Family Secrets

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To really understand the secrets, you’ve got to understand the background, so bear with me as I recount the family history before I get to the family secrets.

Dad passed away years ago, killed while working on a construction job. He was literally hit by a ton of bricks that were dropped by a drunken crane operator. Mom got all of the Worker’s Compensation benefits payout plus made a lucrative settlement in a lawsuit against the developer, general contractor, crane operator, and others.

Mom was living alone in the old house, a place that had been in my mother’s family for three generations. Great-Grandma Doris bought the house with her own money, a fairly unusual thing for a woman in the early 1900’s; but she was a physician/surgeon, a VERY unusual thing in the early 1900’s and had made a lot of money on her own. She married later in life, had only one child, Grandma Dorothy, and divorced her husband not long after Dorothy was born. Owing to some shrewd business arrangements and some sharp lawyering, Doris came out of her divorce not owing her ex-husband very much at all. Doris made a lot of money and invested it wisely. The “Great Depression” of the 1930’s left her unscathed. Doris and Dorothy were secure and, in fact, downright well-off.

Great-Grandma Doris died while World War II was still underway. By that time Dorothy was married, had given birth to my mother, and was living comfortably in the family home. One of Great-grandma Doris’ coups was constructing a pre-nuptual agreement and trust for her daughter that insulated her fortune from being raided by Dorothy’s husband should a divorce occur. This was long before such an agreement was commonly known, let alone fashionable. Grandma Dorothy’s marriage was rumored in the family to be “rocky” but a divorce never occurred. Dorothy never worked; her husband was an industrial manager who made very good money on his own. Though my mother grew up in an environment of an “armed truce” between her mother and father, she was well cared for and, in fact, had more privileges than most kids of her era. Grandma Dorothy did not live to a ripe old age, though she did outlive her husband. I never knew Grandpa Frank and have only vague memories of Grandma Dorothy.

My mother married young, had me, and she continued to live in the family home. She had the same type of pre-marital agreement and trust made for her that Great-Grandma and Grandma had for themselves. Mother was secure notwithstanding my Dad’s occupation and earnings. I moved out of the house when I went off to college and now have a place of my own with my family. By the way, Mom put together a trust for me just like the one her mother put together for my Mom. That makes me financially comfortable irrespective of the fact that I make a lot of money in my accounting practice.

But let’s get to the point!

We did Mom’s 70th last year. When I say “we”, I mean my wife, three kids, and me. Mom told me that since was “getting on in years” she wanted to make sure things were regular with respect to her estate and possessions. She wanted me to promise that I would keep the house in the family-I said yes-and that our family heirlooms and keepsakes were all preserved-I said yes to that, too-and that all of the family “papers” culled over and either preserved or destroyed as I felt necessary-I said yes to that, as well. In specific, she said that there was an old trunk that belonged to my Grandfather in the attic. It was locked and had a sign on it that said, “TO BE OPENED ONLY AFTER MY DEATH”. Mom said that she never had the desire or the nerve to get into that trunk but that I might be far enough removed to deal with whatever was in it without upsetting the family “applecart”. I could make the decision as to what, if anything, I thought she might need to know or what papers in the trunk might be important to keep.

Well, Mom passed away a month ago. It was up to me to take care of her estate, including going through those items in my Grandfather’s truck that she so dreaded seeing.

I popped the lock on the trunk-there was no key to be found. There were a few items in there: a bundle of diplomas, a marriage certificate, Grandpa Frank’s birth certificate, his Army Discharge certificate, and a few World War II photographs. Also there, and of more importance, I found a large “pocket” file along with several large photo envelopes and a number of reels of 16mm film. I began with the large file.

The first document in an envelope from the Lawfirm of _______ & _______ addressed to Grandpa Frank at his business address and was marked “PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL”. In it was a letter dated November 16, 1946. It stated in part:

I have reviewed the material which you and your investigative firm provided me, the copies the pre-marriage agreement which you signed when you married Dorothy ___, the trust fund documents created by Dorothy _____’s mother, (the latter two of which have been appropriately signed, notarized, casino oyna and recorded), and your personal sworn affidavit as to your perceptions and beliefs.

As we discussed over the telephone, I do believe that you may well have sufficient grounds to go ahead with divorce proceedings but I did not find anything in the material provided that will obviate, nullify, or compromise any of the provisions of the pre-marriage agreement or the conditions of the irrevocable trust. Were you to pursue a divorce, I believe the outcome which might prove to be emotionally satisfying-but perhaps only marginally-would result in undoubtedly sensational publicity which would be more than unpalatable. The divorce itself would only net you a nominal financial award which, considering the costs, would be far from rewarding and, frankly, a course which I as a responsible counselor would recommend against.

It is my understanding, from our conversation, that you essentially agree with my opinion and choose, at this time, not to take any further steps along the lines of legal action. I am, therefore, returning to you all of the material that you sent me, including investigative reports, films and photographs. I suggest you keep them some place safe so that, should circumstances or the state of the law change, you might have them available to use to pursue a later action.

To say the least, this intrigued me. I fished out a package of documents from the “pocket” file and dug into the contents. The next item was a lengthy report from the ________ Investigation Agency dated September 18, 1946. Here are some excerpts:

Pursuant to your request, this agency undertook a confidential background and activity check on one Mrs. Dorothy _____ , your current wife. In the course of this assignment, we accomplished a number of interviews, discreetly done-most under pretext-actual surveillance, and took a number of still photographs along with several reels of 16mm film. We also, with your authorization, obtained copies of bank records and traced-again discreetly-funds paid out by Mrs._____ during recent years.

Mr.______, I regret to tell you that our investigation has disclosed some rather unseemly activity on the part of Mrs._____ which we will elaborate in the body of this report.

Records of Bank of _______

We managed to obtain records going back some three years. These records, plus what you were able to provide us by way of cancelled checks and personal check ledgers, show some interesting patterns.

First, starting in March of 1943, which as you told us is one month after you reported for active duty in the U.S. Army, we see weekly checks to a XXXX Gardening Service. This by itself is not troublesome except for the fact that we also find weekly checks paid to a YYYY Yard Service. These payments were fairly regular up to and including the date of this report. The XXXX Gardening Service is paid on Tuesday of each week and the YYYY Gardening service on Friday of each week. GGGG Grocery payments are made weekly on Wednesday and DDDD Dry Cleaners are paid on Monday of each week. Once a month, a payment is made to the CCCC Carpet Cleaning Company. In addition, Mrs._____ makes fairly regular weekly cash withdrawals of various amounts but usually in the $100 range. The significance of this will become clear later.


Morton M_______ (XXXX Gardening Service)

Mr. M_______ is a 30 year old gardener/landscaper and he looks it. He is tanned and well muscled, though not particularly handsome. We interviewed him on the pretext of utilizing his services and used Mrs._____ as a reference. He related that he has had Mrs.______ as a regular customer since early 1943 when her husband went on active duty in the army. He himself was not in the military because of his history of Scarlet Fever. He services this account usually on Tuesdays and it is his last stop for the day. He said he does this because Mrs._____ often requires extra work on the lawn and flower beds and he doesn’t wish to get caught in a time problem with another client. He says she pays him by check but often throws in a little extra in cash for his extra attention. The interviewer’s impression was that he was trying to influence a potential customer into paying a higher fee for his services.

Our investigator engaged in some discreet surveillance for three Mondays in a row. Mr. M_____ did indeed make his gardening stop at Mrs. _____ house as his last call of the day. He did mowing and edging each visit and an extra bit of work as well attending to the flower gardens, planting and weeding. One thing that caused concern was that on each visit he and Mrs. ____ spent time in the “potting shed”. Our operative couldn’t discern what was taking place in that small building because the door was closed and the small, high window, was not sufficient to see inside the building. Moreover, he didn’t want to leave his concealed vantage point slot oyna and thus risk being discovered in his viewing efforts. He did comment, however, that on more than on one occasion Mr. M____ entered the potting shed with his khaki shirt out and left with it tucked in. It may be just a guess but our agent seem to think that Mr. M____ appeared to have a “satisfied” look on his fact after his session with Mrs.____. This may be only speculation but is lent some credence by development of facts later on.

Marvin W______(YYYY Yard Service)

Mr. W_____ was interviewed using the same pretext as Mr. M____. Mr. W____ is a much older man, probably in his late 40’s, well past military age. He is a rugged looking man but somewhat overweight, not particularly a “catch” from a romantic standpoint. We were a little suspicious of his involvement in as much as he runs a “Yard Service” which we presumed was the equivalent of Mr. M____’s gardening service. It turns out that Mr. W______ runs essentially a pool maintenance company with weekly service for Mrs.____. He also confirmed that he is paid by check for each service call but there is no extra remuneration proffered by Mrs. ____ for his efforts. His clientele is a wealthy one, as one might expect of those who can afford to have and maintain a swimming pool during these times. He says he is good at what he does and has no reason to expect extra money.

Surveillance of this subject was more difficult because of the location of Mrs.____ swimming pool at the back of her property but, at the same time, easier because our agent had a full, clear view of the pool area once he was able to establish himself in a sub-rosa location. He observed Mr. W_____ doing his weekly routine of cleaning Mrs._____ pool, testing the water, and making sure the pool equipment was in good working order. But the most revealing part of our surveillance was at the conclusion of Mr. W____’s routine when he met Mrs.______ at the pool, disrobed, and went “skinny dipping” with her. It was during this activity that our agent determined Mr. W____’s chief attribute-he has a remarkably large penis. When they finished with their swim, Mr. W_____ reclined on one of the pool lounges and Mrs.______ performed oral sex on him. This happened during two of his visits. On the third visit, Mr. W_____ and Mrs._____ went into the pool house naked where they stayed for about 45 minutes. Our operative was able to shoot two reels of 16mm film of the sexual activity taking place poolside. While there is nothing recorded of their pool house activity, it is reasonable to assume that similar activities were taking place therein. Parenthetically, we believe that observance and recording of the one episode alone should be enough to document Mrs. ____’s connubial derelictions.

Gary G____ (GGGG Grocery)

Mr. G____ is a college student who works part time for GGGG Grocery. He is a nephew of the owner. He is a little bit of a goofy kid-energetic, fun loving, jock. He doesn’t seem to take very much seriously. Our approach was telling him that we were checking out some local ball players and wanted to see how he felt about transferring to XXX college. He didn’t seem enthused at all. When we got around to his delivery route, specifically Mrs. ___, he didn’t give us a lot of information except to say, “Yeah, Mrs._____, I always deliver her groceries on Wednesdays. I stop by quick, she gives me a check and she gives me a good tip.”

We followed him to Mrs. ____ house on a couple of occasions and found that he made more than a “quick stop”. We got a clear enough view through the window on the back porch door to see that Mrs._____ had the habit of giving the young man a tip AND a oral sex before he left. Our operative was able to snap several still photos of this activity.

Barry D____ (DDDD Dry Cleaners)

Mr. D_____ is not exactly a carbon copy of Gary G____ the Grocery guy/ Mr. D____ is anything but a jock; he is more of an “egghead”; but he is a good looking college student reminiscent of an Errol Flynn. Our pretext was asking him if he ever thought of going into acting. Our operative even gave him a business card of one of the local movie studios. We got him to talk about his day’s/week’s activities from a character actor standpoint. He admitted he had a different character for each of his regular customers. He says he treats Mrs._____ like the society dame she is. He picks up and drops off her dry cleaning every Monday at about 3:30pm, just the way Mrs._____ wants it. “Nice Lady; Good Tipper”, he says.

Our surveillance confirms the 3:30pm drop-off/pick-up but it takes him almost an hour to do that. Given our experience with the Mr.W____ and Mr. G_____, we suspect that Mr. D _____is getting more or less the same treatment–probably more!

Jackson C____ (CCCC Carpet Cleaning)

Mr. Jackson C______ is a gentleman of African descent who is pleasant and personable. He runs what appears to be a very successful carpet canlı casino siteleri cleaning service and markets himself as catering to “high society” clients. He spent some time in impressing us as to his encyclopedic knowledge of carpets, fabrics, weaves, cleaning solutions. He said he also does drapes and, in a pinch, can work on fabric wall coverings. He also prides himself in doing thorough work as he employs a crew to do each job completely and quickly. He did say that Mrs.______ was one of his regular clients and, in fact, intimated that he had more or less of a “contract” with her for monthly service. Certainly, the bank records would indicate faithful service and he definitely wasn’t a cut-rate operation.

It took some time before we could set up a surveillance on this individual. This wasn’t an entirely a bad thing because it gave us the opportunity to come up with a plan to conclusively document Mrs.______ behavior. Our guess was that, while his crew was in the house cleaning the carpets, he would be in the pool house with Mrs._____. We allowed for that contingency which, as it turned out, complicated our efforts considerably.

We determined that Mr. C_______ would do Mrs. ______ carpets on the first Saturday of each month. During World War II, when Mr._____ was on active duty, this presented no problem but after the war was over, Mr. ______ would spend the first weekend of each month on U.S. Army Reserve duty, a noble and patriotic dedication, but it freed up Mrs._____ for her “Carpet Cleaning” every month, too!

Mr. C____ and his crew arrived at Mrs._____ residence at 10:00am like clockwork and immediately went to work. Our surveillance team could hear the whir and whine of the carpet cleaning equipment even as far out as the back yard. The surveillance team was thrown off , though, by the fact that Mr. C_____ did not come out to the swimming pool area or pool house to, as we thought, consort with Mrs._____. We figured that with all of the activity in the house nobody would pay much attention to us, so we moved our surveillance crew to the house to see what we could observe through the windows. We were astounded at what we saw!

Mrs. _____ had the cleaning crew move all of the furniture in the living room into the adjoining dining room, had them bring several mattresses down to the living room from the upstairs bedrooms, and thereupon as having an orgy with the entire carpet cleaning crew! Mr. Jackson C____ and three of his cleaning crew were involved in having sex with Mrs._____, all at the same time! We quickly set up our cameras, both 16mm movie cameras and 35mm still cameras, and began filming the whole of the proceedings through the windows. We weren’t worried about the noise our presence might make because the fake carpet cleaning equipment noise drowned out any noise we might make. We took still pictures and ran the movie cameras until all of our film ran out.

Mrs. ______, an older but not bad looking woman, was engaged it giving oral sex to Mr. Jackson C______ while Mrs.______ sitting astride another cleaning crew member who has his penis inserted into her vagina AND while another of the cleaning crew behind Mrs.____ was simultaneously performing anal sex on Mrs.______. To put in the parlance, Mrs._____ was getting DP’s while doing a blow job. Her free hand was stroking the erect penis of the remaining member of the cleaning crew. It was a sight to behold! Mr. Jackson C___ ejaculated into Mrs._____ mouth with such a big load that she couldn’t swallow it all and the excess dripped down on the face to the man she was “riding”. She dutifully licked his face clean. In the meantime, the man giving Mrs._____ anal sex, shot his load all the way up her ass. He caught his cum in his hand as it leaked out of her and then moved up to the front and fed it to her. She licked it into her mouth like a delicacy. Mr. “Handjob” receiver started to cum and Mrs.____ got her mouth down on his cock to swallow his cum, too. The man Mrs. ____was riding started to cum so she pulled herself off of him, turned 180º and suck his cock as his semen gushed out of it. Then she rolled over onto her back and laughed. We couldn’t hear what she said but we guessed it was something like, “O.K., Boys, take a break. We’ll get back to it in half-an-hour!” It had to be that because a half an hour later they were doing it all over again.

This all went on for about four hours. We couldn’t document it other than by eyewitness testimony because by that time we’d run completely out of film. After a second round of fucking and sucking, they quit-having sex, at least. Then the cleaning crew moved the mattresses back upstairs, actually cleaned the carpets, and moved the living room furniture back where it belonged.

Our surveillance quickly and quietly packed up but we did catch Mrs._____ saying to Mr. Jackson C____, as he was leaving, “See you next month!”

Mr. _____, that completes the body of our report. I trust we have done a satisfactory job for you. If you need any more information, please let me know. I can supply the names of our operatives and surveillance technicians should you need the testimony of percipient witnesses.

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