Dinner , A Limousine

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We pass each other walking in opposite directions of the lingerie store. I’m walking out as you are walking in. I catch your eye and we lock stares. Knowing in our minds we have seen each other before but unable to place it.

I follow the natural sway of your hips, the motion of your sexy ass in the tight dress, the shortness of the hemline exposing a pair of long sexy shapely legs in black stockings and high heeled pumps. I follow the view unti you are well inside the store.

I turn around and stroll back into the store, browsing around as I keep an eye on you. You returning the glance back at me, still trying to place the face for the both of us.

You browse over to the corset rack and I follow in closer. Looking at the material then unhooking a black one from the hangar I hold it up. I catch your attention to ask if this would fit a woman with a bust size of 36D as Paula my girlfriend is that size. You grasp the corners of the corset and hold it up, then folding it back as if it were tied together and bring it to your chest.

You say perhaps but for a sure fit I should bring Paula in to the store to try it on. I thank you as I return it to the hangar. You turn from me as I again follow the sexy body moving away from me.

Finally I realize where it is I know you and I approach confidently and tap you on the shoulder as I beg forgiveness for bothering you. I ask you if you have a friend named Nancy and if so then I’m Michael. I watch your eyes light up as you acknowledge this fact. I hold my hand out and the tension between begins to fade.

As if we know each other, we begin to talk about Nancy and small things about ourselves. I offer lunch to you but you decline saying that you need to return to work as you are on your lunch hour. I hand you my business card with my number on it and tell you to call me when you have a free evening after work so that I can take you to dinner. Smiling, you accept as I mention to you that you are simply a gorgeous and beautiful woman in person. I mention that your legs look as sexy as I have imagined them.

As you turn to return to work, you can feel my eyes locked on your lower half as my eyes move from your hips to your legs to your high heels. I find myself smiling knowing and hoping that I receive a phone call sooner than later. The chance to be seen with you would be a dream come true for me.

A day goes by with no phone call, then around the lunch hour I receive a call from you asking about dinner later that night as you found some free time. I accept the invitation as we make plans to meet at a local restaurant. Agreeing to meet in front of the restaurant so that we could walk in together.

I rush back to my hotel and begin to go thru my clothes to see what I could wear that would be appriate for the ocassion. I find a nice suit with matching shirt for I know she loves a man when he’s dressed up nice.

As the time approaches for our rendevous, I nervously shower and dress for my date. Once done and prepared for the evening ahead I leave for the restaurant. As I stand outside in the cool nights air, I nervously await the arrival of Susan.

Not having to wait for long, a long black dark limo pulls to the curb. As the driver steps around to the rear door he gently pulls it open. The first indication I see is a black open toe sandal touch the ground. It’s silver stiletto heel clicking as it touches down on the hard cement.

Followed by the other I watch mesmerized as a tall blonde woman steps with the hand for assistance out from the car. As she stands up then steps back I can feel myself becoming instantly aroused with both admiration and nervousness. I myself take a step back to allow her to walk towards me. As the door closes, standing before me is a beautiful statuesque woman. A goddess.

I watch her turn to face me as she smiles and takes the first couple of steps towards me. I look into her eyes and find myself staring. Catching myself as approaches and gives me a warm hug while kissing my cheek I snap out of my amazed look. Feeling myself flushed for staring, I say hello followed by my obvious look and tell her how beautiful she truly is.

I take her gloved hand and lead her to the restaurant doors. I step aside allowing her to walk in first. I follow close but not too close behind her. As the door closes behind us the maitre’d steps forward and allows us to remove our coats.

As soon as he moves behind you, I gently nudge him as I move to his place behind you. I reach up and take the corners of your coat and slide it from your shuolders and down your arms. It’s at that time that I see that you have worn a long flowing dress with a nice slit running up the side of your left leg. Your beautiful frame filling the curves of the material perfectly. Your beautiful sexy legs encased in light colored stockings as they meet your ankles to the sexy stilletto heels strapped onto your feet.

A true vision of perfectionism. I take your hand in mine and turn to you and again, tell you how beautiful you look casino siteleri and what a dress that is. I also mention how stunning you are standing there before me and that I am truly honored to be with you tonight.

We begin the walk to our table, deeper into the back of the restaurant we go. All eyes are on you for as you walk the lower part of the dress opens exposing your beautifully crafted long sexy legs. The spike of your heel glistening off the floor lights causing reflections upon the walls. I feel proud to be at your side with your arm intertwining through mine.

We reach the table as the maitre’d pulls your chair out for you, I lead you to your seat as you sit down. He tucks your chair in further as your dress opens revealing your sexy smooth thighs to hm and to the other guests seated around us. I take my seat across from you.

We order wine for the evening as the maitre’d leaves your side. He returns shortly with a botlle of Merlot and pops the cork. He pours a small bit into my glass as I sample the wine. Giving my ok, he pours more into my glass before moving to your side of the table and pours until the glass is half full. He places the bottle on the table and leaves.

I raise my glass to you and offer a toast for you, to a lovely evening and an even more lovelier woman. Our glasses touch as you thank me for the toast, we sip the wine then lower the glasses.

I find myself staring at your beauty. Thoughts filling my mind of where the evening will take us. We start the conversations and find our interests much the same. We glance at the menu and once figuring out what we will order we wait for the waiter. He approaches the table on your left side.

As he stands awaiting your order, I watch his eyes as they move from your face to your upper body in the form fitting dress, he eyes the outline of your breasts before moving further down to the thighs of a goddess. He moves slowly back up before making eye contact with you.

You smile as you tell him your order, he makes a mental note of it before moving to me. I give mine and he leaves us. I look at you and mention that he was thoroughly checking you out and that he must see women all night long but not one as beautiful as you. You smile and thank me for saying such sweet words.

The evening progresses without a problem. As our plates are cleared we ponder on dessert. We order a small cheese cake and decide to share it. You tell me to move my chair closer so that we can share it together. I move to your left side so that I can be closer to the exposed leg peeking out from your sexy dress.

As I position myself close to you, I place my right hand upon your thigh. I rub lil circles on the top portion of your sexy leg as we await our dessert. The waiter seeing that I have moved closer to you he smiles at you as he sets the plate down between us and lays 2 forks down as well. He says enjoy as he moves away.

I continue rubbing your smooth thigh as we take turns nibbling the cheese cake. I make the attempt and rub higher on your thigh but meet no resistance, instead I hear a low moan emanate from you but I’m not sure. I continue caressing your thigh and as I do so I feel the band of your stocking tops. I can feel myself becoming more aroused by this new finding.

I continue to caress and feel the motion of your thighs parting. I move my hand further towards the inner thigh and still no resistance. Becoming bolder with each motion I move to the upper part of your thigh and am met with bare smooth skin. Running my hand over the bare skin as I rub lightly with my fingertips I find a garter strap. My arousal is almost to the point of a full erection by this time.

As I shift in my chair, I hear you moan again. I move my hand further between your warm thighs and again am met with the thin fabric of your thong. I caress the outside of the fabric as my fingertips rub against the bareness of your thighs.

I have stopped nibbling on the cheese cake by now and am focused on touching you. The waiter approaches and asks if there will be anything else as I say no, I hand him my credit card but continue rubbing your thighs and thong covered mound.

As you turn to me, I move in and kiss you gently on the soft lips. I tell you thank you for a wonderful dinner and for the enjoyment of your company. I go to remove my hand from your upper thigh and you grasp it with your right hand under the table. I stop withdrawing as you place it once again on the thong. This time you whisper for me to slide my fingertips under the fabric.

Being used to doing as I’m told I slip my fingertips under the thin fabric. As I do so, the waiter returns with the check and leaves it on the table. I feel the tips of my fingers touching soft smooth flesh as my fingers touch the soft but moist lips of your sweet flower. I caress the lip between my fingers before slipping between and running it upwards towards your anxious clit. As soon as my touch makes contact, I feel your body shudder.

I slip my finger between your lips once more and move slot oyna it downward this time, finding your entrance I slip my fingertip inside your walls. Pushing it inside then back out I hear you moan once more. My own excited state is evident by the bulge forming in my slacks. You reach under the table with your left hand and gently run your palm over my crotch. Feeling the stiffness beneath your hand you rub once more.

You whisper to me to thats it is time to go and that your limo should be outside. As we regain our composure and I stand to pull your chair, the slight bulge in my slacks shows my obvious arousal in being with a woman such as yourself. It cannot be helped or covered. You smile as you look down and tell me to follow you which is my only intention.

As we walk through the restaurant, again all eyes are on you. It would not have mattered had I walked out naked for everyone was watching you Susan and I was feeling wonderful.

As we stopped to pickup our coats, you folded yours over your arm and chose to walk out into the cool night air as you were. I did the same as I was already quite warm from earlier.

The limo was parked on the curb as you predicted. As we emerged from the restaurant you told me that after the evening was over that the limo would drop me back here for my truck and that I was going with you. The chaffeur opened the door and you stepped in, exposing those long sexy legs once again. I quickly followed behind you.

Once inside and the door closed behind us, you placed our coats on the seat opposite of us. Reaching over you poured us some wine and you made the toast this time. To a sensuous evening and many delights. We touched glasses then set them down. I reached up and cupping your precious face in my hand I turned you gently facing me and began kissing your soft lips.

Being as gentle with you as I could for now was my intention as we had time on our side. We continued to kiss as the driver drove. I reached my hand down and slid my fingers under your dress once more from the slit in the side. Caressing your sexy legs and moving between once more. I break the kiss and slip my way down off the leather seat.

As I move to the floorboard fo the limo, I look up and see your eyes locked on me. Admring your gorgeous legs with my hands and kissing them while running my tongue over and under your stocking clad thighs. I move aside the dress and reaching up with one hand I pull the thong from your lower body.

I slowly pull them down off your legs and off from your ankles, carefully holding your ankle in my hands as I admire the style of your high heel shoe. I lick along the outline of your foot, over the top then back down to the heel. I suck gently at the heel all the while holding your ankle in my hand.

I move up your calf still kissing and licking my way upward. Moving to your knee, I part them. Kissing and licking the inner areas of your knees I gently part them with my hands. Moving between your thighs yet still continuing to lick and tongue the stocking covered thighs. Moving higher still, I come to the band of your stocking tops. Caressing the flesh just underneath I lay a pattern of kisses along the band balancing between lace and flesh.

Moving slowly over the smooth flesh I move closer to your soft wet lips. Still moist from our earlier touching. I press my tongue against the soft lips and easily part them. Spreading the firm lips swollen with blood I lick between the pink wet folds. Feeling your body tremble with the touch I push my tongue upwards and flick over your hard clit. Your hand moves to my head as I begin to lap at the moist center.

Flicking over your clit then placing my hands on your inner thighs I part your legs wider. Reaching back, I take each ankle in my hands and lifting your legs, I drape them over my shoulders. You lock your ankles behind my head pulling me in deeper into your sex.

Licking and pressing my tongue onto your hard clit then back down along the slit and into your entrance. Lapping at the walls of your sweet pussy I draw my tongue in long slow licks. Teasing your clit with my lips my tongue pushes in deeper still. Feeling your hips thrusting into my mouth, I begin a rythmic motion pumping your sex. In and out my tongue moves inside then back out, repeating each sensation again and again.

Rubbing your stocking encased thighs my focus becomes to suck your sweet clit til you climax onto my tongue. Licking, sucking and taking in your fine juices my chin becomes coated in no time. Moving in and out of your tight walls I feel your body tremble and shake. Sensing your pending orgasm, I move my hand between your thighs from underneath and tap at your tight backdoor as my tongue circles and flicks over your clit.

Sensing your orgasm is near, I slip my finger inside you and slowly pump your tight walls as your muscles contract around my finger. Feeing the tightness gripping I suck your clit. Your moans fill the limo as your sexy legs tighten around my head and your hands pull my tongue hard against your canlı casino siteleri clit. Sucking and licking your orgasm is powerful. Filling the car with your scent as my tongue dips inside your walls. Drawing all the wetness I can take from your sexy body.

Once your orgasm settles down, I continue to remain betwen your sexy thighs. Unlocking your ankles and dropping them beside me so your heels are once again on the floor. I run my hands over your beautiful legs as I kiss the tender area above the band of your stockings. I blow cool puffs of air across your sweet pussy as the lips remain parted and swollen glistening with the combination of your juices and my saliva. Slowly oozing from your insides I lap one more time before moving aside.

I look up at you and your eyes have a glisten in them. Feeling satiated for now you motion for me to move back up by patting the seat beside you. As I move up to take a seat, you reach out and place your hand on my groin. Gripping the bulge you being to undo my slacks. You pull the zipper down and reach inside. As I feel your fingers grip my shaft and guide my manhood from my slacks, I can only shift so much as you pull my slacks down around my ankles.

As you move across my lap you pull my hard cock from my slacks. You lower your motuh upn it and lcik the head. Taking the head into your mouth I moan out for the sensation of your sweet lips taking me in is overwhelming. Never had I thought you would be doing this to me.

You move down onto my cock like an expert. Taking more and more of my length into your sexy mouth before moving back up. Your fingers gripping the base of the shaft as it stands at attention only for you. You tease the crown as you move your tongue over and under the head.

Wanting to watch me as you perform your oral talents you pull your dress up so that it’s bunched around your sexy waist and slide down onto the floor and move between my legs. As you guide my cock back into your mouth this gives you the chance to look into my eyes as I watch your movements.

Watching you take my hard cock back inside your mouth as your painted lips move over the head before being drawn deeper into your throat. Feeling the slickness as your lips glide over my shaft. The sensation is so incredible.

Your eyes then look down as you being to bob up and down my thick shaft, my hands caressing your face as you do so. I can feel myself shaking from the motions that you are giving me. You pull off my shaft and begin pumping my shaft thru your hand. Looking at me between licks to the head as your hand moves effortlessly up and down my hard shaft.

I reach down as hard as it is to stop you. I position you so that you’re leaning on the bench seat as I move behind you. On your knees with your sexy heels on the outside of my thighs I position my cock at your entrance and gently push myself into your warm folds. Holding onto your hips I slide in deeply. Feeling your ass as I go in deep. I begin a slow pumping of your warm wet pussy.

Seeing your lips pull away form your body with each withdrawal makes me push it back in deeper still. I start to thrust into you in a hard and fast motion. Pumping your walls and feeling your muscles tighten around my shaft. Filling your walls with hard cock.

I hold onto your hips tighter as my shaft penetrates deeper still. Pushing in and out of your tight sexy pussy as your hands find your hardening nipples. Pulling and rubbing them as I push harder. I whisper in your ear where you want to feel my orgasm and you tell me anywhere.

My orgasm approaching faster as I feel the smooth flesh of your ass in my hands, the sight of you kneeling before me is wonderful and erotic. Such a beautiful woman taking all of me inside her. I can feel myself grow inside your walls, knowing that I will be coming very soon.

I reach around you and cup your breast, pushing inside with an abandon unmatched by anyone else. Hearing your moans beginning also takes it’s toll on me. Faster and harder I thrust inside you. I feel your hand reach under and grasp my balls as they bounce against you with each thrust. I feel them tighten as you do as well and before anything else you slip off my cock and turning around on your own you take the head into your mouth as your hand wraps around my shaft and the first blast fills your mouth.

Your hand pumping my shaft slick with your juices you take another shot inside your mouth before guiding the rest to your breasts, stroking my cock onto your breasts and nipples they become coated with my sticky white cream. As your hand pumps more spills out. All the while you’re looking up at me as our eyes lock on each other.

As your hand slows, so does my orgasm. You push the head around each nipples spreading the cream all over. You grasp the base once more and bring it to your lips, Your tongue darts out over the head as you take me into your hot mouth. Sucking hard on the head you draw the remaining droplets from me. I feel your tongue dancing over the shaft as you suck me in deeper as before. Cleaning my cock of your juices and my come. You release the shaft from your hand as my cock remains iinside your mouth. Sucking and pressing the spongy head against between your tongue the roof of your mouth.

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