeking through her panty draw one day. College guys are really horny, but not Chris or Dan! Chris was into Erica, he wouldn’t want my unmentionables and Dan had a girlfriend of two years!

Erica would freak out and so would I if it was Chris! It made no sense and I tried to reel in my active imagination as I stuffed Erica’s panties back into her top drawer. I was wasting time, I had to do casino siteleri my laundry with or without my newly purchased thong. Not happy, but I have things to do.

I grabbed my basket and went to open the door to the hallway when it occurred to me. Dan left when we were looking for the next show to watch! Oh my god! He was the only one to go into the bathroom! He had to have taken them!

I used the bathroom before the boys came down to watch the show and when I left the it they knocked on the door. Dan and Chris both sat right on the couch. Erica used the bathroom this morning, but she never showed any signs of being a lesbian panty thief!

My intuition was telling me that it must have been Dan! Would he really do that? Was he into me or just into girl’s underpants? What’s the point of taking a girl’s dirty panty? All these questions were racing through my mind as my anger began to grow at the possibility that it was him.

Do I go to his room right now and bang on his door, demanding him to return my panty with the unicorn on the front and the rainbow lace in the back! All his neighbors would love to hear that this early in the morning! I pull my iPhone out of my sweats and look at my phone. Instagram likes, snaps from Erica in class and a text message from Dan! BINGO!

Holy shit! I totally forgot I told him I would give him the homework due for tonight’s class! He wanted to pick up the homework and complete it now since he just finished his early morning workout. Hmm, how can I get the truth out of him? I could confront him about it, but he would only probably deny it. I know what to do! It’s better yet catch him in the act of stealing more of my underwear!

He forgot to ask for the homework last night, I guess he was too busy stealing my panties to remember! I had to act natural in my text messages. He was asking to come down to my room to get it now! It was the perfect chance to let him come here to see if he took anymore of my underwear!

I wanted to set him up. Catch him in the act of being a panty thief. My panty thief!

I’m going to leave him some bait and see if he takes it.

“I’m not in my room, but it is unlocked and the HW is on my desk!” – Michelle

“Awesome! You’re the best!” – Dan

All of that was true except I would be hiding in my closet waiting to see if he took any more panties. I had to leave him bait! I walked over to my dresser and opened the top drawer where I kept my unmentionables. Pull a few panties up and a bra then shut the draw on them. Everything was hanging out nicely and would definitely catch his attention if he was interested in being a little pervert again!

Maybe I would be wrong and it wasn’t Dan, but I was curious to find out. I wanted to give him a chance to return my stolen thong too. He was such a good guy, but I had to know for myself. I was going to record everything on my iPhone and use it against him!

Blackmailing people was not my forte, but this is the third week I am giving him homework and he hasn’t given me anything! At the very least I will get him to do it all for the rest of the semester or I would tell the entire baseball team! He would never live that down!

My walk-in closet which was coveted by friends from other dorms on campus would be my lookout. It was uncomfortable but I had to catch him in the act and my camera needed to capture it all as evidence. I climbed in, leaving it cracked enough for me to see my panties hanging out of my dresser. I heard a knock at the door and the door swing open.

“Hello? Anyone here?” Dan called out and there was no else in the room to respond. He thought he was alone and that is just what he wanted. I turned down the light on my phone and pressed record. I was so ready to catch him being a bad boy! I felt this wave of power come over me and suddenly I wanted to punish him without knowing all the facts.

He walked into my room and headed straight for the homework on my desk. His hair flowed from under his cap and brushed upon the tops of his shoulders. His white number seven stood out on the blue uniform. My eyes watched him closely through the screen of my phone. My eyes were drawn to his muscular legs and his tight little ass. I had never noticed he was so fit before.

He always wore baggy clothes when we hung out. I had always thought he was handsome, but with a girlfriend he was not on my list of fuck-able athletes. I think I may consider that are seeing his white baseball pants hugging his cheeks. All those years being a catcher did amazing things to his butt. He put his bag on my desk and went to stick the homework in it when I caught his eyes noticing my panties hanging from my dresser.

Yes! It worked!

He reached out and tossed my panties between his fingers as a smile crossed his face. He leaned into smell slot oyna them and I got it all on video. Yes! I screamed in my mind. He leaned in again to smell my clean panties and suddenly I found myself turned on by it. A warm sensation began to fill my body as he leaned in for a third time cupping my panties closer to his face. My kitty began to purr with excitement and I could not understand why. He was being a creep with my panties, but somehow it totally turned me on. The foreign idea of a guy sniffing my panties suddenly made me want to fuck him with my panties on. Naughty thoughts began to race through my mind.

He heard a noise from the dorm above mine and quickly pulled himself back from sniffing my unmentionables. I loved how scared he looked in a flash, he was afraid of being caught.

He had opened his book bag and began searching through it. His hand was all the way in the bottom when he suddenly stopped as if he found it. He looked all around to make sure he was still alone in the room.

He slowly pulled his right arm out with a closed fist. I could see nothing, but I was getting everything on camera. He walked a few steps towards me and my dresser’s bouquet of panties. He looks down at his fist and then looks around one more time. He is quiet and listening for noises. Finally, he opens up his fist and what puffs out like a flower blossoming is my lace thong!

He had them! I fucking knew he was the panty thief!

My face began scowl and I was biting my lip hard as I clutched my phone with my shaky phone. That perverted bastard! I am going to kill him for making me waste my life looking for them then hiding in this damn closet! I was recording everything and he would have to do whatever I wanted or I would tell the entire campus about his panty stealing! He would never get laid again, but that all changed in a second.

His left hand reached for his belt and undid it. Next, he unbuttoned his baseball pants and pulled them down to his mid-thighs. He lifted my dirty thong to his nose and took a big inhale of my day-old aroma.

I found myself turned on watching Dan play with himself as he got lost in my scent. His growing manhood beneath his boxers intrigued me.

My God! My eyes bulge with excitement, trying to contain everything as one of my hands slips in my sweats. My lace panties were soaked watching him. A live show I never thought I would see. I continued to rub my kitty, I was soaked and sticky from watching him.

He pulled his thick cock out of his boxers and it hung like an oversized meat stick. I wanted it inside me. He now had my thong wrapped around himself. Stroking it back and forth slowly. His head tilted back with his eyes closed as he leaned up against the end of my bed. His hand began to stroke his throbbing rod with more speed. His pre-cum began to drizzle all over my soiled thong.

My brand-new thong was now a sex rag for Dan and I loved every second of watching him. I began to pleasure myself in the closet. My pointer finger tickled my wet kitty and I massaged my clitty. My anger over my missing thong had turned into lust. I wanted to suck on his juicy cock.

“Oooh Michelle!” He let out under his labored breath.

I could see a stain forming on my panties and the sound of him saying my name drove me fucking wild! I stopped the video and put my phone in my pocket. I could not stop myself, it was like some biological switch went off in my mind.

I began to go to town on my kitty.

Sliding my pointer finger inside her rapidly. Feeling my juices drip my finger all over my underwear. Now two fingers stretched my kitty to her limits. I was tight, horny and without sex for two months.

Soccer killed my sex life.

Each stroke brought him pleasure and I enjoyed knowing he was getting off to my panties. I wonder what he was thinking about me in his mind.

“Oooh Fuck! Michelle, you smell sooo good! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!

I couldn’t take it anymore! I pushed open the closet door without even thinking. Dropped my sweatpants and continued to tickle my kitty.

“Cum on my panty you bad boy!” I said seductively as I reach out and grabbed his pulsing cock. Dan was in complete shock as I tightened my grip on his cock. I could see the fear building in his eyes.

“Fuck! I can… can explain Michelle!”

He was begging for mercy with his eyes. My pussy was dripping with power underneath my sweatpants. I loved that I had total control of him, he could go nowhere. I loved the way it felt beneath my panty, but I wasn’t going to tell him that yet. I wanted to even the score and get free homework before I made his fantasy come true.

“I will do whatever you want” Dan looked more scared then I ever saw him! His pants were at his ankles and he just made himself my prisoner. I canlı casino siteleri ignored his begging and begin to slowly stroke his rod with my hand.

“Do you like the way my dirty panty feels on your cock?” I asked with a smirk from ear to ear. I knew the answer already. I loved watching him beg for me to stay silent. I would eventually.

“I won’t tell anyone if you do all the homework for the rest of the semester, Deal?”

“Yes! Of course!” He said without hesitation.

“Do you promise?” I said softly as I came within an inch of his lips.

I bite my lip and pick up the speed of my strokes on his cock. Dan looks down in disbelief.

“Michelle…” He questioned my actions.

“One more thing, I want you to fuck me in my panties!” I uttered quickly as I pulled him in for a kiss! Our lips sought to find common ground among the tension and I broke it with my tongue in his mouth.

“Fuck me…Now Dan!”

I lean in and suck on Dan’s lip hard with my hand. Finally, he scoops me up in his big arms. Sticking his tongue inside my mouth as he shuffles us over to my desk. He places me on the desk and moves to massaging my boobs. My nipples already rock hard are dying to be touched. I love a guy who knows how to take care of my breasts. He kicks each foot out of his white ankle cuffs. He looks hot with his hairy chiseled legs and mid-calf socks still on with a flag pole for me to bounce on. What a total package. It’s a shame I didn’t notice earlier in our friendship.

Hovering above my desk in his arms I feel weightless, but not helpless as I can feel his hard cock pressing against my wet kitty. He starts kissing my neck and ears with a hunger that I want to feed.

The lace of my panty is soaked and pushed into my kitty. We are dry humping as I reach my hand down to grab his big cock.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now you little panty thief! I demand with a sly look on my face.

“Yes Michelle! He said immediately.

I am overflowing with lust for him as he peels my panty off my kitty. It pulls my panty to the side and teases my kitty. Running his fingers across my curtains as I kiss on his neck. I moan in ecstasy as his finger enters my kitty. Everything I’ve been wanting since I saw him sniff my panties. Fuck me Dan! Fuck me you little panty thief!

His cock throbbed as it pressed the walls of my kitty! I didn’t give a fuck about a condom, I was on the pill and all I wanted was him to pound my pussy.

“Fuck, Michelle! You feel so good!” He moaned loudly! I lifted my dirty thong to his nose. I wanted to tease him even more about his naughty deed.

“Do you like to smell of my pussy as you are fucking it?!” He looked at me with his big blue eyes and took a deep inhale of my scent from the gusset.

“Yes, I love your panties!”

I whispered in his ear, “Fuck me harder, I want to feel you cum inside me.”

I felt so dirty saying it to him and that made me even wetter. My kitty squealed as the clapping of his cock pounding me began to echo through the room.

“YES DAN! YES DAN!” I screamed without a fucking care.

He firmly grabbed my ass, spreading my cheeks as he fucked me like a good boy. The sensation in my pussy began to build. I was ready to burst in orgasm. My desk began to shake or maybe it was my body rumbling.

“I am going to cum! I’m going to…” He warned.

My finger nails dug into his back as I erupted in a volcano of sensation! My juices were flowing and squirting all over his hard rod. His firm thrusts began slow as his cum exploded inside of me. I could fill it filling every part of my kitty. My juices and his dripping from the union of our sex toys. I felt satisfied as he pulled his big cock out of me with a look of shock upon his face. He had stolen my thong to fulfill his fantasy and in the end, it came to reality. I pulled my soaked panties back over my pussy and rubbed them to soak up all the juices.

We were silent and I just watched Dan get dressed quickly as I sat watching on my desk. The little panty boy had become my fuck toy and I loved every minute of it.

He picked up his back pack and looked at him sincerely.

“We’ve got a deal, right?” He asked with his bright puppy eyes.

“Yes, we have a deal and I expect the homework to be on time.” I said with attitude.

Dan nodded in agreement and walked towards the door. I could not let him leave without little encouragement to do the homework.

“Dan” I called out.

“Uhh Yeah?” He was confused as he watched me pull my soaked panty off and tossed it to him. He barely caught it and looked at me with even more confusion.

“It’s to motivate you, See you in class tonight.” I smirked with satisfied pleasure.

“Ohh and Dan if you ever want a pair of my dirty panties…just ask me.” I said with a wink as he closed the door.

I fell on my bed with exhaustion and my mind reeling with all naughty thoughts of what just occurred. No one would believe me and I wouldn’t tell them either. I wanted to keep Dan as my personal panty thief.

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