Confessions of a Top Model

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Confessions of a Top Model
Confessions of a Top Model
Part One: Mums New Man
(Please note the people mentioned in this story are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. This story contains explicit sexual descriptions and is aimed at the over 18’s by continuing reading you confirm you are over 18. No person or organisation has the right to copy this story to any other site)

I was very young when I ran away from home. The story following is a chronicle of those things that happened to me on the streets. Though things turned out alright for me in the end, it isn’t something I would recommend to anyone. I ran away from home, for a number of reasons but the main one was to stop an i****tuous relationship with my stepdad.

When I look back on those first few days of street life, I can still remember the cold of the night air. It cut through the clothes I had taken with me as though they weren’t there. The fear of being beaten up, ****d or even murdered, meant I didn’t sleep hardly at all, always scared and always hungry. That first time I had to force myself to eat from businesses and people’s bins. I learnt hard and fast, not to trust anyone. Even the street people seemed to have their own rules
Let me introduce myself first, my name is Tonya Martin but I am better known as the model “Toni.” I am almost twenty now and stand 6ft tall. I was helped by a Salvation Army Major who introduced me to an organisation that gave help and a place to stay for people like me “Runaways.” Sorry I’m getting ahead of myself.

My father died when I was only eleven, through a car accident and my whole world changed. I was very close to my dad and like my mam withdrew into myself. After the funeral, I hardly went out except to school. Mum stopped caring about everything. I don’t blame her for that because she and my father were very much in love. What was worse I grew with my dad’s attributes becoming very tall and skinny and a natural honey blonde. Though being honest I never thought I was good looking and it didn’t seem like any of the boys in my school were interested in me. This confirmed the fact to me that I was obviously a plain Jane as they say.

I was a good scholar and my grades were some of the highest in the school. I was thirteen when my mum started going out at nights with one of our new neighbours. They were new because we had to sell the home I grew up in and bought a smaller house in a poorer part of town. I guess I was just like a lot of teens always wanting the same clothes as the others of my age but mostly stuff we couldn’t afford. Mum found a job in a diner the wage wasn’t much but it kept our heads above water, just!

Soon or at least it seemed soon to me, mum started dolling herself up more to go to work. Which I thought was odd but she did and seemed a little happier too. I was so pleased for her as she worked hard. I started to make a few friends at my new school but because we couldn’t afford to pay to go on school outings, they weren’t what you would call close. It was one evening after school when mum laid the table and put three places out saying,
“I have a friend coming tonight. Please behave for me.”

“I will,”

I shouted as I ran upstairs to change. Putting on what was once called your Sunday best. In reality, they were the only decent clothes I had that were reasonably new. I heard the knock on the door and mum telling him to come in. I had butterflies in my stomach as already dressed I headed downstairs to meet this new man.

What I saw was a real hunk of a man, standing about six-foot-tall with broad shoulders, narrow waist and muscles. He took my breath away as he approached me and sticking out his hand took mine and shook it.

“Hi I’m Wayne,

He said with a big smile, his blue eyes seemed to light up as he looked at me.

“Wayne Johansen and you must be Tonya your mum has told me a lot about you!”

I smiled back at him and couldn’t say anything other than hello, then walking to the table, took my seat. Mum had the meal ready and the table laid. I could see why she looked so happy. Our meal went off without a hitch, Wayne tried to involve me in the conversation. I tried to talk with him.

After almost a year and a half mum and Wayne started to talk about living together so one night after he had stopped for tea again, they asked if it would upset me if Wayne moved in. Up until then Wayne had never approached me or tried to touch or anything else. Yes, sometimes when I was stuck with my homework and he sat beside me he seemed to get tightly against me but nothing untoward I thought.

To be truthful I was starting to have sexual emotions about that time. Not about him exactly, but I found I had started to masturbate more and more sometimes even having to play with myself during the day. The first time I imagined anything about Wayne was as I was masturbating in bed and I started to cum. I imagined his cock sliding in to me. I was used to orgasming but this time I was so noisy, with the feeling I was getting. I couldn’t stop the noise I made and only just managed to cover myself up as my room door burst open and my mum and Wayne were standing there.

“We heard you shouting,” mum exclaimed.

I pretended to just be waking up as it was the middle of the night and said something like it must have been a nightmare. All the time I was gazing at Wayne who stood there in a small pair of underpants and I could see the outline of his cock. It was a size and after they went, I was desperate to cum again just thinking about it. I started to masturbate, flicking my clit as hard and fast as I could but I was missing something.

That was the first time I tried inserting something into my pussy. I had a roller brush with a six-inch shaped handle and holding the brush in my hand gingerly started to ease it into my hole. Its round end slid inside me so easily. I felt like I was actually fucking someone as it entered my pussy. kaçak iddaa Once I became used to it, I played with my clit and started to ram it into me as I got closer. That orgasmic feeling drove me wild but this time I was prepared and bit onto my pillow to stifle the screams I made.

You have to understand that I was slow when it came to sex and the reason, I think for that is I didn’t really have any girlfriends that talked about sex. Also, I had never played with myself till Wayne was on the scene. Though it wasn’t him exactly that started me doing it but more to do with my hormones. I’m not too sure if it was because I had just started my periods that I started touching as that was about the same time. After that first time I regularly used my brush to bring me off.

Things were going great at home, Wayne was an IT specialist and worked from home. Mum kept on with her job even though Wayne had told her she needn’t, but mum insisted saying you can never tell what the future holds. I think she kept the job on in case anything happened as it had taken her a while to get any sort of job when dad died. She worked two shifts, earlies where she was out by six thirty in the morning and late’s where she started around two till about seven. This left me and Wayne often on our own together.

Nothing happened at first, as most of the time I was at school but then the summer holidays started. Mum would leave a list of jobs she wanted me to do and then I was left to my own devices. During these summer months Wayne and I became quite close. He even flirted with me a little, at least I felt he did. I was very relaxed in his presence by now and yes, I was still masturbating and thinking about him while I did. He was the only man in my life. I didn’t have a boyfriend nor any friend that I could bring home.

The first time I felt rather than knew something wasn’t quite right was when I went to do the washing and found my panties were missing from the day before and I knew I had put them in the washing basket, so I left the underwear to wash later and continued with my other chores. We had been given some holiday homework to do and one of the things was an essay about what we did on holiday. I couldn’t just write that I masturbated every day so decided to check the net to read about other people’s holidays and use their holiday journals. I didn’t have a laptop but Wayne had a desktop which he kept password protected.

I went to his office to see him but he must have slipped out after a phone call he had received. I looked at the screen which showed he was working on something so it must have been important to call him away while his desktop was still open. I took a look at the open screen most of the stuff was encrypted but I could open the net and was just starting to look at some essays When Wayne walked in and asked,

“What the hell are you doing!”

He seemed really angry till I explained I was just looking for an essay to write about a pretend holiday. He sat where I had been sitting and checked his stuff on the computer then smiling said sorry and he would have to get me a laptop for school work. This was something I never expected and told him so. He just smiled and asked me why I was writing about a pretend holiday instead of a real one. I told him we couldn’t afford holidays so the teacher had told me I could write about someone else’s as long as I didn’t just copy it verbatim.

“Why not write about China?” he said smiling.

I thought he was k**ding so I said,

“Cos, I haven’t been there and know very little about it!”

I have to admit I was slightly annoyed and asked if he had been there maybe he was going to tell me about it but no, he said,

“Your mum will be in shortly let’s wait and see what happens.”

Sure enough, mum walked in the door almost on cue. Taking her coat off she came and sat down at the table and gasped a sigh,

“What a day.”

I thought I would make her a cup of tea but Wayne had beaten me too it. I was going to listen to them talking but thought I best go back to the washing machine and put our underwear in. It was then that I noticed my white panties were back in the pile.

When I picked them up, they were damp and there was a stain in the gusset. I looked to see if Wayne or mum was looking and raising them to my nose smelt a sort of musky smell. I was naïve but I knew Wayne must have masturbated into them. This made me horny and yes, I knew I shouldn’t think of Wayne that way but I needed to come. So, taking my white used panties to my room I lay on the bed and pulled my skirt up pulling my knickers to one side started to rub my clit while I smelt his cum in my knickers. I knew that when I came my juices would fill the crotch of my panties and if he took these ones, he would be able to not only smell me but taste me if he wanted. I had a massive orgasm and made sure my panties were pressed tightly against my pussy.

I still had to finish my home work well ok start it. I was into the middle of a page of writing when I heard raised voices. Something had upset my mum so I crept to the top of the stairs wondering if he had told mum it was over or something like that. Then I heard mum say,

“I don’t think they will give me that much time off and I don’t want to lose my job!”

“Look why not ask. You have been there quite a while now and have never taken a holiday so I reckon they owe you this.”

It seemed they were planning a holiday so I thought well I will try and find out where later. All sorts of things were going through my head but when I sat to get my tea no one mentioned it. My curiosity was going crazy but they just didn’t want to talk about it. Finally, Wayne said,

“I have to go to my lock up to get something and will be about an hour or so.”

“Can I come?”

I shouted, and was so happy inside when he said yes, I raced upstairs to get some footwear and finding a jacket pulled it on. We jumped into Wayne’s car and I kaçak bahis sat with my legs wide open as we sped across town to his lock up. Inside it was like a large office with a couple of desks in it and half a dozen four draw filing cabinets. There was an armchair in it and Wayne sat in it then told me to look at the bottom drawer of one of the cabinets but when I pulled it open there was just some old papers in still crouching over, I said,
“There are just papers in,”

“Try the next one,”

So, I moved along still bent over. It was after the third one when I was looking between my arm and my body, I saw him stroking the outline of his cock and it hit me he was looking at my panties. This seemed to give me a weird sense of power so I straightened my legs raising ass high into the air knowing he had full view of my panty covered ass. I could feel myself getting wet and longed to push my hand inside my panties and bring myself off.

It was the fifth cabinet that I opened and this one had a laptop in it. I told him there was a laptop in it and he told me to bring it to him. He plugged it in and switched it on. It was very fast to open and showed the latest windows on its screen. I watched as he deleted the files on it using some sort of software which took time and while it was doing this, he told me to come sit on his knee so he could show me stuff.

I was delighted, as I never expected to get a laptop this new. While I sat on his knee, I could feel his cock under my bum cheeks start to harden. This didn’t bother me as I had imagined it so many times in fact, I was so horny, feeling it, he could have done anything he wanted. He told me that this laptop was to be mine but he expected payment for it. I explained that I didn’t get any money and he just laughed saying not all payments were money orientated.
“Well what else can I do?”

“What about a kiss, for starters” he said


I turned my face towards his and kissed him on the cheek. I had never had a boyfriend or even a fumble with any lad so I only knew how to kiss my mum. He laughed and said not like that. Like they do in the pictures or on TV. After saying that he took my head in his hands and kissed me right on the lips. Gently at first but then his tongue started to lick around my lips and I opened them a little and his tongue entered my mouth, a little way. While he was doing this, I felt his hand run up to my breasts. Well the start of my breasts. He was squeezing them gently and then playing with the little nubs on top. This was giving me a strange sensation.

I knew this was so wrong but thought well at least he wants me and let him carry on. Besides I was getting a lovely feeling from what he was doing. He eased my top out of my skirt and slid his hand under it. His hands were very warm and as he slid them up and over my now bare breasts, he twiddled the little pink nipples. I felt them harden under his ministrations. Sat on his knees feeling his cock go really hard, I so wanted to touch it.
“You mustn’t tell anyone about this, do you understand?”

“No one, not even mum?” I asked

“Not even Helen, your mum sorry. That is if you want the laptop, this is to stay between me and you it’s our little secret.”

I have to say here I was so horny and wanted that laptop, that promising him not to tell anyone didn’t seem a problem to me. I had no close friends and mum was so happy anyway. He started to kiss me again then told me to get up so he could make himself more comfortable. I stood up a little disappointed till I watched him undo his zip and pulling his cock out said,

“You ever see a man’s cock before?”

I wanted to say yes but just told him the truth. I was mesmerized by it. It had a sort of purple head with a hole in, then maybe an eight- or nine-inch body. I’m not good at guessing sizes really but it looked one and a half times my brush handle size and fatter too. He could see I was enthralled by it and so asked,

“Want to touch it?”

OMG did I, so I apprehensively reached out my hand and as I touched it, it sort of jolted upwards taking my breath away and making me pull away my hand as though it was going to bite me. Wayne never laughed at my ignorance but just smiled and said you have to hold it in your hand like this. He wrapped his hand around it and slowly moved it along his shaft.

“See like this!”

I could have watched him do it all day but when he took his hand away my hand seemed to move of its own violation and wrapped about his cock. Well almost as it was too thick for my hand to completely wrap around it. The feeling for me was so strange as it was warm in my hand yet oddly comforting. I moved my hand up and down like Wayne had done himself and could see in his face he was liking what I was doing to it.

“Suck it.”

I couldn’t believe what he had asked me to do but my knees sank onto the carpet and I leaned forward just sniffing it at first and it smelled just like my knickers had, then tentatively reaching out my tongue to lick the purple head. It had a nice yet strange taste so I opened my mouth and tried to take it into it. But it was far too large so only just managed the purple head into it.

“Oh! Yes, suck it, and move your hand up and down it.”

I did as I was told and listened to his moans which for some strange reason had my clit going mad to be touched. So, with one hand going up and down his shaft the other worked its way into my panties. I got really excited frigging my clit with Wayne watching me while I sucked and licked his cock head in my mouth.

His moans got louder and I felt his hands force my head onto his cock almost choking me. Then I felt what I thought was wee but I was told later that it was his cum. It was a weird, warm, salty taste as I tried to remove my head so I could breathe. Just as my mouth came off his cock I orgasmed. Right in front of Wayne there was no hiding it this time as my moans went crazy and his cock hardened güvenilir bahis in my hand so I kept moving it up and down watching his face the pleasure he was getting made me feel great. After a while he seemed to beg me to go faster but I didn’t, instead I enjoyed the pleasurable pain he seemed to show on his face. He was fucking my hand as fast as he could and I watched as his cum spurted out of the little hole on top of his cock head. He seemed to relax then but when I looked, I had soaked my knickers and his carpet but he told me that didn’t matter.

As his cock softened becoming smaller at the same time, I thought I had damaged it but Wayne never laughed at my ignorance instead he explained as he got excited his cock grew till it was fully erect or hard. I asked him what made him excited and he told me I did bending over the way I did, when I was looking for the laptop. This made me so happy inside but I didn’t tell him.

After that night I would slyly show him my knickers as often as I could, he seemed to like my white school panties the best. Trouble was I was still excited most of the time as he hardly touched me at all. At night as I masturbated, I would pretend he had come to me and was easing his cock slowly into me and scream into my pillow as I came. I took some naked pictures of myself and made a small movie clip of me masturbating and sent him them on his private email. I was upset when he never even mentioned them.

I was still on school holidays, but have to admit I was getting a little annoyed at the no reciprocation he was giving me and one day when my mum was at work, I dressed in my schoolgirl gear and went to his office. I had rolled the waist band of my skirt a couple of times so that the skirt just covered my white knicks but as soon as I sat, they were on show.
Wayne asked me what was the matter and I told him, he had never touched me and that it was only fair he should help me orgasm the way I helped him. He tried to explain he was with mum and it would be difficult to hide unless we were very, very careful but he could only use his hands and mouth as I wasn’t on the pill. I was so horny that I told him his hands and mouth were better than my hairbrush handle. He asked if that was what I was using to masturbate with but when I said yes, his eyes lit up and he wanted to watch me cum on it. I raced upstairs grabbed the brush and ran down stairs and sat on his office swing chair. I pulled my skirt up and was about to remove my knickers when he asked me to leave them on.

I was on fire and with only a few rubs of my pussy was ready to fuck my brush handle. Wayne came and sat between my legs his fingers working my clit as my brush went in. I was almost ready to orgasm as he pulled my brush handle out and started to lick my clit and insert his fingers into me. I tried so hard to hold back but couldn’t and instead came all over his hand. The orgasm I had was much better than when I did it to myself.

After that while mum was at work Wayne would come into my bedroom and watch while I fucked my brush. At first it was really cool fucking my brush to orgasm in front of Wayne while he shot his cum into the air. He always wanted me to suck or lick his cock till he shot again. I didn’t mind the taste so much but while I did it, he just lay back on my bed moaning. Never bothering about me, which always left me horny as hell leaving me to finish myself off. I think it was at this point I decided to stop letting him get gratification from me unless he had made me orgasm first.

I remember that first time he came into the bedroom and as I pretended to be asleep, he stood by the bed playing with himself. The feelings that were going through me were driving me crazy but I stuck to my guns even when he kneeled down and I felt his hand sliding up my calf and under my nightie. He was really wanking now and suddenly stopped stood took off his shorts and under shorts and climbed into bed beside me. Yes, this was more like it, this is what I needed. He kneeled between my legs his fingers going into my young pussy till I was juicing all over his hand. I felt him take my juice and thinking he was going to fuck me at last, I lay content till I felt a finger slide into my ass. I couldn’t pretend to be sleeping anymore and shouted at him.

“What the fuck are you doing not up there!”

He simply slapped my ass hard and telling me to shut up eased first one then two fingers into my poor little puckered hole. He seemed to get enjoyment from doing it while all I felt was pain. The more I cried the more he seemed to be enjoying it. I was shouting

“No, No please stop!”

I could feel his excitement as he tried to force his cock head into me. For all my little puckered hole was well greased with my own juices it hurt. He eased it inside slowly working it in till, I felt completely full. Once he had it right up, he started to really fuck me but the pain was that bad I was just crying all the time till I felt him shoot deep into me. I knew he had enjoyed hurting me and was determined to not let it happen again.

Grimacing because my ass hole was hurting me so bad that when he came to cuddle me, I slapped him hard across the face leaving a red imprint of my hand. He grabbed a hold of me and pulling me down till I was across his knee pulled up my nightie and slapped my bare ass a few times. My bum cheeks were on fire, my little puckered hole was still bleeding from his assault and yes, I was crying. No one had ever put me across their knee not even my father. I guess it was then through the pain and humiliation I blurted out,

“I will tell my mum about this, you bastard!”

He grabbed hold of my wrists and pulling me on my back, onto the bed, he told me,

“You won’t say anything!”

“Who is going to stop me!”

“I will simply show your mum that sexy little movie clip you made and tell her you won’t leave me alone, till in the end I had to smack your bum to stop the sexual harassment. From now on you little minx and all your holes are mine.”

There was no love or kindness in the way he spoke to me and I knew with the pictures and the stupid clip I had sent him he had me completely at his mercy.

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