Doctor Catherine Pt. 06 – Sailing

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This story, and all my stories, contain real and fictional characters and events from memories, my imagination and perhaps recent events in my life.

My stories are spiced with a kinky imagination. I am submissive by nature in most relationships, sometimes extremely submissive in sex. If you like kinky mature bi women I hope you will like my stories and please comment, tell me what you liked and didn’t like, to help me improve my writing.

From Doctor Cathrine Part 5…

Barb was nearing the end of her story, “Eventually mom and dad split and my sister and I stayed with mom as dad moved to his boat. When I was about sexteen I was on the boat with dad and I asked him why they got divorced. He was honest and told me that mom had found someone else. Then he refused to say more.”

She continued, “Rob, I later learned by walking in on mom that the someone else was my dad’s sister. I talked to my sister about it and she told me she knew all about that. When I asked her why she had not told me she looked at me and asked if mom had not yet taken me to bed to show me about sex.”

Barb became a little sad as she continued, “I moved in with Dad that weekend. Rob, don’t misunderstand, I do not judge them but I felt they had wronged dad by cutting him out of the family. I didn’t care that they engaged in lesbian sex, hell by then I knew I preferred women.

When I was not away at school I lived with dad and my sister Grace lived with mom. When I finished law school Dad changed the name of his practice to Sundman & Sundman and I was his partner. When Dad died I inherited his boat and sold the law practice. When mom died my sister inherited the house and the family money. Thats it, my life in a nut shell!”

We had just returned to my house and as we entered she said “Rob, now we have no secrets. Let’s pack for sailing.”

Part 6…

As Barb was helping me pack the “right” things for sailing her phone rang and she stepped away from me to take the call in the hall WAYNE . She was just outside my bedroom and I heard her say “hello.” I thought I heard soft music for a moment or two, then a woman’s voice saying something I could not make out. When Barb returned she looked as though she were thinking about something, perhaps preoccupied. She smiled and said, “That phone call was good news, Nishi will be able to join us for a few days while her husband is away.” When I didn’t react she continued, “I hope you are not disappointed, I was sure you said you enjoyed your time with her and having her along would be ok.” She continued, “I have known her for a few years now and she has always been magic in bed, don’t you agree?”

I had to admit that Nishi was a very caring and skilled lover. I just smiled and said, “That will be great Barb. I did really enjoy my time with her.”

We continued to pack and Barb continued the conversation. “Rob, I hope you don’t have any plans because Nishi can’t join us until the day after tomorrow and I thought we could stay here another day.”

I, of course, thought that would be fine and told her so. She smiled, and gave me a hug and a quick kiss. I remember thinking as she held me how her breasts were so much firmer than mine.

It was early afternoon. She mentioned that we had plenty of time and took my hand a led me out of my bedroom and into Beth’s room. She sat on the bed and asked me to tell her what Beth and I did in this room. I was a little uneasy because I didn’t know where this was going but started to tell her about bondage games. She stopped me and said, “Rob, I have read your stories on-line. You like this don’t you?” I started to explain as best I could but it was clear that this was not Barbs first experience with bondage. She asked me where the “toys” were and I opened the drawer in the bed frame. She looked through the contents and looked up at me and smiled.

I didn’t know what to expect but she did not keep me waiting. She asked, “Rob, do you have a safe word?”

I replied, “Enough, just the single word, Enough!”

She stood and smiling said, “I just wanted to know what you need. She stood and stripped but only to her Bra and Thong, both white. She was still talking to me and she told me that as much as I enjoyed this she enjoyed it as well. She asked me to give her the collar leash out of the drawer. I reached in and took it out put it on my neck and I guess symbolically handed her the end.

She took the leash and led me back into my bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and asked, “I’d like to talk. I would prefer you were naked.”

I asked, “May I please keep my panties on?”

Barb said that would be fine and I stood before her and took everything else off as seductively as possible. She watched and smiled.

Barb stretched out on the bed and asked me to lay beside her so we could talk. She mentioned again that she had read some of my stories and had some questions. She didn’t ask permission. She was just telling me what she was going to do.

Her first question casino siteleri was about the story Bailey. “Is Bailey a real person and your daughter?”

I answered, “Yes.”

Barb asked, “I know what you wrote but… did you intend to seduce her to replace Beth?”

Oh fuck, so close to home. The answer was of course yes but I remained silent.

Barb just waited and I eventually relented and said in a small voice, “Yes, how did you know that? I’m ashamed. It was not right.”

Barb touched my face and said, “I don’t mean to shame you, Rob I want to be closer to you.” “I know you loved Beth and I would never question your motivation with Bailey.” “I hope to be loved that much by another one day.”

I started to speak and Barb stopped me with a small kiss. “Rob, I need to tell you a few things.” I nodded yes. She continued, “I arranged with Nishi to delay the start of our trip because I want to talk. I feel an honest need to open my past and my desires to you and learn more about you. There is something about us I cannot explain that I want to try and understand.”

I closed my eyes. I could only hope she was feeling the same things I was. It was much too soon and I dared not say anything.

She asked me, “Are you Ok with this or am I way out of line?”

I didn’t dare reveal my true feelings, it was too soon, much too soon, so I just said, “I want to know you too.”

Barb said, “Let’s go back over some things. I was not entirely honest with you about my past.” She touched my breast and brushed my nipple. It felt it like electricity.

She continued, “My relationship with my dad was not what I told you. I think I did it to replace my mom but not long after I moved aboard at sixteen I became his lover.” She continued, “The only man I ever loved took me to bed every night and made love to me as his wife.” “I was sixteen and a virgin the first time and he and I never talked about it.” “He should have known better but I don’t blame him or hold hard feelings about what happened.” There was more, “We were just cuddling in the berth and I accidentally brushed his erection in his shorts with my hand. Then it was not accidental and I was touching him deliberately exploring the wonders of his erect penis and testicles.” He was not innocent, “He encouraged me to kiss him in ways a daughter should never kiss her father. Eventually he asked me to kiss his erection and then to suck it. It just happened, over and over.” There was more. “I was young and stupid, didn’t even know to use birth control, and became pregnant.” She ended, “I never told him and did what was necessary. I had an abortion and never told him.”

I couldn’t think so I just kissed her and said, “I understand and love that you told me.”

Barb wanted to talk about the collar around my neck and the leash she was holding. “Rob, tell me why you put on the collar and what it means to you.”

I thought for a moment, “It means someone cares enough to control me, to bend me to their will.”

Barb was honest, “Why? You are a beautiful, sexy as hell, Black woman!” “Why would you allow or want someone to control you?”

I smiled, “It’s not about race baby, not at all. It’s about sex. I have sexual needs and desires that frankly can’t be met otherwise.” “If I were white like you it would change nothing I want to be dominated sexually sometimes. Other times I just want an equal and gentle lover.”

Barb asked, “But how will I know which role to play for you, what to give you?”

I answered, “Barb, I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear that ‘You’ want to know.” “It’s simple, most of the time I want you as my equal gentle lover. If I need more I will tell you.”

She answered, “OK, I can live with that.”

Suddenly I wanted to be sure. “Are you sure? There is something a want you to see.”

She said, “OK, show me.”

I said, “OK, my turn.” “Some time ago a young man rented the house next door.”

Beth volunteered, “Your story – The Photographer -?”

I replied, “Yes, there is a video and I want you to watch it.”

As the bedroom TV came on she said, “I’d like that.”

I started the video and she watched. When it ended she said, “I can give you that Rob. In fact it would meet needs that I have to be dominant and in control.”

I smiled, hoping it was true and said, “Well that is easy to say but you are going to have to prove it!”

She said, “Right now?”

I smiled and said, “Prove it.”

Barb got out of bed and tugged the collar indicating I should follow.

We were in Beth’s bedroom. Barb went to the storage drawer. She had carefully watched the movie and picked up a Velcro straps. I held my arms out.

She asked, “How far?”

“Take me over the edge. Trust me to say ENOUGH when I need you to stop.” “I trust you to stop.”

Barb told me to sit on the bed between the foot posts. She took out the mask and put it on me.

She tied long straps to my ankles and threaded them through the rings the top of the slot oyna footboard posts and pulled them tight extending my legs up and apart and pivoting me onto my back with my butt just hanging over the edge of the bed. My vagina was completely exposed. She tied my wrist straps to rings on the side rails on each side of the bed leaving my breasts and stomach exposed.

Following cues from the movie she climbed onto the bed and was touching my breasts. Soft gentle squeezes and easy pinches of my nipples followed by more demanding squeezes, hard pinches and slaps.

Her hand was between my legs pulling down then ripping off my panties. I was wet and she knew it.

I felt her heat and smelled her musk as she pushed herself down on my face. I was trying to lick her to please her but she was having none of it. She was intent on sitting on my face and grinding her vagina into my mouth. I was just trying to breath as she pivoted her butt hole to clit on my mouth. Her smell and wetness was intoxicating, overwhelming my senses. She had an orgasm and squired fluid into my mouth. Then I felt her get off the bed she was off the bed.

She had the paddle. SMACK! I felt it on my butt but very very near more sensitive areas. The next hit came on the back of my thighs, very hard. “Ohhh! Fuck that hurts.” Then without a pause the insides and front of my thighs. Delicious pain!

The pain made me try to sit up. She saw me try and hit each breast individually directly on my nipple. “Oh fuck, Barb!”

Then she was back on the bed licking and gently sucking my nipples, kissing my breasts and I moaned. “Yes!”

She was on top of me sucking my nipples then backing off and pinching them both at the same time very hard. Then she was gone and she slapped them again very hard with the paddle.

She was delicious! Then for a moment she stopped and I was confused. I felt her hand on my ankle and the paddle hit the bottom of my foot very very hard. The hurt was so bad I screamed.

She didn’t stop but rather went down on me but she was far from gentle she was bitting the inside of my thighs and sucking my labia very hard into her mouth. I have very large labia and she was sucking them into her mouth. God I was so close.

She was slapping my butt cheeks with the paddle hard, over and over. I felt my liquid going between my butt crack and the paddle handle between my cheeks.

I said, “Barb, please don’t, not there.”

She said, “Say the word and I’ll stop.”

I said, “No, fuck you Barbara!”

I felt something hard against my butt hole and then it was vibrating, (my dildo?) she pushed it in slightly then further the vibration was sending all my anus nerve endings into overdrive.

I was so close, “Please, please, please Barb, I’m so fucking close. Let me cum you bitch!”

Then I felt it, the first hit directly on my vagina just missing my clit. I was on the edge of a 5000 foot cliff and the next time, the next hit, contacted my clit and I fell over. I didn’t hear it but she said I moaned as though I were dying as wave after wave on intense pleasure swept up and down my body and left me shaking in her arms with her whispering “It’s OK Rob, It’s Ok, I’m here, I’ll always be here.”

Somehow I ended up in my bed and when I awoke I was laying naked in Barbs arms under a sheet. She looked at me and said, “Hello Robin, are you Ok?”

I smiled and told her I was just great. I asked her, “Did you just call me Robin?”

She answered, “Yes, you are my woman now if you want to be. No nicknames.”

I smiled and said, “Ok Barbara, I do want to be your woman. May I ask, did you tell me you love me this afternoon?”

She put her face very close to mine, kissed me gently and said, “Rob, I’ll be here for you as long as you want me. You don’t have to love me back but I will love you.” “It’s much too soon to be saying we are in love but I want to love you and time will tell.”

Then she laughed and said, “Now, get your Black Ass out of bed and join my White Ass in the shower and let’s go sailing.”

Two hours later we pulled into the Marina parking lot and saw Nishi’s Jeep parked next to Barbara’s VW.

Nishi was already aboard. And we sat in the cockpit and Barbara the only experienced sailor aboard laid out some ground simple ground rules.

1.I am the captain, you are the crew. I’ll tell you what to do, it’s easy.

2.No peeing in the head once we are underway. I’ll show you how to pee over the rail or in a can once we are underway.

3.A two part rule. a. Don’t fall overboard! b. If anyone falls overboard throw them the life ring right away and do not lose sight of them. Keep pointing at them and screaming “man overboard” until I tell you to shut up but keep pointing at them until they are back on board.

4.I can’t cook and sail so…

5.If the captains cabin door is closed do not enter. I’m busy with one of you and not the other.

6.No more rules.

Barbara told us, “We leave tomorrow morning with canlı casino siteleri the high tide, let’s go out to dinner, I’ll buy.”

Dear reader, let me remind you of my first encounter with Nishi. I had discussed parts of this meeting with Barbara and she had a very similar experience.

…From Doctor Catherine Part 1.

As we talked, we almost immediately found a common love, the ocean. After a while she invited me to walk with her on the beach. It was a beautiful day and I had worn my bathing suit under my clothing so we were off. We walked perhaps for a mile and talked about our lives past and present.

We came to a place where she took my hand and asked if she could share something very special. I nodded yes and she led me deep into the dunes to a place where the dunes created a bowl we could stand or sit in with sand and grass all around us. She looked and me and said please sit. I sat and crossed my legs under me. I noticed that all I could see was sand and all I could hear was the ocean nearby.

Nishi sat opposite me with her knees touching mine. She took my hands and put them on her thighs just above her knees put her hands on my legs the same way. Nishi said “Robin, just listen.” I sat in the sand looking at her and today I can not tell you if it was hot or cold, sunny or overcast. After only a moment she said “close your eyes and just listen.”

The sound of a shore bird in the distance, the faint sound of a child on the beach, the rhythmic sound of the waves washing ashore. Then my heart, I could hear or feel my heart beating. Then there were two, two hearts beating. I opened my eyes and Nishi was looking at me. She asked, “What did you hear?”

I looked at her and said “At first just a bird, a child and the waves then I heard nothing, nothing at all. Nishi, then I could hear my heart beat, not just feel it but hear it. Then I heard another heartbeat not mine but another heartbeat beating with mine. Was it yours?”

She squeezed my hands stood and said “We should leave now. We can talk more on the way back.”

As we walked she explained that she had many times heard the same thing sitting there alone, two hearts beating. She told me that she had taken several people there and only a few had the same experience. She asked me what I thought. We walked and I thought about it but had no answer.

When we got back to the house she led me into a fenced outdoor shower enclosure under the house. She looked at me and said “We will shower here to leave the beach sand here.” She put her hands on my shoulders and began to remove my bathing suit. When she finished she smiled and said “you are a very beautiful woman.” She turned and asked me to take her suit off and I did. There was something very erotic but at the same time very caring about gently removing another person clothing that I had never noticed before. She very quickly put our suits on a nearby bench. She pulled two beach size towels from a cabinet and placed them on a bench just outside the shower. I followed as she entered the shower. As we stood in the water she asked “Robin, may I wash you?”

Nishi’s hands were magic, washing me in ways I didn’t even take the time for myself. For example, she had me sit on a bench and picked my feet up and washed and massaged each one as though it were a treasure. She then changed places with me and showed me how to do the same for her. Every part of my body received her lavish attention and then she received the same from me.

Nishi was amazingly gentle but firm in what needed to be washed. She did not just wash the outside folds of my vagina but explored and found and washed everything. She even pushed back the hood of my clit and washed my exposed clit commenting on how beautiful “my pearl” was against my dark skin. She turned a simple shower into an erotic art form and taught me to do the same for her.

When we finished she took down her hair and washed it. Nishi had beautiful black hair that went down beyond her waist.

We dried ourselves as best we could with the beach towels and wrapped our bodies in them to climb the outdoor stairs to the house. When we entered she led me into her bedroom. Thick pads on the floor but no real bed or other furniture. She took my wet beach towel and gave me a bath towel. Nishi was sitting on the mat(tress) cross legged opposite me drying her hair. I asked her what she thought we heard on the beach. She said “Robin, only you can say what you think it was. I believe it is the spirit of someone who loved me still watching over me. I do not mean to be spiritual or overly sentimental but perhaps it is your Beth still watching out for you.”

I said nothing, I just watched as the magic of her hands folded her hair back up. I noticed with her arms up how tiny she really was. Her breasts, barely an A cup, were however perfectly round and had quarter dollar size areola and very tiny nipples. As I looked between her legs she appeared to be shaved but I would later find out that except for a few fine black hairs she was naturally naked of hair between her legs.

She saw me looking and moved closer to me. She asked again, “do you think it was Beth you heard or do you think it might have been my own body calling to you?”

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