Fighting for his Wife Ch. 02

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Continuation of “fighting for his wife”. You should read that one first to have the full context about the characters and how they got here.

The fight had just ended, Blake won and he had just walked away with Kate, John’s wife, as his present for winning the match. John was still on the floor of the ring catching his breath…

It took a couple of minutes for John to collect his strength and stand up, in the middle of the ring, alone. His wife Kate just walked off with Blake, a guy he had never seen before who just won the match against him and was, with all likelihood, going to fuck his wife tonight.

Jennifer and Julie, Kate’s best friends who watched the match from the front row seats, got onto the ring and helped John to the changing room with some words of consolation as they made sure he was ok, as Kate had asked them to do.

Julie was the first who spoke up, “I’m sorry John, it must be really hard for you now, for a moment I thought you could win the match, I like you and I don’t think you deserved this. Are you hurt, do you feel ok?”

John was full of shame, he was a strong, confident man and what had just happened was hard for him to process, let alone knowing that Kate’s two best friends saw it all happening too.

“I’m ok Julie, thanks. I just need a moment alone” he said.

Jennifer interjected, “Leave him alone Julie, he needs time to process what’s happening, Kate right now is probably getting into the bedroom Blake booked for them, and judging by how horny she was tonight, that guy is in for quite some fun.”

Kate had suggested for them to play good and bad cop with John, and Jennifer was enjoying rubbing it in.

Once John got showered and changed, Jennifer and Julie had to drive him home to make sure he got home safe. During the trip, Julie was driving, Jennifer was on the passenger seat and John was seated on the back, silently processing what was happening.

Julie spoke up, “Kate wanted for us to let you know that Blake is a really good guy and you have nothing to worry about, it took awhile for us to find him as she wanted to live this fantasy safely, remember she loves you more than anything in the world, this must be hard for you but it’s just a game. You know how playful she can get, right?”

“I know” murmured John.

Julie continues, “And you have to thank Jennifer for finding Blake. When Kate told us what she had in mind, Jennifer remembered an old fling she had a few years back that she thought could be the perfect fit.”

Jennifer said, “Oh yes, Blake is perfect for this John. When I called him with this proposal he couldn’t have been more excited to help, even more once I showed him a picture of Kate. We were together only for a couple casino siteleri of months, don’t worry he is not Kate’s type, but gosh, the sex was mindblowing, the best I have ever had in my life. He has a thick 8 inches cock, you have seen his body too, he goes for hours and cums multiple times in one night, Kate is in for the fuck of her life tonight.”

Jennifer words were like a blade on an open wound, and John could do nothing but stay there silently taking them in…

Once they arrived at John’s home, Jennifer and Julie walked him inside, “Go to the restroom John, we have one last thing Kate asked us to do before we let you go to sleep” said Julie.

As John walked back out, Jennifer was waiting with handcuffs and restraints in her hands and John started to think that maybe he was going to get lucky too tonight, that would be a nice turn of events for an evening that so far had not been what he expected for his birthday.

“John, Kate asked us to tie you up to the bed, are you ok with it?” asked Julie.

John didn’t have to be asked twice and he soon found himself, still fully dressed, tied up spread eagle to his bed and a gag in his mouth, with Kate’s two best friends looking at him with a proud smile for the job well done. Julie turned on the TV screen and John could see his blog, picture after picture, caption after caption scrolling slowly, as Jennifer voiced out, “You are into some pretty tough shit my friend, knowing Kate I’m almost sorry for you…have a good night sleep cuckold, Kate will be home tomorrow morning to untie you, wink wink.”

With that, they walked out of the bedroom and left John alone with his blog scrolling and his thoughts…

It was a long night, maybe being tied in that position, maybe the thought of what his wife was doing, maybe the humiliation of knowing Jennifer and Julie knew of his secrets too, he didn’t sleep well and only found some rest toward morning when he finally dozed off into a deep sleep.

John was sound asleep when Kate came back home the following morning, she got in the house making very little noise, finding John, as expected, asleep and tied to their bed.

She very softly removed the ball gag in his mouth, and still dressed like she was the night before, sitting on top of his face in a 69 position, with her pussy right on his mouth. With that John woke up, and immediately he felt Kate grabbing his balls with one hand and with a strong and assertive tone of voice he had never heard before from her, “Lick me clean cuckold if you know what’s good for your balls.” and with that she started slowly but firmly to squeeze them.

John was shocked, disgusted at the strong smell he woke up too, his mouth was still closed, but he could slot oyna feel Kate’s pussy drenched, and the smell told him she was not wet only from her juices. It had not been a dream, everything he so vividly remembered had really happened.

Not like there was any doubt at this point, Kate spoke up, “Yes, Blake came in me…multiple times, and you better lick it all out” with that she gave a stronger squeeze to John’s ball until he screamed, opening his mouth and feeling a flood of cum invade it.

He felt defeated and had no other choice than starting to lick his wife clean while she moaned in pleasure. She lowered her mouth and took John’s cock into hers, keeping him excited but stopping right before he could cum himself. This went on for some time, she came twice while John was edged and cooled down several times until Kate decided she had enough and stood up.

All of a sudden it was over, Kate cuddled up next to John turning on her sweet and caring mode, lightly playing with his balls and his cock to keep him aroused but without letting him release himself. As she turned on her sexy mode, something John had never been able to resist, she was speaking softly, sensually…

“Did you enjoy your birthday present my love?” licking his earlobe and keeping his cock right on the edge he was too turned on to say anything other than “yes.”

“Do you like that your lovely wife is making you live your darkest fantasies?”

“Yes I love you Kate” breathing heavily on the verge of cumming so hard he couldn’t believe it.

“Good because I have to be honest with you hubby, I loved it too, more than I thought I would. Since I love you, I’m going to give you a choice my love, I can stop this game right now, untie you and you get to fuck me silly…or we can continue to play this game…but be careful, you have seen what I can do, I won’t hold back and I already have a few ideas in store for you if we continue playing…”

John’s mind went into overdrive…he tried to convince all his past women to play with him on his fantasies, but none of the others had ever played along. Now Kate was right here, going deeper than he could have ever thought and set to go even deeper…”Would I be able to handle what she has in store for me?” John thought.

John was so aroused that he was thinking with the wrong head, and Kate knew that, “so hubby, play or stop?” Kate asked with the most sensual voice whispering in his ear with her tongue playing with his earlobe before every word.

John was now fully thinking with the wrong head and he blurted out, “Kate, I’m yours, I love you, you can do anything you want with me, yes please I want to continue this game”.

Kate kissed John passionately, “I love you too and canlı casino siteleri I feel a bit sorry about this, but you asked for it so…here it comes,” she stood up, went to the other room and came back with a bag full of ice in one hand and another bag with something inside in the other. She put the bag of ice on John’s hard cock and slowly started to open the other bag…it was a chastity cage…as Kate slowly opened it she said, “this was Jennifer’s idea, make sure you thank her next time you see her.”

John was so worked up that he begged Kate to not do that, he begged her to at least let him cum once before the cage to which she replied, “Pussies are for winners, cages are for losers. Sorry John, losers don’t get to cum” and with that she closed the lock.

John still tied up, they both dozed off to sleep some more letting John wander what else she had in store for him.

When they woke up a few hours later, Kate untied John and they cuddled some more, talking about what had happened the night before like two loving partners who just finished an intense roleplay session.

John asked Kate, what was going to happen now and when he could give her the fuck she so well deserved for being such a wonderful wife and indulging in his fantasies.

Kate’s reply made John realize how much trouble he got himself into, “Oh John, this roleplay will last a little longer than we are used to. You see, from your blog I saw that you really get off on a woman who takes charge and pushes her husband, and that’s exactly what I plan to do with you. I’ve also found that seeing two men fight for me makes me wet beyond what I thought was possible, it might as well be my own kink. In two weeks you are scheduled for a rematch with Blake, until then your cage stays on, you better win me back honey if you want to feel this pussy again.”

John protested, “Kate, this is not fair, Blake is in much better shape than me, he is going to kick my ass again in two weeks, plus we have never gone that long without fucking each other brains out.”

“Oh John, I’m not going that long without getting fucked hard, it would just have to be by the stronger man as the loser is, how do I say it, unable at the moment… hi hi hi. I know you can beat Blake, maybe not now, maybe you’d have to train a bit, weren’t you looking for an excuse to get in better shape honey? Think about how hot it will be when you will finally be able to reclaim me back…how long do you think that will take you, a month? 6 months? More?…

And don’t worry, I’ll do my part babe…I’ll fuck Blake so much he won’t have much time and energy to train, and I’ll continue doing it until you win me over…wink wink.”

With that Kate picked up her phone and when someone picked up the other end of the line, “game on stud, I’m your girlfriend now. He is locked in the cage and my pussy already feels she is missing a nice hard cock, can I come over tonight for a quickie?”

To be continued…

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