First Encounter

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As the slave comes to his Master’s house, not sure what to really expect, he knocks on the door and is told to come inside his insides are doing somersaults. Once inside he is told to strip, he starts with his shirt then his pants. In just a few seconds he is standing there totally naked, still scared on what the night might be like. He stands still with his cock hard as a rock; he is then led into a room.

His cock and balls at then tied tight with rope. Once tied up tight weights are hung from his balls to the floor he is told to move around and to go to the next area. The pain from the weights pulling on his balls is almost too much then he can bear, but he doesn’t was to disappoint his master.

In this next area he sees a medium size butt plug on the table, it seems a little bigger then the one he’s use to. Master then lubes up His finger and figures His slave’s asshole. He then lubes up the butt plug and inserts it. The touch of the butt plug makes the slave tense up, but Master just tells him to relax. he is then given a list of chores that needed to be done.

After doing some chores around the house his cock and balls are released, he is then made to lie on his back and put his heels over his head, so then his cock is right in his face. And then tied up tight to he can’t move around. he is then told to jack off, and to cum on his face and in his mouth. his eyes widen at the thought of having cum on his face. his mouth is held open with a ring gag so that his own cum would go inside his mouth and was told not to swallow until told casino siteleri so. It takes the slave awhile to cum, but he cums like he has never cummed before, squirting it all over his face, and all in his mouth.

Once done with that his cock and balls are once again tied tight. And a big ball gag is stuffed in the slave’s mouth. Master gave his tied up cock and ball two good whacks with his whip. After this he is told to bend over and Master gives his ass some good smacks, with the butt plug fully inserted in the slave’s ass. his ass is beet red and he can’t even sit down without the burn of his skin.

Now the slave is led on a leash attached to his cock into the bathroom, where he is tied up tight and placed into the tub. There the worthless slave is pissed all over my his Master, when the slave thinks he’s all done, Master then gets in the tub and takes a shit all over the slave. After all is done, Master turns on the water and the slave is drenched to get all the shit and piss off of his filthy body.

After the slave’s shower, he is once again led on his leash into the other room, where he is then hogtied very tight and with an anal hook and rope leading to the slave’s head, his head is kept extended. This causes any movement of his head to be directed to the hook that is firmly placed in his ass. The slave is then told to give a blowjob. The slave’s eyes widen once again at the sound of this, he has never done anything like this before, and never dreamed in his life he’s made to do it either. However being tied up he doesn’t have slot oyna a choice. After awhile of sucking, Master pulls out and jacks off and cums all over the slave’s face, the slave of course can not wipe this cum off. The slave is left there in the middle of the room for awhile, alone to his own thoughts: thinking how incredible horny all this has made him, how if only his parents and friends knew about his hidden fetish that they would probably drop dead, and thinking what does Master have in store for the rest of the evening?

After a while Master comes back into the room and unties the slave from his hogtied state. he is then told to put on ladies garder belt and stockings, also some panties. However before he puts on the panties, his butt plug is removed and a silver bullet is placed in his ass. And a vibrating cock ring on his aching dick. Also a large ball gag is placed into the slave’s mouth. After all is set, he is told to get dressed and Master and the slave then go out and do a little shopping.

However the slave cannot leave Master’s side, because Master is still holding onto the bullet’s remote, and is adjusting it as he pleases. Once they get to their destination Master tells the slave to turn on the vibrating cock ring. They go about their business going around and picking up different items. Still all the time, the cum from before is dried onto the slave’s face. As the slave moves around with Master in the store, Master turns the bullet from high to low and watches the slave’s reaction. Also as people walk by they look at the slave with canlı casino siteleri a confused look at this person with a ball gag in his mouth.

After their shopping is all done they go back to the Master’s house. Where once again the slave is told to strip, and the cock ring and bullet is removed and a butt plug is again reinserted. The slave’s cock and balls are tied up tight once again and again weights where hung by ropes and when he moved the weights would slide on the floor. The slave is told to put the items that were bought shopping away. All the time the large ball gag is still placed in his not aching mouth. After all is put away the slave it tied up very tight again.

The slave is again pissed on and cummed on. This time the slave doesn’t get a shower,

he is told to let it all dry. At this time it is dark outside, no one can see anything around.

The slave is led outside and tied up and pushed down on the ground. The slave is unable to get up so he just struggles on the ground. After awhile the Master gets the slave up and brings him back inside.

he still tied up very tight, and now is abused a little bit more by Master.

Master is very impressed on how much his newly found slave is behaving and has done everything that has been asked of him. As a reward, after such a long session the slave is finally allowed to cum. But the slave is again tied up so he will be forced to cum on his own face and to open his mouth again, at this second time he doesn’t seem to care. And again the slave may not wipe any of it off. he is then tied again very tightly and told to go to sleep. It takes some time before the lonely slave falls asleep because his heart is still racing a million miles per hour. Not knowing what Master has in store for tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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