Dinner for Two

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Dawn awakened from sleep as shadows created by the setting sun etched their shapes on the walls, furniture, and floor of their bedroom, giving the shadows lives of their own. She felt the warm afterglow of pure sensuality that lingered after the very erotic and exciting afternoon of making love with Meghan. Dawn felt totally relaxed from having expended so much physical and emotional energy after being completely intimate with her soul-mate Megan who returned in kind.

Replaying their afternoon of lovemaking in her vivid, creative mind, Dawn blinked to clear the sleep from her eyes and looked down at Meghan who still had her head resting in her arms next to her left breast. Meghan’s right arm lay across Dawn’s waist, and her right leg draped across and between her legs. While lying there in one another’s arms, Dawn felt Meghan’s full breasts pressed against her side, her stomach against her hip, and her hairy pussy against her thigh, all of which brought back images of their sensual pleasure, causing her nipples to stand erect and hard. Goose bumps raised their heads and circled her crimson aureoles.

As Dawn watched Meghan sleep, feeling the steady rise and fall of her full breasts against her skin, she felt her stir as she, too, was now returning from the vale of Morpheus.

“Mmmmmm,” Meghan breathed a drawn-out sigh as she hugged Dawn around her waist.

“Hey, sleepy one,” Dawn whispered in hushed tones, bringing her body into Meghan’s, “aren’t you ever going to wake up?”

Meghan hugged Dawn even more tightly and snuggled her face against her pert breasts. “I was having some veerryyy erotic dreams. About us,” she emphasized with cat-like purring.

“How do you know they were dreams?” Dawn teased. “I could have been ravishing your body while you slept.”

Meghan lifted herself up onto her left forearm and looked up into Dawn’s pale blue eyes.

“If you were ravishing my body, Silly, I’m sure I didn’t give you much resistance then,” Meghan chuckled.

Dawn smiled knowingly at Meghan.

“Yes, I guess you’re right. After what we have enjoyed since being with one another, nothing would surprise either one of us.”

“You have that right,” Meghan quickly responded.

“Come here, Love,” Dawn said as she drew Meghan towards her.

Dawn lowered her head, her lips parting to meet Meghan’s. Their lips touched, soft and moist. Each pressed gently against the other, giving and surrendering their intimate contact. As lips touched lips, their tongues sought the other’s, and Dawn and Meghan shared the warmth and wetness of their mouths, each one savoring the lingering taste of their passion still from their hours of making love.

“Whew,” Dawn sighed as they broke their kiss. “I think if we don’t stop, we’re going to find ourselves making love again.” Dawn paused. “Which would be wonderful, but how would you like to go and get something to eat. I’m sure you’re getting hungry by now. And there is always later this evening if we want a really tasty dessert,” Dawn smiled wickedly.

“Now that you mention it, yes, I am hungry,” Meghan answered. Then she smiled. “Sex does work up an appetite. Doesn’t it?”

“Can’t argue that,” Dawn answered, smiling back at Meghan. “You satisfy one hunger and start another one. So, why don’t we get showered and get ourselves ready to go into ‘Seattle’ and find some nice, cozy restaurant where we can enjoy another dinner for two. Sound good?”

“Sounds good to me,” Meghan replied enthusiastically.

Without saying another word, Dawn and Meghan set about getting themselves ready, having showered together and washing one another’s bodies, lingering their soapy fingers on their breasts and wet pussies.

Dawn who usually dresses conservatively put on tan slacks that fit her like a glove; a tailored white shirt with a wide, pointed collar and buttons that opened down to her cleavage; and tan pumps to match her pants. And to add a little flare of color to her outfit, Dawn laced a small, folded sash of pale blue to match her eyes that she put through the loops in her pants and tied a small knot at her left hip, letting the two uneven ends casually drop to mid-thigh. Elegant but casual she thought as she studied herself, her reflected blue eyes in the mirror looking back into her searching blue eyes.

Meghan on the other hand chose to wear a vivid, green dress that was loose fitting and casual, yet her shapely, short body filled it out beautifully. Like Dawn’s outfit accentuated her blue eyes Meghan’s dress matched her radiant, green eyes, the contrast setting off her natural red hair. She, too, wore comfortable, tan shoes; although, the heels were slightly higher than Dawn’s. Meghan had what could be called a miniature ‘Rubenesque’ body with well-formed, rounded hips, narrow waist, and full breasts that, when lifted up and pushed out with the right kind of bra, displayed her cleavage admirably. And wearing a necklace or pendant as she was on this occasion usually drew ones eyes right to the casino siteleri top where her cleavage began.

When Dawn looked over at Meghan, she sucked in her breath and thought, damn, she is so beautiful. How was I ever so fortunate to have met her and have her as my soul-mate?

Now they were set for a night-on-the-town.

As they drove into ‘Seattle,’ Dawn talked about the different kinds of restaurants that where there, avoiding mentioning the very elegant ones in which neither one was interested. They preferred the simple, out-of-the-way places where they could get away from the crowds. Of course, there were many fine seafood restaurants, many of the better ones being down by or on the waterfront. Then there were many ethnic ones such as ‘Thai,’ ‘Chinese,’ ‘Indian,’ Italian,’ and others. The choices were almost too many to make a decision easily, but, by the time they had driven into city centre and found a parking garage, they had made one, clear decision: They wanted to find a restaurant down by the waterfront, one that was small and cozy, but most of all not crowded.

Once Dawn and Meghan reached the waterfront, they started walking casually while holding hands and looking for ‘that’ restaurant that called out to them, that invited them to come in and enjoy, that promised both a good meal and a place to enjoy their being together.

The lights along the streets reflected in the water, creating myriads of shimmering colors dancing on this fluid world. Soft breezes wafted from the “Pacific” through the “Straits of Juan De Fuca,” creating movement for the eyes to see and ears to hear: banners flapping from their poles; leaves fluttering in the trees; boats swinging at their moorings; channel markers swaying back and forth with the distant ones sounding their warning bells for the captains of boats approaching land.

The raucous cries of seagulls announced the closeness of the ocean, and the ever-present smell of marine life filled their senses, making all the shimmering colors, all the movements, all the sounds, all the smells a sensuous reality for Dawn and Meghan. Everything announce life in the big city. At that moment, as they walked along hand-in-hand, life was good. They were happy. They were contented. They had one another. They were in love. They were lovers. Yes, life was very good for them.

Dawn and Meghan turned down one of the smaller streets that was less travelled by the throngs of people who crowded the waterfront at night. They strolled. They were in no particular hurry. They came into the city for a romantic evening, one to be savored and not rushed. It was at this time they came to a small “Italian” restaurant that was so small most people walked by it without their even knowing it was there, but it called softly, almost a whispering of gracious invitation, to Dawn and Meghan. The one thing that made it noticeable and announced its humble presence was a red, white, and green awning over the doorway.

“I’m the one,” it seemed to say. “I’m the place for you two lovers tonight. Come in and taste my hospitality.”

Dawn squeezed Meghan’s hand gently as they were just about to pass by this small, unassuming restaurant as did the other people caught up in the cattle-like herd that simply followed one another from place to place, not really knowing where they were going or what, if anything, they were looking for on the waterfront. In a sense they were lost souls adrift in the night under the glare of all the neon lights. How sad.

“Meghan,” Dawn said softly, “I think this is the place for us. What do you think?”

Meghan turned her head to look at the restaurant. What she saw was nothing spectacular, not something she had in mind, but she, too, felt it beckoning to her. She didn’t know what it was, but there it was, nevertheless, as if it magically appeared before them.

She looked into Dawn’s questioning blue eyes, “I don’t know why, but, yes, I think you’re right, Love. This is the place meant for us tonight.”

Dawn and Meghan walked over to one of the windows to look inside to see if they could get a feel for it. Peering through the window, they saw small, square tables with red and white checkered tablecloths fitted on them at angles so their points draped in folds over the edges that reached below the front edge of the four chairs that were placed around them.

The room was dimly lit, but each table had an empty “Chianti” wine bottle with a burning candle in it. Wax from the candles had run down the sides and onto the bottles, giving them a very old-world look and charm. The glow from the candles radiated inviting warmth and hospitality. Only a few of the tables had people sitting at them, mostly couples who had chosen to sit by the windows as most tourists do to get the view of the waterfront.

Dawn asked, “Well? Shall we?”

Meghan shook her head, “Yes. It looks fine. The perfect place.”

Dawn opened the door and let Meghan walk by her first and then followed behind, closing the slot oyna door. Because it was dark outside, both Dawn and Meghan stopped upon entering in order to let their eyes get accustomed to the dim light. By the time their eyes had adjusted, a waiter or the host himself was standing in front of them, a big smile on his face.

“Buonasera,” he said cheerfully.

“Si. Buonasera,” Dawn replied.

“Come Sta?” he asked.

“We’re both fine, grazie,” Dawn answered. “We would like a table for two, please, one that is out of the way if you don’t mind.”

The man smiled, “Ahhhhh. Si. You want privacy. To be alone. I have just the table for you two lovely ladies. Follow me, please,” he gestured with his outstretched arm as he started walking towards the back.

“Grazie,” Dawn said.

The waiter led the way, and Dawn and Meghan followed behind him, Dawn holding Meghan’s hand and leading the way. The friendly waiter took them to a table that was located in a relatively secluded, dark corner. Most of the light came from the one, lone candle that was in the centre of the table.

The waiter held out his right arm with opened hand and looked at Dawn with a questioning look in his eyes as if to ask if the table were all right.

Dawn smiled as if he knew the reason for their being there tonight and for requesting to be seated at a remote table away from other patrons.

“This will be just fine. Just what we wanted.”

The waiter cleared away two table settings, then said, “I’ll be back shortly to take your order and bring a carafe of red wine, a gift of the house for two lovely ladies.”

Dawn pulled the chair our next to the redbrick wall that melted into the shadows beyond the brighter light of the candle and offered it to Meghan, assisting in moving it into the table after she had sat down. Dawn sat on the chair next to Meghan’s instead of across from her so they could be near one another. Dawn had a reason for this for which Meghan would soon find out before their night ended.

Dawn watched the silhouette of the candle dancing on the wall. It reminded her of a sensuous belly dancer undulating and gyrating her hips to the tempo of “Greek” music. Dawn also did not miss how the candlelight brought out the reddish sheen in Meghan’s hair. It was as if flecks of gold light were streaming through it.

For the second time that evening as Dawn gazed at Meghan, she thought to herself, god she’s beautiful, and to think we met quite casually in one of the special hangouts into which lesbians come together in “Seattle” where they are free to be themselves without questioning looks from others. And when Dawn had finally gotten up the courage to go over and ask Meghan if she wanted to dance, a bit concerned about her height and that she would decline her invitation, she was pleasantly surprised when Meghan looked up into her searching blue eyes and say, “Why, yes. I’d love to dance.”

Dawn remembered how much faster her heart beat and how sweaty the palms of her hands were, so much so she wiped them onto her tight jeans before offering a hand to help Meghan up from her seat.

Meghan called Dawn back to reality by handing her one of two menus the waiter had set down before leaving to get their dinner wine. Dawn and Meghan each took a menu and opened to the inside to see what dishes were being served that night. Before opening up the menus, what caught their attention were two words on the front cover: Ristorante Amore…The Restaurant of Love.

Dawn looked up from the menu cover and gazed into Meghan’s eyes who herself was looking into Dawn’s, both smiling at one another.

“Quite appropriate name. Don’t you think?” Dawn asked.

“Yes. And what a coincidence,” Meghan answered. “Or, is it?”

Dawn and Meghan gave one another a knowing look, saying all they had to say with their eyes locked together in the ongoing desire they felt from their lovemaking earlier that day. Knowing words were not necessary, they turned their attention to find out what they wanted to eat before the waiter came back.

As it turned out, Dawn and Meghan ended up ordering one of the restaurant’s specials: “Dinner for Two.”

It consisted of homemade Minestrone soup; warm, fresh baked “Italian” bread with real butter; a house salad with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil; vegetarian lasagna; and a choice of desserts, one being fresh fruit and another being various kinds of aged cheeses with crackers and apple slices.

When the waiter returned to their table with the chilled carafe of red wine, he asked if they were ready to order or if they needed a little more time.

“No, thank you. We are ready to order now,” Dawn told the waiter. “We would like to have the ‘Dinner for Two,’ please.”

“Very good choice, Signorina. Very popular with couples, especially couples in love.”

And there was no mistaking Dawn and Meghan were very much in love, leaving them to wonder if it were that obvious. But even if it were, they canlı casino siteleri didn’t care. The whole world could know. What really mattered was how much in love they were with one another. That was the most important thing in their relationship.

Dawn and Meghan raised their glasses for a toast, clinging them together musically, and Dawn said, “To us, Love.”

Meghan replied smiling, “Yes, to us.”

So the evening started off very well, and they sat their quietly, sipping their wine and talking about many things: things they had done, things they would like to do, places they would like to visit.

And so, that is the way their evening went all during their dinner that they found to be very delicious. Little did Dawn and Meghan know when they had decided to come into this restaurant they used nothing but organic foods and homemade pastas and breads. It was a real find.

Dawn and Meghan agreed it must have been fate. Besides, it was just the kind of quiet, secluded restaurant they had hoped to find but weren’t sure they would.

Months ago before this evening Meghan had shared with Dawn one of her sexual fantasies. She wondered what it would be like to make love in public and what excitement it might bring to their making love, knowing others might see what they were doing.

Dawn had decided before they left their apartment that this was going to be the night she made Meghan’s erotic fantasy come true, and now this restaurant of love was going to be the perfect place in which to make it happen.

So by the time they had finished their delicious main meal, the waiter came and cleared the table, telling them he would bring them their desserts.

“Is there anything else I could bring you?” he asked.

“Well, you wouldn’t happen to have any herbal teas? Would you?” asked Dawn.

“Si! We have many kinds of herbal teas. One is our own special blend we call ‘Tea Amore,’ the Tea of Love, after the name of the restaurant,” he smiled proudly.

Dawn and Meghan gave one another that knowing look that didn’t go unnoticed by the waiter.

“Then by all means, we shall have a pot of your ‘Tea Amore.’ It will be the perfect way to end a perfect meal.”

Agreeing, he turned on his heels and was off, and before they knew it, he was back with their pot of tea with two cups and saucers that he set down near the burning candle. Without a word then the waiter quietly left them alone.

As having read her mind, Meghan turned to Dawn, raised her head up to her ear, and in a half-whisper asked, “Dawn, do you remember my fantasy about making love in public about which I had shared with you a while back?”

“Do I ever!” Dawn answered, grinning wickedly. “It got me so hot and wet just thinking about it.”

Meghan smiled and said, “Well, I was thinking we might get a chance to fulfill that fantasy of mine this evening. Not many people. We’re in this secluded, dark corner. And….”

“And what, Meghan?” Dawn asked teasingly.

“And I’m not wearing any panties,” Meghan answered coyly.

Dawn looked deeply into Meghan’s eyes and saw that spark of passion she knew all too well by now and had heard the mounting excitement in Meghan’s voice. She knew that, too. Dawn took Meghan’s right hand into the palm of hers and looked at it. She closed her fingers around Meghan’s hand and softly caressed the back of Meghan’s fingers with her thumb.

“Well, you know what I told you about helping you fulfill your fantasy?”

“Uh. Hun,” Megan voiced her reply.

Dawn raised Meghan’s hand to her wet lips and kissed the back of it, and then stuck out her tongue and drew a wet trail towards her fingers. She lifted Meghan’s fingers upward and kissed the tips of them, one by one, but went back to her middle finger, licked it, and took it into her mouth and sucked on it.

Shivers of sensual excitement went through Meghan’s body, and as if there were a direct connection from her finger to her pussy, Meghan began to become very wet quickly just from the anticipation of knowing she was about to have her fantasy become a reality as well as from the lingual attention Dawn was giving her hand and fingers.

Meghan looked at Dawn through passion-slit eyes as she felt her remove her hand and slowly let her arm slide underneath the table, placing it on Meghan’s lap and rubbing her fingers lightly on her pussy through the loose-fitting dress she was wearing that permitted alot of movement for Dawn.

Dawn’s every movement increased Meghan’s rising erotic excitement because they were doing something very sexual in a public place that added to the excitement. The one thing worrying Meghan was the fact she was so vocal when she was enjoying any sexual activity, especially when she had her orgasms. Meghan didn’t want to cry out her sexual release in the restaurant, so she told herself she would keep herself under control, crossing fingers as she thought that.

But having Dawn sitting beside her and already playing with her pussy outside her dress to help make her fantasy come true was almost too much to expect of herself.

Oh, well, Meghan thought, she was going through with it whatever happened. She had fantasized about doing this for so long.

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