Elderly Neighbour Sex Ch. 02

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Disagreement with elderly neighbor leads to sex CH 2

Second visit leads a little further.

It was Saturday, a week after my first interlude with Vi, my elderly neighbor who lived at the back of out place, again I was out cleaning the pool, my wife was at her sisters for the day and not expected back till late. I had stripped naked as was my want and was leisurely sweeping the sides of the pool reflecting on my little session with Vi, My cock was starting to harden reliving last week, especially the time when I was laying there naked rubbing my cock while this mature lady was sitting watching me.

“Er hi Paul, How are you today?”

I was shocked out of my reverie, it was Vi, she was looking at me over the back fence,

“I am fine thanks, how are you?” I asked, starting to walk towards her, so we could talk. I noticed her eyes looking at my cock as I walked towards her, she didn’t seem as shy as the previous week.

“I am good thanks”, she replied, never taking her eyes off me, my cock was fully erect by the time I got to a good position for us to chat, “I just wanted to say thank you for last Saturday, I seemed to have missed out on a lot of things” she smiled,

Slowly I brought my right hand to my cock, slowly wrapped my fingers around it and began slowly stroking it, sliding my hand all the way to the top and right back down to the base, ” It was my pleasure” I replied, “actually I was just thinking about last week as well”

“I can see that”, she said with a smile “I just wanted to let you know that I, er, I have been out shopping this morning, I bought a couple more nighties”

“Really?” I asked, “why would you do that”?

Vi looked away, she started shuffling a little on the stand that was on her side of the fence.

“Why Vi? tell me why you bought some more nighties, and why you told me?” I was pushing her now, I then put my hands behind my back, giving her a full unobstructed view of me in all my naked glory, cock hard and pointing skyward.

“I wanted to see you again, and I hoped you wanted to see me also, and I figured you like to see me in my nighties, so I went out and bought some,” she replied.

“Well, Vi,” I replied, smiling at her, “you are right on both accounts. As it happens, Carol is away all day, so give me a minute and I will pop round.”

“Make it 15 minutes Paul,” she replied quickly, “I need to have a shower after my shopping trip.”

“Ok, 15 it is,” I watched her as she smiled at me once more, watching her eyes traveling down my body to my hard cock, before she dropped behind the fence and into her house, I quickly turned, threw my shorts over my shoulder and headed on for a shower myself. After my shower I threw on a T-shirt, shorts (no underwear), and a pair of slip on casual canvas shoes, at the 15 minute mark I headed off around to Vi’s.

I knocked twice on Vi’s door, it opened reasonably quickly, I assumed she must have been waiting, for me, “Hi,” I said and smiled, she opened the door all the way for me to get a look at her new nightie,

“You like it?” she asked, a little concern in her voice.

It was a thin material, pretty much see thru, it had small straps came down to a low V which highlighted the swell of her breasts, she had no bra on, as the material being so thin I could see her nipples though the nightdress, it finished a couple of inches above her knee, thru the material I could see she had on a pair of pink knickers.

“Very much, I like,” I smiled, telling her, looking her in the eyes, “did you buy those as well?” I asked pointing to her pink underwear.

“Yes, and a couple of other pairs as well”

“Oh yes,” I purred as I stepped inside and closed the door, she backed up a little, I stepped towards her and put my hands on her hips, I maneuvered her so her back was against the wall, leaning in I softly kissed her on the lips, she leant forward a little a returned my kiss. I felt her hands rest on my upper arms as I again leant in and kissed her, harder and a little more frantic, I was getting more turned on knowing that this practically naked mature lady had bought new underwear and sexy nighties for me to see, and was returning my kiss here in the hall of her house.

“Mmmm,” she moaned into our kiss, I pressed my body against her, letting my hard cock press against her near naked belly.

“Oh,” she said disappointedly as I broke our kiss, I took a half step back looking into her eyes I slowly let my casino siteleri right hand drop from her hip down her leg until I reached the bottom of her nightie, I could feel her fingers clenching my upper arms as I bought my hand round and cupped her mound over her knickers, her eyes flickered, her breath caught, she licked her lips.

“Oh dear,” she panted as my fingers worked their way into the leg of her knickers and caressed her pussy lips, she started to sigh and push her body against my hand, she opened her legs a little wider, giving me an invitation to to keep going slowly I worked my fingers all around her pussy. “Please,” she panted.

“Please,what?” Vi, I asked.

“You know,” she panted, pushing her pussy harder against my fingers.

“Yes, I do know Vi. But I want you to ask me, to tell me what you want.”

“Oh god Paul, put them in me, put your fingers in me, touch me, please me, PLEASE Paul,”

I slipped my fingers into her warm, wet pussy, making sure my fingers brushed against her clit.

“Oh my lord, that feels so good Paul, please don’t stop,” Vi panted into my ear.

I ran my fingers over her clit now more and more, rolling it between my fingers, Vi was gasping now, her fingers clenching and unclenching on my upper arms, her eyes tightly closed.

“Oooh!, somethings happening Paul,” Vi was almost shouting, “don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Vi was pleading now, but, that’s what I did do, I stopped, slid my fingers from her knickers and took another half step back.

“Noo,” Vi pleaded, “what happened?”, she was almost crying, “why did you stop?”

I smiled, kissed her on the lips and whispered to her, “trust me, Vi, it will be ok, I promise. Now, lets go into the lounge and get more comfortable.

Vi brushed her nightdress down, I then noticed her nipples were hard and pushing against the material, I could see them quite clearly, Vi followed my eyes to see where I was looking, she smiled, turned and we headed to the lounge room,I followed behind, taking in the view of this mature woman in her night attire, I could see the pink knickers swaying as she walked, a rather delightful sight.

Once in the lounge she turned to face me, I took her in my arms and kissed her again, she responded by returning my kiss, “I want to see you,” she gasped into my mouth.

I stepped back, Vi sat down in her chair,with the nightdress being a little on the short side,it rode quite high on her thigh’s when she sat down, Vi could see where I was looking and she subconsciously reached for the hem to pull it down a little.

“Don’t,” I said, “leave it like that,”

Vi looked up, then took her hands away and put them on the armrests of the chair, now I could see a little of her pink undies, slowly Vi began crossing her legs, again I told her not to, I wanted to look at her while I get undressed, she parted her legs a little and leaned back into the chair causing her nightie to ride up even higher. I could feel my cock hardening in my shorts, causing the bulge to become more prominent.

I slowly pulled my T shirt up over my head and put it on another chair, then I slid my shoes off and put them next to my shirt, I turned back to Vi and stopped stripping.

Looking me in the eyes, “what’s wrong?” Vi asked me.

“Take your knickers off.”

“Pardon,” she asked.

“Take your knickers off for me Vi, I want to see you as well.”

She hesitated, I could almost see the conflict going on, “I’ve never done anything like this before Paul,” she said quietly.

“I know” I said softly, “this is one of the things you have missed out on, one of the things that you can overcome, I know its a little daunting exposing yourself to a stranger, but trust me.”

Vi stood up, reached underneath her nightdress and slid her knickers down her legs, I reached out and held her hand to help balance her as she lifted first one foot out of her underwear, then the other foot, I held out my hand and she dropped her warm knickers into my hand, I brought them up to my nose and sniffed them, I could smell powder, then I remembered that she had had a shower before I came round, I turned slightly and dropped them onto my T shirt.

She sat back down in the chair, letting the nightdress rest where it laid, she also parted her legs slightly allowing me full view of this mature woman’s neatly trimmed pussy.

“Mmmm,” I murmured.

“What?” she asked, “is there something wrong?”

“No slot oyna no, not at all,” I assured her, “I noticed that you are trimmed down there.”

“Er, yes,”she replied, “my late husband insisted on it, and I got to like it that way so I keep myself trimmed. You like me being trimmed Paul?”

“Most definitely Vi,” I replied, she visibly relaxed back into the chair, a small smile across her face, she even spread her legs against the side of the chair, obviously for my benefit.

She wanted me to look at her.

I stepped up right in front of her, reached for the sides of my shorts and pulled them down and off , I turned and walked over to where I had dropped her knickers, dropped my shorts on top of them and turned back to face her.

Here I was again, completely naked, cock erect standing in front of this mature woman, who had just taken her knickers off so I could look at her naked, trimmed pussy. I stepped up and stood between her open legs, bent down, and taking her right hand I placed it on my hard cock, Vi stared at her hand as she started to slowly rub my cock up and down.

“Oh Vi,” I gasped, “your hand feels so soft touching me like this, keep going.”

She quickened the pace a little, I looked down at her, my eyes wandering to her breasts, I could see her nipples pushing against the material of her night attire, the swell of her breasts rising and falling when she breathed, her left hand was now on the top of her left leg, she was rubbing it up and down almost in time with her right hand, each time her hand reached the top of her leg she pushed her nightie up, I could see more and more of her pussy, I knew I wold have to stop her soon or I would cum and I had something I was dying to do first.

I grabbed her hand to stop her stroking me, she looked up at me questioningly, I smiled, leaned down and kissed her, then dropped to my knees,placing my hands on the tops of her legs.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“You will soon find out Vi, just relax and let it happen.”

I kissed the top of her right leg, just a light peck, then another, in a different spot, I pecked all around the top of her leg, soft, quick, warm pecks. I heard her breathing change, it was becoming quicker,deeper. I moved to the top of the other leg, repeating the same process with the light soft pecks, I wanted to get her really hot and bothered.

Moving to the inside of her leg I kissed her a little harder ,I was moving towards her pussy, I looked up and saw Vi rubbing her breasts thru the material, head thrown back, eyes closed. I suddenly leant forward and planted a nice long kiss tight on her pussy lips, holding there for a few seconds,as I drank in the warm feel of her mature sex.

“OH,” Vi screamed and jumped a little in the chair, “Oh Paul, no one has ever done this to me, it feels so erotic.”

I pushed my tongue into her pussy, tasting her, I then took her clit between my lips and softly sucked it. She started pushing against my face, she was forcing me to love her with my tongue. I touched her pussy lips with my fingers of my right hand just under my chin, I was now flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue, caressing her pussy with my fingers. “Oh, Oh,” Vi was gasping now, thrusting her body against my tongue, “don’t stop,” I looked up again, she was squeezing her nipples.

I continued sucking her clit into my mouth using my tongue to help bring her off, I slid a finger into her pussy sliding it in and out, moving it around touching as much of her womanhood as I could. She had slumped down a little in the chair as she thrust herself against me, her ass now on the edge.

“,I think, oh, I think,” she gasped, “something is happening and it feels so wonderful, I think I am cumming.” she panted.

Her thrusting was becoming more urgent, her breaths now coming in gasps, she was mewing, I saw her squeezing her breasts harder and harder, she was biting her bottom lip. A thought came to mind, I bought my left hand up, ran a finger along her pussy, coating it in her juices, then reaching under her I slid it along her ass crack, coating her in her warm smooth juices.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she panted.

I sucked and flicked her clit a little harder, sped up my ministrations with my finger in her pussy, and circled her little brown hole with my other finger, urging her to have the orgasm she wanted.

“Oh, Oh, mmmmf, I’m cumming,” she yelled, her body went rigid as the orgasm hit canlı casino siteleri her, I slid my finger all the way into her pussy, pressed my other finger against her anus and just held it there wiggling it, and began quickly flicking her clit with my tongue faster and faster. She reached down with one hand and grabbing my head forced my face harder into her pussy. Slowly her orgasm subsided, her body jerking slower and slower as she came back to earth.

I rocked back on my heels, to give my knees a little release, plus , I wanted to look into Vi’s eyes as her breathing came back to normal.

“That,that was sensational Paul, I have never experienced anything like that before,” she spoke quietly, “I never knew it would be like that.”

“To think Vi there is more to come,” I smiled at her.

Slowly I got to my feet, my cock thickening again as I watched Vi’s eyes staring at me, watching my cock getting harder by the second, she reached out, I took a step towards her, I was now standing between her open legs as her hand started to caress my cock, working back and forth as my cock go harder and harder. I closed my eyes, let my head drop back and just enjoyed the feel of a mature hand bringing me to my orgasm.

I started thrusting into her hand encouraging my release to come quicker.

“Don’t stop Vi,” I told her, “bring me off, please, your hand feels so soft.”

I jumped a little when I felt her other hand cup my balls, and she slowly started to massage my balls as she bought me closer and closer.

“Vi,” I groaned “I am cumming, can I cum on you?”

She took her eyes away from my cock and looked at me curiously, “can I cum on you?”

“Oh yes Paul, you can cum on me,” she replied “anything you want.”

“Pull your nightie down, let me cum on your breasts,” I asked.

Vi let go of my cock and balls, reached up with her left hand and slid the right strap off her shoulder, I grabbed my cock and started masturbating, I watched her eyes focus on my hand and cock as she stripped her top off for me, I was getting turned on more and more, reaching up now with her right hand she slid the other strap off her shoulder, then pushed her nightie down to her waste. She then leaned back in the chair arms on the armrests of the chair and continued watching my hand bring me closer and closer.

“I am cumming VI,” I yelled and stepped right up to chair till my knees pressed against her pussy, she sat up put her hands on my hips as if to hold me there, this brought her aged breasts closer to my cock.

“Miff,” I moaned as the first jet of cum shot out and hit Vi right between her beasts.

“Oh yes,” Vi said, as another stream of cum spurted out and landed on her right tit just above her nipple, moving across her body I managed to get the weakening stream to land on her other breast.

“Oh, Oh,” I said weakly as my own orgasm diminished as well as the streams of cum, with the last couple of drops running down my hand and dropping into a small pool on the front of her nightie.

“Wow, Paul, that was so sexy, the feel of your cum landing on my breasts, it felt so hot,” Vi said as she sat back in the chair and watched the streams of cum slide down to her bunched up nightie, leaving small trails down her belly.

“My pleasure,” I said, “anytime,” I am not sure why but I started to chuckle to myself, Vi looked at me, smiled and started a little chuckle of her own.

After we had settled down I said, “Well Vi, I have to be heading off,” turned and walked back to the chair where my clothes were and started getting dressed, when I had finished, looking back at Vi I saw that she had just pulled her nightdress back up, over the cooling remains of my cum, I could see it soaking thru the thin material, causing it to cling to her body.

“Hmm,” she said with a smile in her voice, “looks like I need another shower.”

“Er, yes,” I replied with the same smile in my voice, “it sure looks like it.”

“I’ll walk you to the door,” Vi said getting up and taking my hand.

Once we got to the door, I opened it, turned, leant towards Vi and softly kissed her lips, she kissed me back.

“You know,” I whispered, when we broke the kiss, “Carol is going away for the weekend in a fortnight.”

“In that case,” she said, leaning back against to door, ” I will have to get the other nightie out, won’t I?’

“Definitely,” I replied quickly, turning to leave, the last sight I saw, was the nightie clinging to her body where it had come into contact with my cum, the wet material so transparent her nipples looked like they weren’t covered at all, and a wicked smile on Vi’s face as she closed the door.

Chapter 3 coming soon.

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