European History 201

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I can’t say I was driven to be a teacher. It’s something that I kind of fell into. I was really interested in World History during school and that’s what I majored in college.

However, there’s not a big call for professional historians so I chose the academic route. I knew I didn’t want to teach grade school or high school so it was on to my Master’s and then my Doctoral degrees.

That was 25 years ago and the life has had its rewards. I met my wife, also a college professor, and we’ve been together now 15 years.

Right now, things are kind of rough though. Who am I kidding? They suck, especially now with me on leave and traveling across the country.

I’ve been blessed to have been offered a temporary spot at an Ivy League University. “Guest Professor” as you will. Last fall I was in the south and I’ll be here just the spring semester. My wife is back home.

Needless to say, it kind of sucks. I haven’t seen her in months, but even when I was with her last, all we did was fight. We fight a lot lately.

Anyway, as I said, being a university professor has its ups and downs. Tenure is great. Tenure and summer vacation. I really don’t have to worry too much about my job, especially considering life out in the workforce and the economy these days.

The downside is that I’m supposed the produce research. Yuck! I’m supposed to be published. And teach! Now, don’t get me wrong, teaching is rewarding and all but, seriously, some of these kids shouldn’t be out of high school let alone in college. Our future! Be very afraid people.

As I was saying, there are a few perks that go with teaching, like the girls. I know I’m supposed to be above it all, the trusted position I’ve been put in and all of that, but I’m still a man. You have no idea the temptations that exist.

I was strong for the longest time and then one of my colleagues showed me a Playboy magazine, the college girl’s issue. Sure enough, one of my students, Sarah, had her picture in there.

My God, the body on that girl! She hid it so well with those baggy clothes. Sarah certainly didn’t look that good in my class. Seeing her naked like that was so incredibly hot. From then on, it’s been a struggle for me.

I stand before 200 hundred students, lecturing in a large auditorium. Most of you have been to college and know the kind of room I’m talking about. Semi-circular, with set-back stadium seating that allows each student a clear view of me, down front and center.

Have any of you actually been down there when class is in session? Let me tell you what I see. At eye level are a couple of rows. It never fails. There’s always some pretty girl, or girls, sitting there.

Invariably, one of them will wear a short skirt and, unconsciously or not, sit the whole class with their legs just kind of splayed open. Eye level! Mmmmmm, all the pussy’s I’ve seen. Like I said, I’m still a man.

Of course, I’ve never acted on these urges. But it’s hard, please excuse the pun, when one of these sexy little co-eds make’s her way down to the lectern after class to ask me some benign questions. How does she expect me to focus after I’ve been staring at her sweet little pussy for the last 50 minutes? Sometimes I just have to go back to my office, close the door and jerk off.

That’s how I got myself into this mess in the first place. Like I said before, I’m here without my wife. Our marriage isn’t the greatest to begin with but at least I’d get sex every once in a while. But not now! Needless to say, I’m so horny I could bust.

Now, there are three types of girls in my classes. First, the pretty ones. They really need no further explanation. They’re hot and every guy in the class would love to bang them.

Second, there are the ugly girls. The one’s in class no guy wants to bang. Finally, the largest contingent is the regular girls. Over the years, I’ve found myself more and more attracted to the regular girls.

Because of Sarah I think. She was a regular girl but once I saw that body she kept hidden beneath those clothes, I find myself imagining what my other female students looked like. Girls like Dawn Sanders.

Dawn was in my 200 level European History class. She was an average student at best. Average looking too. Maybe 5-6, shoulder length brown hair done neatly, brown eyes behind dark framed glasses.

Since it was still winter, Dawn always wore sweatshirts or big sweaters under her overcoat, either with baggy jeans or sweatpants, so it was hard to get a read on her body. The typical college look for a typical girl.

Like I said, a regular girl. Her questions were neither provocative nor insightful. Really, sometimes you wonder why these kids are here, even if it is an Ivy League school.

During the fifth week of the semester, I had scheduled an exam. It was clearly identified in the syllabus so there should have been no confusion. Well, Dawn got confused.

She failed to show up for class that morning. Her and about 10% of the class. My experience has told me that these were the students casino siteleri who were dropping and sure enough they were. All that is, except for Dawn.

She came down to the podium after the next lecture when she realized she had missed the exam. She stood at the end of the line of questioning students, fidgeting as she waited for her turn. “Dr. Brown, can I speak with you for a second?” she asked.

Looking up at her as I gathered my paper I said, “Sure Miss. What can I do for you?” Her hair still had that freshly shampooed fragrance.

“Sanders. I’m Dawn Sanders. I’m sorry. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow I screwed up and missed the test. Is there any way I can make it up?” Her eyes were frantic behind those dark glasses.

Now, I’ve heard just about every excuse there is for a student to miss an exam. Somewhere along the way, students think make-up exams are easier. They’re not. They’re just a pain in the ass for me and my TA’s.

But, since I’m a visiting scholar this semester, I have no TA’s. I have to grade all of my own tests and papers. BORING! And I really didn’t want to go out of my way, especially for no reason. But, invariably, I had to ask, “Why did you miss the exam Miss Sanders?”

“I – I don’t know Dr. Brown. I – I just missed my alarm and didn’t wake up in time. I studied all night and fell asleep, right through the alarm and missed the test. By the time I woke up, you were already gone.” She stood there, fidgeting wildly. I looked at her for a second. Her skin was pale but very smooth. In fact, her features were quite pleasant behind those glasses.

I stood there for a minute not saying anything. I just love that. Watching students squirm a little as the silence intensifies. The power; the control, it’s very intoxicating. I stared at her for what seemed like forever. The more I looked, the prettier she got. She really was an attractive girl.

Finally, I said “Miss Sanders that really is not a good enough excuse. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do for you.” I picked up my papers and made my way toward the exit. She stood there for the briefest of moments but quickly followed me out.

“Please Dr. Brown. I’ll do anything to make it up. I really need a good grade in this class.” Her breadth was nervous and quick as she moved along side of me.

“Then you should have been here for the exam Miss Sanders. Why is this class so important to you?” Really, who cares? I was just enjoying the power I felt over this attractive young girl. Another of the perks of this job, power. So, I kept up with the façade.

“It’s my major. I know I can do good on the test. All I’m asking for is a chance.” She stood there anxiously, her mouth parted slightly taking in short breadths. Her lips looked incredibly sensual in her heightened state. There was an aura around her as she pleaded her case and I found myself becoming aroused.

I was drawn to this young girl. Softening my stance slightly, I still pretended annoyance. I exhaled sharply in mock exasperation. “You’re asking a lot. You’re making a lot of work for me.”

“Please Dr. Brown. I’ll do anything,” she begged. Now, I know she didn’t mean ‘anything’ but my mind raced ahead as I tried to picture what this young girl looked like under those baggy clothes.

Composing myself, I said “Ok Miss Sanders. Here’s what I’ll do. The exam will have to be in my office, on your time. Also, I want you to prepare a paper on Catherine the Great. If your paper is acceptable, you can take the test.”

“Not the same test mind you,” I continued, “but a different one a little bit more difficult. I’ll need your paper on Monday, in my office, right after class. If I like it, you can take the exam over next week. Fair enough?” In all honesty, it was getting difficult to stand there with this young woman. My cock had become rock hard as my mind flashed fantasy after fantasy with this girl.

She smiled broadly and shrieked, “Thank you! Thank you Dr. Brown. You won’t be sorry.” She quickly made her way down the hallway and out of the building as my cock throbbed in my pants.

In minutes, I had made my way painfully towards my office. Once inside, I closed and locked the door to the tiny temporary office. Reaching for a tissue, I unzipped my pants and stroked my erection. I blew my load imagining Dawn Sanders, her jeans down around her ankles, bent over my desk with me fucking her wildly from behind.

I know, I know, Professors are supposed to be above that. But like I said, I’m a man as well. A lonely man who needed to get laid. Or at least jerk off every now and then. It was all harmless fun.

That weekend went by painstakingly slow. I found myself thinking about Dawn and I have to admit, I jerked off again and again as I imagined her doing the dirtiest things to me. A couple of times.

But I also thought about the paper she was putting together. In all reality, I could care less about Catherine the Great. I chose this subject for one simple reason; Catherine the Great was renowned for her affairs and the trading slot oyna of her position of power for sexual favors. A bit insatiable the old girl was. I wanted to see how Dawn would handle that topic.

Monday morning lecture came and Dawn made her way down towards me at the end of class. She handed me her paper and I told her to come see me during my office hours tomorrow afternoon.

Her skin was aglow as I watched her bounce up the stairs and out the door at the top of the lecture hall. Her backside looked round and firm in those droopy sweatpants as I watched her leave.

I made my way back to my office, Dawn’s paper in hand, with my cock beginning to swell. Something about that girl was driving me crazy. Like I said, she was rather plain looking but I found her incredibly attractive. She had something, something beneath that plain exterior.

She reminded me a lot of Sarah. Seeing her smile as she handed me that paper, watching her as she moved; there was something about Dawn Sanders that I was finding intoxicating.

It wasn’t her intellect. I closed my office door and sat back behind my desk to read her paper. Mediocre at best, and not one mention of Catherine’s sexual conquests. I’m not sure what I was expecting but Dawn had completely glossed over that aspect of her life. Very disappointing.

Tuesday afternoon came and I attended my office hours. A few students usually stopped by but that’s typically right before exam time. Today, nobody showed up. I sat at my desk playing solitaire and surfing the internet on my computer to pass the time.

Just as I was getting ready to call it a day, Dawn showed up. She knocked on the door and I told her to come in. She was wearing another baggy sweatshirt and loose jeans. Her book bag was slung over her shoulder and she carried her winter coat.

“Did you have a chance to go over my paper Dr. Brown?” she asked as she stood in the doorway. Her cheeks were flushed with a little color having just been outside in the cold air. Her eyes were hidden behind those glasses but her smile was big and warm.

“Yes I have Miss Sanders,” I said in my most professional tone. My eyes moved over her body as unnoticeably as I could, and my mind tried picturing what she looked like beneath those unflattering clothes.

“Please come in and close the door,” I said as I motioned toward the chair in front of my desk. She sat down, put her bag on the floor and leaned forward towards me. She really was a pretty girl behind those glasses. I felt my cock becoming aroused.

Searching my desk, I found her paper and handed it back to her. “Not your best work,” I said to her. That smile of hers vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Wh-what do you mean?” she asked, disappointed and clearly confused.

“Well,” I began, “this is the same old stuff about Catherine. I was hoping for something more from you Miss Sanders.”

She fidgeted in her chair, finally saying “What were you looking for Dr. Brown? And please call me Dawn.”

I leaned back in my chair and said, “Well Dawn, most students disregard certain aspects of her life. However, these are the very forces that drove her. She wasn’t called Catherine the Average.”

Dawn looked up at me and said “You mean the sex thing, don’t you Dr. Brown?”

Feigning exasperation, I replied “Yes Dawn. The ‘sex thing’ as you called it.”

Dawn fidgeted for a moment in her chair in silence. I watched her as she squirmed. My God she was incredible. It was like someone had flicked on a switch and I noticed her budding sensuality. Dawn was fidgeting but not because she was embarrassed. I sat there wondering what was going on with her, all the while my cock stiffening in my pants.

Finally, she said “Catherine’s lust must have been all consuming.”

Raising my eye, I said “Go on.”

Dawn continued, “I mean, back in that time, women were not supposed to derive pleasure from sex. It was all about procreating. But not for Catherine. Her lust was so strong that she was willing to openly trade her powers for sex.”

“She didn’t care what other’s thought of her,” Dawn continued. “She had a hunger that needed to be fed and she didn’t care who knew it. In a time when women were subservient, she dominated, fueled by her need to fulfill her lust.”

My cock throbbed as I listened to this pretty young girl I was finding myself attracted to talk of lust. “How do you feel about a woman acting like this?”

Dawn blushed a bit. “We all have sexual needs Dr. Brown.”

“Yes Dawn, I know. But she traded sex for political favors. Doesn’t that bother you?” I stared at her sensual lips as they formed her words.

“Why? Men have done the same thing for generations. How many times have girls like me been made to do things, sexual things, for men to further their careers? Or to feed their families? It’s gone on for centuries, but here was Catherine, turning the tables, and doing it for herself.”

My cock ached in my lap as I listened to her. All I knew was that I wanted this young girl. I did my best to keep canlı casino siteleri up a professional demeanor but inside, I ached for her. I grew bolder. “So, it’s ok if there is a need?”

Dawn looked at me and replied “I didn’t say that Dr. Brown. Sex is something beautiful between two people and should be cherished.”

Inside, I cringed. Blah blah blah! Dawn was not someone who slept around, not with an answer like that. There was a side of me that liked that though. I thought she was special and I’m glad she did too.

She continued, “But lust is powerful. Lust can burn your soul. Throw in mutual attraction and you have all the elements of an explosion. Kind of like this.”

I sat there as my lust filled brain finally registered her words. I coughed a bit and leaned forward in my chair towards my desk and said “What do you mean, kind of like this?”

Very calmly and collectively, Dawn said “I mean, lust, like you have for me Dr. Brown.”

Her words shocked me back to reality. Had I really been that transparent? “I don’t understand,” was all I could mumble in reply. My life and my career suddenly flashed before my eyes. I took a deep breath and waited.

Dawn smiled softly and said, “It’s ok. Really. Don’t be worried.” A sense of calm came over me again, and then Dawn continued, “Still, it is completely inappropriate. I’ve done nothing to bring this on. All I’d have to do is talk to the department head. Or my boyfriend. Though, it would turn out pretty ugly for you and for me.”

Suddenly, this sweet young girl wasn’t so innocent and naive. Somewhere along the way, I had lost control of the situation and I needed to get it back.

Feigning anger I said tersely, “Look young lady. I haven’t said or done one inappropriate thing toward you. I haven’t touched you. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Regardless, my cock ached but my erection was beginning to wither away.

Dawn, disregarding my soliloquy, proceeded on. “It was your eyes that gave you away. That, and your constant hard on whenever I was around. But like I said, it’s ok. I’m flattered. We’ll just keep it between us.” She smiled ever so slightly as she looked at me behind those glasses.

I said nothing as I stared at her. Dawn continued, “I asked myself, ‘Why a paper on Catherine the Great?’ It was obviously about the sex but I couldn’t write that. Like I said earlier, ‘mutual’ attraction. But I did learn a great deal from her, about lust and power.”

Suddenly, the mood in the room shifted again. I finally understood what she had meant. “Do you really think you could trade sex for a grade Miss Sanders?”

“Yes. That bulge in your lap tells me I can. And call me Dawn.”

My cock ached for her. I wanted this woman more than any woman I’ve ever known. Here she was, offering herself to me. I had to try and maintain control.

I looked across my desk at her. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair fragrant and soft. The heat between us had been turned up by Dawn’s words and I did the best I could to resist.

I said nothing and in the silence of the room, the clamor in my mind began to deteriorate my will. My eyes moved over her body, covered completely by her baggy clothes. Her smile had been replaced with a look of lust that burned. I leaned back in my chair, my erection clearly visible against the fabric of my pants.

Dawn smiled slightly, still sitting across from me. She leaned back in her chair, her legs parted and her left hand slipped between her jean covered thighs. Slowly, she stroked the inside of her leg and her hand traveled upward. She cupped her hand against her vagina and moaned. My cock throbbed for her.

Dawn rubbed herself for a moment and my hand slipped involuntarily into my lap. I rubbed my hand along the length of my cock through my pants. Dawn watched me and her lips parted slightly.

She slowly stood up and moved around my desk to where I was seated. I swiveled the chair to face her as she stood before me. I said nothing but only watched as Dawn’s eye’s moved from mine to my aching crotch. I watched as Dawn lowered herself and knelt between my outstretched legs.

My God, she looked so sexy behind those glasses. She looked up at me from between my legs, her eyes aglow and slowly began to trace the outline of my erection with her fingertip. My heart pounded as I felt her finger. My mouth was suddenly dry and I was barely able to mutter “Take out my cock.”

Dawn smiled slightly again and turned her attention lower. She began to unbuckle my trousers, pulling on the belt and opening the top button of my pants. Slowly, Dawn found the zipper tab and slid it down. From between my legs, she grabbed the waist band on either side of my hips and gently tugged down.

I lifted myself up slightly from the chair and my clothing slid easily. My throbbing cock sprung from inside and slowly bobbed and swayed at attention. Dawn’s eyes opened wide, never leaving my cock as she continued pulling down my pants to mid thigh.

She leaned forward again and let go of the material. Slowly, Dawn wrapped her small, thin hand around my hot, hard shaft. Dawn’s eyes were riveted to my cock as she began working her hand up and down my length. I closed my eyes drinking in the warm sensations her hand was giving me.

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