Crossdressed In Best Friend’s Mom’s Clothes – Part

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Crossdressed In Best Friend’s Mom’s Clothes – Part
I couldn’t believe that he was going to be my new neighbour. What was I going to tell Roxy? I really wanted a key for the gym, but I didn’t know if I should call him? Now that I knew it was him, I sat down at the dinner table, and looked through the notebook. And sure enough, there it stood in writing…

Jan Martin, is the handyman of the building. He will also provide the keys necessary for the gym and washing room. He needs to know your personal information if you need those. So give him a call and let him know you moved in.

…and some other stuff. Like gatherings, garage sales date, when loud music was allowed, etc.

My heart was pounding. I could not call him – I was too frightened that he was gonna find out that I stole his wife’s freshly washed pantyhose. But how else could I get to wear clothes or get keys to the gym?

I poured myself some red wine and watched a movie. As I drank more and more, I got a bit tipsy. I’d seen the whole movie, but I kept thinking about that I needed to call Jan. I put some ‘Kylie’ on the speakers and danced. I loved shaking my booty as the girl I am, and I drank some more. I was getting a bit drunk now. I guess all the dancing must have pumped the alcohol around my body. Then I got this fantastic idea to call Jan. Real great! I picked up my phone and dialled his number. It rang, and I looked at the clock – it was around 18:37. ‘Hmm, and I haven’t heard from Roxy yet!’

Then I heard Jan pick up. “Hello?”

I froze. “Ehhh…”


“Eh…Yes, hello!”

“What do you want?” He still sounded like a fucking asshole.

“Sorry to bother you, But I’m new here and I liked to get a key for the gym and washing room. And heard you could help me with that?”

“Yes, of course. What is your name and the apartment you live in?” His tone changed slightly to more kinder mood.

“I live in apartment 11 on 4th. And my name is Caroline.”

“That’s right…Steve said he was moving out. Well I live next door to you. So I just need you to sign a piece of paper and you can get your keys!”

“Ehh…Yeah, I guess so!”

“Good! Cya in 5 minutes. Bye!” And even before I could say goodbye, he hung up.

My body started shaking. He was really about to come into my new apartment! I was frightened; I poured the last of the bottle of red wine in my glass and drank some. I was

really nervous. Then there was a knock on the door. I almost spilled my wine. I went to the front door and opened it. There stood Jan right in front of me with 2 keys, and sure enough, a piece of paper. He smiled as he saw me. And I blushed.

“Hi…you are that girl from the elevator?”

I nodded. “Yes. Please come inside!”

“Thanks!” He seemed so nice all of a sudden, and he even took his shoes off! He walked over to the kitchen island and placed the paper on the granite table.

“Can I get you something to drink? Maybe a beer?”

“That would be nice. Thanks!”

I turned around and bent over to take a beer. And as I turned around to hand it to him, I saw him glance at my butt in my short black shorts and my white nylon pantyhose with opaque white polka dots on them. He turned his head away, but I saw him. I handed him the beer.

“Thanks. I just need a signature here. And there is a monthly fee on 100 bucks!”

I looked the document through.

“So…how did you get this place? You seem pretty young to afford this! Sorry for being so direct!”

I smiled at him and drank some more of my wine. I relaxed a bit and he seemed pretty nice. “It’s ok. I got this place from my dad!”

“Ahh. I didn’t know he had such a pretty daughter!”

I totally blushed, and out came like a stupid giggle. Oh my god, I think I was flirting! I was getting too drunk! I better sign these papers quickly and get him out before I do something real stupid – like getting caught by the man whose wife I stole pantyhose from! I put my glass down and signed the papers.

He looked at me a bit funny. “Ehh…”

My heart started racing.

“Haven’t I seen you before from somewhere?”

Oh my god, he knows it’s me! I panicked and started dancing to ‘Kylie’ that was still playing on the speakers. Twirling around and shaking my booty. And I just played dumb. “What are you talking about?”

He got up and walked toward me. I got frightened and gently moved a few steps back. As I still stood dancing.

“Yeah…I know where I’ve seen you!”

I was sure I was gonna have a heart attack – it sure felt like it.

“You are the girl who was with Michael and Peter, right?”

Oh thank god he knew me from there! I don’t know what I would do if he knew who I really was!

“Oh yeah. You are that weed guy!”

“Yeah…Not really! Not anymore though. Trying to keep it legit. But I still smoke. He-he!”

He drank the rest of his beer. I looked at him – he must be around 38 or 40, but he still looked handsome. ‘No, stop it!’ I said to myself. ‘The man you hated the most of anyone from the annoying neighbours from when I lived with my mom! The man who wanted to beat me up and humiliated me to my friends! Even if my friends didn’t know it was me! It was still very much humiliating for me. To now, where I find him attractive and kind!’

“It’s a really lovely colour, your hair. And you are very sexy!”

I blushed and smiled. “Thank you, Jan! And thank you for coming over with the keys so fast!”

He moved closer to me and stood right in front of me, and looked down as he was a head higher than me. “You are very welcome!” And out of nowhere, he grabbed me and pulled me into him, and he kissed me. I was baffled for a few seconds, then I felt his hands squeezing my pantyhosed shorts-clad ass firmly. And I instantly pushed him away.

“Oh my god. What are you doing? Please get out!”

He looked surprised over my reaction. “I’m so sorry. Really, I am…But come on. Dressed like that in short shorts so I can see your nylon ass cheeks and that shirt. I can see your hard nipples through it! The smiling, and god, that sexy dancing!”

I thought about what he said. Yeah, maybe I did, but unintentionally. “I’m sorry if you took it that way. That was not my intention. Gotta be honest, I had a bit much to drink!”

“Yeah, we all do sometimes! Let me make it up to you! I see you are missing smoke detectors! I’ll give some for free and will mount them for each room. Would you accept my apology?”

I smiled at him. “It would be a really nice gesture. But really, you don’t have to!”

My phone rang and I picked it up. “Hi Caroline!” It was Roxy

“Hi sweety. How are you?”

Jan looked at me and whispered to me, “I’ll be right back!”

I didn’t think anything about it and just nodded. I flipped my black ballerina shoes off and sat myself down with my legs up in the sofa, as I continued talking to Roxy. “Well as you know, we needed to do some last tweaks on the car, and the client wants it delivered instantly!”

“I can already hear you’re not coming home tonight. Right?”

“Ehh…Yeah. Me and Frank are going to this car show to be revealed, and it’s a whole day of driving just to get there! The car show is 2 full days. So I’ll be home in 4 to 5 days!”

Jan came through the front door with a ladder and a cardboard box. He smiled at me and I gently smiled back.

“That’s a shame! Sitting in my new apartment, and was hoping you would join me. But that can wait. I know you like cars and all that. So I hope you have a great time, Roxy!”

“Thanks…but you know what I like better?”


Then she whispered in the phone, “I like sucking my girl even more than my car! I rather be with you, sucking your tiny clit!”

It made my body twitch and I let out a moan. Jan looked at me with big eyes, and I of course blushed. “Oh god, please stop, Roxy!” And I whispered through the phone, “You’re making me horny! And I’ve got a handyman over right now!”

I heard her laugh. “He-he. Sorry!”

Then I heard Frank yelling in the background. “We need to get going, Roxy!”

“Yeah…I’ve gotta go, Caroline! I’ll call you when I get back!”

“Ok hun. Can’t wait! And have a really nice trip. Say hello from me to Frank. Bye!”

“He-he…I will! That will make him happy! He really fancy you, but your mine…don’t forget that, my little pantyhose bunny!”

“I won’t. I love you!”

“I love you too…bye!” And she hung up.

I put my phone down on the sofa table. Jan was busy mounting those smoke detectors on the wall. Jan was making small talk as he drilled holes in the wall…

“So your boyfriend not coming home?”

“My girlfriend. No, she’s not!”

“Oh, ok. Thought the name Roxy was a bit gay for a boy!”

Argh, when he talked, it just made him look and sound like an ignorant asshole! I acted like it didn’t bother me. “Hehe…yeah, sounds gay for a guy. Good thing she’s not then!”

He put 3 detectors in the living room.

“So you only like sucking pussy?”

My god, really? Was he going to ask me shit like this? I needed to get him out.

“Yes, I do. When will you be done?”

“Well you need 2 in each room…so in around 35 or 40 minutes I’ll be done!” Then he walked into the office space that I was going to make Roxy’s room.

I stood up and laid myself in my dearly missed bed. I could hear him drilling in the office; I was getting so tired by now. I was almost falling asleep when I heard him drilling in kurtköy escort bayan the bathroom. Then I woke up when he entered my bedroom.

“What a cosy place you have here!”

“Thanks, yeah…I really like it too!”

He drilled the holes – one beside the TV in front of my bed and one above my makeup table. And then he stood up in my bed for one last hole right above my bed in the ceiling.

“I thought you only would put 2 in each room?”

He screwed the detectors in place. “Just this room is pretty big, so I just put in an extra. It’s for your safety you know!”

I guess he was right. “Well thanks for the smoke detectors. I really appreciate it!”

“No problem, Caroline. So…you ever tried sucking a cock?”

‘Not this again!’

“Yeah, once or twice!”

“Maybe you would love it if you sucked a real man’s cock? He-he!”

I loved sucking cock. But not on a man I’d hated the most of my young life! “I think that’s enough now. Would you please go?”

“Ok ok…don’t have to be a fucking bitch about it! I only need to screw the last one in. Then I’ll be out your way!” He walked over to the makeup table. I had forgotten that my stepdad had put a picture of me and him on the makeup table, before I became Caroline. And Jan noticed it. “Who is that standing with your dad?”

My heart instantly started racing and I panicked. “Ehmm…That’s my little brother!”

“Ohh ok. Well I have seen him before!”

I was shaking a bit of fear, and I tried to hide it. “Really? I didn’t know you had met him!”

“I bumped into him when he lived in the same neighbourhood as me. But I guess that Steve left his wife, so I don’t know if the k** has moved with his mom! Haven’t seen him in a long time!”

My heart was pounding. “Yeah, he moved in with my mom. I don’t really talk with him since he’s my stepbrother!”

He screwed the last screw in and put the lid on the smoke detector. He took his ladder and walked into the living room. “Well I’m done here! Don’t hesitate to call if you need assistance with anything. Or you need weed!”

“Thanks for your help and the free smoke detectors! And nice to know that I can find some weed!”

“No problem…just don’t tell anyone! Have a nice evening!”

“Thanks…and you too!”

And he left through the front door.

Oh what a relief that he left! I opened a new bottle of wine and filled my glass. I sat down in the sofa, and zapped around on the TV. Nothing was really on, so I picked up my phone and browsed the net. I kept on thinking ‘what fucking dick Jan could be’, but something in my perverted sissy brain found it exciting, daring, and hot as fuck. Knowing that I was the one that stole his wife’s pretty pantyhose. And I even had his wife white opaque pantyhose on when he met me at that party!

I got turned on thinking about it, and started to imagine his cock in front of me. I felt my tiny dick get hard under my white nylon pantyhose and shorts. I put my nylon feet on the sofa table and lifted my bum and took my shorts off. Sitting in my white lace bodystocking and white nylon pantyhose. Mmmm. I rubbed my tiny dick through the pantyhose. I couldn’t believe that he was my new neighbour, and he’d just fixed something for me while I was

Caroline. My stroking became harder and faster. Mmmm yes, I was jerking myself off while thinking about Jan in my new apartment. I got so fucking horny that I went into my bedroom and pulled the sex doll out of the bottom of my closet. I placed her in the middle of my bed. It was still in the red opaque pantyhose that I’d stolen from Jan’s wife. It got me even more turned on knowing that my dad had fucked this doll, believing that it was my pantyhose, before he even knew it was me! Mmmmm! I quickly found some lube and poured it over the cock of the girl sex doll. I positioned myself on top of the doll. I unbuttoned the bodystocking by my crotch and pulled my pantyhose down and guided the girly sex doll’s dick into my horny pussy. I felt the tip slide in and pressed myself down on it. ‘AHHH Mmmm!’ and then gently started fucking my dad’s sexdoll. It felt so nice going in and out of my hole. I laid myself flat on top of the doll. I felt the those nice rubber tits press against mine. I was thrusting my hips so hard, I moaned loudly. “Argh…Ahh…! I miss you…Ahh Roxy…Mmmm!”

The doll’s face moved to my thrusting of its dick, and had like a little smile to it! It turned me on so much, I started thinking about my stepdad fucking the doll. I felt so much pleasure fucking my dad’s sexdoll in my stolen red pantyhose. Then without thinking, I kissed the doll. My tongue deep inside the doll’s mouth. And there was that lovely taste of my dad’s cum inside the doll’s mouth. He must have fucked the doll good before I came here! It drove me crazy tasting my dad. I kept at for like 10 minutes, just kissing and sucking my stepdad’s used cum out. I thrusted harder and faster. This was so hot, and not long after, I cummed in my white nylon pantyhose.

“AHH…!! Fuck me, daddy! Argh yes…I love it. Mmmm!”

I sat myself up and the dildo reached my insides deeper, and one last spurt of cum oozed out of my tiny sissy dick.


I looked down and saw a lot of cum on the stomach of the doll. I pulled myself off the doll and I felt so good inside. I took some wipes and wiped my ass of lube, and wiped the cum of my pantyhose too. As I buttoned my bodystocking by the crotch and looked at the doll in red pantyhose and cum on the stomach, I was reminded that my mom, Margret, would say I ‘should be a good girl and clean my own mess’! I got on my knees beside the bed, pulled the doll to me, and started licking my own cum of the stomach, with my hands on my back. First, I stuck my tongue out and swirled around in it. The bellybutton of the doll had a little pool of cum, and I slurped it in my mouth. Mmmm, I tasted so good if I should say so myself! After I cleaned the doll, I decided to make myself a cup of coffee and watch TV. I really loved my new place and still couldn’t believe that this was mine.

After I finished my coffee, I went to get a blanket and I fell asleep on the sofa with the TV on. I heard my phone ring, but I guess the alcohol and I was tired, so I didn’t bother picking it up.


I woke up early the next morning at around 5:30, and I instantly had to pee. So I ran to the toilet and quickly unbuttoned my bodystocking, pulled my hose down, and sat down on the toilet. I didn’t really stand up anymore while peeing. As I was done, I washed my hands and headed back to my comfy sofa. I got under the blanket again and picked up my phone. 1 voice message. I listened to it…

“You got 1 message” And then I heard a women voice. “Hello. My name is Lauren and I saw your ad in the lobby. I could use some help. So if we can arrange a meet at some point, that would be nice. Have a nice day!”

I got a bit nervous. I didn’t imagine that someone would call, but I had to call her back. Roxy told me to find a job, and she even made my hair pretty for it. So I couldn’t let her down now. I called her up, and the phone rang. It took a few seconds before she picked up. And again, I felt my heart beating faster.

“Lauren speaking!”

“Hello, my name is Caroline. And you called on my ad?”

“Oh yes. Hi! Ehh…Hold on just 1 second!”

“Sure!” Then I heard her say something…

“End of discussion, Mark! Get me those statistic reports on those sales. And I need them by the end of the day! Understood?”

“Yes of course, Lauren!”

“Good! Now get the fuck out of my office!” She sounded very strict. I heard the phone get picked up again. “So where were we? Yes…I’m going out for lunch in 15 minutes, then we can have talk?”

“What, right now?”

“Yeah. In half an hour, or 45 minutes time! Can you make it to the little Viking coffee shop? You know where that is?”

“Ehh yeah, I know. I’ll be there!”

“Good. I’ll sit at the bar in a black suit jacket with a white purse. Cya there!” And the phone just got hung up.


I jumped out of the sofa and into the bathroom and took a quick shower – I had no time to wash my hair. So I left my face dry – then I didn’t have to re-apply my makeup – just retouch it a little. I quickly dried myself and went into my bedroom. The doll was still laying in my bed, but I had no time to move it right now. I reapplied a little makeup – a little more light pink as eyeshadow. Mascara and my lipgloss.

Then I opened my closet and looked through all of my girly stuff. I was getting used to the pink and decided dress that way today. I picked out a pair of pink see-thru panties and a matching bra. I didn’t want my nipples showing, and the bra helped with that. Then I looked through the pantyhose draw, but didn’t really find any pink, so I looked through the stockings draw. Right enough, there was some new light pink stay-up stockings with opaque floral design on them, and even with opaque reinforced heel and toes. But I was not really used to stockings. More of a sex thing for me! Maybe it was just too daring? I had no time to stand here and argue with myself, whether or not I should put them on. I quickly opened the package, and rolled one of the stockings up, then sliding it over my pink nail polished toes. Oh god, they felt kartal escort bayan so good going up my leg. You could see my pink toe nails through the opaque reinforced toes. I quickly picked the other up and slid that over my other leg. The lace border was in bright pink and sucked itself to my thighs. They were going pretty far up my legs and the lace border almost touched my firm bum. They looked super sexy as I watched myself in the closet mirrors. Then I found myself a white dress with a pink floral design on it. I pulled it over my head and down my body and zipped it close at the side of the dress. It fit me firmly and the dress complimented my curves. I looked through my shoe collection, and found a pair of Margret’s white high-heeled sandals. They were white lace, peep-toe sandals with a little bow above my toes, and it had an ankle strap with a little diamond-looking stone dangling from where the strap closed. It think she told me once that those high heels were from a wedding – and they fit me perfectly. My pink reinforced nylon toes popped out through the peep-toed heels, and I closed the strap around my nylon ankles. I picked up my glasses with the light pink frame. This was the best outfit I’d put together to date. I looked at myself in the mirror and was very pleased with what I saw. I decided to put my light pink hair in a

ponytail, but let some go along side my face. I felt so pretty and took a picture with my phone, and got this crazy idea to send it to Roxy using a text message…

‘Time for my first job interview. Wish me luck’ And a kissing smiley face emoji.

It didn’t even take 2 minutes before I heard my phone’s message sound. I looked and it said…

‘Fucking hell, that’s so hot. So innocent and ready to be licked in your little cunt. Making me horny as hell here, sweety. I’ll be home soon. And good luck’

Mmmm…made me warm inside! I looked at the time. ‘Shit! Only 10 minutes left!’ I sprayed myself with perfume and grabbed my purse and locked the door behind me. I stepped into the streets. It was really nice sunny weather, and it actually felt really good feeling the light breeze around my light pink nylon legs. I even felt it through my see-thru panties. ‘Uhh…Mmmm’. I looked for a cab – and luckily on the other side of the street, a person had just got out of one. I crossed the street in my pretty white heels, and over to the cab.

“Hi. Can you take me to the little Viking cafe?”

His eyes got pretty big as he saw me. “Ehh…Yeah, sure…get in!”

I jumped in the cab and we drove off. I saw his eyes in the rear view mirror glancing at me.

“What a lovely day, isn’t it?”

Oh god, I hated small talk! “Yeah…not too often we have such nice weather!”

“Yeah…we’ve gotta enjoy while it lasts!”

I nodded. 10 minutes after and we were there.

“That will be 15 bucks!” I gave him 20. He looked at me. “I’ll accept a blowjob from you if you want?”

I threw the 20 at him. “Keep the change. Idiot!”


And I closed the door.

I walked inside and looked up at the bar. There was a woman with a black suit jacket and a white purse. I walked up to her and made a gently cough.


She turned on the bar chair and some nice black nylon legs swung around with some black pumps on, and a black skirt. Under her jacket was a white silk shirt. Her hair was all black, and was long and straight. This elderly woman looked classy and sexy.

“Hi. Ehmm…not what I expected you’d look like! Different than in your picture. I thought you be taller too. Hmm…”

I looked down at the ground and felt a bit ashamed.

“I didn’t mean it like that. Just most girls I’ve interviewed where older…and not so colourful. That’s all! Nice to see someone who tries to make an effort. I like it. Sit down, hun!”

I seated myself on the chair next to her.

“What would you like?”

“I’ll take a Frappuccino thanks!”

She ordered for me, then started talking again. “Well let’s get started. How old are you?”

“I’m 19, Madam!” A waiter came with my Frappuccino. “Thanks!”

“Ok wow. I thought you be around 23 to 25! You got any experience?”

“Ehh, not really! I had a very strict mom who taught me well. And I was hoping to start gaining experience!”

“Ha-ha. Yeah, I had a strict mom too! You got a car and driver license?”

I drank some of my coffee. “No, I haven’t come around to that yet! And I only clean and do laundry!”

“Nonsense! If you are going to work for me, you need a driver license, because you need to drive my 16-year-old boy to piano and to his father’s at the weekends. And other stuff like grocery shopping…and seeing how you look, I bet you could buy me clothes!”

“Then I can’t take the job, Madam! Thank you for your time!”

“Why can’t you take the job?”

“I can’t afford a driver license right now, because I just moved in my apartment yesterday. So I’m not sure what expenses that are bound to having my own place. So the money I got saved up is for unexpected bills!”

“Let’s make a deal. As your first payment, I’ll give you a driver’s license. I know I guy who helped me retake mine, not too long ago!” She wrote a name and number on a napkin and slid over to me.

“But I can’t accept that, Madam. I appreciate the gesture, really I do. But that’s just too much money to throw after me!”

“Does it look like I need money? I want you to come work for me. And what I want, I get! You seem very nice and dress pretty…and you seem well behaved!”

I got up from my chair. “Sorry, I can’t!”

“Ok. The driver license, plus I’ll pay 1000 dollars a week!”

I stopped without even thinking about it, turned around and sat down again. “You really mean that?”

She nodded very affirmative with a little smile. “Like I said. What I want, I always get. He-he!” She picked up her phone and rang. “Hi Luis. I just hired myself a new maid. And she needs a driver license fast! You are the guy for that!” She laughed and talked with him for 3 or 4 minutes. “Yeah. We can do that. But then she will have a license in week?” I only heard mumbles from her phone and continued drinking my frap. “Ok, sounds good. Early tomorrow at 8. Have a nice day, Luis!” She hung up. “Good. You start driving lessons in 3 hours. And you are going on a trip to make all your driving hours in a week. This agreement is off the books, so you better keep it for yourself. And I can fire you at any time! You only work for me. Understand?”

I nodded. “Yes miss!”

“Good. Call Luis in 2 hours and 50 minutes. Then he will come pick you up!”

“Of course, Madam!”

“Good. Go home and pack a bag…and here is your first payment. Cya in a week’s time!” She laid a 1000 bucks on the counter in 100 dollar bills and she got up and just left.

I took the money and put it in my purse and saw her pretty legs walk out of here. I sat for a while and thought about Lauren. How her attitude just seemed a bit firm. She’s was very pretty, and reminded me of Catherine Zeta Jones. This woman knew what she wanted – and she wanted me to be her maid. I really liked the thought of that!

I drank the rest of my Frappuccino, paid for the coffee and I walked to the train station. Looked for a cab that wasn’t a guy. I found one.

“Hi, can you drive me to this address?”

“Yeah, sure I can…jump in!” and we drove off. 10 minutes later, I got home again.

I walked into my apartment and went into my room to pack my bag for the trip. Then I heard the toilet flush. I walked into the living room and out came Jan from the bathroom.

“What the hell you doing in my apartment?”

His face got red instantly. “Ehh…I’m…I’m just here to make sure your toilet flushes properly. Had some issues downstairs with some pipes, and had to find the problem. So I decided just to check all apartments!”

I could see he was fucking lying to my face, but would could I say? He was the handyman of the building. He probably had the right to go in if trouble emerged. So I didn’t want any trouble between us. Because if he really knew who I was, I would be in so much shit.

“Ok, fair enough. Did you find the problem then?”

“First of all. You look absolutely amazing today!” And I of course blushed.

“Thank you!”

“Welcome! No, didn’t find any problems, so I better get going checking the others! Have a nice day, Caroline!”

I smiled. “You to, Jan. Oh, before I forget…could I buy a little weed from you?”

He smiled back at me. “Sure you can. Follow me!” And we walked to his apartment.


As we entered, I looked around and did not see a lot of stuff. His place was only half as big as mine. Just one bedroom, a toilet, the living room, and the kitchen.

“Just wait out here!”

I nodded, and stood in the living room looking around. Nothing on the walls really, but one big picture of his wife and him, and she stood hugging him. And I saw her standing on her tippy toes in red opaque pantyhose, a very short black mini-skirt with a red shirt on. It looked like it was around Christmas. She was really pretty in that picture, and I’m almost 100 percent sure that those where the red pantyhose I stole from her. He came out of his bedroom and had the

door open. I glanced in there and saw on 6 monitors what looked like security camera feeds. I was too far away to see what was on them.

“Here kaynarca escort bayan you go. That will be 50 dollars!”

I reached in my purse and took out a 100.

“Don’t have any smaller?” He walked into his bedroom again, and I walked a bit closer. I saw camera feeds of the lobby of the building, some of hallways, the gym and laundry room and the outside area. He almost walked into me. “Oh…Sorry!”

“So you do security too?”

He looked back. “I would call it first responder. Not a security man. Though I’ve beaten people up before. He-he!” He gave me 50 back.

I smiled and said “Good to know I’m in good hands!” Why did I say that? Why did I keep flirting with him?

“Mmmm. You are pretty girl. Never know what perverts that lurk around!”

“Yeah, there are a lot of those! Cute picture on the wall. Your wife is very pretty!”

“Thanks. But just a memory now! We split like a 6 months ago. She found younger man. Fucking whore…”

“Sorry to hear that!”

“Fuck it. Not your fault, He-he. Well I better go down and check on those pipes again! Have a nice day, Caroline!”

“You too, Jan! And thanks again for the help!”

“No problem. Anytime, night or day. You just call me!”

I smiled, nodded, and bit my lip, and gave him a shy little wave as I left for my apartment. God, why did I do that?

I got back to my bedroom and continued packing. I put the weed in my bag too. Maybe I over-packed, but I was gonna be gone for a week. Then I needed to pee so bad, and ran to the bathroom and pulled my see-thru light pink panties down and sat down. Hmmm, I remember leaving my white pantyhose and bodystocking on the bathroom floor as I took a shower this morning. Now they were by the sink? I wiped my tiny dick, pulled my panties back up, flushed, and walked over to the counter. I looked at my pantyhose and bodystocking, and saw a huge white sticky cum stain on them. I smelled it. That was cum aright! Jan had jerked his penis of into my used bodystocking and hose! I think he was the pervert I needed to keep a careful eye on. I felt my tiny dick grow, thinking of him smelling them or even licking them. I sat down on the toilet with the cum-soaked pantyhose in one hand, and pulling my dick out of my panties. I gently stroked myself. I smelled them again. I had no clue why this turned me on so much – it just did! I stroked myself faster. I stuck my tongue out, put the pantyhose to my face and smeared my tongue in that sticky cum stain. Oh my god, it was so salty and sticky. I swallowed some of it, and I fucking loved it! I moaned loudly as I kept on jerking myself harder and faster. And took as much cum in my mouth as I could get out of my used white polka dots nylon pantyhose.

“Mmmm, Jan…your cum makes me so horny! AHH…AHH…Yesss!”

Then I shot my own cum load into my already cum-soaked nylons. I didn’t want to make a mess of my outfit. And had nothing else ready at the time.


I threw the pantyhose back on the counter, then washed my hands, and went back to packing my stuff. It had already been 2 hours and decided to call Luis. He picked up the phone.

“Hello. Luis here!”

“Hi, I’m Caroline. I think Lauren has talked with you?”

“Yes, of course. Are you ready for a trip?”

“As ready as I can be, I think!” I gave him the address.

“That’s not too far from here! I’ll be there in 5 minutes!”

“Ok…I’ll just wait outside!”

“Cya then!” and hung up.

I grabbed my bag with clothes, my leather jacket over my arm, and locked the door behind me, and took the elevator down.

As I entered the lobby, Jan came from the gym. His face turned red as his eyes met mine. He stared at me a lot. As I walked by him, I let my tongue slid over my glossy lips. His eyes got even bigger. I just did it again. I should really learn to control myself. Why did I keep flirting with him?

I walked outside and waited for Luis. Jan came out to me. “Are you going away already?”

“Just a week, on a trip…to get myself a license. I’ve got a job where I need it for!”

“Ohh ok!” He seemed a little bummed out. “Congrats on the job!”

“Thanks. Could you keep an eye on my place for me?”

Then an Audi Q8 in white with black rims arrived, and out stepped a tall black man in a tight t-shirt, and you could see a shape of six pack and nice big muscles. Long dreadlocks and black jeans, with Air Jordan sneakers. Oh my god, he was so hot. I could see why Lauren retook her driving license with him.

Jan talked to me. “Sure, I’ll do that for you!”

Luis saw me and pulled his sunglasses off as he walked towards me, and he looked me up and down. And I saw a mouth gesture that said ‘DAMN!’

“Ehh…I think this is my ride, Jan! Don’t make a mess again.” And I gave him a little wink with my eye. His face turned bright red. He finally saw Luis as he approached me.

“Hello there, you must be Caroline?” and we shook hands.

I had to look up most of the time, because otherwise, I would stare at his big muscled chest. Not that it would bother me at all! Now I blushed, and out came a little giggle. Jan looked a bit shocked at me. “He-he…I am! Nice to meet you, Luis!”

“Likewise. Shall we go?”

I nodded and smiled.

“Let me take that bag for you!”

We walked to the car and he even opened the door for me. Mmm, what a gentleman. I got in car, and he closed the door for me too. I looked out of the window and Jan stood there with kinda of an empty stare. I smiled at him and gave him a wave. Luis got in the car.

“First, we need to go to a closed-off driving facility to let you get to know the car. So let’s go!”

And off we went.


We got to the facility, and we stopped by a cabin at the track.

“So, first you need to get the boring stuff out of the way and learn signs and general information. So let’s get started with a coffee!”

“Sure, ok!”

We sat down with our coffee and he started explaining everything. It was 2 full hours of pure information. I couldn’t focus on everything. Thinking about how his black cock would look like. His big strong arms and nice six-pack would feel. He behaved very professionally and only glanced twice or 3 times at my pink stockinged legs. After that, we walked out to the car again, and went over which pedals were which. I got in the driver’s seat, and I felt that it was a big car. I was very nervous.

He stood beside me with the front door open. “So, first things first. I don’t think you should be driving in those high heels!”

I looked a bit surprised at him. “But I don’t have any sneakers with me? How stupid of me!”

“That’s no problem! You can drive without heels on!”

He gently opened the ankle strap, then he put one of his hands around my ankle and lifted up my feet. My heart was racing as I looked at my reinforced pink stockinged feet. Gently and slowly, he pulled my heel off. The hand around my ankle let go of me, but his finger slid on the nylon sole from my heel to my big toe. It tickled, but was an amazing feeling. And of course my nylon feet wiggled in front of his eyes. I made a gentle moan. And I’m pretty sure he heard me, because I saw his face make a huge smile. He continued to my other foot and did the same again.

“Those are some very pretty feet you’ve got!”

Oh my god! I totally blushed and giggled like a little girl. He put my foot down and put my heels in the back, then he got into the car in the passenger seat.

“Now don’t turn the key yet. Look at your mirrors and adjust them!”

I did, and it took me little time. “Ok, I think I’ve got it!”

“Now try pressing the pedals with your feet to a get a slight feel for them. Accelerator. Brake, and clutch!”

He repeated them over and over and I pressed the pedals down as he said them to me. He looked at my feet as I did. But he kept going, And I kept on pressing.

“Those cute feet look good pressing on those big pedals!”

I stopped and I looked at him. He just sat there with a smile.

“Well let’s turn on the key and drive for a while here at the track. Slow and steady!” And we did.

We drove for an hour. Then we drove out on the public roads. I was a bit nervous at first, but he made me feel pretty comfortable with my driving. And he was good conversation talker. So no awkward feelings at all.

“So does a pretty girl like you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I don’t. But I’ve got a girlfriend! We just started dating!”

“Oh wow. I can respect that. Well I hope it works out for you 2!”

Man, he was so nice. “Thanks. What about you? You got a girlfriend?”

“No, I’ve got a boyfriend!”


Then he burst out in laughter. “You should have seen your face! No no no…I’m not gay. He-he!”

“He-he…I really thought for a second that you were!”

“I’ve got a woman. Been with her over a year now…but she gets jealous so quickly!”

“Sorry to hear that!”

“Don’t worry…not your fault! I should dump her ass!”

I didn’t really had any answer for that.

“Enough about that! Gotta say you’re a very colourful girl in that white pretty dress with pink flowers on. And those tights you’ve got on really make your pink hair pop!”

I loved hearing him say that. It made me twitch and blush. “Thanks. Really appreciate it!”

“You are as colourful as candy! Your hair looks a little like pink candy flush!”

“He-he…thanks, I think!?”

“Can I call you Candy?”

“Ehh…What? Why?”

He looked at me, “Because you are as colourful as candy, and I bet you taste sweet as hell!”

My heart was pounding, and that comment made my tiny dick a little erect. And all I could say was “Sure, if you like! He-he!”

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