Cucks Revenge – Part 3 & 4

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Cucks Revenge – Part 3 & 4
****A cucks revenge – continued****

**** Part 3 – Leah ****

I hear my smartphone alarm go off somewhere in the distance through the haze. It gets louder as time passes. Is it getting closer. Ok… It’s annoyingly loud now. My eyes crack open letting in the dawn’s light and it fucking hurts. I’m not in my bed. I’m on the couch. So it wasn’t all a bad dream. I get up too quickly. I’m dizzy, I have a headache, queasy. I have a hangover. I had too much to drink, too quick yesterday. Now I’m paying for it. I brew some coffee and drag myself into the bathroom for a quick shower. Maybe I can brush the taste of alcohol and ass out of my mouth. I grab some clothes quickly from the bedroom without waking the wife. I get my coffee and have some aspirin for breakfast then I’m off. Stuck in the morning rush yet once again. I turned off the news radio because it just depresses me. The silence allows visions of my wife fucking another man to play in my head. I willfully force myself to remember the girl I fucked last night from the Bar. The problem is that I was drunk and it’s all just a blur. Karren? Kathy? No…. Kat! That’s it. Young, petite, blonde Kat. The back of her minivan, tight space, good oral… What did she look like?

My wife is grinding and moaning on my next door neighbor Rick. The vision overtakes my mind and is so much clearer.

That fucking Dick! My wife? What a bitch! Shit! I force myself to think of Kat….. attractive, blonde, 30’s, minivan, sucks cock phenomenally, shaved pussy, were fucking, doggy, cramped in back of minivan, Kat grinding on top I’m about to cum. Through the haze, my wife is smiling down at me through all the years when she came on top of me.

My wife is grinding and moaning on my next door neighbor. Rick tells her he’s going to cum and lifts her off of him. My wife lets him cum in her mouth. FUCK!!!!! Why are these memories so much clearer? Now I’m hard as hell and I am in the office parking structure.

I greet the front receptionist with my typical g’mornin. I notice her eye’s have been on my crotch since I entered the office. They lingered there until for bit longer till she uttered a response, finally giving me eye contact with a smirk.

My assistant Leah meets me at my cubicle. Looking agitated she hands me a prioritized agenda and a breath mint telling me that we’re late for the meeting. I gave my apologies for being late to the group as we entered the conference room. I could not focus during the meeting. I added nothing of value by being there. When asked a question directly I deferred or I let Leah answer. I could not focus. My wife’s infidelity, my infidelity, and my hangover all contributed to my total distraction.

Leah pulled me into the break room after the meeting. She made sure no one else was listening. Leah uncharacteristically pushed me in my chest aggressively and asked me what the hell was going on. Her physicality shocked me out of my stupor. I gave some lame excuse like I was feeling a little under the weather.

She looked at me skeptically saying she knows what a hangover looks and smells like. You came in smelling like booze with an obvious hard-on for chrissakes.

I decided to tell her the details about catching my wife having sex with the neighbor. Then I pulled the pictures and video from my cloud account and showed her. Leah stood there quietly thinking for a moment then asks if I’m doing anything for lunch. Then adds, I have an idea.

At noon I stopped by Leah’s cubicle and asked her where she’d like to eat. Leah says she has something else in mind. She grabs her purse and I follow her to the elevators. She hits the L1 button for the lower level. Moments later the elevator doors open to the first subfloor. The hallway is vacant. I follow her down the corridor until we are in front of a women’s restroom. Leah looks both ways conspiratorially then tells me to enter. I look at her quizzically and point out to her that this is the women’s….

Leah pulls me in impatiently and says exasperated, just come on. She locks the door behind us and continues saying, I come to this bathroom when I want some privacy. Here is what I was thinking. What I had in mind for you is some risqué revenge pics. You know, to show your wife. Maybe it will help you get your mojo back. But before we continue there are a few rules I’d like to go over.

1. These pictures and video will be for your personal use. You are not allowed show anyone of these pics to anyone other than your wife.
2. You cannot post these pictures and video on any porn or social media web site.
3. You will not tell anyone of our coworkers how about actions that are about to transpire here.
4. No matter what happens we will remain professional at work on the job.
5. What we do today does not make me your girlfriend. I do not have time for a relationship. That’s what fuck buddies, bumble, and Tinder are for.

Do you agree with these terms?

I feel as if I am in contract negotiations. I’m not quite sure what’s happening. I had an inkling that it might get sexual. I have never considered Leah that way. She is near my daughters age. Not that she isn’t an attractive girl….. Woman. She has a pretty but serious face hidden behind glasses. She is half asian, short and petite. Dark hair and dark almond shape eyes. I believe she told me her mother is Korean and her father’s family has been in the area for generations since migrating from Norway. Leah was hired on to the company as an intern for my group when she was 19. She worked out so well I decided to keep her on as my assistant while she finishes her masters degree. We have always had the utmost professional relationship. Well… I will admit to some flirtation, but I flirt with every woman. It’s second nature to me….. Meanwhile as I am thinking this…..

Leah leads me into the handicapped stall. She sits on the toilet. While unfastening my belt she asks once more, Do you agree to the terms boss?. I nod enthusiastically. Leah unzips my fly then fishes for my hardening cock in my pants. She frees my semi turgid cock from it’s confines. She gives it a few tugs.

Leah got her phone from her purse saying, I made some revenge pics for my ex-boyfriend and sent them to him after I found out he was cheating. It felt so empowering. I found some nerd in my dorm and made his fantasy come true. It was my luck that this nerd was hung. So much bigger than my ex. I’m sure it drove my ex crazy. I would have fucked the nerd if he didn’t prematurely nut in my mouth without warning. Photos of that were the best revenge. I never let my ex cum in my mouth.

I’m fully hard with her all her naughty talk and attention to my cock.

Leah takes the head of my cock in her mouth. Lines up the phone and snaps a pick. Releases me and takes a look at the results on her phone and says. See the trick is to take a picture that is sexual but not to get your faces in it. That gives you plausible deniability. This could be anyone. She holds up the phone so I can see the pic. Picture is centered on her lips around the head of my cock. Don’t get me wrong, I trust you boss. I just don’t need recognizable pictures of me in a compromising position found on the internet being pulled up at a job interview. Oh…. worse yet. A family member finds it on an amateur porn site. Anyways, the other trick to revenge pictures is to include something only your ex will recognize. Like a birthmark or a freckle on your privates. Maybe clothing that they bought you.

I hold up my hands and display my custom wedding and class ring.

Leah says, Oh… that’s good. Here, put your hand on my head but make sure your forearm is here to block my eyes in the pic.

Leah takes the entire length of my cock down her throat till I feel her lips around the base. She managed to take my balls out and fondle them with one hand for the picture. Leah then pulls my pants and boxers bahis siteleri completely down. She pauses for a moment as if she is studying my cock. Leah took a testicle into her mouth and sucks, stretching my scrotum slightly. She snaps another pic and pauses to check her photography. I have time to realize how strange this situation is. I’m in a woman’s bathroom with a pretty young coworker I respect but am not in love with. She is casually sucking and playing with my cock while taking pictures. I’m too dazed to feel anxious or awkward. The act is not passionate or sensual but… I will admit it is erotically exciting. I am beginning to wonder if her actions is all for show or Leah will let me cum soon. So I ask diplomatically. Leah? Would you like me to go down on you? I know I’m going to have to cum soon before we get back to work.

Leah stares up at me smirking and calmly saying, Patience boss. I wouldn’t leave you hanging. I just don’t want you cumming before we get pictures of you fucking me. I’ll take a raincheck on the cunnilingus though. We have some more pics to take.

Leah hits the video icon on her phone and takes me in her mouth again. I hear her slurping and moaning softly as she slowly deepthroats me once more. I have a feeling she has done this before and is definitely playing for the camera. After this shot is complete Leah roots around in her purse. I notice the chrome bullet shaped device when it begins to buzz.

Leah giggles and pulls out the device to turn it off saying, this is my boyfriend. She demonstrates by lifting her skirt putting the buzzing toy against the crotch of her panties. Ooooo she says, this little guy is so strong, is always ready to please and never lets me down. Why do you think I come down to this restroom? Leah returns the toy back to her purse and pulls out a condom. As she begins to tear the wrapper I stop her.

I tell her that if that is for birth control that it’s not needed. I had a vasectomy after my last c***d. Temporarily forgetting about the woman I fucked the previous night I tell Leah that I have only been with my wife for the last 28 years.

Leah thinks for a bit and says. Well…. It is not my policy to fuck bareback, but I trust you boss.
I could see was thinking as she formulated another question. She continues by asking, Excuse my naivety, but I have never had sex with a guy who has had a vasectomy. Do you ejaculate when you orgasm? I tell her I do ejaculate semen, but it doesn’t contain sperm. Leah ponders this for a moment and say’s, it’ll feel good to ride bareback for a change.

Leah has me sit on the toilet seat while standing in front of me unbuttoning and removing her blouse. Leah turns her back to me. Moving her raven hair out of the way asks me to unhook her bra. I do as requested and also move the straps down her shoulders. Turning slowly she reveals the breasts I admittedly have been curious about since she was hired. Ok I admit to having a bit of a pervy mind. A favorite pastime is to imagine what a woman looks like naked. No matter age, race or body type. Areola size and color. Pubic hair shaved or natural, and so on. I can tell that Leah is proud of her breasts and she should be. She asks me if I like them. I nod in appreciation. My wife has large breasts but nothing like these. Leah has size DD cups that are perfect shape and seem to defy gravity. Her areola were a reddish brown little larger than a quarter with erect bullet shaped nipples protruding straight out from the center. Not pointing down towards the floor. She hangs her blouse and bra on a hook in the stall.

Leah bends down and sucks my hardness. Her breasts hang towards my thighs then press into them. She stands. Lifting her skirt she grabs boths sides of her lacy red thong and begins to pull it down over her hips and legs. Placing the panties on the hook with the rest of her discarded clothes. Placing a leg on either side facing me on the toilet, she grabs my cock giving it a few tugs. Then she guides my cock into her pussy while sitting on me. I am entirely inside her. It is warm, wet and tight. The phone is held up as another picture taken above us. She the wraps her arms around me and begins to rock on me. I can feel those gorgeous naked breasts and hardened nipples pressed against my chest. I wish I had taken my shirt off earlier. I long to feel those breasts against the naked skin of my chest. I kiss her neck and she purrs. Leah sits up putting her full weight on my lap and begins to grind. We stare into each others eyes. For that moment I see Leah’s true nature. A woman in control and reveling in her sexuality. The phone is ignored for the moment. Closing her eyes, she begins to bear down on my cock. Her face was so close. I impulsively kiss her. She pulls away stunned for a second as if this action was not negotiated. A few awkward moments later, Leah grabs my face and kisses me passionately in return while frantically grinding on me. She begins to moan authentically into my mouth as I cup her breast with my hand flick her hardened nipple with my thumb.
Breaking our kiss, Leah shouts, OH FUCK! Emmmm Shhhhhitttt!, as she rides my cock with erotic abandon.

I become conscious of the loud noise echoing off the tile. I now understand why she picked this remote restroom.

Leah continues to moan fucking me furiously. Oh GOD! I’m gonna CUM! Ohhhhh! Uhhhh! Ehmm! I’m CUMMING! Ahhhh!.

I look at her amazed. I think Jesus! This girl went from zero to cumming quick.

Wait! Leah shouts while standing. She puts a finger up in front of her lips giving me the shush signal. I begin to hear footsteps, laughter and chatter outside the bathroom door in the hall. Once the noise passes the bathroom she giggles quietly, do you think they heard? Leah tells me to meet her by the sinks.

I shuffle out of the handicapped stall pants around my calves. Once we are front of the mirror over the sink I watch as she re-applies some lipstick and preens her hair. These are candid acts of true femininity.

Leah bends and leans over the sink lifting her skirt presenting her bare ass to me saying. Well boss you should know what to do.

Her pussy is swollen and wet. So wet, I notice a trickle of her natural lubrication on the inside of her thigh. Given our 12 inch difference in height I bend and spread my legs so my cock is closer to her opening. I slowly enter her clean shaven pussy. She is so tight, warm and wet. It feels amazing. When my crotch meets her lean but soft ass and my cock has entered her entirely. She lets off a reflexive exhaling moan. This doesn’t distract her from taking pic in the reflection of the mirror. I begin to pick up the pace of my trusts.

Leah asks me to stop for a moment and hands the camera to me saying. Get some video of your cock going in and out of me.

I hit the video icon and continued fucking her from behind. I focused on my cock entering her pussy below her firm shapely ass. As I thrust, my thighs and crotch make a slight slapping sound as they meet her ass cheeks. I pan up to the mirror to see myself holding the phone while thrusting. Leah is bent over the sink holding on to the edges, head down with her long, flowing dark hair obscuring her face. I hear her let out authentic soft coos and moans as I fuck her. I warn Leah that I will cum soon if we keep going like this.

Leah says. That’s ok. Just cum inside me. This time I want you to fuck me hard. I won’t break, I promise. I like it hard. Grab my Hair.

I hand the phone back to Leah. She takes video of us in the reflection of the mirror. I grab her hips pulling her to me with every stroke. There is an audible slapping sound as my thighs make contact with her shapely ass. Concurrently Leah lets out a reflexive “Uhh”, with every thrust. My God she feels so good. I could see her tits swaying back and forth in the mirror. Then Leah began to moan loudly. I got the bedava bahis sense that she was enjoying the fucking but the moans were a bit exaggerated. I felt as if I was in a porn production with all the acting that is going on.

Leah moans, That’s it boss, I love the way your cock feels. Ooooo you fuck so good. Your wife is crazy to cheat on you.

With that the dam burst. My orgasm came upon me suddenly and hard. Leah felt my ejaculations inside her saying, That’s it… cum inside me. Oh,huh,oh. I don’t get to feel this too often. My thrusts slowed until I felt myself begin to get soft within her pussy. I pull my cock out of her pussy with a wet slurp.

Leah remains bent over the sink. She hands me the phone saying, I’m going to try to push out some of the cum, take a pic.

Sure enough, moments later some white semen came oozing out her pussy. I took a few pics for good measure and handed her phone back. I got some toilet paper and cleaned her up. I checked my watch and realized that we still had 5 minutes of lunch time to spare. I pulled up my pants.

As Leah got dressed she said, Do you know how many women are attracted to you in this office? Given the chance, you could have anyone of them. I guess I was the lucky one to be first. Do you mind some constructive criticism though? I shrugged. She continued, you are a great fuck, Tone up a bit. Work out. Some girls like the doughy Dad bod look, but that is a small percentage. You’ll feel better too. You also need to do some manscaping too. It’s not fun to have long pubes go up your nose and in your mouth when you go down on a man. She fished around in her purse and pulled out card saying, this is my Aunt’s place. Tell her you know me and she’ll take care of you. I think we should leave the restroom separately.

I nodded in agreement. I told her that I was ready and would go first. As I unlocked the door I gave her a heartfelt thank you.

Leah smiled sweetly and told me she would send the best of the pics to my phone immediately. She would have to review the video before sending me those files. Just in case she needed to edit anything out.

I was in my cubicle for 5 minutes before Leah walked by giving her typical professional acknowledgement as if nothing had just happened. My phone’s notification tone went off. I checked it. True to her word Leah sent me a dozen or so sexualy graphic pics of us she had taken. Recent memory of the liaison with my co-worker strengthened by the photos. I could feel myself getting hard again.

*** Part 4 – Couple comes clean ***

It was friday. I left work early. Jen and I had a lot to discuss over the weekend. On the drive home I did a thorough self evaluation of my feelings regarding my wife’s infidelity. I was angry and hurt, but why? It was a result of Jen’s betrayal and deceit not the sexual act. Jen was a virgin before she met me. I could understand Jens’ curiosity about sex with others. I can relate. Sex with Kat and Leah these past few days has awoken my dormant sexuality after nearly 29 years of marriage. Physically I feel energized, my libido has kicked into overdrive. Mentally I feel anxious and depressed. Why the hell do I get so horny when I see my wife fucking another man? Truth is, I still love Jen and can’t imagine life without her. I have always loved to see my wife enjoy sex. Her sexual gratification has always been as important as my mine. So when I see and hear my wife enjoying herself sexually, like pavlov’s dog salivating when a bell is rung. I get horny.

I half expected to find my wife to be in bed with my neighbor when I got home early. I opened the door. Jen must have heard my car pull in because she greeted me at the door.

With tears in her eyes she hugged me desperately sniffling that she was so sorry and didn’t want to hurt me. I tried to extricate myself from her embrace but she just hugged tighter saying, I don’t want to lose you Don.

I replied, Well Jen you might reassess after we talk. I asked her to sit down.

We sat at the kitchen table. She looked at me quizzically through tear ladened eyes. I start our conversation by saying, I am hurt and angry because of your deceit. The only way our marriage can survive is complete honesty and full disclosure. Do you love Rick?

Jen interrupts by blurting, Don I am so sorry. I’m going to end it between me and Rick. We’ll work on us. I don’t want to lose you.

Stop! Please don’t interrupt. I understand. You, Rick the fucking. It’s exciting to have different partners. I don’t want you to end it with Rick. You opened my mind. I think we should open our marriage. I’ve had 2 women since I caught you yesterday. I am invigorated.

Jen looked dumbfounded then skeptical saying, I know you want to hurt me but how about our new complete honesty agreement? 2 women, since yesterday afternoon?….. Ya right.

Without a word I stare at Jen earnestly while pulling out my phone. I open up the pics of Leah and I hand Jen my smartphone. She scrolls through the pics till the realization washes over her. Her attitude shifts from doubt to astonishment when she realizes I’m wearing the same clothes. She is looking at the pic with my hand on Leah’s head displaying my custom wedding band with my cock in her mouth.

Jen tears up and says through sniffles bitterly, Who is it?! I knew you were fucking behind my back all the time. That’s why it was so easy to rationalize my affairs. You’ve always been a flirt with the ladies. Well I’ve been fucking around too you bastard. Rick wasn’t the only one.

My turn to be shocked. I say, Let me stop you right there Jen. I take the phone back and open up the video of me fucking Leah from behind in the mirror. The video is about 30 seconds. At the end Leah can be heard saying clearly between moans, “That’s it boss, I love the way your cock feels. Ooooo you fuck so good. Your wife is crazy to cheat on you. That’s it… cum inside me. Oh,huh,oh. I don’t get to feel this too often.” I continue, I was faithful till I found you yesterday with Rick. The woman in the pics and video wants to remain anonymous. How could she know you were cheating on me unless she saw the video? We fucked today at work. I also fucked a married woman in the bars parking lot yesterday evening. She got horny after seeing the video of you and Rick. I can’t believe that I was so ignorant, for so long. I took our vows seriously. Never once did I think that you were straying. I’ve been busting my ass, miserable at work just to keep us in a nice house and to pay for the k**s college. I had a sense that our love life was lacking but I thought that was typical for most marriages. I can see now that I neglected you. I’m so stupid. I gave you, and you only, the best years of my virility. I’ve been killing myself providing for the family and you’ve been fucking around Jen. It’s time to come clean. How many and How long?

Resigned and miserable, Jen seems physically deflated saying. Are you sure you want to hear about the others? Well….. There was a one night stand the night of my bachelorette party. A week before we got married. I felt pressured to experience fucking another man besides you before our wedding. I was drunk. When a male stripper offered I accepted.

There was Bob our landlord at our first rental.

Bob!, I interrupted. Bob had to be over 70 at the time! You were 23!

Jen continued, Yes Bob. He was 69 at the time. We were in a new place, in a new town. You had a job. I was lonely. Bob came over to fix the plumbing one day. I was In my nightgown and robe. No panties. You know I don’t sleep with panties. I watched him work and it turned me on. Big hands, tool belt. He sensed I was horny. Backed me into the corner of the kitchen. Kissed me deep without asking, then his big hands went into under my nightgown and found my bare pussy. The he finger fucked me. I didn’t have time to act indignant or violated. bedava bonus I welcomed his touch. I’m sure he felt how wet I was anyways. It was so exciting I came. He took off his tool belt. I dropped to my knees and gave him a blowjob in appreciation. Did you ever notice that things got repaired real quick at that rental? The first time we fucked was a month when we were short on rent.

The next was my former coworker Chuck when I worked part time as a parapro for the school system. Chuck was the phys ed teacher. I used to stay after to work out and use the weight equipment in Gym. I was trying to lose the baby weight after we had Laurie. Chuck was built, but he was a lug head. All the girls had a crush on him. I caught him ogling me when I worked out. I’ll admit I was flattered. I caught him peeking into the girls locker room trying to catch me naked. I began to take a locker closest to the door. The next time the locker door cracked. I gave him a show. One day I had just finished my shower when in walks Chuck. I was shocked at his brazenness. He acted embarrassed and apologized. He gave me some bullshit excuse of having to do a locker check. He didn’t realize anyone was in here. I could see through the bullshit. I dropped my towel in feigned anger saying, Is this what you want to see?. I saw his hungry expresion and the desire in his eyes. It was good to feel wanted and sexy. I walked towards him boldly and kissed him. He picked me up in his big arms and laid me on bench in between the last row of lockers. That one lasted nearly 5 years till we had Jim and I had to stay home with both k**s.

I had a brief fling at a sales conference shortly after I got the marketing job.

I interrupt, Don’t tell me. You fucked your boss. That guy was always drooling over you. Acting as if he was your property.

No. Jen continues. Ray gave me the creeps but I tolerated him for the job. It was a potential client I met at the conference. We were all having drinks at the hotel bar. When Ray left to go get another round, the man asks if Ray and I were a couple. I laughed and said God no. The man ingratiated himself upon me by summing up Rays true nature as a sleazy salesman. The man moves in close and tells me how attracted he is to me. He tells me how much fun these conferences can be giving me a wink. He writes his room number on a cocktail napkin with his phone number then slides a spare door card key over in front of me. He asks me to give Ray my regards but he needs leave. With a confident smile he tell me it was a pleasure to meet you Jen. Ray come back with 3 drinks looking perplexed. He immediately went into a sales pitch on us 2 spending the night together. I declined. I didn’t even finish my drink. When in my room I grabbed a small bottle of vodka out of the mini fridge and downed it. I was about to get undressed when pulled the cocktail napkin and key out of my purse. On a whim I called his number.

He answers, I thought you might call.

I reply, You know I’m married right?

I saw your ring on those sexy hands. I’m married too. You know what they say…. what happens at the conference, stays at the conference.

What are you doing now?

I am laying on my bed having a nightcap and waiting for you. Come join me for one.

Ooooo. God this is so tempting.

Come up for a nightcap. Just a drink and some talk. No pressure. If you don’t want to fool around we don’t have to.

I reply with a quick, I like vodka. Be right up. Then hang up.

I quickly fix my make up. Adjust my clothes and head the mans room. He answer the door and invites me in. He grabs a glass. I stop him. I kiss him deeply and passionately. We tear at each others clothes till we are both naked. He slowly kisses my body while he goes down on me resulting in my first orgasm of the night. I begin to return the favor. He stop me after a while and tells me how much he wants to fuck me. And we do. For hours. Several times. Many orgasms. Finally I look at the clock and it says 4:10 am. I’ve got to wake up in 4 hours. I get dressed and take the walk of shame back to my room. The next day we are professional. When the conference is over, we head up to his room. We are barely in the door when we rip at each others clothes. He fuck me standing against the wall. We have room service and repeat the previous nights activities over a longer period of time. We ended up getting his companies contract.

Then there was Rick. He started making advances shortly after they moved in next door.Rick would comments like; how sexy I was for my age. (Even though he is only 7 years younger), Your husband isn’t around much is he, that must be lonely for you, and so on. I didn’t take them seriously and brushed them off as flirtations. I knew that Rick liked to play around on his wife. There were rumors that he has slept with half the women on the block. The rumors were confirmed when Jeanie, our blonde neighbor katy corner to us admitted she had had sex with Rick. What a good lay he was. I realized I was a bit jealous of her. I was lonely. You are gone a lot. Rick was good looking. Our sex life is near extinct. I like Ricks attention. So the next time I caught Rick outside I asked him over on the pretense to help me lift something heavy. Once inside our house. I backed him against the door and kissed him quick. I dropped to my knees. In a frenzy of unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping I pulled his pants down and began giving his half erect cock one of the most unexpected blow jobs of its life. I sucked him hard and he came quick. I told him to get dressed and get home before his wife got curious. Before he left I told him to come back when he had more time to return the favor. That was nearly 5 years ago Don.

Jen stops for a moment. She continues through sniffles. So is that kind of truth you wanted to hear Don? What a slut I actually am. She got up from table crying.

I stood up to stop her from leaving saying, Wait! We need to talk. My excitement from hearing detail of affairs was evident. My erection was pushing against the front of my pants.

She turned around looking at me dejected. Then her eyes peered down to catch the bulge in my pants. Jen shakes her head, For chrissakes Don. You got horny from what I told you about other men?

I shrugged and told her I couldn’t help it it was a reflex.

She replied, You may get off on hearing about and seeing me fuck around with other men, but I don’t like to see or hear about you fucking other women. It makes me feel like I’m being punched in the gut. She turned to walk out of the room. Suddenly she changed course. She stomped towards me angrily. I thought she was going to slap me. Jen surprised me by dropping to her knees in front of me.

In a frenzy of unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping she said I never knew you were such a perv Don.

She pulled my pants down and gave one of the most unexpected blow jobs of my life. It was familiar physically. I had felt her mouth on my cock hundreds of times before. Yet it was different. She performed this act with such, desperation, frustration, anger, shame, sorrow…. among a myriad of other emotions that I couldn’t help but feeling her love. With this simple act she had expressed her love to me more than thousands of words could express. She had me to the brink of orgasm in a few minutes. I warned her of my oncoming orgam. This was typical, I was considerate. I learned to give women a choice. She stayed her course sucking me through my ejaculation. Taking all my cum in her mouth and swallowing. This was not typical.

We took a nap on the couch, silently holding each other. Enough words for know. After our nap she led me to our bedroom. We had the most passionate sex since before our marriage. Once again our love was conveyed physically. So much that a million words could not express.

After we both came hard. I mentioned that we might want to look for another bed. Jen agreed. I told her that we needed to work on so much if we want this marriage to work. Counseling, Agreements, Rules, etc……

Shhhh… Not right now though. Enjoy the moment. Not the past. Not the future…. Just enjoy this now.

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