Diary of a Lesbomaniac

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I made a new name up for myself today I’m a Lesbomaniac. That’s a lesbian nymphomaniac I think its fits nicely (lol). It happened again last night, I know I said I’d try to restrain myself diary but she was just so hot. I went to a club, living alone is such a drag! And there she was stood dancing with some guy. I went right up to her and cut in, the bloke didn’t look too happy but he’ll get over it (lol) she had the brightest blue eyes and an olive color to her skin, one of her parents was definitely black, when I looked into her eyes they were so bright and inviting.

Her body touch mine as we danced together, the song was terrible but I wasn’t listening, oh diary it was so wet, my pussy I mean, this girl was about my age and didn’t seem too bothered about dancing so close to a complete stranger like me, I could smell her perfume it was intoxicating. I waited for a while before I gave into my lusts and grabbed her, I pulled her close to me and she didn’t resist to my advances, maybe she was just like me, her tongue sure knew what it was doing on my body!

I kissed her so hard diary, my tongue found hers and our boobs pushed together, who knew that another 20 year old girl could kiss like me, I thought I had it down to an art, god my nipples were tingling when they pushed up against her chest, I sill didn’t know her name but I was so wet, my panties were soaked and I’m sure she could smell my arousal, our arms were wrapping around each other and her firm body was pushed against mine so hard.

I brought her back here, we didn’t say anything just went right to bed, god her body was tight and sexy, her hips were great the way they curved, just as a real woman should look, I got naked and let her see my bald pussy, it was dripping down my legs nearly as I pushed her onto my bed and climbed on top of her, my pussy rubbed against hers as I straddled her crotch and rubbed down.

Her fingers were pulling my nipples in no time at all, god diary I am wet writing this in you, her blue eyes burned with lust as she twisted my nipples and pulled them harder, I moaned so loud I was sure my landlady would here (That reminds me the rent is to be paid Friday so you know what that means another trip to Mrs. Penny’s place). Anyway diary back to last night and my olive skinned lover.

Where was I oh yes, I was straddling over her and grinding my pussy against hers my juice was mixing in her pussy, god I so wanted to lick it all out of her tight body! Anyway she pulled my tits hard and I leaned down kissing her as my hands rubbed over her big tits (what’s happening I never use that word, but it seems to right to call them tits not breasts this time) my hands rubbed over them and I felt mine squish down on them god it was hot.

We were both moaning as we rolled over and she got on top of me, I looked up at her and she placed my hands on her tits as hers went to mine rubbing each other as she ground her pussy on my aching clit our juices flowing over one another, it felt so right to be with her like that.

She leaned down and kissed me again, her tongue was flicking all around my mouth as she wiggled her tits on mine, our nipples rubbing together mine tingling and aching with pleasure. God I was casino siteleri on fire when she slid down my body her pussy on my thighs going backwards as she kissed my tits, I came right there and she smiled as she went lower down my body, kissing each bit until she got between my legs and finally I felt her breath on my clit and wet lips.

Diary what can I say, I had just cum but god she had me writhing over and over in orgasm after orgasm, her tongue was stuck deep in my hot wet pussy and she was flicking my g spot to perfection, this girl knew how to eat pussy! She moved from my pussy to my clit and sucked it before going back down and licking all my juice out as I came hard, my muscles were aching and painful from thrusting my hips to much by now my whole body was going into convulsions or so it felt, she just kept licking me and fucking my cunt (oh naughty word lol) as I came over and over, I was dripping with sweat as I felt her fingers enter me and thrust hard, her nails were scratching and I’m sure almost drawing blood but it felt too good to worry.

When I next saw her face it was dripping with my juice and I just licked it all off diary, I am such a lesbo slut (lol) I licked all my tasty juice off her olive skin and licked my lips before pushing her back, I was exhausted but that didn’t stop me, I just got right down between her legs and pushed my face against her pussy, its smell was like heaven, I know it was only 4 days since I last fucked a woman but it seems like a lifetime to me!

Her pussy was wet and pink, I pulled those lips open with my fingers and looked at her clit before pushing my nose against it and my tongue rammed deep into her pussy, god it was hot and tasty, I just licked all I could get and swallowed no time to savor this girl was too sexy for that I needed to fuck her not ‘make love’ boy did I fuck her too! My tongue went mad in there I couldn’t help it, I just pulled her thighs open with my hands and went to work licking and sucking ever inch of her sticking my tongue deep then pulling it back out and rubbing her clit with it, what a clit too diary so big and sensitive.

She writhed and moaned and screamed as her juice flowed into my mouth, I loved it so much, I can never turn down a woman, don’t care who she is or what she looks like, I just need sex and this girl was providing! I got her to cum 3 times all together and then she was done, my tongue was wiggling in her and she was pulling my hair for the last one, my mouth and chin was dripping with her sweet, sexy, tangy juice and I was loving ever second. Finally she pulled away from me, her pussy was too sensitive for more she said (she couldn’t handle it like me I bet lol) so I stopped reluctantly (I could have gone all night!) and I let her get dressed.

Not sure if I will see her again, suspect it will have been a one night thing like normal, I was going to go out tonight but I have to stay in and get some work done, I’m so turned on from last night though I may have to go to the loo and frig my pussy till I cum hard before bed (lol)

Right diary that’s it for today’s entry, Friday is rent day so better get all my stuff sorted by then.


Paid my rent again today. Its 2: 12 am Saturday morning slot oyna at this second so as you can see diary I had a lot to pay this time (lol)

I went round to Mrs. Penny’s at 8 pm as she always tells me to when its rent time, she was waiting in the kitchen for me, I went in and she came over and asked if I had her rent ready, I said yes and smiled at her as she grabbed the front of my long brown coat and pulled me against her before kissing me, I kissed back of course and giggled as she ran her hands down my body then back up.

I tell you diary for a woman who is 53 she has lots of energy, and paying the rent this was is far cheaper and more pleasurable (lol) he ripped my coat off and stepped back and looked over my body, I had on my sexy undies she bought me special, the frilly pink panties and bra set with the garter belt and white trimmings I felt so naughty as my landlady looked over my hot body and licked her lips, I tell you it’s a good job I had panties on or my thighs and her floor would have been soaked!

I smiled and giggled as she came back over to me and ran her hands down my body, her fingers were so warm and tender but I knew it wasn’t going to last, it was only going to be matter of time before I was really paying my rent (lol)

She pulled me to her bedroom, I remember the first time in there dear diary when she said I could pay my rent a different way, I jumped at the chance, I am such a slut (lol) anyway back to today, I was so horny as she took me into that room, her bed was made to perfection as always but I didn’t have time to look at it long, god that one is strong, she thrust me back and I landed on it in heap she is quick for a woman of 53 too, I am 20 and can’t move that fast (lol) before I knew it she was on top of me kissing me hard!

I felt her weight on my body, she is a little overweight but at that age I guess its ok to be and I don’t mind (I know I’m such a dirty slut lol) she pressed me down and held my shoulders with her hands as she kissed me and I squirmed below her body, she was straddling over me and I could feel her big old boobs pushing against mine, that silky bra she got me to wear is so sexy on he old nipples!

My old landlady had on her skirt and bra only, as she kissed me deeply, her tongue in my mouth as we went at it. I moaned as she pulled the bra off my body roughly, god I was horny right then! I was topless all I had on was my frilly bra and garter belt as she got off me and I pushed her onto her back and squeezed my breasts together as she watched me. I licked my lips and grabbed the straps of her blue bra diary, her breasts were big and full, a little saggy but she is 33 years older then me and I’m 20 (lol) She smiled wickedly as my hands ripped the straps off and pulled the bra down her body (she loves it rough the saucy old minx lol)

Her blonde hair was loose and getting a little wet with sweat as I licked my lips and squeezed her breasts together before biting her left nipple and pulling it with my teeth, it was so hard and I was so ready (as was she I bet diary lol) I bit it and pulled while sucking for all I was worth (hey I have to pay the rent now don’t I!) I flicked my tongue over the right nipple then sucked it into my mouth, canlı casino siteleri my landlady moaned and my hands were squeezing her old breasts hard, after the amount of times I’ve done this with her you’d think I’d be used to it but no its still surprising each time!

I felt her push me back next and giggled as I fell onto the bed with her getting on her knee’s next to me, my panties didn’t last long diary, she is strong! They were pulled off my body so quick and my pussy showed her how ready I was for sure, she pulled her skirt down and had on a pare of blue panties, her hips and tummy are bigish but she looked great in just those panties! I reached over and grabbed her ass as her fingers rubbed my clit and went into me god it was good diary I can’t tell you how good!

I watched her big breasts fall onto my tummy as she leaned down and sucked on my clit, god I came right there! I was moaning and groaning as she sucked my pussy and stuck her tongue inside me she loved the taste of young pussy well that’s what she’d told me after the first time I was offered the chance to have sex with her instead of paying rent! I felt her old tongue wiggle in me and looked at her wrinkling face and body, I didn’t care if she was 100 I was in heaven!

It was her turn next, she pulled me up and smiled as she lay me back down and I knew what she wanted to do or should I say diary, have done! I watched her get up and squat over my face holding the headboard for support, I could smell her scent diary and reached up to lick her pussy! It tasted so good I nuzzled her clit as my tongue went deep inside her and she gushed hard, she sure gets wet with me the old girl (I know I know she’s only 53 that’s not THAT old lol) I worked on her pussy licking and sucking for all I was worth for ages and she orgasmed so many times it was so wet the pillows under my head and so was my face (lol)

She got off me and went to her bottom draw next to the bed, this was it now my rent time had come for real (lol) she pulled out her 6 inch strap on dildo, I have seen and felt this so many times since I was 18 and moved in (lol) it is flesh colored and everything looks so real (not that I’d know never been with a guy!) she pulled it on and walked over to me wiggling its shaft in her hand as we both giggled, I opened my legs and held my breath as she got on the bed and pushed the tip of it against my pussy, I was wet and it was going in easy I knew that for sure!

Ohhh diary did I scream as she thrust it into me, I was on fire, my pussy was dripping and Mrs. Penny rammed me so hard with that hard rubber cock, I moaned and thrashed as she leaned down on my body and I felt her tits touch mine our nipples rubbed together as she pulled her hips back and thrust the cock into me again and again, my wall held it tightly and she really went for it (I know she loves it so rough!) we both screamed as she pulled it out of my pussy and slapped the wet shaft against my clit, I was begging her to fuck me again but she just grabbed my hair and kissed me before thrusting it back inside my hot pussy and fucked me, her 53 year old body on top of my 20 year old one was so naughty (lol) her tanned (fake tan!) tits rubbed against me as I came and I’m sure she did too

I waited there for a bit before getting dressed (I had to make sure she didn’t want more rent after all lol) then came home to write it up in your diary

Now I am going to sleep until the next time I have something to say!

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