Dreaming of a Girl

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I looked at the alarm clock. 08:00 it said with big red numbers.

‘Ugh, it’s so early.’ I thought, just like any other day.

The only good thing about going to school was that I could see her again, my crush. I am not that special, every boy in the world has had a crush on some girl in his live. But I was one of the few people from my class who liked Alexis, the quiet girl.

I was very shy so I never had the courage to even talk to her. On her 18th birthday I bought some flowers for her, but I chickened out once I saw her and ran away.

Most boys were madly in love with Debra. She was the stereotypical cheerleader girl. I couldn’t see why everyone was so obsessed with her, see just had big breasts and wore a skirt all the time. She probably slept with lots of guys and the thought of that didn’t turn me on at all.

No in fact I was the only one to dig Alexis, the quiet girl. The fact that she didn’t care much for attention made me want her even more. I fantasized about her a lot.

When I laid in bed I would think of a scenario in which she and I had sex, I know it would never happen but just the shear thought of her shirt lifting up, revealing her small but beautiful breasts. . .

Without realizing, I felt a shiver in my belly as I came. I looked down and my hard cock rested between my hands. I had masturbated once more to the thought of her naked body. Time to get up. I looked in the mirror, a little ashamed of what I saw. A 19 year old boy, pretty handsome would some say, but not me.

My brown hair was standing upright like a cartoon character and wouldn’t stay down. I put on some clean clothes (at least they smelled clean) and I went downstairs.

My mom and dad were having breakfast at the dining table and yelled at me for being late for school and having that weird hairdo. I hadn’t realized it was that late, so I rushed my morning ritual of cereal and playing with the dog to get on the bus.

I felt some shame while I walked past Alex (I liked to call her by her nickname in my head) and sat down on my seat. I sat next to my friend James but we didn’t talk much, he and I both didn’t like social interaction that much. The whole ride to school I looked at Alex without being too obvious. ‘One day she would recognize me’ I hoped.

The day at school went by very slowly as I once again rushed to the toilet after seeing her ass while she was bending over to get some books of the floor. I had to control myself. I nearly came just looking at her ass. Her beautiful round ass.

‘Okay, I just have to avoid her and not think about her for the rest of the day. That will cool me off.’

And so I did. The day flew over when I didn’t payed attention to her. It worked! I finally could make the day go by without having to cum in the bathroom stalls. I didn’t have the courage to ask her out anyway, so why bother.

The bell rang and I gathered my bag. While I was walking towards the school exit I thought about the homework. Mister Brandon gave us a 20 page assignment to make on the history of Japan, due tomorrow. If my new avoiding technique wouldn’t keep my mind of Alex, that would.

‘Kevin!’ I heard a girl shout.

I looked around, was there someone else with the same name as me? No, I was walking alone on the shortcut I always took towards home. As I looked around to see who wanted to speak to me, it was Alexis.

She was holding some books in her hand and her long brown hair waved in the wind as she took a small sprint towards me. I froze, Alex wanted to talk to me? About what?

I managed to squeak out a weird sounding ‘Hi.’ And turned red.

‘You left your history books at Mister Brandon’s lesson, here.’ she casino siteleri said while handing over my books.

I said thanks and didn’t knew what to do next. Should I keep walking or did she wanted to talk more. I sensed a small wiggle in my pants.

‘Not now!’ I thought.

‘Are you all right?’ Alex asked.

She must have spotted the weird look on my face, trying to hide my boner for her. I quickly thought of something interesting to say.

‘Quite a lot of homework we got tonight, huh?’ I said as cool as possible.

She laughed and agreed. I couldn’t believe it, I was talking to the girl I had a crush on for as long as I went to this school!

After talking a while she said: ‘Do you want to make the homework together tonight? I heard you were quite good in history? And you are actually the only person that seams nice to me around school.’

My heart was racing as I agreed to this seemingly unthinkable ‘date’.

‘Great, see you at 7 then tonight.’

At home I quickly cleaned my room, the girl of my dreams must not see my rooms like this. The only clean thing in it was the trashcan, and that won’t make that good of an impression.

I was thinking, did she have the same feeling about me as I about her? It would make sense, as she was probably scared that I wasn’t into her anymore after avoiding her today, so she made a move!

Well, let’s just see how tonight goes, for all I know she could just want to make her homework. Just as I finished cleaning the doorbell ring.

My parents were out for the night, they were going to some lame musical or something. I stormed down and opened the door. There she stood, wearing tight jeans and a shirt that said: “Homework!” She pointed at it and smiled, but then turned red.

‘Oh, sorry I thought it would be funny.’ She said after seeing me with my mouth open, staring at her.

‘No, sorry it is funny!’ And she smiled again.

‘Good, let’s begin then!’

And we went to my room. We both sat down at my desk, which had never been cleaner than today.

‘Wow, your desk is so clean! Mine is always full of stuff.’ She said and laughed.

After we both had put our paper on the table and opened ours books, she started to discuss the text on the page with me. I had to put all my attention to the text and not to look too much to the right.

As she was bent over to look at the books, I could look right in to her bra. I could almost make out a nipple, or so I thought. Thinking about that gave me a great feeling and made me a little aroused.

I did the best I could and looked away from her, into the books. My boner disappeared and we worked on the essay. After 10 pages she asked if she could use the bathroom, I don’t know why but everything she did turned me on. Even the thought of her on my bathroom.

I heard the faint sound of water streaming into the toilet and it made my dick hard again. I was mad at myself, every little thing she does turns me on. When she returned the sound of water rushing didn’t stop, it got louder.

‘It’s storming really hard outside, I hope it quiets down before I have to go.’ She said a little afraid.

We continued working on the report and had a really great time. Making jokes and talking quite a lot. At one point she said that she never knew I was so much fun.

‘Done!’ I said, partially happy that we finished it, but also sad because I didn’t make a move on her.

Probably for the best, didn’t want to scare her off. I had come a long way from avoiding her to spending the evening together. I had dreams about such evenings, but they went a little different then now. But even without having sex with her on my slot oyna desk, it was still a pretty good evening.

She packed her stuff into her little pink backpack and we went downstairs. I offered to walk her home and she gladly accepted it. When we opened the doors it was pouring rain and the sky was filled with lightning.

‘Oh my, I’ll never get home.’ She said.

After a while the rain had not stopped and it looked like she wanted to ask something.

‘It might seem stupid, but can I stay here tonight? My parents are away this week so there is no one who can drive me. I will sleep on the couch!’

I rejected her request to sleep on the couch and offered her my bed. I would sleep on the couch. This day could not get any better I thought by myself, yesterday she didn’t speak to me and now she is sleeping in my bed! Granted, I sleep on the couch, but still!

There I lay, it was a little cold on the couch and I couldn’t sleep. The thought of Alex in my bed kept me awake. I wondered what she was wearing. Would she sleep in her underwear like me? Maybe I can go look? The excitement began to build up. I finally got to see the body of Alex, or was I just being creepy?

I didn’t care too much because I was very horny. Slowly I walked up the stairs towards my room. Very carefully I opened the door, there she lay.

I couldn’t see much because the blanked covered most of her body and it was fairly dark. When she turned over I saw that she was wearing only her panties and bra. How long was I looking? Suddenly she started moving a lot and woke up.

I froze and tried to walk down as fast as possible, but I heard her coming my way. Quickly I went in the bathroom, but wait! We had a bathroom downstairs! Why would I go all the way up here to go to the bathroom, it would make no sense, so I jumped into the bathroom closet.

My heart raced as I peeked through the crack. She went in. First she closed the door and looked around her. Did she heard me?

‘Oh my god, I’m about to see her pee.’ I thought.

She stood in front of the toilet and pulled down her panties, I could see her pussy clear as day. It was a perfect stripe, she must be a virgin for sure. She sat down on the toilet, looking a little bit worried. Why did she pull her panties all the way down to pee?

Alex placed her hand on her belly and slowly started feeling it, going down to her legs and up again. Her other hand felt her right breast over her bra, then under it. I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was a dream. Only this dream was real. My dick turned harder than stone as her hand reached down her belly and touched her pussy.

She started rubbing it lightly with one finger, softly moaning not to wake me. But little did she know I was right there. After a while she stood up and took off her bra. Perfect round breast, just as I imagined in my dreams popped out. She felled both of them and moaned a little too hard, because suddenly she stopped and put everything back on.

With an embarrassed face she returned to her room. I was still in here, how do I get back downstairs without her hearing me? I she hears me she’d knew I was in here!

I came out of the bathroom as quiet as I could. I didn’t want her to know I was there but the door of my room was open, and never being more turned on in my life I couldn’t resist taking another look at that beautiful body. I sneaked towards my room and looked inside.

She was awake and looked at me.

‘Hey’ she said a little shy. ‘Can’t sleep either?’

I knew why she was awake but I played along.

‘No, the couch didn’t sleep that well.’

She offered me to come sit next to her and so I did. She wrapped her blankets canlı casino siteleri around her and got up next to me.

‘I’m sorry, I’m a little shy.’ she said.

‘Don’t worry.’ I casually tried to put my arms to rest besides me, but I didn’t realize her leg was there.

‘Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to touch your leg!’ I said shocked.

‘It’s okay.’ She replied.

She then placed my hand back on her leg, only a lot closer to her belly. She was clearly still turned on from her little private show. At least she thought it was private. I felt her soft legs as I softly moved my hand up and down her leg on her command.

She then looked me directly in the eyes and said:

‘I had fun today, even If it was homework. I never knew you were like this.’

As she moved her head towards mine she closed her eyes. I’d never kissed a girl in my live but I got a feeling she’d liked it. Suddenly my hand got wet, I was shocked as I realized what it was. Her pussy was soaking wet. When I opened my eyes her blanket had lowered, reveling her bra. Which she opened with one hand.

‘I never wanted to show them to anyone but you.’ She said.

I gasped as I looked at her. My hand went to her breasts as I felt my other hand getting wetter and wetter.

‘I . . .’ She stumbled

‘I want to have you as my first.’ She said.

‘I . . . I wanted to get to know you first, have a few dates, but I know this just feels so right.’

My head was spinning from the excitement. I stood up and she began to take of my pants, my underwear was transformed into a tent with my hard dick as the support. You could see her excitement rise as well as she pulled them down.

My dick jumped out and Alex began to touch it. The feeling went through my entire body and I did everything to make sure I didn’t come.

She took her hands of my dick just before I came and stood up. Slowly pulling down her panties and reveling her nicely shaven pussy. When she touched my dick for the second time she began to jerk it harder than before. The feeling of her stroking hands on my hard dick became too much for me as I came all over her breasts.

The cum dripped down and she was a little shocked.

‘I’m sorry I came so soon, you are just so beautiful.’ I said shamefully.

Without saying a word she then used her fingers to lick all the cum of her body. It was so exciting to watch that I got hard again.

‘Can you fuck me?’ She asked with big eyes as she laid back on my bed.

I didn’t have to think twice about that as I took off all my clothes and went on top of her. She spread her legs and her pussy was dripping wet as my hard dick slit into her. She moaned a little, as if she was holding in.

‘My parents aren’t home, you can make as much sound as you want.’ I said.

And I didn’t have to say it again. She moaned like I never could imagine. I went in to her and out again, first soft, then harder. She enjoyed it and told me to turn her over. Her ass was pointed at me, it looked so delicious and couldn’t help myself but to put my face in it.

I licked her pussy and felt the juice streaming out of it while she almost screamed of pleasure.

I then inserted my penis deep inside her. She screamed my name. When I pulled my dick out, a stream of juice gushed out of her pussy.

‘I have wanted you for so long.’ She moaned as she turned around.

With one hand she stroke her pussy and with the other she jerked me off. After a while she started licking the tip of my penis and then taking it as deep as she can into her mouth. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I came the biggest load I have ever shoot. Her mouth filled with my sperm while I uncontrollably shivered with my body.

After that she swallowed it all and put her head on my lap. We just had the best sex i could ever imagine. Best of all, we had the same dreams and they both came true tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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