Different Cultures, But Still Human

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Chapter 1

Darkness covered the land like a blanket. Joshua sat huddled in his blanket just watching the fire as the logs crackled and shot lights into the sky. It wasn’t a cold night, but he shivered all the same. He heard a soft noise to his left, almost like someone trying not to make any noise but still making some. He stood quickly dropping the blanket and quickly pulling his gun from the holster. “Show yourself.” He growled into the darkness trying to see through the denseness of the trees.

“Please don’t shoot. I saw your fire and was looking for warmth. That is all.” A tall man stood there wearing nothing but just a loin cloth. His long black hair was pulled back in a single braid down his back. Joshua let his eyes move over the bronze body and felt his cock start to stiffen in his pants.

He had heard of Indians of course. You couldn’t live in Missouri and not hear about all the Indian attacks. Being from back east however, he had never met one in person before.

While Joshua was checking him out, his visitor was checking him out just the same. Shining Eagle was young for a warrior in his father’s tribe. This was his 18th fall. Most of the warriors were at least in their early 20s before they were considered men.

He had been surprised when his father and chief sent him out with the hunting party. Winter was close and they needed to start stocking up. Shining Eagle left eagerly with the warriors but sometime during the day he got separated from them.

He had panicked at first, but then realized he could find his way back home. He was a man now, not a child anymore. He headed back in the direction they had come, but soon realized the sun was lower in the sky then he thought. He knew he wouldn’t make it back to the village before dark.

He had a sleeping roll and a little water, as well as his weapons but that was it. The other warriors had the rest. He walked through the darkness searching not only for a place to lay for the night, but also some kind of game. He hadn’t eaten since this morning and his stomach was growling.

When he saw the smoke from the fire filtering through the trees, he moved towards it, thinking only of warmth and possibly food. When he came upon the white man, he was startled. Mainly because he had never seen a pale face before. They usually steered clear of this part of the territory, but it was more then that.

Shining Eagle felt things he had never felt before. He felt a hunger inside him that had nothing to do with food. He felt his cock hardening and his pulse beating faster then usual.

The two men stood staring at each other for a minute, both men’s bodies were reacting to the others. Joshua pulled his eyes away and gave a shaky laugh as he reholstered his gun. “I reckon if you were gonna kill me, you would have done it by now.”

Once Joshua looked away, Shining Eagle took a shaky breath and looked towards the fire. “I have no interest in killing you.” He glanced to where Joshua had sat back in his place, staring into the flames. Shining Eagle hesitated then moved to the other side of the fire, dropping gracefully and warming his hands. “I only ask for the warmth of your fire and maybe some food if you are willing.” He looked at the other man, “if you will grant me your fire this night; I promise come morning I will be gone and you will never see me again.” He cocked his head to the side, casino oyna “or if we meet again, I will never forget your kindness.”

Joshua had been staring at the flames, trying to understand the reaction the other man gave his body, but he looked up at the other man startled. “Um, yeah, sure…” He stammered picking up a bowl that had leftover beans in it and handed it to the other man.

Shining Eagle took the bowl and smiled his thanks. Joshua’s eyes widened as his cock twitched at that smile. He forced himself to look back at the fire and his hands clenched around his cup to keep from reaching for the other man.

Shining Eagle ate the beans while glancing surreptitiously at the other man. The other man was handsome for a pale face. He had shoulder length dark brown hair and pale blue eyes that looked almost violet in the firelight. He had a slender build, with hips that seemed to narrow the further down he looked.

He ate his food slowly, savoring each bite as he let his eyes drift over the man sitting across from him. He didn’t know what it was, but he wanted him in ways he had never considered being with another man. Shining Eagle assumed he would be like every man in the village, he would meet the right girl, take her as his wife, give her children and grow old with her. The fact that he hadn’t found the right girl yet didn’t bother him. He was still a young man, so what if his friends were already mated and had a little one. He wasn’t going to settle for just anyone.

As Shining Eagle finished his meal and watched the other man, he began to wonder. He knew there were men and women in the village who weren’t attracted to the opposite sex, he was wondering if maybe that was why he hadn’t found the right girl yet.

He couldn’t deny that he was attracted to the man sitting across the fire from him. His cock was straining against his loin cloth and he licked his lips as he set the empty bowl down. “That was good, thank you.” He said staring once more into the flames.

“You’re welcome,” Joshua stammered trying to ignore the tightness in his body. He looked at the other man from under his lashes. He let his eyes drift over the bare bronze skin of his chest and his hands itched as Joshua clung to the empty cup. The wind picked up a touch and blew some stray hairs around Shining Eagles face. He brushed them back and Joshua bit back a moan as his body tightened.

“We’d better get some sleep.” He said softly, looking anywhere but at the man across from him.

Shining Eagle nodded,”yes, morning will come soon.”

He stood up, pulling off his bedroll and turned his back to the fire. Joshua watched the muscles in his back move as he set up his bed. Joshua let his eyes drift over the other man’s ass and he bit his lip to keep from moaning as he closed his eyes.

Joshua kept his eyes closed as he heard the other man moving around. When all he heard was silence, he slowly opened his eyes. Shining Eagle was laying on his side with his back to the fire. Joshua let his eyes move over all the bare flesh that wasn’t covered by the blanket before he tore his eyes away and climbed into his own bed. As he lay there looking up at the moon, he thought it was going to be a very long night.

Chapter 2

Joshua opened his eyes and realized two things almost at once. One,it was still dark, so he figured he hadn’t been asleep long. slot oyna The other thing was there were warm lips moving over his neck as strong hands moved over his chest and stomach. He looked down and saw the back of Shining Eagles head, all that hair brushing against his bare skin. He felt the other man lick lightly at his neck and shivered as he tangled his fingers in his hair.

Joshua’s first instinct was to pull the other man off of him. Instead as he felt that thick hair in his fingers, he tightened his hand and pushed Shining Eagles face down over his chest.

Shining Eagle didn’t protest, he just left a line of kisses over the other man’s flesh, making him shiver. Shining Eagle flicked his tongue back and forth over Joshua’s nipple and Joshua cried out as he held the other man against him.

Shining Eagle turned his head so they were looking in each other’s eyes. “I am sorry, I couldn’t resist tasting you.” He said softly licking his lips.

Joshua looked down at him, his fingers still locked in the other man’s hair. He pulled gently and Shining Eagle moved with him. He was sure Joshua was going to pull him away, so he was surprised when he felt the other man pull him to where he could lock their lips together.

Joshua licked lightly at the other man’s lips, and Shining Eagle moaned as he opened his mouth. Joshua’s tongue brushed against his as they kissed and he wrapped his hands around the other man’s body, finally giving in to the urge to touch him.

Shining Eagle shifted so he was laying on top of Joshua, their bodies pressed together. It was then Joshua realized the other man was naked. The only thing separating them was the blanket and his pants. He felt the man on top of him, grind against him and whimpered as his cock pressed against the front of his pants.

Shining Eagle lifted his head, his eyes were dark with need. “I want to take you in my mouth, I want to feel your hardness between my lips.”

Joshua felt his body tighten and moaned, “yes, oh please yes.”

Shining Eagle kissed him softly then started kissing his way down the other man’s body. Joshua watched him as he moved down his body. He felt the other man’s fingers brush against him as he untied his pants. Joshua whimpered and bucked up with his hips.

Shining Eagle got his pants open and pulled while Joshua lifted his hips, helping the other man slide the fabric down his legs. As Joshua’s cock sprung free, Shining Eagle jerked the other man’s pants down around his knees, then moved up over him until he was able to wrap his lips around the throbbing hard flesh.

Joshua cried out and bucked up with his hips, burying more of his cock in the other man’s mouth. Shining Eagle wrapped his hand around the base, squeezing him as he moved his head up and down, whipping his tongue over the sensitive flesh.

Joshua closed his eyes and whimpered as he rocked his hips back and forth, loving how Shining Eagle tightened and loosened his mouth around him. He pushed up with his hips and Shining Eagle groaned as he took more of the hard flesh between his lips.

Joshua clawed at the bed beneath him as he jerked his hips against the other man’s face. Mewls of pleasure were slipping from his lips. “Ugh, fuck, oh god yes!” He cried trying to slam his cock even further in Shining Eagles mouth.

Shining Eagle growled softly and sucked him even harder, his head canlı casino siteleri moving up and down hard and fast. Joshua cried out as he thrust his hips like a maniac. His breathing was ragged and his eyes were squeezed shut. “Oh…oh god, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum.” He screamed raking his nails in the roll beneath him.

Shining Eagle took him deep once more, making the other man shudder in pleasure, then slowly lifted off of him. Joshua opened his eyes as he fought to catch his breath. He watched the other man as he moved over him, straddling his hips. “Wh…what are you doing?” He asked breathlessly staring into Shining Eagle’s glazed eyes.

Shining Eagle spit on his fingers and pushed them in his ass, stretching himself. Joshua watched him breathing softly. He watched the other man position himself over him, then rest his hands on his stomach. “I want you inside me.” Shining Eagle said softly as he slowly lowered his body.

Joshua opened his mouth to ask what he meant, but the words never left his lips. Instead he let out a low moan as he felt Shining Eagle’s ass open and the tip of his cock slip inside. “Oh my god,” he sighed as the other man pressed down over him, taking him inside him inch by inch. Joshua’s eyes fluttered closed as he fought not to buck up and impale the other man on his rod.

Shining Eagle pushed slowly down over the other man. He rolled his hips and heard Joshua’s soft cry as he continued pulling him inside him. His eyes were closed and his mouth was partially open, his soft breathing loud in the still night. He rolled his hips, lifting and lowering until he had all of him inside him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the man beneath him. “You feel so good inside me. I feel so full.” He rolled his hips again and Joshua moaned as he rested his hands on the other man’s hips.

Shining Eagle started pulling off of him and Joshua cried out. He bucked up with his hips and this time Shining Eagle cried out as he tipped his head back in rapture.

It didn’t take long for the two men to find a rhythm that worked for them both. Shining Eagle had his feet braced on either side of Joshua’s hips. He lifted and dropped his body, rolling his hips in circles as Joshua thrust beneath him, slicing up into him and making the other man cry out.

Joshua’s fingers dug into Shining Eagle’s hips as they moved together. Slow at first then faster and harder as the night was filled with their cries. Shining Eagle had his head tipped back, his eyes closed as he stroked his own cock furiously while he rode the man beneath him.

Joshua was hammering hard into the other man, jerking him against him every time he slammed up with his hips. He felt his balls start to tighten and fucked into him even harder.

Shining Eagle cried out as he felt his own orgasm hit. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” He screamed as he started shooting over Joshua’s chest and stomach.

Joshua screamed his own pleasure as he jerked the man above him hard and shot deep inside him. Shining Eagle let out a low moan as he felt Joshua’s cum fill him.

Shining Eagle collapsed against his chest, partially pulling Joshua out of him. He kissed the other man’s chest as he tried to catch his breath. “You know, the stories are wrong.” Joshua said beneath him, wrapping hid hid arms around the man above him.

Shining Eagle slowly lifted his head. “What do you mean?”

Joshua looked at him with a smile. “The whole cowboys and Indians thing. When it comes down to it, we aren’t that different after all.”

Shining Eagle smiled and kissed him softly. “Very true my friend, very true.”

The end

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