Cory and Her Roommates

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Not too long ago, I answered several personal adds from women looking for adventures. I had no idea who “Loves4play” was, but I liked the sense of humor, and uninhibited nature that such a name would imply about the woman behind the handle. There was no picture, but she said she was 5′ 4″ with a little extra padding. That seamed honest, and while I prefer thinner, more athletic women, I figured a little chat would not hurt.

Her add said, “I am looking to have a good time with no strings attached.” She wanted a man with, “endurance and talent” and that was definitely a challenge. She wrapped the whole thing up by saying, “I’m looking for my soul mate, but until he comes along I still need sex : )” Now how can a good looking multi-orgasmic male that feels exactly the same way about finding Ms. Right pass up an invitation like that?

Since us guys are so easy, I figured with an add like that she would be flooded with responses, so I took my time and wrote by best stuff, then mulled it over half an hour while I figured out a subject line that might not be deleted out of hand. Now a guy has got to keep some secrets, so you’ll just have to use your imagination about that one.

A couple of days later I am on line and get an IM form someone with a handle of “Justplayn.” I had no idea who it was. Since my screen name is “Rod4you” I get IMs all the time from gay men asking for the rod, so I was not even sure I was talking to a woman. I’m straight, but if I am in the right mood, I will play with them for a while. It usually gets them when I say something like, “My girlfriend is here. She says she will share my rod, if she can have her way with yours,” or if I’m feeling nasty, “You sound too sissy. I only let real men suck my rod.”

This is some of our small talk:

Justplayn: So do you have a rod for me?

Rod4you: Maybe. Why in the world would I want to give it to you?

Justplayn: Because I really know what to do with a rod.

Rod4you: So what do you do, put a line on it and a hook and catch fish?

Justplayn: No silly, hold it and make it feel good, then kiss it, and tease it and drive it wild.

Rod4you: I don’t guess you are looking for a fishing rod then, or maybe you are, only not for the kind of fish that swim.

Justplayn: I swim.

Rod4you: I am straight, but you can redecorate my living room if you want.

Justplayn: ROTFLMAO … I am too.

Rod4you: Do I know you?

Justplan: Does this help? I’m looking for my soul mate, but until he comes along I still need sex : )

Rod4you: OK. Yes, lots.

Justplayn: I didn’t mean to blow you away, but your response was so sweet and sexy I felt comfortable answering you like this.

Rod4you: Thank you. I was not sure you weren’t some gay man that wanted my rod. I get two or three a week.

Justplayn: LOL No, just me.

We chatted like that for a while, checking each other out, trying to see how open the other really was until finally I said:

Rod4you: When you first got on, you asked about my rod. It is about 8 ½” inches and stays hard for hours. Do you want to play with it, or were you just teasing?

I was nervous as hell being so bold, but the Internet makes it easy. Hell, I hadn’t even asked her name yet, but I wanted to see if she was serious, or just teasing.

Justplayn: Yes

Justplayn: That is what we’re talking for isn’t it? I would love to play with it.

Needless to say, I was blown away!

Rod4you: Do you want to meet somewhere neutral just to see if we really want to go through with this?

Justplayn: You can come to my house. I live with my 19 year old daughter and her friend that is 19 too and is like a second daughter to me since she has lived here for two years, and another friend of theirs that just moved in who is 18. We girls look out for each other, and one or more of our boyfriends are here all the time. I know you’re cool already, but if you get out of hand, we’ll hurt you.

I decided it might be a good idea to ask her name and where she lives, but the answer really surprised me!

Justplayn: My name is Cory and I live between Athens and Atlanta.

Rod4you: Is your daughter’s name Mikki by any chance?

Justplayn: Yea … who are you really? How do you know?

Cory had been an acquaintance for several years, but I did not really know her. We worked for the same company for a few months about eight years ago. We’d flirted a little, and had lunch together a few times, and even went to a concert together with a bunch of other people. I was the first to leave the company, and we weren’t good enough friends to even keep in touch. From time to time over the next few years we would run into each other. Finally she took a job with another company that I did business with several times a year, and when I would call, we would talk about old times, her daughter that was growing up, and her marriage that broke up after 20 years, politics, whatever. I told her who I was.

Justplayn: Now casino oyna that you know who I am, do you still want to do this?

Rod4you: Of course, Cory. More than ever. It is funny, we’ve always been cool together, and both of us looking for the same thing with strangers. There is a kind of excitement about a total stranger, but there is about us too. We would never have had this conversation over burritos at lunch, but it was here all the time.

Justplayn: I’m glad. I was afraid that might be too much for you. How wild are you?

Rod4you: Very… I will try almost anything as long as it isn’t too dangerous, and I do not consider it degrading. How wild are you?

Justplan: About the same. What is the most number of people you’ve had sex with at one time?

Rod4you: Three, three or four times, and you?

Justplan: Three lots of times, and six a couple of times.

Rod4you: Tell me about it.

Justplayn: Well, I was straight the whole time I was married, but after we split up, I moved in with another couple for a while. One night she told me he wanted us both, and I was horny as hell, not having had any in a while. Before the night was over, he fucked us both and I had my first experience with another woman.

Rod4you: WOW

Justplayn: I haven’t scared you off have I?

Rod4you: No! You have excited me all that much more. I am multi-orgasmic. I stay hard for hours. I always thought a group might be a fun adventure. I want to hear about the six.

Justplayn: I really need to go now, but can you come over tomorrow?

Rod4you: Sure, want me to call tomorrow afternoon?

Justplayn: I’ll be waiting!

The next afternoon I had to leave the office to go to a project. I wouldn’t get through until late afternoon, too late to go back to the office, but enough to get home a little early. I called Cory and told her I could be over by 5:00, but I would kill time until she was ready. She said she would be home by 5:30 or so, to meet her then and we could get something to eat together.

I called her again at about 5:35 and told her I was almost there. She said she was jumping in the shower, but the three girls would be there and one of their boyfriends was over, to come on in and make myself at home. The girls’ names were Mikki, Nessa, and Alley, and the boyfriend was Doug. Needless to say I was a little nervous since I had never met any of them, and I was there to see Cory. I was also a little curious why she wanted them to have me alone to check me out.

Mikki answered the door, “Hi, you must be Rodger. Mom is in the shower. I’m Mikki.”

“Nice to meet you Mikki,” I took her hand and gently kissed it as I held her gaze with my eyes, a very gentlemanly southern custom that only a southern belle would really understand. She accepted with all the charm of a young southern woman, and she was a woman, 19 or not. She was about 5′ 5″ with brown hair and eyes, slender, large, but not huge breast, and a nice tan. She had on shorts and a tight fitting top that showed off her figure completely.

She stood back and looked me over, moving her eyes across my body from top to bottom. I did the same to her, and we both nodded approvingly. She turned and shouted over her shoulder to someone in the bedroom down the hall, “Nessa, he is sexy and he is a gentleman. I approve.” Then she said to me, “Come in and meet the gang.”

As I stepped through the door, another young woman who was sitting on the sofa stood up. She was equally as beautiful as Mikki, with blonde hair, a little taller than Mikki, with lighter skin, and about the same figure, only a little more padding on her hips. She said, “I’m Alley, and extended her hand to me as well.”

I kissed her hand with all the flourish I had Mikki’s, and said, “Very pleased to meet you.”

Alley purred and said. “The guy on the computer is mine. He is Doug.”

Doug turned my way and tipped his head and said, “Hi Rodger.”

About that time a bouncy little strawberry red head popped in to the room from the hall, “Hi, I’m Nessa,” she said as she extended her hand. She was the loveliest one yet, and they were all knockouts! I kissed her hand as well, keeping eye contact the whole time. She cooed and said, “My, you are a charmer,” then she stepped back and gave me the same inspection Mikki had. She was short, maybe 5′ 1″, with huge tits, and a tiny little waist and butt, with very well cut legs. I nodded approvingly and winked. She laughed and said, “Umm Cory knows how to pick ’em.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere. May I buy you a car?” I answered jokingly. Everybody laughed.

Mikki said, “Mom is in the shower. You can go on back if you want. She won’t mind.”

“Mikki, that would be rude!” I said.

“Suit yourself,” Mikki said as she flipped her hair.

I took a seat by the window and started making small talk. Soon the phone rang, and Mikki answered. She told the person on the other end about me, then handed the phone to Nessa. Nessa told the person slot oyna her opinion of me, then handed me the phone saying, “My mom wants to meet you.”

I did not know what to make of any of this, and it seemed to only be getting stranger by the minute, but I took the phone and said, “Hello, I am Rodger. Who are you?”

“I am Peggy, Cory’s best friend. If you hurt her I will hunt you down like a dog and kill you!”

“Woah, no need for that. I’ve known her for a long time!” I said.

“Well what are you going to do with her tonight?” Peggy asked.

“I thought we would go to dinner, and go from there. What would she really like?” I asked.

“She loves Logans, or Outback,” Peggy said.

“I thought it wasn’t cool for women to eat red meat anymore?” I said.

Peggy answered, “So surprise her. What are you going to do after?”

“I do not know you well enough to go into that!” I said.

“OK, you’ll do, but you better satisfy her.”

“You say what you want don’t you?” I asked, still reeling from the whole situation.

“She told me she was going to get laid tonight. Why don’t you go talk to her while she gets ready? She really won’t mind.”

“You are trying to get me in trouble, but it might be safer that way,” I said with a little laugh. “I’m in way over my head between you and the girls!”

“OK, go on. Take the phone to Cory. Quit stalling”

I do not know what I was thinking, but I did. I went down the hall. Mikki said, “Mom is in the end room. That is Nessa to your left.” Nessa was standing by the bed, the door open, with her bathing suit bottom on, and nothing else. Her back was toward me. She was fastening her top in front, and when she heard me she turned and smiled at me as she turned her top around and pulled it over her bare breast. My mouth fell open and I silently mouthed, “WOW!” She winked and gave me a huge smile. I continued down the hall in a daze, opened the bedroom door slightly and knocked at the same time I called out to Cory.

Cory was in the bathroom to the right side of her bedroom, and stuck her head out and said, “Oh, come in. Have a seat. I’ll be ready in a minute. I see you got passed my body guards!” She was wearing … nothing!

“How you doing girl?” I asked. “Peggy wants to talk to you. She and Mikki both told me to come in, but I had no idea…”

“It’s alright Rodger. I plan for you to see me tonight anyway.” She took the phone and said, “Peggy, you varmint…” listened … “No, you may not…” listened, “well the girls came in here while you were interrogating him and told me he passed.” I couldn’t help it, I laughed. The attention was flattering, and the comfort the ladies had about their bodies and talking about sex was not only a new thing for me, it was making me hard. I really wasn’t embarrassed about them seeing because they were so cool about letting me look.

Cory got off the phone and slipped on her jeans and a tee shirt, then opened the door to the hall. The teenagers were going to the apartments’ pool and were all in bathing suits. Two more guys had shown up. The ladies really looked fine, and their male friends would have been equally easy on the eyes, if I had cared.

Cory asked me where were going. “Outback,” I said. She told the girls and said to me, “I’m ready let’s go.”

I actually made it out the door without embarrassing myself by staring at the young women. My boner had thankfully subsided, because while I would not have minded any of the girls seeing, their boyfriends were a different matter.

There was a lot of interesting conversation over dinner, but I had to ask about the sixsome. Cory told me that she and Peggy, Peggy’s husband, and her boyfriend had been living together until a few weeks before. They shared openly, and had another friend that they had sex parties with from time to time. Peggy’s husband was in the military, and was gone a lot, so the girls had gone out hunting from time to time too. It was an interesting and erotic story, but it is her story. I told her about my threesome, which I thought was incredibly exciting, but seemed pale by comparison to her story.

When we got back to her place, the teenagers were back and still wet from the pool. The girls looked even better than I remembered. Cory knew I was a little self-conscience, and told me, “We’re extremely open. They want me to have a good time and they will not bother us. I know they have sex here too. I stay out of their way and they stay out of mine.”

As soon as the bedroom door closed, she kicked off her shoes and lay down across the bed, motioning for me to join her. I wasted no time, and soon we were kissing and removing our clothes. Cory has huge tits, but she enjoyed my kissing and nibbling her nipples as much as a small chested woman. I made her cum the first time, just playing with her tits. Then I moved down to her pussy and drove her crazy!

Yea, she was a little bigger than I would normally choose, but she was so sweet a person that I wanted to drive canlı casino siteleri her crazy. I kissed, and nibbled, and licked, and finally found she liked it really hard on her clit, with my fingers inside her. I felt her start to cum, and positioned myself where she could not easily push me away. I let her over the edge, and held her right there, easing off just a little and giving it too her harder every time I felt her pleasure start to subside. Sure enough she was soon begging me to stop, and screaming in pleasure. Somewhere about then I heard a knock on the door, but totally ignored it. I was taking her pussy, and if they broke down the door, they would be embarrassed, but they quickly left, and I proceeded to fuck my friend hard and fast. Cory’s plump little tummy made it uncomfortable for her if I put my weight on her, and I quickly grew tired of holding her chubby little legs up and apart so I could get in deep enough. She came several times, and so did I, but not a really big one. Finally I had to take a break and stopped. Cory knew she hadn’t finished me off, and immediately took my dick in her mouth and gave me a masterful blowjob. I came pretty hard, but I like pussy better.

We talked and she told more of her experiences, and about her little electronic friend. I told her to go get him. Not having a shy bone in her body, she did. It was about the same size as I am, big, but not huge, and had a soft flesh like tip with a bunch of little balls around the base where her vagina would grip it. There was a little forked tongue that would touch her clit, and there were separate speed controls for both sections. She said, “Here, hold it around the base and imagine how that feels inside me.”

I took it and did as she said, testing the speed and controls, then I gently pushed her back on the bed, and pushed her legs open, and touched to tip to her opening. It seemed logical that I needed to work it in slowly, like I would myself, so I took my time, putting a little of it in her, and pulling it out, then putting a little more in, and spreading her wetness. I finally got enough of it in her to let the little tongue touch her clit, and then I started playing with the controls. I discovered what speed made her whole body tense up, and kept the control a little above or below that setting, until I could feel that she was ready to cum. Then I hit the right setting and sent her to the moon! Finally she was shouting, “Stop, stop, I can’t take any more.”

That knock on the door again, and she jumped up, ran past the door into the bathroom and shut the door. There was about a 90 second conversation that I could only tell was female voices, and giggling, then Cory burst back in the room with a bottle of oil. She said, “Lie back and let me do you.” She took my dick in her hand and started massaging oil in. She changed how she held me every time I started to cum. I had no idea a girl could have so much understanding about the pleasure she was giving her man. She told me, “I want you to beg, then I’ll let you cum, but do the same thing I did for you, and do not stop me until you can’t stand it anymore and have too, and do not ask me to let you cum until you have to have it.” She moved her hand from the top to the bottom, and used one hand at the base, or on my balls while she stroked the most sensitive three or four inches at the end. Normally I would had to have put it in her pussy, but she was so good I just let my eyes roll back in my head and enjoyed her. Finally I couldn’t stand it and asked her to let me cum. She said, “Ok baby,” and gripped me just the right way, and almost instantly I started spurting cum. She did the same I had for, she eased up a little but not so much that I started to slide down, and immediately pushed me over the edge again. She kept doing this until I screamed, “No more, stop. I can’t stand it.” She smiled and kissed me.

We talked for a little while more, and surprise, I got hard again. “You really are insatiable, hang on just a minute.” Cory went into the bathroom and put her toy on the counter where I could plainly see it from the bed, pulled on a robe and went down the hall.

I heard a round of applause as she went into the living room, and could only smile, realizing we had been at it for two hours. I saw Cory call the girls over and have a little chat, and about that time realized I was sitting in plain view, completely naked, with a Woody any guy would be proud of. I just closed my eyes and sat there. Mikki went back into the room with the guys, Cory went into the kitchen, Alley went into the front bathroom, and Nessa walked right passed me, closed the bedroom door, and walked into the master bathroom. She had on cut offs, and a tee shirt with no bra. Her huge nipples were so hard they looked as if they would push through the fabric. I made no attempt to hide anything. She did not close the bathroom door, but walked over to the mirror, and looked at her face, then picked up the toy and turned toward me and smiled. She said, “From the looks of that, and the sound, you did not need this.” “That” was the 8″ boner I was sporting. “You look like you could use some more.”

“Don’t tease me Nessa. I think I wore Cory out so I do not have anywhere to put this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20