First Time Internet Hookup Ch. 04

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All week, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Tom, the man that had been fucking me after answering my ad on Craigslist, planned to fuck me in front of my wife, and fuck her, too. I couldn’t possibly allow this to happen, could I? My wife would be horrified by the situation and leave me, I just knew it. I loved her and this is definitely not what I had in mind when I gave into my horny urges a few weeks ago.

On the other hand, Tom wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. He would make this happen. And even if my wife stormed out whenever Tom got me on my knees in front of her, what did he care? He’d still end up fucking me and getting off himself regardless of whether my life was in shambles.

Also, the idea of it all turned me on … Forced to suck and fuck this stud in front of my sweet, unsuspecting wife. Watching him spread her legs and pound her pussy while I watched. I got hard every time I thought about it and needed to go jerk off immediately. I wasn’t going to be able to not go through with it. I just hoped my wife would surprise me and be into it.

I finally told my wife that Tom was going to come over Friday night on Wednesday. She said she was really looking forward to getting to know my new friend better. There was no going back now. Friday finally arrived and Tom texted me in the morning that he’d be over around 8. I spent the entire day, like I had the entire week, shifting between feelings of being incredibly horny and extremely nervous.

Our doorbell rang at 8 on the dot. I opened the door and there was Tom, holding a 12 pack of beer for us and a bottle of red wine for my wife.

“I didn’t want to show up empty handed,” he beamed. “I hope you guys like what I have to offer!”

As he walked into our house, he said to me under his breath, “I mean, I know you do, and I’m pretty sure your cute wife will, too.”

With that, he brushed right past me to drop off the drinks he was carrying and said hello to my wife.

He really was a nice guy who was easy to talk to. We all carried on as if we had known each other for years as we drank and ate dinner together. He was a funny guy and he and my wife hit it off immediately. If I didn’t already know the personal history between he and I, I could see this guy being someone who just came over to watch a football game and hang out with on weekends. But I also knew what was expected to come as the night wore on.

And Tom made sure I wouldn’t forget. As my wife left the room to use the bathroom and get us all another round, Tom looked at me and said, “Damn, I’m getting pretty horny over here. I can’t wait for you to suck my cock before I fuck your wife with it. Looking forward to seeing her naked.”

My wife returned and we picked up where we left off. The drinks kept flowing and so did the conversation until my wife asked a question that would prove to bring us to Tom’s planned activities.

“So, I never asked, how did you guys meet?”

Before I could answer and try to come up with something – anything! – other than the truth, Tom put it out there bluntly.

“Well, your husband posted an online ad looking for a new friend …”

“Wait, what? An online post for a new friend?” my wife interrupted.

“Yes, a new friend. One he could give a blowjob to,” Tom continued matter-of-factly.

My wife sat in stunned silence.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Tom continued. “Or at least what you want to believe. This guy is just pulling my leg, teasing me. He’s going to say, ‘Just kidding!’ any second and tell you what really happened. But look at his face. Does he look like he knows I’m just joking? Or does he look terrified to see how you’re going to react?”

My wife slowly turned her head to look at me. Tom continued.

“He can’t help himself. He’s a natural born cocksucker. And from the little time I’ve known him, he really does seem to love you. He’s conflicted. He doesn’t really want this to be happening – at least the you being here and finding out part. But I’m going to stand up, walk in front of him, casino siteleri pull my pants down and he won’t be able to help himself. He – WE – just hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the evening.”

Tom did exactly what he said he was going to do. He stood up, took a few steps in my direction, unfastened his belt, unzipped his fly, lowered his jeans and boxers to the ground, and let his cock flap right in front of me. I had a decision to make. I could yell at him and act belligerent, like I had no fucking idea what he was doing. I could laugh and see if he would go along with it and play it off like a joke gone REALLY far (which I pretty much knew he wouldn’t do). Or I could do exactly what he said I would do.

There really wasn’t a decision to make, for good or bad. I took a deep breath, shifted forward in my seat and leaned forward to take his softened cock in my wet mouth. I started sucking his cock and felt the now familiar sensation of his member growing in my mouth.

“Oh my god,” my wife said softly. I looked at her with the corner of my eye and I continued getting the cock in my mouth harder. She was sitting there wide-eyed, pretty much in disbelief. But she was still sitting there. She didn’t immediately leave the house or start screaming and freaking out at the sight of her husband sucking cock.

“He’s so good at this. Did you ever suspect your husband would like sucking cock?” he asked my wife.

“No,” was her simple response.

“But would you agree he’s pretty good at it?”

“Well, he gives me great oral, so I’m not entirely surprised he would be good at it. And you seem to be enjoying yourself …”

“Oh, I am,” Tom responded. “Come here and get a closer look.”

I didn’t think there was a chance in hell my wife would get closer to the action. But she did. She moved off of the couch, got on her knees and waddled over to us.

“Oh my god,” was her response again as Tom’s cock sunk deep into my throat.

“Take your top off,” Tom told my wife. “I want to see those tits. I’ve been thinking about them since I met you the other day. You know, when I had just finished fucking your husband before you got home.”

Even with his cock in my mouth, that statement seemed to stun my wife just a bit. But not as much as I thought it would and she reached for the bottom of her shirt and stripped it over her head before unfastening her bra. She seemed like she was in a trance. As soon as her bra hit the floor, Tom’s hand cupped her breast, causing my wife to moan slightly.

My wife watched as my lips slid across Tom’s shaft while he felt her up and manipulated her nipples. I picked up the pace, putting on a bit of a show for her. To the surprise of both of us, she seemed to be getting really turned on watching me suck this man off.

Tom pulled his penis from my lips. “Don’t you want him to make you cum?” my wife asked. Oh my god! She wanted to see him fill my mouth with his load!

“Not yet. There’s plenty of time for cumming tonight,” Tom responded. “I want to see how his hot wife’s mouth compares.”

He turned slightly so his cock pointed directly at my wife and commanded her to suck it. My wife HATED sucking cock! She hadn’t sucked mine since our honeymoon. There was no way … NOPE! She took him in her mouth! Apparently, inhibitions were being cast aside tonight!

She started slowly and never got moving too fast. She has a bad gag reflex, which is why she didn’t really like performing oral. I always enjoyed it when she had taken me in her mouth, and Tom seemed to be enjoying it too, but I was definitely the better cocksucker in our marriage. Was I really taking pride in that??

He told me to suck his balls while my wife sucked his cock. I lowered my head and took one of the shaved globes into my mouth and swirled his testicle with my tongue. Tom moaned at the new sensation. My wife and I were both on our knees, submitting to this man.

We sucked like this for a few more minutes before Tom decided he wanted more. He told us to stop and then proceeded to give my wife slot oyna a series of commands. She obeyed every one:

Stand up. Turn around. Slide your panties down your long legs without bending your knees, and remain bent over until I tell you otherwise. When she did this, Tom walked behind her and slid his hands onto her butt and down her thighs. He then put his hands on her hips and pressed his member against her.

“Want me to slide this into you?” he asked her.

“Mmm hmm.”

“Do you want me to enter your wife?” he asked me.


“Soon,” he replied. He stepped away and resumed his commands.

Stand back up. Turn and face me. Caress your breasts. Now pull your nipples as far as you can stand. Farther this time. Lift your breast to your mouth and lick it. Lay down and spread your legs. Slide your finger in your pussy. Now two. Suck them clean; taste yourself. She complied with everything he said.

Then, finally, “Tell me you want me.”

“I want you to fuck me!” she blurted out. “Please fuck me!”

Tom positioned himself in a pushup position above my wife.

“Get on the ground, close to our groins,” he told me. When I was in position, he continued, “Grab my cock and guide it to her pussy. Help me enter your wife. Watch me slide into her.”

I grabbed the middle of his shaft with an overhand grip and positioned his tip at her entrance. As soon as he felt her wetness, he pushed forward. His cock slid through my hand and into my wife’s pussy. I let go and watched him start to fuck her from between their legs. He started out with shallow thrusts, letting my wife’s pussy get used to the first cock other than my own to penetrate her in a decade. But she loosened up quickly and was soon taking his full length with each stroke.

I moved up the bed and lay down next to me wife. She turned her head to face me and kissed me passionately. While we kissed, I slipped my right hand to her right breasts and felt her up. Her breast shook in my hand from the force of Tom screwing her. She moaned into my mouth in total pleasure.

I broke our kiss and laid back to watch the pair have sex. Until Tom started talking about it a couple weeks ago, I had never considered watching my wife with another man. Even after he broached the subject, I had no interest. But now, as it was happening right in front of me, damn was it hot!

I leaned over my wife and starting sucking on her nipple. I also reached down her body and started rubbing her clit. I could feel Tom’s pelvis bump my hand as he fucked her and I masturbated her.

“Oh god yes!” she screamed.

“You like my cock inside of you?” Tom asked.


“You like me fucking you in front of your husband?”

“Yes! Please fuck me! Oh yes. And keep rubbing and sucking me hon. I’m so close. So close. I’m gonna cum!”

My wife had a huge, shaking orgasm under the two of us. Once she came down from her high, Tom pulled out of her.

“Oh, did you cum, too?” she asked.

“I’m far from finished, sweetheart. You’re not the only one in the room who likes my cock buried inside of them.”

I got on my back with legs pulled up by my chest and my legs open.

“See,” Tom started, “he doesn’t even need to be told.”

Tom moved from between my wife’s legs and positioned himself between mine. I grabbed his cock again, this time lining the tip up to my waiting entrance. After a few pokes to loosen me up a bit, he pushed into my hole.

“Oh yes,” I breathed.

“Oh my god,” my wife responded.

Tom was sliding into me fully in no time. My ass had learned how to open up for him by now and he took full advantage of that fact, essentially fucking me the same way as he had been fucking my wife.

“Did you know your husband likes cock up his ass?”

“I know he likes it when I reach around and rub his hole during sex,” my wife replied. “I had no idea he liked this.”

After a couple of minutes fucking my ass missionary, he pulled out and told me to bend over. I scrambled to my hands and canlı casino siteleri knees, presenting my ass in the air. Tom quickly slid his length back into my rectum, bottoming out as far as he could go. He started pounding my ass as hard as he could, the sounds of his hips slapping against my cheeks filling the room. My cock swung beneath me with the momentum of the fucking.

My wife stared wide-eyed at the scene in front of her, rubbing her pussy. Tom told her to lay down in front of me so I could be a good husband and help her out. She did as she was told and I slid my tongue into her lips as soon as her long legs were spread in front of my face.

I lapped at her pussy, moaning into her each time Tom’s cock head slid across my prostate. Knowing my wife loved being fingered as I gave her oral, I slipped two fingers into her soaking folds. Every time Tom pushed into my ass, my fingers pushed into her pussy.

Within five minutes, my wife was screaming with an orgasm. I kept licking her, sucking on her clit, until her orgasm subsided and the feeling was too intense. She slid out from under my face and watched as the stud kept fucking my ass. It was finally becoming too much for me.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

“How?” my wife asked. “You haven’t touched your cock at all.”

Tom snickered, “The prostate is funny like that!”

He smacked my ass, grabbed my hips and fucked me even harder. He angled his thrusting up just a little bit so his mushroom head pressed against my prostate even more. My cock flailed about below my body, precum drooling out of my tip.

“That’s it, bitch,” Tom snorted. “You love my cock fucking you! Take it! Take my cock. Show your wife how much her strong husband likes to be fucked like a whore! Cum for us. Show us you love it!”

“Oh, fuck!” I yelled. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass, Tom. I’m so close. Fuck me. Make me cum.”

“Tell your wife you love my cock in your ass.”

“I love Tom’s cock in my ass, baby. It feels so good. Oh fuck yes. I’m gonna cum!”

Cum started spewing from my cock. It shot, flung and dripped underneath me. I looked up at my wife and she was rubbing her pussy frantically as she watched the cum literally get fucked out of me. Tom pulled his still hard cock from my ass and I collapsed into the puddle of cum I shot below me.

“I need to cum now,” Tom announced. “And I want to cum in your pretty wife’s pussy.”

He laid on his back and my wife quickly straddled his lap without being asked. She started bouncing away on his member, trying to make him orgasm too.

“Suck my breast,” she pleaded. Tom sat up, grabbing my wife’s ass for leverage as she continued to bounce in his lap. He moved his head forward and took a nipple in his mouth. This was my wife’s favorite way to be fucked.

“You, too, hon. Suck my other breast baby.”

I sat up, moved over to her on my knees and took her free breast into my mouth.

“Oh yes, I’ve never had both tits sucked at once before. So good! Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me …”

I slid my hand between her cheeks and started rubbing my wife’s puckered hole. She didn’t like her ass hole played with as much as I did, but she enjoyed it being rubbed every now and then. It set her over the edge and she came again.

Her orgasm caused her to clamp down on Tom. I heard him moan into her breast and knew he was cumming, too. I imagined his cock pulsing, shooting his seed deep inside of my wife.

We all collapsed on the bed, panting. About 10 minutes later, Tom asked what we wanted to do next.

“I need to bed fucked by my husband now,” my wife responded. “I assume you can find your own way out?”

My wife flipped into the doggy style position and Tom got up and started putting his pants back on. I got onto my knees behind my wife and slid easily into her since she was lubed with Tom’s spunk. A little bit pushed out of her pussy as I entered her.

“Oh yeah, hon, how do you like having your wife for sloppy seconds?” she asked.

Her talking dirty turned me on so much and I started pounding her pussy as hard as I could. I barely heard the door close as Tom left over her screams while I fucked her, determined to please her before depositing a second man’s load inside of her …

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