Exciting Vacation

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I am mid thirties man & a divorcee. One day I planned a vacation trip to Secluded Island near South Africa. The place had very few Asian visitors and was considered Vacation spot for mostly Latin’s & Europeans.

As I was about to final bookings for going, I received a call from one of my elder cousin Rupali that she came to know about my plan and was also interested in going with me. Although, I was least interested in a company as it would have disturbed my privacy. On second thought of saving few amount in my hotel accommodations. I gave it a thought & agreed on proposal.

Finally day of departure arrived, I called her and told her to meet me at airport. Well I was carrying lightest possible baggage with me. As I boarded taxi from house for airport there was call on mobile from Rupali, she had already reached airport but had left few necessary items in rush.

I was annoyed with her attitude but was silent and was given a small list of few items to be purchased on the way. I halted my cab in passing market and purchased the items told to me.

Finally I arrived at airport and found her standing on entrance waiting for me. To my surprise she was dressed in usual Indian dress sari in chiffon kind of material with floral prints. She was wearing a matching deep cut sleeveless blouse. I complimented for her looks as she was looking very gorgeous & sexy in that attire.

Our flight landed at right time at airport from there we had to board a van which would have taken us to our hotel which was a beach resort far from city in secluded place. Well we were all enjoying the long drive as we were only hotel guest aboard the van and I was feeling relaxed. After around a 2 hrs drive we reached the resort.

On reaching reception I received a little shock that extra room was very costly on spot booking and I had to share the room with her although hotel was charging little extra for 2 in room. Our room was located on one corner of resort and room was like small cottage style with small pantry. I was feeling tired and was relaxing on bed for while. In meantime Rupali went in bathroom to get fresh.

Well she was just in 40’s and was having well endowed body. After a while she came out of bathroom, I was surprised to see her in just petticoat and blouse.

She settled down on the couch and asked me about the things I bought for her on way to airport. I got up and took out the carry bag and handed it to her. On opening the bag she looked at me with mischievous smile. This smile was for slippers (rubber types), I had bought. She commented “badi sexy choice hai tumari!” (You have sexy choice). She took them out & wore them.

Well although I knew that she was famous for making comments that could make anybody shy but never knew she was so bold in way she was dressed up. Her blouse material was thin and showed contours of her figure and even bra was fully visible thru it.

Her presence was making me little uncomfortable. Well after relaxing for while I announced that I was going for a walk to nearby shopping mall. Rupali immediately told me that she wanted to accompany me. She opened her luggage and told me to wait for her in lobby. After few minutes she arrived in lobby dressed in long shorts and loose top. On the way I asked if she wanted to buy anything.

She said she was in mood to buy some nice western outfit or maybe beachwear too. Our conversation was little till we reached the store.

On reaching store we parted our ways as she was interested in buying clothes and I was interested in looking at electronics section. I nearly spent an hour in section and bought an expensive dig cam and few other things too. I was slowly going thru the section as it has lot of exciting products.

Suddenly I heard my name being called; I turned around and found my cousin was calling me.

I reached near her and said “kya Hua!” (What happened)?

She grabbed my hand and asked me to accompany her as she wanted my advice on certain things she wanted to buy. On reaching the section where she was seeking my advice, I was bit shocked and feeling awkward as it was lingerie and beachwear section. She brought few bras in hand and asked me about my idea on color and style.

Well I pretended to be shy and said “iska mujhe koi idea nahin hai didi, aap khud try karke dekh lo” (I am not having any casino şirketleri idea u try and check yourself).well but she was adamant on me telling her and advising her about undergarments.

In shyness I quickly chose around 3 and then silently walked away seeing her busy in choosing other things. We met each other on main gate in around hour.

“Tu kaha bhaag gaya tha” (where did u run away?) she asked me, but I preferred to be silent.

On reaching hotel she decided that we should first take dinner and then retire to room. I had a fast dinner and I announced that I will go for walk on beach and will be back in few minutes, before she could say anything I was out of lobby.

After a long walk I reached room, I opened the door with my key as I entered room I had biggest shock or u can say surprise of my life. My cousin was standing in just bra/panty in front of mirror.

Sorry didi! I said and immediately turned my face on other side. She immediately picked a front open gown and wore it.Sorry didi! Mujhe pata nahin tha ki aap change kar rahi hai, mujhe knock karna chaiye tha (sorry! I didn’t know you were changing, I should have knocked before entering room).

She replied, Koi baat nahin meri gulti hai mujhe room lock karke try karna chaiya tha (nothing to be sorry about it’s my mistake, I should have locked the room).

Her gown was pale wt in color with first button at a place showing hint of cleavage. Gown clearly gave idea that she was wearing pushup lacy cup bra in black as faint edges of bra were visible from front.

Well instead of feeling shy she kept going thru what she shopped at mall side. I picked up a magazine to read but my eyes were more focused on what she was doing.

Didi agar aap KO try karna hai toh main bahar chala jata huu. (If u wants to try stuff, I can go out), I suddenly said to her. Nahin (no) it’s ok, she replied with a smile.

In meantime she packed all her stuff in bag and kept in cupboard. I was feeling little discomfort in way she was moving in room. Her gown only covered till her knees and was giving a sexy look to lady of her age. Finally we retired to our respective beds by around 11pm in night.

Next day I woke up little early in morning, to my surprise my cousin was already out of bed and ready for the day. I quickly finished my morning routine and got ready. We had planned visit to private beach of our hotel to try some water sports.

On reaching beach to our surprise, it was full of guest from the resort. We walked thru semi and full nude crowd to look for a space for ourselves and were only Indians on beach. Finally, we managed to get a space near a small cliff at end of beach.

Well as I settled down, I realized that my cousin was not around. I guessed she might have gone to change in some beachwear as she was having a small carry bag on way to beach.

‘Oye tune change nahin karma kya!’ (You are not changing!), I heard a voice from back.

As I turned me was dumb folded to see my cousin standing in a bikini which barely covered her assets? Seeing my shyness she said “yeh bra panty nahin hai, yeh bikini hai tujhe sharam kyu aa rahi hai” (why is u getting shy? its bikini not bra).

I replied “yeh zaada kuch choti hai woh better thi” (it’s too small that was better).

She laughed on my reply “iska matlab kal tuu mujhe dyhan se dekh raha tha” (it means us saw me with full concentration).

I didn’t replied, she took the next chair me and sat down. Than we both had bath in sea although maintained a silence. After an hour or so we packed up. She just slipped on her clothes over bikini and we walked back to the room and she immediately went into bath room. I could hear sound of shower coming from bath.

I was sitting on couch, when I noticed that her carry bag was lying on bed. I took courage and opened it & found pair of nice beige undergarments. I pulled out bra to see what type and size was it. It was 38d tag and was full cupped with 3 hooks fitting on back. I was so engulfed in it, that I didn’t realize my cousin had finished shower. She was standing on door of bathroom watching me.

“Kaisi hai tumhe pasand aayi” (did u like it?).

Her words struck me like a lightning; I was feeling ashamed that I was caught in such an act.

I gathered little courage and replied” Sorry Didi”.

Sorry casino firmaları ki koi baat nahin, yeh bra mujhe pass kar do mujhe paheni hai (nothing to feel sorry about it, pls hand it to me I have to wear it), she replied. I handed her bra on doorway. After few minutes she came out, I was sitting on couch with my head down with shyness.

On seeing my shyness she smiled and said “lagta tumhe bra acchi lagti hai, khas kar bade size ki” (guess u like bra’s especially in big sizes).

Sorry didi! Was just I managed to say before she interrupted me.

“Tum badi dhyan se tag pur rahe the, Mera size kaisa laga tumhe” (you were reading bra tag, how did u find my size).

I was shy but on other hand was feeling amazed by her open talk.I gathered little courage and replied “38d theek size hai” (38d is ok size I said).

She replied “theek nahin accha bada size hai sir” (‘it’s not fine it’s nice big one mister’) she replied with smile.

Well I was silent but was having a smile; suddenly I decided to spice up the talk a little. “Didi aapka favorite shade white aur beige lagta hai” (you favorite Shade seems white and beige I said).

Hearing it she had smile but she kept a silent, Maybe she was enjoying the fire ignited in my mind by the views I had in last 2 days. She finally broke silence, “tumhe kaun sa color achha lagta hai” (which color u like most she asked me).

Mujhe sab theek lagte hai aur waise bhi, Maine sirf appko white mein dekha hai (I like all colors but I have seen u just in white).It means you want to see me in other shades too, she asked with smile on her face, be frank tell me she again asked me.

I had shyness on my face, I wanted to reply but I kept silence waiting for her reaction. She took seat in front of me on bed facing the couch. Well I kept silence pretending to be ignorant on question she asked me. I was not sure whether it was a proposal or just a tease.

In meantime she picked up a magazine to read. We both were maintaining silence, which she finally broke after few minutes. Tumne meri baat ka koi jawab nahi diya. (You didn’t reply about my proposal).

Well I can say a fool will reply no to such proposal, but we are related to each other so I guess it’s a taboo.

Tum bataon, tumhara kya dekhne ka mun hai (you tell what in your mind).

Didi aapka question bahut tricky hai (you question is tricky).you tell what do u want to do?

Hearing my answer, she stood up and closed the curtain.

With in minute of it, she just took off her top. I was in shock as I was seeing my cousin standing in just bra and salwar (pajamas) in front of me. Slowly she came near to me and loosened her salwar. As it fell down on floor, I could see she was in matching panty.

Beige bra which I was looking at looked so beautiful with d cup breast in it. The bra cups seemed to have swelled the boobs and it was looking gorgeous.

My member had already stiffened and I was trying to adjust it while she kept standing in the undergarments. After a while she opened her bag and took out all old and new bra sets.Come here, choose in which all you want to see me, She asked with a smile.

Didi! There is a saying beggars are not chooser. Any thing you wear will look good on you and will have my approval.

After my statement, she wore every bra panty with her & literally did a personal ramp show for me, showing me herself in every undergarment. Last one which she wore was blue cup one with front hooks and she slipped those rubber slippers with it.

It was a show which had literally stiffened my member to the limit. I had mix of shyness and excitement on my face. Finally she pulled out a see-thru nightwear and wore it.

Ab batao! Which one suited me best?

Didi! All of them looked nice but particularly last one was looking good as you had matching slippers with it in your feet.Well, you brought those sexy slippers for me, so credit goes to you.

Well, you look good in everything and anything you wear. It’s nothing in my choice but appeal you have that makes thing look so nice on you.

She was smiling on hearing romantic overtones in my words. She finally picked up all the stuff & threw it on my lap. It looked I was in shower of bra and panties.

Now you pack them back. It’s your job as you wanted a show of them. Bra aur güvenilir casino panty alag alag rakhna (keep bra and panty separately), She said.

Finally at 12 in night we retired to our respective bed.

Next morning, I was little late in getting up. My sleep was disturbed with sound of water coming from bath room. I got up and sat in bed. Bathroom door was slightly open and I guess my cousin was taking bath. Well the incident night before, guessed made her more open and casual. After a while she came out of bathroom. It was like a morning gift for me, she was just in set of black bra and floral polka dot panty in black shade and slippers.

Good morning! Kaise neend aayi? (How was the sleep?)

I said, bahut acchi (nice one)

So what’s plan for today, she asked

Not much. Aap batiye (you tell).

In the mean time she wore a t-shirt and nice Capri. I was still in bed waiting and thinking for plan for the day. We still had 2 more days of vacating period left and last night incident was making me think that next 2 days can be real exciting and fun.

Let’s go to beach, she proposed.

Beach is boring DIDI. Kal bhi Gaye Thai (we went yesterday too.)

Phir tum batayo, kahan jaaye (than you say where to go)

I kept on thinking, but was confused. In my mind I was thinking of place where we could spend more time together. let’s go to beach only buts it’s too much occupied everywhere. You can’t relax in so many people.

Hey you can relax if you don’t stare and peek here and there on beach, she replied


She smiled and told me to get ready. I quickly grabbed a track pant and just wore a t-shirt. We first took our breakfast and than started walking towards beach. It was long walk for sunny day and was already feeling sweaty. When we reached the beach, it was already full of people. We walked thru the crowd looking for space. After a mile long walk, all in sweat we found a place to sit and relax.

Didi! Let’s walk little further till that hilly corner; I guess its better there with a shade from sun.

She approved the idea and we reached nearly end of beach. It was foot hill side type and little cool from regular temperature.

She slipped off her t-shirt and Capri. Too my surprise she came without swim wear and walked in undergarments towards sea. I slipped into my swim wear and followed her.

Didi! Aap costume nahi laayi kya (you didn’t bring costume.)

I thought bra is also ok for swim; anyway I don’t have to shy from you anymore, you have already seen me in them. She replied with smile.

After that we continued to enjoy sea while maintaining a distance too. I had seen in bra but in wetness the bra was giving view of her dark nipples. She had big areolas too. But everything was in proportion of her 38d size. I was enjoying the view.

Finally I came out of sea, totally drenched and little bit exhausted. I could see my cousin was still enjoying the waves and sand. I took out a rug and lied down on it facing the beach, So that I could get clear view of my cousin. After a while my cousin walked out of sea. Small sand particles were clearly seen sticking to her lacy bra giving it a sexy look.

She sat next to me. Let’s go back she said.

Ok Didi! In the mean time she slipped her t-shirt and Capri back. I was getting hard on and thought restarting some spicy talks with her.

Didi! You have to again take bath. Mujhe bhi lagta hai, kaafi dry feel ho raha. (I guess so, feeling a lot dry because of sand).Aap KO sand particle nahi chubh rahe (Are sand particles pinching you?), I asked.

Bra chubh rahi hai bahut, she said (bra is pinching a lot.)

Wait! She suddenly said. She moved to a tree side and just took of her bra from inside without removing the top. As she came out from side of tree I could see boobs bouncing freely. She just carried bra in her hand and walking off casually. Didi! You should have carried a spare set.

Mujhe idea nahin that ki bra main sand lagegi. (I didn’t have idea that sand would stick in bra). Aise bhi theek hai (its ok like this too). At least I am feeling little free now.

Free and bouncy! I suddenly remarked, with shyness and smile.Naughty boy! Guess my top has attracted you a lot.

Well to be frank it has. Last night I didn’t sleep at all. I was thinking about you.

Kya (what)

What were you thinking? Didi! You can understand, what will a guy think seeing a beautiful lady in bare necessities. She smiled hearing my words but didn’t utter anything. We reached our room.

To be continued…

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