Corporate Games Ch. 03

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Once again, I got a phone call from Tom on a Friday that he would be late getting home, until the following Monday, because Liz had sent him to see another customer in California.

Then the phone rang. It was Liz.

“Honey, I want you to come to my place. Ashley is already here and wants you to join us. You seem to have made a hit with her.”

I couldn’t help saying that Tom might be getting pissed off and suspicious by now.

“He’s stupid,” she said. “And, if he suspects we’ve been doing, what can he do about it?”

“Maybe he could cause trouble,” I replied.

She laughed. “What’s he going to do? Fuck around with another woman to teach you a lesson? Or maybe even fuck a guy. But he won’t cause trouble because he needs the job. Forget about him!”

“What’s Ashley doing back in New York so soon?” I asked.

“She likes New York, and her husband is typical of so many guys in England: he fucks men most of the time. English women casino oyna don’t get laid as much as women do in the States.She comes to my place for female action. She even likes shopping here, after she’s had her fill of sex.

She was so impressed by you last time she was in New York that she asked me to invite you.”

I took a cab down to her place from the Upper West Side and tried to picture Ashley during the trip. She’s the English blond with a great body who likes to eat pussy and get fucked with a strapon, based on what happened the last time I saw her at Liz’s townhouse. My pussy started to drip as I held that image in my mind.

When the maid brought me into living room, it was a very erotic scene.

Both Liz and Ashley were naked and lying on a couch, mouth-to-pussy, the famous “69” position. Moreover, they were eating each other, right in front of me, as if it didn’t matter what the hell I thought about the blatant sex.

Ashley looked up as slot oyna I entered and said “Hi” as if we were in the room alone, rather than getting her pussy eaten. “Get your clothes off, and join us.”

I undressed as quickly as possible, then squeezed onto the couch between Liz and Ashley.

Liz put her tongue into my cunt and ate me, while Ashley pushed a finger into my asshole. I’ve read about “threesomes”, but none as wild as what happened that day in Liz’s place.

Finally, we took a break, to recover from getting fucked, eaten, and reamed.

The maid, Maria, appeared with food and drinks for us. She touched my asshole, right at the place where Ashley had just pulled her finger out.

“Señora is very tight,” she said, “perhaps someday I will have permission to enter you.”

Not knowing what else to say, and aroused by her boldness, I replied, “It will be my pleasure, Maria.”

It was a weird experience, something to look forward to on another canlı casino siteleri occasion.

By Sunday morning, it was time for me to go home, and for Ashley to catch a flight home. We were exhausted from the sex, and lack of sleep.

I called for a cab and kissed Ashley. “If you come to London, as my guest, we’ll have a great time”, she said. I promised to go there in the near future and turned to Liz, who was still naked.

“Hon, it’s been great,” I said. Maybe we can do this again soon.”

“It wil be very soon,” she said. “Your stupid husband will be going on lots of long weekends from now on.”

On the trip uptown I noticed the female cab driver staring at me in the rearview mirror. She was an attractive butch, the kind that turns me on.

“Looks like you had a rough time, lady,” she said. “Are you OK?”

I not only gave her a tip, but I gave her my private number when she asked for it. You never know when the itch for hot sex will strike.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Copyright 2006 by Lesly Sloan. This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author. Comments are welcome.

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