Family Maid Ch. 03

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Sue was due home any time now, and Linda wondered how she would take the news of Okia as their live-in maid. Sue, she thought, had always been a very open, caring young woman, and she suspected that she would welcome the fact that Okia would be assuming the household chores.

Linda sat in the living room thinking about what a wonderful girl her daughter was. She was attractive, had a terrific body and what she guessed would be a very sexy personality in private. In public, she was very outgoing and easy to talk with and get to know. Her thoughts went back to what a great body Sue had. She had probably a 34C bust, tiny waist and long, shapely legs. She caught herself thinking of what she might be like in bed. Her right hand unconsciously dropped to her lap and sliding her hand under her skirt, she pressed against her mound, feeling how moist she had gotten again, thinking of her daughter.

Linda seemed to be in a perpetual state of arousal lately, and the arrival of Okia just intensified her feelings. She envisioned a very open, and happy family within the walls of their home, and knew that Sam would be in agreement. Men are always horny anyway, and with three women in the house, not to mention an 18 year old son who was curious about anything sexual, she knew Sam would welcome the change. Sam was always horny and Linda had caught him more than once watching their daughter, his hand on his hardon beneath his clothes. She had also seen him staring at Bill’s crotch when his son would workout in their home exercise room. Bill usually only wore a jockstrap and maybe a tank top when he worked out. Linda imagined the three of them together and closed her eyes trying to picture themselves entangled in a threesome.

As she was getting lost in her erotic thoughts, she heard Sue coming into the foyer. Quickly, she snapped back to reality and removed her hand from under her skirt, brushing the skirt smooth. She jumped up and met Sue, gave her a long hug and a kiss on the cheek. Sue did nothing to try and break away from her mother’s arms, and enjoyed the feeling of mom’s warm body and tits against her.

Linda put her arm around Sue’s waist and walked back to the living room with her. Sue returned the touch by putting her arm around her mother, as well, but letting her hand appear to naturally slide lower onto her mother’s hip. Linda smiled to herself, feeling the closeness with her daughter and the familiarity Sue showed, touching Linda where daughter’s normally don’t.

“So, how has the day at the store been so far, baby?” Linda asked.

“OK, I guess, mom. I had a couple of men come in to buy some lingerie for their wives, I think. It may have been for their girlfriends, even though they were wearing wedding rings. They always seem to pick out the skimpiest outfits we have in our regular section. They weren’t one of our special customers who have access to the private collection we offer, so I was not asked to model their selections for them, as I do with others.”

“What gets a customer on that ‘special’ list, honey?” Linda queried.

“Well, I guess it’s a matter of how much they spend on lingerie. It’s sort of like how Vegas cater to the high rollers. Most are women, casino oyna but we do have a few men who spend as much as some of the women. If the men are buying underwear for themselves, they sometimes ask to have that modeled and Jeff comes in to show them how it would look, being worn.”

“It sounds like your store has a nice collection of erotic undies that you can’t always find in a normal department store.” Linda said.

“Yeah, we do. We also have a men’s section with items you can’t find just everywhere. I sometimes wonder if Bill, or maybe even dad, might like them. I guess I shouldn’t be thinking like that about my own family, but I do. I do get a rather liberal discount, so if you would like, I could pick up some things for you, dad, or Bill. There are some really naughty outfits for women, though. That’s what we sell most” replied Sue.

“Sounds exciting, sweetie.” said Linda just as Okia entered the room.

“Oh, Sue, this is Okia. I hired her to be our live-in maid.” said Linda.

“Live-in?” questioned Sue, with a glint in her eye as she looked at Okia and smiled, taking in the striking beauty of the maid before her.

“Yes, dear. Okia is taking over most of the household chores to give us all more time to spend together, and her living with us will allow her to feel more like part of the family instead of just being a servant.” Linda replied.

“Oh, that’ll be great.” Sue said as she looked Okia up and down, continuing to smile as she did.

Linda saw Sue’s reaction to the news and presence of Okia, and smiled to herself, delighting in, not only Sue’s acceptance, but also the way Sue was checking out Okia’s body. Linda knew that Sue had been sleeping with boys ever since she turned 18, but wasn’t sure how she felt about girls. She could see in her daughter’s eyes that she appreciated a beautiful body, and just maybe she was sexually attracted to women, as she was to boys.

Sue stood up and walked over to Okia, took her hand and said “I hope you’ll be very happy here, Okia, and want to stay with us”, thinking how beautiful Okia was.

Okia smiled back at Sue and lightly squeezed her hand, saying that she was sure that she would. “You mother has already made me feel very welcome, ma’am.” Okia said, glancing over at Linda who was sitting on the sofa smiling and taking in the view of the two girls. This is going to work out just fine, Linda thought.

Sue continued to hold Okia’s hand and said “Why don’t I show you my room, Okia.”.

“OK, I’d like that. Your mother didn’t have time to show me the entire house. We sort of … got involved with getting to know each other.” Okia replied.

Okia turned to Linda as sue was leading her up the stairs, by the hand. Linda looked at her, smiled and gave Okia a knowing nod.

Okia turned back, as Sue was a step ahead of her, and thought as she watched Sue that she must have a tight body. If the way the Sue’s tight mini-skirt clung to her ass.

At the top of the stairs they turned and went down the hall towards Sue’s room which was at the end of the hall. Opening the door to her room, Sue led her inside and closed the door behind them.

“So, what do you think?” asked Sue.

Okia slot oyna looked around to see a very feminine room with a lot of lace and silks adorning the bed and furnishings. “It is really nice and very sexy.” Okia replied, squeezing Sue’s hand as she talked.

“Okia, I’m not exactly what mom said your duties were, but would they include helping me change. My clothes got a little wrinkled, changing in and out of lingerie that some of my customers wanted to see. I do try to please my customers and model the lingerie for them to see what it would look like on.” Sue said.

Okia was surprised, but pleased to hear that Sue was so open about displaying her body to her customers. Maybe she wouldn’t feel shy around me then, she thought. She definitely wanted to see more of her employer’s daughter.

“Of course, ma’am. Whatever you want.” she said, looking deeply into Sue’s blue eyes.

“Oh great. Could you help me out of this blouse and skirt of mine, then? A couple of my female customers were a little forward in thanking me for modeling lingerie today. Not that I mind it, because I really don’t. It’s just that I tend to get a little ‘messed up’ and really need to change before I go back in a couple of hours.”

Okia let go of Sue’s hand and, looking into her eyes, began to slowly unbutton Sue’s blouse. Allowing her hands to brush Sue’s ample tits as she did. As she slide the blouse down, off Sue’s shoulders, it fell completely open and Okia could see that Sue was aroused by the way her nipples stood hard against her sheer bra.

Stepping behind sue, she unzipped Sue’s skirt, slid her hands into the waistband, at Sue’s sides, and ever so slowly slid it down Sue’s hips, her palms caressing her hips as she did. She could hear an almost inaudible moan escape Sue’s mouth.

The skirt, falling to the floor, left Sue standing there in her sheer bar and panty set, garter belt, nylons and heels. Staying turned away from Okia, she reached to unhook the front clasp on her bra, but found Okia’s hands sliding around her, cupping her breasts and finally unhooking her bra.

Sue’s breasts fell free from the confinement of her bra. Okia slid it down Sue’s arms and finally off her body. Sue turned towards Okia, a sexy, confident smile on her face.

“Thank you, Okia. I appreciate what you can do for me.” Sue said, grasping Okia’s hands and boldly pulling her against her, knowing that Okia could feel her tits and hardened nipples against her. Looking down into Okia’s eyes, she leaned forward and allowed their lips to lightly touch. Feeling no resistance to her advances, she opened her mouth and kissed Okia, feeling Okia respond with open lips and a tongue searching for hers. Holding each other, their kiss grew deeper while their hands explored the other’s body.

After a long while they broke their kiss as Sue felt Okia sliding her fingers into the waistband of her panties, sliding them down her legs. Okia slid down to her knees before as she got Sue’s panties down to her ankles. Sue stepped out of them and spread her legs enough so that Okia had a great view of her moist pussy, as Okia was now kneeling before her.

Okia looked up, taking in the fantastic view canlı casino siteleri of Sue’s large tits standing firm from her body. Her sight then returned to Sue’s cunt, framed by her nylons and garter belt. Sue looked down at Okia and grasped Okia’s hair, acknowledging that she did, indeed want Okia to kiss her pussy. Sue gently pulled Okia’s head closer until she could feel her hot breath on her mound.

Okia slowly licked Sue, from the base of her pussy slowly upward to her clit, allowing it to slightly penetrate the folds of her cunt as she did. She wanted to tease Sue, hoping that she would respond and want more.

She did not have to wait long, as Sue pulled her head tightly against her aching cunt. Okia began in earnest to penetrate Sue’s pussy, flicking at her hardened clit, hearing Sue moan as she did. Faster and faster she continued. Sue’s moaning became louder and more continuous as she mashed Okia’s mouth against her, making it difficult for Okia to breathe, at times. Sue’s hands grasped Sue’s hips, her fingernails digging into her ass as she sucked and flicked at Sue’s pussy.

“Okia, I’m going to cum. Yes, do me harder, baby. Eat me. You’re so damned good …. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, YES!!!!” cried Sue as she arched her back and drove her pussy into Okia’s expert mouth, cumming hard as she did.

Okia held her there against her, allowing Sue’s orgasm to run its course and subside. As she felt Sue relaxing a little, she again drove her nails into Sue’s ass, flicking at her clit, not letting her go, as she felt another orgasm build within her.

Again, Sue came hard against her servant’s warm mouth, breathing extremely heavy, moaning as she did. As Okia began once more, to start her attack on Sue’s pussy, Sue cried “No, please … I couldn’t take another. You’re so good to me Okia. So damn good!”.

Okia slid up Sue’s body, to her feet. Sue’s flushed face looked down at her lover and bent down to kiss her … hard! Sue ran her hands all over Okia’s body, feeling the firm body of the 20 year old through her uniform.

They finally broke their kiss, and looked at each other lovingly, holding each other.

“Shall I help you clean up and dress ma’am?” asked Okia.

“No, Okia. Thank you, though. You have done so very much for me, and on your first day, too.” answered Sue. “I hope we’ll have many more like this.”

“Well, your mother made me feel so welcome today; I wanted to return the favor. She was very giving and I feel close to this family already.” Okia responded.

Sue wondered whether she meant what she thought she meant. ‘Well, I’ll find out from mom, later’ she thought.

Okia picked up Sue’s clothes and put her bra and panties into the clothes hamper and said that she would take the wrinkled blouse and skirt and steam the wrinkles out for her, since they seemed to be clean and must have just come from the cleaners.

With that, Okia gave Sue a quick kiss, turned and left Sue standing there in her garter belt, nylons and heels, watching Okia’s swaying ass as she headed for the door.

“Wait Okia, won’t you let me help you feel as warm and delicious as you’ve made me feel?” Sue asked.

Okia stopped, turned to Sue and said “Your mother has already made me feel warm and welcome today.” Smiling at Sue, she turned and left the room.

Sue stood there, cupped her breasts, tweaking the nipples as she imagined how her mother may have made Okia feel welcome.

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