Dubious Desire

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Dubious Desires is a steamy romance containing coarse language and sex scenes that deal with themes of submission, reluctance and objectification. This story is NOT for the faint-hearted, but it is for those who like m/m stories with a taste of love, friendship, eroticism and dubious behavior that skirts the boundaries of right and wrong.



Laid back Keegan Andrews loves his family and his friends but he hates conflict. So when his Mum and best mate, Liam, plan a big event for his eighteenth birthday against his wishes, he doesn’t argue.

Keegan warms to the idea when he discovers his girlfriend Tess is gifting him the best present ever. Sex! Finally, he will be able to “join the club” and leave his virgin status behind. Keegan secretly hopes this will cure him of a recently discovered side to himself. A side that wants nothing more than to see what the sexy jock Liam looks like underneath his clothes.

The night goes well ’till his father’s best friend Damon arrives. The handsome womanizer ruins everything by robbing Keegan of his present.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Keegan finds out the next day he is going on a mini-getaway with Damon—alone. Biting his tongue and confused with feelings, the resentful teen begins to wonder how he can get even without it becoming a family dispute. A perfect storm of circumstances leads Keegan to the realization that maybe there is a way to get even… and join the club at the same time.

I Should Have Known Better

“I just want this to be a birthday you’ll remember.” Keegan’s mother cooed as she darted about in the kitchen making a coffee. “Eighteen is a special number, after all.” She said that every year—just with his new looming age dropped into her preening.

“Honestly, I’d be happy with just something low key.” Keegan tapped his feet and stared at his mother, willing her to believe him.

She tilted her head, narrowing her deep, brown eyes. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Mum. Absolutely. I don’t want you going through so much trouble just for one night.”

His mum swatted the air as if shooing away his concern before tugging at her long blond hair. “I enjoy doing it though.”

Keegan cracked a grin. She sure did, but he really didn’t want a big song and dance about his birthday this year. “I know you do but please, I just want to have a few mates around. Tess, Liam, Tony and Skippy. Have pizza and drink some beers.”

His mother did her best to paint her disappointment with a smile. “Well, if you’re sure…”

“I’m sure.” Keegan fought down the pangs of guilt for robbing her of her fun in planning him a big night.

His mother’s eyes twinkled cheekily. “You know, Keegan, it is okay to have fun and be stupid now and then.”

“What are you saying?”

“Well, you’re young, you are supposed to have big nights, want rowdy parties and do stupid things.” His mum smiled at him. She picked up the kettle and poured the steamy, hot water into her mug.

Keegan choked on a laugh. “Are you saying I am boring?”

“No… I wouldn’t say that,” She grinned and turned her face away, hiding her smirk. “I’m just saying you don’t take after me.”

Keegan rolled his eyes. “Shouldn’t you be glad I like quiet nights in and not going out taking drugs? Waking up in a gutter covered in my own piss and vomit?”

“Of course, darling,” she said. “Just so you know, I never woke up in a gutter covered in piss or vomit.” Her face grimaced at the thought.

“Dad and Damon have said otherwise,” Keegan replied.

His mother laughed. “Keegan Andrews, you should know better than to believe anything that comes out of those two men’s mouths,” she said in a mocking tone. “They would have been too drunk themselves to remember any incriminating stories.” She took a sip of her black coffee, then returned a hopeful gaze. “So are you 100% sure you don’t want a party?”

“Absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it, positively sure!” He gave a stern look.

She raised a hand in the air. “Okay, Mr. Grumpy. Your lack of a wish is my command.”

She walked through the dining room onto their back porch, leaving him in front of the television that he wasn’t really watching. Keegan hoped this would be the end of the matter because if she did go ahead and plan a party, he would just back down—like he always did. Keegan did his best to avoid disagreements with family, friends and well… just about anybody. The most he would do is walk a fine line of passive aggressive and bail at the last second before it turned into some sort of conflict.

Part of the reason his mum liked to go to so much effort was that he was the only man in her life and had been for some years now. The life of a solo mum had made her fuss over him something chronic to the point it was embarrassing for both of them. If he were being objective and he hated to admit it, but she was hot for a mum—Keegan’s mates never failed to remind him of this—and interested men were never in short supply. Still, aside illegal bahis from the odd guy who she strung along for casual dates and trips to the movies, she had never settled down.

Keegan’s parents had split up when he was less than a year old. His mother would always tell him the story whenever she had one too many wines, and he was stupid enough to hang around and listen.

“I was 24 when I met your father and gosh I was something, but he was only 19,” is how it always started before she would drunkenly shake her wobbly head and say, “I should have known better!”

Apparently his mother had decided to go back to university in an attempt to try and finish her arts degree. She had always wanted to be an art history or classical studies teacher. The lounge walls were testimony to this dream. Abstract art clung to the white painted walls, creating a somewhat hideous mosaic, Keegan thought. According to his Mum’s well-told story she arrived in Auckland and took a room in a cheap, scummy flat that was close to campus. Her flatmates were two young guys looking for a female roommate to help share the costs and in his Mum’s words, “Someone stupid enough to clean up after them.”

There was Matt—Keegan’s father—a dark-haired, music enthusiast who was majoring in business, and his best mate Damon; a handsome, laid back womanizer who shared Keegan’s mother’s interest in the arts even if he didn’t attend his lectures. Both guys took a liking to her. It was clear why, even now she was slim with long blond hair that framed her pretty face.

Being away from home is what his mother blamed for being so lonely and to begin dating his father. If you were lucky enough to hear the story begin after she had started on a second bottle of wine, then you’d discover she actually preferred the magnetic Damon. Privately, Keegan would agree with her, not that his father was a bad-looking guy, but in comparison to Damon he was decidedly average.

So yes, after his mother’s stupid decision to begin dating his father, the pair wound up down the path of a whirlwind romance which after six months led to an unplanned pregnancy—Keegan. This harsh dose of reality caused both of them to drop out of university before the year had even ended. Keegan was sure his mother at first would have liked to of named him dream crusher; instead, she had taken to motherhood like a meth addict to a light bulb and he had been her spoilt little man ever since.

His parents both moved back to his mum’s hometown to try and rebuild their dreams around their unexpected bundle of joy. With his dad only just penetrating his twenties he quickly grew bored of the nesting lifestyle and flew back to the city and continued with his business studies, leaving Keegan and his mother behind. After graduating, Keegan’s father moved overseas, exploring Europe for five years before returning with an English wife and her two sons from a previous marriage.

Even after his father had returned to New Zealand Keegan hardly ever saw the guy. None of this bothered Keegan particularly, if anything he thought his father probably did the right thing. From what he had been told, his parents were too different to ever get along and in a way his father’s need for freedom had done them all a favor. It wasn’t like he felt deprived of anything. Keegan and his mother had a good life thanks to his generous grandparents.

The years went by and Keegan’s father sort of disintegrated into the background like a fuzzy memory. He now had a new family and Keegan would hear from him every birthday and Christmas when he would receive an obligatory phone call from his dad wishing him well. Each phone call was painfully drawn out with long pauses, neither knowing what to say. His dad would always tell him he should come up and stay sometime. Every time Keegan would spin the same response that he would definitely come up to visit. They both knew this was a lie. Keegan doubted how sincere the invite was. Besides, his mother and grandparents would never let him go stay with the man they referred to derisively as coming from “basic stock.”

Keegan’s mother’s maiden name was Plummer-Butt. The type of surname that was ripe for mocking and schoolyard bullying. Before starting high school, he had pleaded all summer to adopt his father’s last name and become an Andrews so he could have a fresh start and not be ridiculed at roll calls. His mother had been fine with it but his grandparents had fought hard against his wishes and to this day Keegan suspected their feelings were severely hurt by his abandoning of their family name.

While Keegan grew up, barely seeing his father, he did instead get to know his father’s best mate. Damon. The guy may have been a party animal with loose morals as Keegan’s mum would tease but he stepped up where Keegan’s father hadn’t.

From as young as Keegan could remember, Uncle Damon—which he called him ’till he was fourteen—would sweep into town every few months and tell Keegan all about his dad and what he was up to as if it were his duty to illegal bahis siteleri keep him informed of how awesome his father really was.

Damon would goof around and play the role of a hip young uncle, and for years Keegan looked up to the guy like he was a living legend. But as Keegan grew older he could see it was all smoke and mirrors. A shallow ploy by Damon to try and score his mother. Sure the guy paid interest in him, but his barely veiled flirting revealed Damon’s true interest lay between Keegan’s mother’s legs.

Every visit Keegan’s mum giggled at Damon’s flirting while Keegan would sit there, trying not to groan out load and discretely roll his eyes at the man who had a Peter Pan like philosophy to life and refused to ever grow up. Damon was a slow learner because after 18 years—as far as Keegan knew—Damon had never succeeded in bedding the mother of his best mate’s son.

The first few hours after any time Damon turned up were usually spent downing drinks with Keegan’s mum, when he realized he wasn’t getting what he wanted, he would give up and head to town in search of fun and a fuck. On more than one occasion when he had stayed with them, Keegan had walked into the lounge in the morning only to find Damon sprawled out on the couch with some woman in his arms that he’d brought home from town with him

With his eighteenth birthday approaching, Keegan knew it was inevitable that Damon would rock in to town and use his birthday as an excuse to get drunk and hit on his mother again. Keegan was fine with it, he figured Damon would follow the familiar path of flirting at home with his mum, failing miserably, then fuck off to town. If Keegan had known the damage Damon was going to cause, then he would have begged his mother not to invite him.

Join The Club

Keegan sat in his bedroom, in front of his computer with his pants down around his ankles. The screen was lit up with sex, a well-played porn video now on pause. The woman’s face had been frozen at the most unfortunate point in time, her mouth opened wide in unflattering fashion, right in front of a fat, veiny cock that was spurting streaks of cum like bullets.

Keegan had been beating off most of the morning. He had just taken a break after blowing his second load. He wiped his hand clean of his spunk with a tissue he’d grabbed from a box of Kleenex beside him. He screwed the soiled paper up, throwing it in a plastic bag at his feet, or as he liked to call it, “the cum dump.”

He let his mind wander to his birthday that was only a few days away. It fell on a Saturday this year so if he fancied—after having a few drinks at home with his mates— he could go to town to go clubbing, finally able to see what all the fuss was about. Being born in December, he was the youngest of his school friends and as each month passed by during the year they would come to class raving about how much fun they were having in the bars. Keegan hadn’t been overly jealous but he was curious to know what all this fun was. However, school had wrapped up for the year a few weeks ago now, he wasn’t going to have the chance to go to class and share any wacky tales of nights out in town and drunken debauchery.

Keegan knew he should be filling out hostel accommodation for university next year, but he kept putting it off, unsure if he really wanted to go anymore. His reason for what his mum called “a sudden change of heart,” was his biggest secret in the world, one he didn’t even know he had ’till six months ago. He looked down at his sticky soft cock and imagined his secret sucking it clean.

His girlfriend, Tess, certainly had no intention of doing it. They had been dating for two years and still she hadn’t put out. No fuck, no blow job. All they ever did on the rare occasion was frisky foreplay. Sticky fingers were the full extent of their love life. She would let him finger her pussy while she stroked his dick, giving him a hand job which always felt a bit too rough for his liking.

They saw each other on weekends and Keegan had begun to view them not so much as a couple but each other’s reliable plus one to any parties they were invited to. Keegan had given up on Tess ever letting him fuck her. He just lived through porn and imagining fun times with his secret. He felt doomed to die a virgin and never actually join the club.

The Club was the term his best mate, Liam, had coined when he lost his virginity at fifteen. He crowed with pride how he had cycled fifteen kilometers to visit Sadie Wallace and fucked her for five hours. Liam did like to tell tall tales. Still, he wasn’t lying that he had sex—that part was true.

“I can’t wait for you boys to join the club too and see what it’s all about,” Liam had spouted.

Keegan, Skippy and Tony who made up Liam’s inner circle of friends, each sat listening, bitterly jealous. All of them dying to join the club. It wasn’t a surprise to any of them it was Liam who reached this milestone first. He was the best looking of the group and extremely popular. The other canlı bahis siteleri three all sort of rode his coat tails.

If it were based on looks then Keegan assumed he would be next, although the late bloomer of the group thanks to puberty’s late arrival he was the next best looking. Thanks to his mother, he had inherited her attractive features. He had honey blonde hair that when left too long without a haircut grew caramel-colored curls which dropped across his forehead accentuating his soft, brown eyes. His slim, smooth body—although not decked out with abs like Liam—was naturally toned and all round he figured he was a pretty good catch.

But it wasn’t Keegan who joined the club next. It was Skippy. The stupidly tall Australian lad had a pimply face and long, gangly limbs. He wasn’t exactly ugly but he wasn’t beautiful either. Still, his height led to rumors that he had a monster cock and one night at a party six months after Liam established the club, Skippy joined when Marie Thompson cornered him in the bathroom and demanded to know if the rumors were true.

This left Keegan and Tony left outside the invisible club doors, waiting to be let in. By now Keegan had started dating Tess so it seemed obvious it would be him. Little did he realize he was dating someone reluctant to let go of their virginal virtues and while he waited patiently the freckle faced, ginger haired Tony beat him to it. For his eighteenth birthday his older brother shouted him a trip to the whore parlor where he got to join the club with an overpriced ten minutes’ worth of loving. Tony had laughed about how pitiful his performance had been but it didn’t change the fact he still joined the club and now only one of the four remained on the outside. Keegan.

Keegan looked down at his drooping dick, he ran a finger up his smooth inner thighs and tugged gently on his hairy balls. He went to close the used video down and look for some lesbian porn but before he could click away from the website his bedroom door burst wide open and in walked his secret.

“Oh, fuck, man. Not again,” Liam said loudly. He keeled over laughing at Keegan quickly pulling his pants back up.

“Well, maybe if you learned to knock you wouldn’t keep walking in on me when I’m… busy,” Keegan said, his neck beginning to redden. It was times like this he was grateful to be so naturally tanned.

“Is busy what the kids are calling it these days?” Liam grinned.

Keegan dismissed the comment and rolled his eyes.

Liam jumped in the air and landed on Keegan’s unmade bed, laying down on his stomach. “You been watching ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ again?” He cocked his eyebrows, giggling at Keegan who sat back down flustered.

“Eww, gross no. I can’t believe you even showed me that video.” Just thinking of it made Keegan want to vomit.

“Yeah, pretty feral, aye.” Liam laughed to himself, running a hand through his dark hair.

Keegan loved how it was the perfect contrast to his mate’s pale skin and bright blue eyes. Liam was wearing a black singlet that showed off his broad shoulders. Keegan tried not to stare too much at his friend’s muscles.

Liam looked around at Keegan’s dirty clothes strewn across the floor. “Anyway, I came to tell you there’s been a change of plans with your birthday.”

“What do you mean a change of plans?” Keegan frowned, not liking where this was heading.

Liam lifted his face, meeting Keegan’s stare. “Your mum told me about your lame plans to have a quiet night, so I have come to tell you that me and her have made an executive decision and you’re going to be having a big piss up at your grandparent’s farm.”

Keegan shook his head. “But I don’t want a big party.”

“What you want and what you get are two different things, buddy.” Liam smiled, showing off his sexy teeth. “Keegan, you’re my best mate and you deserve… you need a proper celebration of your life on your day of days.”

Keegan laughed. “You just want an excuse to invite some chick you’re after.”

“Five actually. Figure I’d cover my bases.” Liam nodded, giving Keegan a wink.

“Is it too late for me to tell you both to cancel it,” Keegan asked.

“Far too late, I’ve already text everyone.”

Keegan groaned. “Lucky me, a huge party I never wanted.” He threw his hands up in the air mockingly.

Liam climbed off his bed and walked over to where Keegan was sitting. “Move over, there’s something I want to show you.” He motioned for Keegan to get out from the chair. Keegan stood up to let Liam have his seat, but before he could step away Liam grabbed his shoulder. “Stay still.” He stepped in towards Keegan, their face only inches apart. Liam opened his mouth and his breath rolled over Keegan’s face. “I swear you have gotten taller again, we’re nearly the same height.”

Keegan nodded. “Almost.” Liam was just on six-feet and Keegan was now only an inch shorter. Their similar heights would make them perfect kissing partners, Keegan thought to himself.

Liam gently shoved him aside and sat down, enthroning himself at the computer desk. He shuffled his feet under the table, rustling the plastic bag. He popped his head under the desk to see what he had hit. “Oh gross, Keegan.” Liam laughed and kicked the cum dump aside.

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