Femme Runs The Show

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I woke up to a cool feeling on my face. My girlfriend had a wet washcloth and was cleaning her juices off of my face and hands. I marveled in the way her breasts moved as she gently wiped my face. She giggled as I ran my fingers across her nipples and down to her belly button.

“I want you baby. My strap didn’t get to play last time.” I give her that look, those dreamy glazed-over bedroom eyes. She looks at me as a fresh blush creeps over her cheeks, neck and chest. She turns around and undoes my zipper so she could pull down my pants and boxers. I kick them off the end of the bed along with my shoes and socks.

She gets off the bed and takes the used washcloth into the bathroom. She climbs back onto the bed and straddles me. She leans down to kiss me and I meet her half way. She laces her fingers with mine and holds my hands down. We kiss softly, parting our lips and playfully rub our tongues together. I can feel my clit tingle and her warm pussy against my stomach. She gently sucks on my tongue and I moan. She releases my tongue and I lay my head back down on the pillow.

Pinning my hands down at my sides, she begins sliding her slick pussy back and forth across my stomach, leaving a trail of her juices on me. This turns me on to no end and I can feel her bump against my strap on every casino oyna back movement.

“Put your knees up baby.” I do as she says and she leans back, resting her shoulders against my thighs. “Don’t touch, just watch.” She lets go of my hands and I watch her carefully.

Smiling, she drags her hands down the front of her body and begins to caress her delicious pussy. I’m watching, mesmerized, as she parts her swollen lips with one hand and used the other to slide her middle finger over her clit and along her slit. I grip the sheets tightly in my fists. It takes every ounce of my will power not to throw her down and fuck her senseless. Instead she slips the first two fingers of her right hand into herself while the fingers of her left hand rub her clit. She bites down on her lower lip and moans as she slowly starts to finger fuck herself for me.

“This is what you do to me baby.” Her voice is so sexy and the visual alone might make me cream before she even rides me. I’m staring directly at her pussy, watching her juice coated fingers slid in and out of her. G-d, I want to eat her so bad and make her scream. The thought of how she’d taste makes my mouth water.

She takes her cum slicked fingers from her hole and slides them into my mouth. I lick every drop off of them and moan in slot oyna need. She slams them back into herself and moans even louder. “Oh my g-d baby, it’s so good.” She’s moving her hips against her fingers. “Do you want it?” she says to me. I whine in frustration as she further taunts me and nod yes.

“I didn’t hear you…”

I’m begging for it now. “Please baby, let me eat it.” She’s driving me crazy. I even started drooling. “Please let me taste it baby, please?” She stops fucking herself and sits up. She climbs over my face, holding her pussy just out of reach of my hungry mouth.

“Stick out your tongue.” I do as I’m told. “Use that tongue and make me wet enough so I can ride you.” She lowers that sweet pussy onto my face and I start to tongue fuck her furiously. She’s riding my mouth and pulling my hair. Oh my g-d I might cum just from tasting her.

After a few minutes she slows down and with a moan, she lifts herself from my mouth. She straddles my hips once more and her dripping wet pussy is hovering over my strap. Placing her hands on her hips, she makes sure I’m still watching. Suddenly, she slams down onto my strap, taking it all in one motion causing the base to smash down on my clit making me cry out. I watch as she slowly moves up and down on it, ruling me.

Steadily, canlı casino siteleri she increases her speed, riding me faster and faster. I can’t watch her anymore. All I can do is whimper and clamp my eyes shut. She’s turning and snapping her hips, causing me to grip her hips tighter and scrunch up my eyebrows in concentration. I can feel her staring down at me while I start to whine. I’m so close and trying so hard not to explode till she does. But she won’t have it and further proves her point. “Feels good, doesn’t it baby? You like when I ride your big strap don’t you baby?”

A pathetic “mmhmm” leaves my lips as she continues to torment me.

“Are you gonna cum in me baby?” She starts moving up and down again for emphasis. I can’t hold back much longer. “You feel my pussy squeezing you?” I’m nodding my head vigorously as my grip on her must be leaving bruises on her delicate skin. “You want me to bust all over your strap baby?”

“Yes…” I whisper as I squeeze my eyes shut even tighter.

“Cum for me, baby.” She slams down on me as I raise my hips up into her and I’m done. I bust all over myself, moaning and screaming her name. She continues riding me for a few more seconds, then cums shortly after. My name spills from her parted lips as she falls forward on me, shaking. We lay there trying to catch our breath and calm down. She climbs off of me and unclasps the harness, removing the strap from my pelvis. I still too stunned to move. My baby grabs the blankets and snuggles up against me as we fall asleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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