Danny Darling Ch. 05

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I stood there stunned; frozen in place.

I couldn’t believe the abrupt change in Mrs. Nelson’s demeanor. The normally sweet, good-natured woman had never made even the slightest derogatory comment to me, and she certainly never raised her voice when she reprimanded me for mistakes in the workplace.

My trembling fingers finally opened the top button of my shirt. Her hands went to my belt and unbuckled it. I tried to push her hands away.

“Listen boy,” she hissed in my ear. “If you don’t move faster, I WILL call Security, and they WILL strip-search you, and they WILL check your rectum for stolen items—IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT, MAGGOT?”

My eyes bugged wide, and my face turned white as snow. Life as I knew it was over; I could never be the same after this.

“No—please, Mrs. Nelson—no….” was all I could say.

My hands worked faster on the buttons. I made no move to stop her from opening my slacks.

When I’d undone the last button, she immediately pushed the shirt off my shoulders and forced my arms thru the sleeves. She tossed the discarded shirt on the floor behind us.

“My Goodness! What have we here?” she gasped when she saw the red babydoll nightie and lace brassiere I was wearing.

I felt her fingers on the zipper of the slacks. She pressed her hand against my now-flaccid prick as she unzipped my pants. Once they were open, she forcibly pushed the slacks down my legs to the floor.

She turned me so I was facing her. She was a couple inches taller than me and I watched her eyes roam up-and-down my body. A strange grin spread across her handsome face. I was sure she’d been a very beautiful woman not that long ago.

“My-my—I knew you were a panty-boy, but all this? You’re quite the little sissy-boy, aren’t you?” she said.

The hard stare from her dark brown eyes scared the heck out of me. I remained silent.

“I asked you a question—I expect to hear an answer…ARE YOU A SISSY-BOY?”

A single teardrop escaped my eye and rolled down my cheek. There was no denying it. I was wearing all the proof she needed.

“Yes, Mrs. Nelson…I—I am a sissy-boy….”

“Oh my…” she said, stroking my smooth, nylon-clad legs, “…and a hairless little sissy-boy, as well.”

Her hand began stroking my buttocks. My prick rose to its full-length, tenting-out the panties.

“Heh-heh-heh…” she chuckled as she cast her eyes on my buttocks. “Is that a butt-plug in your ass? You have a lover, don’t you? Tell me sissy-boy, did your lover make you wear the butt-plug today?”

My face went from ashen to glowing red. I was frightened out of my mind. I had no idea what she was going to do to me, but I figured if I was honest, and answered her questions truthfully, things might go easier for me.

“Y-Yes, Mrs. Nelson…my lover made me wear the butt-plug today.”

Suddenly her fingers dove into the panties and wrapped themselves around my erection. She gave it a squeeze and slowly stroked it. I couldn’t help but moan.

“I’m going to guess that your lover is a man, sissy-boy, no girl or woman would want a tiny penis like this inside her—it’s more like a clitoris than a penis…is your lover a man, sissy-boy?”

I lowered my eyes and bit my lip then said, “No-no—of course not—my lover is a woman!”

How could I tell her the truth when I refused to accept it myself?

She removed her hand from inside the panties. She took my dick in her hand thru the sheer material, and stroked it slowly. Her hand was skillful, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I could feel cum churning in my balls.

“Look at me, dear,” she said softly.

I stared at her thru my watery eyes.

“Don’t ever lie to me, boy…now, I’ll ask you one more time: Is your lover a man?” she asked.

How did she know I was lying to her? Do I have the word ‘GAY’ stamped on my forehead?

My whole body suddenly shook. There was no way out of this—I would have to admit to her what kind of boy I am.

“I, uh…yes, Mrs. Nelson, my lover is a man,” I said softly, unable to look her in the eyes.

“And you’re his bitch, right boy?” she said with a strong emphasis on the word ‘bitch.’

“I…uh…oh, uh…I guess so,” I said defeated; a single tear drop rolled down my cheek.

Her hand was driving me crazy.

“So that makes you a faggot, huh?”

I blushed red and shook my head.

“No-no—I’m not like that at all!”

“Have you held his hard penis in your hands and masturbated him to climax?”

“Y-Yes….” I said, wondering how she knew I did that for Danny.

“YES WHAT, BOY?” she screamed.

“Y-Yes, Mrs. Nelson, I’ve masturbated his hard penis to climax.”

“Have you taken his penis in your mouth? Have you sucked his cock, boy?” she said thru snarled lips.

I choked back a sob; hearing myself say these things out loud was surreal. “Yes, maam, I’ve sucked his cock.”

“Has he cum in your mouth? Have you swallowed his cum?” her tone had softened; she stroked casino oyna my hair with her other hand like a mother comforting her little boy.

In the meantime, her fingers on my dick were driving me crazy. I began moving my hips in rhythm with her hand. My prick was pulsating; my balls ached.

“Y-Yes, Mrs. Nelson…I have swallowed his cum….” I sadly admitted to her.

“So boy, sucking his cock and swallowing his load sure sounds like something a faggot would do…admit it boy, tell me you are a cock-sucking, cum-swallowing faggot? SAY IT OUT LOUD, BOY!”

The intensity was too much—I broke down and cried.

“Y-Yes, Mrs. Nelson…I am a cock-sucking, cum-swallowing faggot…I’m sorry—I’m sorry I’m a faggot!”

“Sweetie…” she said calmly, “…never be sorry for who you are…a boy like you must learn to accept who he is…pure and simple: you were born to love men’s cocks—the sooner you accept that fact and embrace it—the sooner you will be happy with your life!”

Mrs. Nelson removed her hand from my prick. My own hand instinctively replaced hers. I was desperate to cum. I began stroking my prick right in front of her.

She slapped my hand away and said in an even tone of voice: “Your man needs to teach you some manners—and self-control!”

She pulled open the front of the panties, her hand dived inside and held my balls. She fingered the chain and lock on my scrotum.

“Dear, you can stroke your tiny dick all you want but you’ll never be able to cum…your man made sure of that by wrapping your ball sac the way he did—your little hamster-balls will not be able to contract—you’re not going to have an orgasm as long as you’re wearing that chain!”


She returned behind the desk. She grabbed the envelope with my paycheck and placed it in the middle desk drawer. She brought out of the drawer a piece of paper.

My heart sank.

She sat back in the chair and looked me up-and-down. My prick was still poking the panties outward. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this small and foolish in my entire life.

I saw her scribble my name and employee number on the paper.

“We’ll mail your final check….”

Final check? Oh my God, she’s going to fire me after all. For one brief moment, I thought she was going to give me a break.

“Of course,” she continued, “…we’re going to deduct the cost of your ‘outfit’ from the check—you can’t very well return it after wearing it…have you stolen clothes here before? Tell me the truth!”

I couldn’t look at her. I lowered my eyes.

“I, uh…yes….” I said.

“What did you steal?”


“How many?”


She was busy writing on the paper. She then used the calculator.

“We’re going to deduct $295 from your final check,” she said.

She pushed the paper across the desk and said “Sign this.”

With a shaky hand, I signed the paper.

She re-read the paper then spoke to me.

“You are being terminated for theft…you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits…you will never be hired by this company again, or any of its subsidiaries…do not use my name as a reference…do you understand all this, dear?”

“Yes, maam…$295 seems like an awful lot of money for those clothes. I mean, I won’t be able to pay rent now….”

“You’re lucky you’re not going to jail…as for your rent, maybe your boyfriend would like a live-in bitch!”

I flushed red again.

“Get dressed—I’ll walk you out the front door—you’d never make it thru the security check looking like this.”

“Yes, Mrs. Nelson.”

I was broken; defeated. As she walked me out of the store, we could both hear the sound of the chain and small lock beneath my clothes.

She smiled and said, “You know, I have a boy at home wearing an identical butt-plug as yours…of course, he has a much bigger penis than you have—he has a manly cock—not the tiny baby-dick you’ve got between your legs.”

We were standing outside the store. She stroked my face.

“Sweetie, you are a very pretty boy, I can understand how a man could fall in love with you…has he fucked you yet?”

I cringed from the question.

“N-No…” I said, shaking my head.

She smiled and said, “Well, when you see him next, you may want to shake your little ass for him, then lower your panties and bend over…I think once he slides his cock into your virgin pussy, you’ll have a home forever.”

My VIRGIN PUSSY? Her crude words caused me to blush again.

“Good luck finding another job, dear…I don’t know of any company hiring right now in this economy.”

She winked at me and said, “See you around, sissy-boy.” She walked back into the store.

I had to walk all the way around the building to get to my car. I was feeling extremely self-conscious. My prick was still hard, and the front of the panties was soaked with pre-cum and the stain had become visible on my slacks.

Once inside the car, I opened my pants and masturbated thru the panties. I was determined to prove her slot oyna wrong about the chain preventing me from climaxing, but all I achieved was a serious case of blue balls; my nuts were swollen bigger than they’d ever been. I whimpered and groaned and finally gave up.

I had a huge problem I needed to concentrate on: rent was due in two-days, and I didn’t have the money for it.

I sat in the front seat feeling helpless and lost. There was only one person in the world that could help me, but I didn’t want to make the phone call.

Fifteen-minutes must have went-by before I used my cell phone and made the call.

“Hi Momma,” I said when she answered. “I have a problem and I was hoping you can help me.”

“Sweetie, you know I’ll do anything for you—how have you been? Why didn’t you call me over the weekend?”

“Momma, I, uh, was busy—sorry,” I said.

“What can I help you with, dear?” she asked.

“Momma…I need money—I don’t have enough money to pay the rent, can you help me?”

“What about your job, dear? I know you don’t earn much, but I thought I taught you better about saving your money.”

“I…uh, lost my job today, Momma.”

She sighed then said: “I had a bad feeling when you got a job in a Lingerie Department…what did you do, Johnny?”

Even though I was alone in the car, and she was a thousand miles away, I still blushed a deep-red.

“No-no, it wasn’t anything like that, Momma—business is slow—I got laid-off,” I lied.

“Uh-huh, sure….” she said. I could tell she didn’t believe me.

“Please, Momma, can I borrow some money from you?”

“Dear, I don’t have any extra money right now…sorry.”

I knew she was lying to me. When my sister graduated from high school and left for college, my mother sold the house and moved into a condo with my youngest sister. I knew she had to have at least a couple hundred thousand in the bank.

“Momma, please—I don’t know what to do….”

“Sweetie, you’re a clever boy, I’m sure you’ve made a friend out there who could help you…maybe if you’re extra nice, your friend will let you move in with him.”

“Momma,” I began to say, but stopped. I certainly couldn’t tell her what my ‘friend’ had me do for him over the weekend.

The last thing she said before ending our conversation was “Call me when you work things out, okay dear?”

“Yes, Momma,” I said dejectedly.

Just like this morning, I had a difficult time focusing on my driving. A million thoughts and ideas swirled about in my head, but only one of them seemed possible at this moment in time.

I heard Mrs. Nelson’s voice in my head: “Well, when you see him next, you may want to shake your little ass for him, then lower your panties and bend over…I think once he slides his cock into your virgin pussy, you’ll have a home forever.”

I shuddered at the thought.

Then I heard my mother: “Sweetie, you’re a clever boy, I’m sure you’ve made a friend out there who could help you…maybe if you’re extra nice, your friend will let you move in with him!”

Move in with HIM? How did she know my friend was a HIM?

I wondered how it came to this. I was brimming with hope this morning. I felt like a new man. I had plans for the future. Then everything went downhill real fast.

It started when Danny made me wear the butt-plug and lock. It was like he could read my mind; like he knew I wanted to get away from him. Once he attached the lock to the chain on my balls, it was like he’d claimed ownership of me. He knew I would have to return to him to open the damn lock.

Danny was standing outside when I parked the car. I saw him check his watch.

“Are you alright, Sweetie?” he asked when we were face-to-face. “Mrs. Nelson called…why did you think you could get away with stealing? You know, I’m the one who convinced her to give you a job—this is very embarrassing!”

Tears came to my eyes.

“Y-You said you wanted to see me wearing the outfit,” I said.

“Did I tell you to steal it?” he asked.

I thought back to what he had said to me.

“No…not in so many words.”

“There you have it…c’mon, let’s go inside.”

He held my hand as we walked to his apartment. It felt normal and natural. I didn’t care if anyone saw us holding hands.

Once inside he looked at me expectantly. What does he want now?

I sat on a chair and took off my shoes and socks. Then I unbuttoned and removed my shirt. I heard him gasp at the sight of the babydoll and bra. I quickly took off my slacks and stood before him in my ‘outfit.’

I must admit: when I saw the lust and desire in his eyes I felt special. He made me feel appreciated and wanted.

We stood before the mirror. We kissed and hugged. When he placed my hand on the front of his slacks, I squeezed and kneaded his erection. When I felt his hands on my shoulders ever-so-slightly applying downward pressure, I went to my knees and immediately opened his pants.

I yanked down his slacks and boxers; my nose was hit with his manly aroma. I groaned, leaned forward, wet my lips canlı casino siteleri and stretched them over his glans. My tongue became busy lapping at his smooth flesh.

“Oh God, yes, Sweetie…I missed you today,” he moaned.

If my mouth hadn’t been filled with his incredibly hot and hard cock, I would have replied: I missed you, too.

I sucked him slowly, my tongue in constant motion. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as I could. I kept hearing my mother’s voice in my head: “…maybe if you’re extra nice, your friend will let you move in with him.”

My prick was throbbing and my balls ached for release. I remembered what Darling had told me: “Your pleasure will come from my pleasure.”

“You have learned well,” he said to me. “…you are a wonderful little cock-sucker!”

I thought I’d get mad at him for saying that, instead, a strange new emotion washed over me—pride. I was proud that he loved what I was doing for him.

It gave me a sense of purpose. I increased the tempo, and moved my head rapidly back-and-forth over his hard flesh. I stroked his shaft and caressed his balls. My man was close to cumming and I couldn’t wait to taste his sperm and semen one more time.

With a fresh load of cum in my belly, my man led me to the vanity.

He opened the drawer and removed a small leather strap. Then he produced the key to the lock that was dangling between my legs. In one swift move, he opened the lock, removed the chain, pulled the butt-plug out of my asshole then wrapped the leather strap around my scrotum. My swollen balls never had a chance for relief.

He then removed the biggest of the three rubber cocks and held my hand and led me to the bedroom.

“Sweetie, you look sensational in your outfit!” he said with a wide smile on his face.

I beamed with pride and basked in the glow of his adoration.

He stood behind me stroking my buttocks.

“Lower your panties,” he commanded.

I shivered with excitement as I pushed the flimsy material down my legs and stepped out of them.

“Bend over for me, Sweetie,” he said. “…and show me your pussy!”

My prick twitched as another thrill ran up my spine from his lewd comment.

I knew what he wanted. I rested my head and shoulders on the bed then spread my feet apart as wide as they would go. I reached behind me and opened my asscheeks for him; like he had taught me to do. A rush of cool air hit my anus.

I heard him chuckle and say, “Good boy.”

He left me posed like that as he went to the bedside table and removed a tube of lubricant. When he returned, he stood behind me and coated the rubber cock with the lube.

As soon as he pressed it to my anus, I pushed my hips back until the flared head popped thru my rubbery ring.

I heard him softly chuckle, and once again he said, “Good boy!”

He held the dildo still, forcing me to do all the work. I rammed my hips backwards until the rubber cock completely filled me…then I moved forward until just the flared head was inside me.

He grasped my prick in his hand and squeezed. Shooting stars flashed by my eyes. I moaned and groaned like an animal. I wanted to cum so badly I would have agreed to do anything he wanted.

“Please let me cum, Darling—I need to cum…pleeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!”

“Do you want the real thing, baby? Would you rather feel my hard cock inside you instead of this rubber-thing?” he asked.

Mrs. Nelson’s advice rang in my ears: “Well, when you see him next, you may want to shake your little ass for him, then lower your panties and bend over…I think once he slides his cock into your virgin pussy, you’ll have a home forever.”

Not only that, but maybe he’ll let me cum, too!


“Sweetie,” he said calmly, “…men have assholes—boys like you have cunts and pussies—where do you want me to fuck you, baby—tell me where you want my hard cock!”


He removed the dildo and placed his swollen cockhead at my opening; he ran the glans up-and-down my crack teasing me with it; making me shake and tremble with a desire so strong, I reached between my legs, found his hard cock and guided it to my yawning pussy.

I worked the large head into my hole, took a deep breath then forced my hips backwards. There was some pain but it didn’t matter. He had prepared me well by using the rubber cocks. His beautiful, wonderfully hard cock slowly filled my pussy.

“OH GOD—YESSSSSSSSSSS….” I hissed thru clenched teeth.

He grasped my hips and pulled me back to him until his cock was completely buried inside me. I could feel his wiry pubic hairs on my buttocks.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH,” I groaned when he made his cock expand even wider.

“Sweetie, you are no longer a virgin—do you want me to go on—what do you want baby?”

“Fuck my pussy, Darling—-PLEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….”

With that he held my hips firmly, and began a slow, delicious fucking of my newly opened pussy. The heat from his cock drove me crazy with desire. He established a rhythm and I followed his every movement.

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