Controlling Aunt Jenny Ch. 02

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Author’s note: I’m still fairly new at this, but thank you everyone for your feedback. I have a general idea of some of the adventures for these ladies, but I’m always up for new ideas and directions. So if you have any feedback or ideas, please let me know either in a comment or email me. Also, I know the names are confusing, especially in this chapter. I promise it will get easier starting in the next chapter as they start living in their new personas.


“Thank you so much for being here so quickly, Craig!” Emily wasn’t sure if this idea would work, but he did call her Jennifer, so there was a chance. Especially since he said he could help with all the paperwork.

“Obviously we are just getting moved in now, but the lawyer let us know to expect you. Yes, we will definitely need help getting all the paperwork squared away for the 3 of us. I’ve never worked with a CPS agent, so I don’t want to ask for more than you’re allowed to help us with. The girls have basically no documents or paperwork since the accident with their parents. I’ve obviously never had kids before, so is there any way you can help me get new Texas IDs for the 3 of us and the paperwork to get them enrolled in the local high school?”

“Of course, I’m here to help however I can. I can definitely help you with the paperwork for the girls’ school and the basics you’ll need to get their IDs. Unfortunately, you’re on your own for getting your new ID.”

“Haha no worries! I can take care of myself of course! Yes please help me understand what I need to get their paperwork for school.” Emily turned to grab her phone to take notes before he started explaining everything. When she turned back, she thought she caught his eyes on her ass before they quickly looked back up to her eyes. Men are never as sly as they think they are. As he explained, she looked him over as discretely as she could. He was actually quite cute, with a strong jaw and some muscular arms. She couldn’t tell just how much of him was toned like his arms, but from what she could tell, it seemed likely there were more muscles underneath those jeans and button up. She decided he could be fun and gave him a smile.

“That should do it. Does that all make sense, Jennifer? I may have gone through all that kinda fast.”

“Oh, please, my friends call me Rose and I’d like to think we can be friends. It’s my middle name and I like it so much more than Jennifer.”

“Rose, that’s very pretty! Ok, Rose, I hope my explanation of all that paperwork was helpful. Actually, if you’d like, let me know when you’re ready and I can go with you to get your IDs and to file their paperwork at the school. We can exchange numbers in case you have any other questions also.”

There it was. She hoped he’d ask for her number, and was glad he did! Along with being a good guy, it might help her plan work out. “Of course! Yes, thank you for all your help! Is there anything else you need for today?”

“Well, now that you mention it, I do need to talk to the girls. I want to check in with them and I have a few things to go over with them.”

“Ok, no worries at all. Let me go get them. Please take a seat, it may be a few minutes while Jenny cleans herself up.”

She left him on the couch to go quickly explain her plan to Jenna and try to intimidate Jennifer into going along with the plan. She figured they were in the bathroom, but wasn’t quite expecting Jennifer to be standing naked in front of Jenna when she walked in. “Well, you’ll never guess what situation we find ourselves in, ladies. It seems our scene downstairs was witnessed by a CPS agent sent to check on us.”

“Woah, that’s not good. Did you get in trouble for hitting our aunt like that?”

“Actually, no! He thought I was Jennifer and she was you!”

“Haha no way! Did he laugh when you told him?”

“Nope, I didn’t correct him. I think it would be bad for all of us if he realized the truth. We talked for a bit, and now he wants to talk to you two. But I want to make sure you two stay in character and don’t blow our cover.” She needed to make sure Jennifer didn’t ruin this most of all.

“Em, if you say it’s the best option, I’ll do whatever you say. As for this slut, I’m sure she’ll understand what she needs to do. Isn’t that right, my little slut?”

“No, ma’am, shouldn’t we tell the truth?”

Jenna quickly grabbed her aunt and bent her over the sink again. Jennifer knew what was coming, but she was still not ready for it.


“Oh, I’d hoped you would disagree so I could get another round on your ass.”

“Ouch! Stop, please!”


“You see, Em, I am starting to think that not only is our little Aunt here turned on by a good spanking, but she is also a secret submissive! All I had to do was tell her to strip and she did it!”

“Ha! That could make this so much more fun! What do you say, little Jenny, are you going to do as we say or do we need to punish you even more?”


“I’ll be casino oyna good! I promise! Please stop, ma’am!”

“Awe, I love that she called you ma’am already! And look at her pussy! It’s dripping on the floor!

“Wow, it really is! She gets so wet when we dominate her! Slut, get on your knees and lick your pussy juice off the floor.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Jenny quickly got down on her knees and did as she was asked. She hated that she was so turned on by all this, but after fantasizing about being dominated for as long as she could remember, her arousal was in control now. She just wished it hadn’t been her nieces that were dominating her!

“Ok, we need to get Jenny here cleaned up and presentable, and I’ll go over the plan one more time with the two of you while we do. Get on your feet and wash your face off.” Emily wanted to make sure they were all prepped to go back downstairs.

While Jenny was washing her face off, Emily quickly turned to whisper to Jenna. “I think I can make this new family setup last at least this whole next year. Please trust me and go along with it. I need your help to keep her in line.”

Jenna nodded back to Emily, and started getting excited about the new family dynamic that was being made. They both watched Jenny clean up her face while Emily started explaining the situation more fully.

“Ok, so the man’s name is Craig. He is the CPS agent assigned to our case and he’s here to make sure everything is ok with “the girls.” But he now believes that I am the aunt and you two are us, specifically, he thinks that Jenna is Emily and Jennifer is Jenna. I know that is all confusing with the names, but I asked him to call me Rose, instead since it is technically “my” middle name. Jennifer’s name change is easy since she can go by little Jenny. And Jenna, you are now Emily, are you ok with that?”

“I get to be the big sister?! Haha of course I’m ok with that! I’ll be a great big sister, won’t I, little Jenny?”


Jenny had just finished washing her face and had not yet started to put clothes on, since the girls had not told her to get dressed. So Jenna’s hand came down on Jenny’s naked ass and made her jump and answer. “Yes, ma’am, the best big sister.”

“Good girl. I’m glad you’re showing such promise at following orders. So what else do we need to know before going down?”

“Just remember, we need to make sure that Craig suspects nothing wrong is happening, or else he’s going to send us somewhere else and you, little Jenny, won’t get any of the money that was promised to you from our dear parents. So you’re going to play nice and be a well-behaved, quiet little girl, aren’t you?” While making her last point, Emily roughly squeezed Jenny’s ass cheek before letting her hand trail down to Jenny’s soaking wet pussy.

“Ooo, yes ma’am. I’ll be a good little girl for you.” Fuck, she was so turned on. As soon as she could get away from the girls she was going to get herself off, that would help clear her mind. Once her arousal was gone, she was sure she could get control of her house back in order.

“Ok, good. Awe, and look how young you look without all that makeup! You really can pass for my younger sister! I’ll get to be the 21-year-old while you are the little 18-year-old! And your flushed cheeks make you look so embarrassed and shy. Only we will know that you’re really just a horny little girl.” Jenna added to her teasing by reaching over and pinching one of Jenny’s nipples, which was already prominently sticking out from her small breast.

Jenny looked at herself in the mirror and knew Jenna was right. She really did look younger without the makeup and these girls just kept pushing her closer to the edge of her orgasm. When they walked out she was going to finish herself off, there was no way around it.

“Alright, lets let little Jenny here get dressed and ready to go downstairs.” Emily gave Jenny’s clit a slight pinch before pulling her hand back. The girls stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door behind them. As soon as it closed, Jenny sat on the toilet and started pumping two fingers in her pussy to get her orgasm that she so wanted.

Meanwhile, right outside the door, Emily whispered to Jenna, “I think we can trick her into making these roles permanent, we just need to get her through today like this so we can talk further about the plan. Sound good?”

“Sounds fun and hot! Dominating her is going to be so sexy! Speaking of, I think I here her in there. Ready for more fun?”

“Lead the way!”

Without knocking, Jenna threw the door open and the girls caught their aunt with two fingers in her pussy and her other hand squeezing her tit. She looked shocked but didn’t slow her hands at all while staring at the girls. Jenna closed the gap quickly and slapped Jenny’s unoccupied breast. She then grabbed Jenny’s hands, roughly pulled her to her feet, and bent her over the sink again. Jenny was still shocked at being discovered and didn’t have any time to prepare for what slot oyna was coming.


“We leave you alone for 5 seconds and you immediately start playing with yourself?! You really are a slut! But sluts like you can’t seem to leave their little cunts alone, can you?”

“No, ma’am! I’m sorry!”

“You bet your sweet ass you’re gonna be sorry! See, after the way you’ve acted today, I don’t think you deserve that little orgasm you were just chasing, cause you haven’t been a good little girl like you promised, have you?”

“No, ma’am!”

“So, until you can start behaving better, this pussy belongs to Emily and me. We get to decide when to play with it, when it gets punished, and when it gets to go off. Do I make myself clear?” Jenna slapped Jenny’s pussy to emphasize her point.

“Yes, ma’am! I’m sorry! I’ll stop and be a good girl!” Ugh, this was just getting worse and worse for Jenny. Why was she letting them do this to her? She was the mature one, she should be the one in charge, but it was like they knew just what buttons to push to keep her pussy drooling and her mind in a fog. She was losing control to her two younger nieces and she couldn’t stop herself.

“Now, get dressed, we need to go downstairs to talk to that nice man. But I’m leaving the door open this time because you obviously can’t be trusted.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Jenna, you’ve got this. I’m going to go down and talk to Craig while little Jenny gets dressed. Once she’s ready, come downstairs, please. And remember, you’re Emily and she is Jenny.”

Emily left her sister in the bathroom with her aunt, and found Craig still sitting on the couch watching the movers finish up with the rest of the boxes.

“Sorry, she was still fussing upstairs. They are coming down in just a second. She gets embarrassed easily so she is calming down. Can I get you anything?”

“No worries at all! I understand and will wait for them. No, I’m fine. Thanks though!”

Emily flashed Craig another sweet smile before sitting on the couch, just a little closer to him than necessary. The two talked casually for a few minutes before Jenna and Jennifer came down the stairs together.

“Hello girls! My name is Craig, and I am the CPS agent assigned to your case. I just wanted to chat with you two for a few minutes today. Do you mind, Rose, if I talk to them alone?”

“Oh not at all! Please feel free to step into the dining room over there since it looks live they’ve got all the furniture moved in already.” After she pointed towards the dining room, Craig rose to his feet and led them off. Emily quickly glanced around to make sure nobody could see her. Then, as Jenny was passing her, Emily quietly put a hand over her mouth and her other arm around her waist. She leaned in and whispered into Jenny’s ear.

“And remember, slut, be a good girl with Mr. Craig and we just might give you that delicious orgasm you so clearly want.” She grabbed Jenny’s pussy through her skirt before letting Jenny continue towards the dining room. Emily then went out to check on the movers while the others talked.

“Ok, ladies. First off, I know this time has been a rough time for y’all, but please know we care for you and are here to help you however we can. My job specifically is to make sure you are safe and settled into your new home. I’m sure it’s going to be different living with your aunt compared to your parents, but know that I am here to make sure you are safe and that she doesn’t mistreat you. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to discipline you when you misbehave like earlier, Jenny.”

Jenny couldn’t even look the man in the eye. She was so embarrassed from the spanking, from being mistaken for and treated like a young girl, and for being absolutely drenched with arousal because of it all. She continues staring at the table they were seated around and quietly said “yes sir.”

“I think she learned her lesson, Mr. Craig. She will be a good girl for Aunty.” While speaking, Jenna patted Jenny’s thigh in a way that appeared loving and older-sisterly. However, knowing Craig couldn’t see because of the table, Jenna made sure to leave her hand on Jenny’s thigh right next to her pussy. She could also feel the tension in Jenny’s body, and inwardly smiled at the whole situation.

Meanwhile, Jenny was a complete mess on the inside. She was so embarrassed, scared, and turned on all at the same time. It was causing so much inward confusion and she didn’t know how to handle it. She couldn’t focus at all on what Mr. Craig was saying. Wait, no, just Craig. She was a woman, not a teen, so she didn’t need to call him Mr. Craig. Why couldn’t she get control of herself?! And with Jenna’s hand so fucking close to her pussy, she could feel herself getting even more turned on! If she wasn’t careful, she was going to moan out loud in front of them and that would be so embarrassing! Plus she would get in trouble from Emily and who knows what they would do to her then! Part of canlı casino siteleri her was tempted to find out, but she also knew she just needed to escape from the girls for a few minutes to clear her head. She just needed to figure out how to do that. She was startled out of her thoughts when she realized Craig had just asked them a question.

“No, sir. There may have been some misunderstanding, but that is correct for both of us. Right Jenny?” Jenna smiled and gripped Jenny’s leg just a little tighter. She clearly wanted Jenny to agree with whatever was just said.

“Yes, it is correct.” Jenny relaxed as she felt Jenna’s hand lighten up on her leg and start to stroke back and forth on her thigh, getting really close to her pussy each time.

Jenna smiled both outward and inward after little Jenny agreed. She looked distracted by the hand on her thigh, which worked fantastically for the overall plan. She hadn’t even paid attention to the question that was asked. The paperwork on file for the girls showed Emily should be a senior and Jenna should be a freshman, when in reality they should have graduated and be a senior, respectively. Craig just asked for clarification, and now they were committed to the years their paperwork showed! If everything goes smoothly, Jenna would be in her senior year and little Jenny just committed to starting her freshman year of high school again! Ha! This was really going to be fun once she realized her mistake!

Craig finished by saying he would check in with them periodically to make sure they were safe and doing well, and to not be afraid to reach out if they needed anything. They all got up from the table to head outside to meet Emily. They said goodbye outside to Craig, and to the movers who had just finished getting all the furniture in place and the boxes into the house. They still needed to unpack the boxes, but at least all the heavy lifting was done! There was also the issue of the girls only having small suitcases with clothes and no other belongings to their names, but that was all easily fixed with a fun shopping trip in the near future.

After the men had all gone, Emily closed the door, and the girls turned to stare at their aunt who timidly stared at her feet, unsure what was coming next.

“Living room, now.” Emily ordered them to the living room and had Jenny stand in front of the couch as the girls sat down.

“First off, little Jenny, were you a good girl during your talk with Craig?” Emily watched Jenny very closely as she answered.


“Now come on, don’t forget your manners. You were doing better earlier. You don’t want to lose out on that orgasm we promised you. Yes, what?”

“Yes, ma’am.” She knew she shouldn’t be giving in to these girls, but she just couldn’t stop herself. After all that fantasizing about being really dominated over this last year, here it was finally happening and her body craved it!

“Was she actually a good girl, Jen? Or is she lying to me?”

“Oh, she was excellent. She answered questions correctly, kept our real identities secret, and quietly sat there while Craig talked. She was a very good girl.” Jenny Hayes to admit it, but she was inwardly proud at doing good for the girls. She could feel her pussy soaking through her panties as they talked about her.

“So, then, does little Jenny think she deserves a reward after she was a good girl today?”

“Yes, ma’am! Yes, please!” She couldn’t hold her arousal back right now, she just needed to let it out and get it out of her system.

“Hmm, maybe. Why don’t you go ahead and strip off all your clothes for us.” Jenny hesitated after hearing the order. She knew she’d been naked in front of them already, but that didn’t mean she needed to give in again. Plus, they were downstairs with all the curtains open! Anyone could see her!

Unfortunately, Emily noticed her hesitation. “Slut, I gave you an order. Strip, now, or you will lose out on any reward.”

Jenny reacted quicker this time, and stripped out of all her clothes. She left the discarded items in a pile next to her and crossed one arm over her chest and put her other hand in front of her pussy.

“Oh, no need to cover up. We’ve seen it already, and those little mosquito bites don’t really need to be covered anyway. In fact, put your arms at your side and go stand in the corner over there.”

She did as she was asked, still staring at the ground. Emily and Jenna started whispering to each other, too quiet for Jenny to hear.

“Em, everything went well in there. She actually agreed to be a freshman this year! He thinks she is 18, cause that’s what my birth certificate says, but that she is starting her freshman year because she didn’t go to school for a few years. He thinks I’m 20 and starting my senior year too.”

“No way! That’s amazing! We can totally have her under our thumb for at least this whole year, maybe even all of her high school years if it ends up being worth it! Oh this is excellent, especially since she was supposed to be a teacher this year!”

“Do you really think we can push through with this whole thing? I don’t know how we could possibly convince everyone that you’re her and she is only a freshman.”

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