Farm Sex Fantasy

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Farm Sex Fantasy
I was dating a very kinky woman who works as an assistant and farm hand to a rich couple with horses. Lots of great material there! We spent as much time there as possible this past summer. A paradise. Unsupervised and unfettered. We are both exhibitionists and love being nude outside. With complete privacy it’s easy to be uninhibited. I’d never met someone so open to kinky things. It’s amazing and liberating. We are into light bondage. The regular restraints. A crop. The usual penis plug, sound, toys and hooks collection. Pretty much anything we think is fun. Leather and soft ropes are a large part of the fun.

Nearly everything I’d ever thought of has been fair game. Having a playground added a lot more possibilities. Many of our hottest fantasies have played out there. We do have a list of new things to try this coming summer. A lot of fun can be had with soft rope and a little imagination. bahis siteleri We had invited others to play in the past. Well, there is one guy that we play with. Often. And we do everything. He’s also married, which works perfectly. He’s so starved for sex at home that he’s always up for anything we want.

Most of the time I’d suggest something naughty and she’d unexpectedly add something to make it much hotter. This was one of those times..

We had been dating for quite a while and there was a dog collar in my size hanging in the barn at all times… Long story. One wonderful warm sunny weekend we had the place to ourselves again and she brought me to the old barn with much enthusiasm. I’d seen that gleeful look before! Going for the dog collar. Nice! The collar from the wall and some harness reins. Ordered that I get naked. Well of course! Usually this meant I was going to be forced to asyabahis eat her pussy. I’m totally in! She had the collar on me as fast as I was undressed. Gathered up some things and led me by the reins outside behind the barn around the water tank, and up to a rough-sawed wooden fence. Looped the reins on the fence.
“Don’t move!”
Then got behind me and lubed up my balls and ass.
“Face forward!”
My balls were cinched with a leather lace noose (one of my favorites). I could feel her fighting to tie something to it. Fuck! A large horse shoe swung from my balls! Damn! It swung back and forth no matter what I did..
“Oh! You bitch!”
She walked around the fence and pulled the reins tighter. Pulling me closer. The reins around her waist. Pulling tighter.

We kissed very passionately.. All despite the rough fence grating on my body. Her warm hand stroking my cock as she kissed me wildly. We asyabahis giriş kissed till I was lost in the moment and my cock stood rigid despite the pain. Fucking heaven. I love kinky women!

Without warning I felt someone rubbing their cock up and down the middle of my ass.. Searching hungrily for my opening.. I could tell that she was smiling. It was hard to stay kissing with… Entry! Now his rough hands gripped my hips. Thrusts. Frenzied punishing thrusts. I ejaculated in her hand…

She backed away and watched wild-eyed with excitement as he fucked me to completion. The look on her face was magical. Her mouth dropped open as he gave that one special thrust – and moan.. It was wonderful to watch her. She was frenzied..

His cock slipped from my ass. He must have walked away as I stood there dripping cum from my pulsing hole. Found myself panting with excitement. The dollop of cum leaving my opening made me wince and look down.. She saw it too. Wonderful stream running and falling down the inside of my leg. She dropped the reins and laughed as she walked back to the barn. Leaving me nude and trembling. Dripping from front and back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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