Florida Cougar Ch. 04

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After sharing another glass of champagne as they lolled nude, exhausted and sated in a sweaty pile, Connor, Mrs. Debra and Jewel began to say their goodbyes. Inevitably, Mrs. Debra was the first to get back to respectability and Connor mused without surprise on how expertly and quickly she did so.

After less than a few seconds of adjusting her short, black dress (once she had pulled it back up over her naked, luscious breasts), deftly pulling her long, lustrous, fiery red hair back into a tight ponytail and merely glancing into her silver compact before daubing her face with powder, Mrs. Debra was again a vision of sophisticated, older femininity that Connor felt lucky to even behold with his own eyes.

He stared at her perfectly made-up and stunningly pretty oval face dominated by her hauntingly beautiful blue eyes at the corners of which her skin crinkled as evidence of her coyly enticing wisdom and exquisite age.

His vision misted up with appreciation of how her milky skin, subtly freckled on her mesmerizing chest and sinewy arms, seemed to almost glow with its lived-in, ethereal authenticity.

He almost drooled taking in how her mature, shapely body, with her beautifully round and firm chest sliding down so naturally into her fine waist and ample yet toned bottom, seemed unable to be restrained by the thin black fabric of her expensive, form-fitting cocktail dress.

His mind boggled at the way her long, thin legs demonstrated their power by holding her voluptuousness aloft and so erect in her unwaveringly ladylike bearing.

It struck him that she looked so perfectly coiffed and put together, like a wealthy (albeit incredibly sexy) older woman attending a high-society charity gala, no one would have believed that only minutes before she had been commanding and coaching her much younger lover to fist, fuck and sodomize a tall, lithe black stripper in her early twenties before swallowing his full load of cum and sharing it messily with her new friend.

Connor’s mouth curled into a broad, appreciative grin as he took in Mrs. Debra. Seeing his giddy expression, she smiled back and winked at him before going to retrieve her small purse from a barstool.

“I wish you could stay alone with me,” purred Jewel’s voice almost inaudibly in his ear. He felt her full, moist lips on his ear as and her fingers running across the thin fabric of his freshly donned black suit pants. “Or meet me later, we could have so much fun baby.”

He winked into her chestnut eyes as he turned to face her. “I think we need to go now Jewel. Maybe some other time.”

After possessing the gorgeous creature next to him, Connor was drained of every energy-giving liquid in his body yet acutely aware of his desire to save whatever he could replenish for the red-haired mature goddess currently moving towards them.

“Soon,” Jewel said with burning directness as he felt her hand slide deftly in and out of his pocket just as Mrs. Debra came to stand just in front of them.

Jewel stood up to retrieve her robe as Debra leaned over and met his eyes with her hypnotic gaze.

“We’ve had a very busy night, young man,” she giggled playfully and quietly. “And I believe that we’ve taken enough of Jewel’s time.”

Connor smiled back and felt his face burn under the power of her gaze.

“Then we should go Mrs. Debra, shouldn’t we?” he said in a low, meaning-filled voice.

“What a lovely idea, Connor darling. You never fail to impress me.” She flirted back and took his hand in hers lifting him off the couch.

They turned to see Jewel standing before them in only her short silk robe and sheer stockings wearing a sad, flirty expression on her long, beautiful face.

“Going already?” she pouted.

Connor took her in one final time; Her long legs tapering up to of the red silk of the short robe’s high hem that left exposed the lower wet, glistening, kinky hairs of her thin bush. The remnants of her juicy orgasms were still shiny on the milky coffee skin on the inside of her taut inner thighs. Her lissome body, tilting in eager solicitation of their further company seemed impossibly long and lovely. Her chest was thrust out, the hard nipples on her small, round breasts poking tauntingly at the silk struggling to contain them, and her head was tossed back, framed by her small afro sprouting uncontrollably off in all directions, defiant in its primal sexuality.

Jewel’s eyes were alert and cloudy with sadness when Debra kissed her soft, moist cheek and caressed her long, rigid neck with her hand.

“We must be going, darling, it’s so late.” Debra said sweetly. “And I don’t think young Connor has anything left for us.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” replied Jewel mischievously with a pert giggle. “But what is left is all for you I bet.”

The women shared a short laugh and Debra pecked the taller girl on the lips before pulling Connor gently behind her towards the door.

Without warning, Jewel took his free hand to stop his progress and pulled him towards her. Their faces came together illegal bahis with almost violent force and Connor found himself being kissed with passionate and voracious hunger by the Nubian beauty.

He kissed back after the initial shock with almost matching ardor and his free hand grasped at her neck, breast and ass cheek before they pulled apart, his lower lip caught teasingly between Jewel’s bright, strong teeth.

“Goodnight Connor,” she said with dripping intensity upon releasing him. Her chestnut eyes smoldered into him.

“Goodnight Jewel,” he replied with stunned confusion.

Mrs. Debra’s hand pulled him from the room and he watched Jewel close the door behind them after they exited. Her fingers fluttering after him, blowing a delicate kiss goodbye.

The black suited valet brought the car around to them in the featureless parking lot back outside the mysterious club as Mrs. Debra leaned into Connor gently and he took her in his arms.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself darling,” she mewed softly.

“Of course I did, Mrs. Debra. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.” Connor stammered.

“Well, I should hope not my beautiful boy,” she giggled.

“Yes. It definitely has a night of amazing ‘Firsts,’ Mrs. Debra,” he said flirtingly as the black Maserati came to a stop in front of them.

Connor felt a surge of adoration fill his face with warmth and his mind tingle at the very reality of holding this woman in his arms. As the sensation climaxed, he took Debra’s soft, oval face in his hands and kissed her deeply. Making it more exciting was his keen awareness of the valet standing awkwardly in front of them, extending the keys out with his plaintive hand.

Debra kissed back with tangible surprise and Connor took a strange revelry in her lack of composure. His tongue dominated hers in their entanglement and he tasted her warm, sweet breath as she moaned into his mouth. With a flourish of erotic artistry he sucked her long tongue gently before taking her bottom lip between his own and then nibbling it gently as they pulled apart.

As they came up for air, Connor saw a blush run across Debra’s always composed face and he thrilled at having put it there, even if for just an instant.

“My, my. Aren’t you just insatiable darling?” Mrs. Debra purred as she looked up at him, hooding the brilliance of her eyes with fake reproach.

“I am for you Mrs. Debra,” he whispered back adoringly.

The valet coughed politely, reminding them of his presence and Connor went to reach for the keys but was too slow for Debra’s sudden quickness.

“I’ll drive home Connor darling,” she announced, grabbing the keys with a blisteringly naughty glimmer in her vivid, sapphire eyes.

“Yes ma’am,” he smiled back, opening the driver’s side door for her and helping her down gallantly into the low bucket seat before closing the door behind her.

As he walked around the car to the passenger side, he noticed the valet staring with familiar yearning at Debra through the tinted car window. A strange smile crept across Connor’s face as he watched this other young man begin to feel just a sliver of what he knew to be his mature goddess’ potent magnetism.

He paused at the door and managed to grab the valet’s eye as his hand paused on the door’s smooth handle.

“You have no idea my friend. No idea at all.” He said with a wink before slipping in beside Mrs. Debra before she slammed on the gas and sent them flying into the coming twilight.

Palm, fir and willow trees zipped by Connor’s window as Mrs. Debra sped down a rural road somewhere in the darkness of the early Miami morning. He glanced over to see she the odometer rise past 85 mph and he sat back in his chair stiffly, suddenly aware of the insane speed at which she guided the powerful sports car.

“Don’t you like going fast Connor?” Debra asked evenly and suddenly, never taking her eyes from the road ahead.

“Sure,” he replied as confidently as he could, his voice swallowing his answer as she gave the car more gas and he felt the engine shudder into an even higher gear beneath him.

The fear in his answer made Debra smile widely and laugh quietly to herself.

Connor saw the intensity in her wild blue eyes as she drove lightning fast into the oncoming darkness.

“Don’t be afraid Connor baby,” she cooed, an impish smile curling into form on her upper lip. “There’s no one out here to crash into at this hour.”

He nodded hopefully at her pronouncement and felt sweaty fear appearing on his forehead and in his palms.

“Oh Connor, look at your face. I’m in total control right now, my beautiful boy.” she laughed with a toss of her head, showing off the long muscles on her lovely neck. “Just like I was with you and Jewel.”

He heard the fierce pride in her voice and saw her jaw set as she made a left turn at much too fast a speed, testing the weight of the mid-car engine in the expertly made sports car.

Debra laughed loudly and cried out with excitement as the car made the illegal bahis siteleri turn safely after forcing them both hard to their right, crushing Connor against the door.

“I love speed!” she yelled to him. “Driving fast is a lot like sex Connor,” she continued, her voice growing raspier as her face grew more intense. “And in a car like this my darling, it’s better at it than most men.”

To make her point, she hit the gas again, sending them over a small hill at such a velocity that the car flew into the air momentarily before landing with surprising softness on the broken asphalt.

“But not you, sweet Connor, you’re very, very good.” Again, Debra’s exhilarated yell filled the car. Her eyes blazed into the oncoming faint glow of morning.

“I liked watching you pick out Jewel from all the girls, Connor. It pleased me that you chose a girl who looked nothing like me. It says a lot about you darling.”

“What does it say Mrs. Debra?” Connor managed to ask, his body rigid with fear as she made another sharp turn.

“Oh, dear boy, it tells me that your mind is so open to new things. Choosing that black beauty to entertain me was very clever and bold. You were so confident in what you wanted. And so aware of my own choice.” Her breasts began to heave as she spoke.

“I’m so happy you liked her…” he stammered.

“I liked her very much Connor. Or didn’t you notice?”

He felt the car lurch into the coming dawn a little faster.

“I liked watching her dance with that tall, thin body…” Debra sped the car faster… “I liked the way she teased you and showed herself to you…” faster still… “I liked the way she touched herself while you held her in those strong, young hands…” her right hand pulled at her dress, exposing her porcelain, juicy thigh… “I liked the way she let you tease those tiny tits…” her hand rubbed softly against her bare flesh… “I liked the way she came in your arms…” her mouth parted as she slid her fingers between her legs and against her pussy… “I liked the way she came for you Connor…”

He felt the car continue to speed too fast but became too transfixed by the image of Debra touching herself as she drove to care.

Her eyes flickered with delight as her fingers teased into her black lace thong. He craned his neck to watch her play while she kept her eyes firmly on the road. The focus she had on the car was matched in intensity by what went on inside her panties and she seemed to drive faster as she made herself more excited.

“I liked the way she let you touch her Connor…” the muscles in her neck strained and her cheeks went flush… “I liked the way she opened herself to you when she bent over for you…” her tongue flicked out against her upper lip… “I liked the way you touched her too baby, the way you filled her up inside…” she squeaked in pleasure as the car went even faster… “I liked the way you fisted her little pussy…” her voice rising an octave… “Goddamit, I LOVED that darling…” her hand moved hard and fast inside her panties… “I liked the way you made her squirt for you…” her eyes rolled and the car lswerved dangerously to the left.

They both drew a deep breath of relief when she regained control of the car. Debra laughed crazily and sighed as her wet fingers re-gripped the leather wheel.

“Holy shit, I’m creamy just picturing you darling!” she giggled loudly. “Your effect on me is going to get us killed Connor.”

He smiled back with frightened pride and found himself getting hot watching her glistening fingers go to her mouth.

“Tell me what you felt while I watched you and her. But don’t touch me darling. That might kill us both quickly.” Debra purred, her hands tracing down her torso again, the car regaining breakneck speed.

Connor was in her thrall again and eager to please. He gulped back fear and began to recount his experience.

“After she came the second time and you came over to show her my hard cock. When you touched me I felt your control on me and I wanted to explode right there Mrs. Debra.” He said softly.

Her hand disappeared again between her legs. The mighty Maserati engine revved.

“Your touch made me insane and I wanted you right there. I wanted you so badly that it hurt.”

She moaned softly as her fingers parted her swollen pussy lips. The car stayed straight and fast.

“When you finally kissed me, she took me in her mouth and it was amazing. I didn’t know I could feel like that.”

The long fingers of her left hand tensed on the steering wheel as she moaned again softly. The car banked left, following the road.

“And then you told me to fuck her. It was your command that made me want to more than anything. Your control of me.”

She gasped and her mouth opened wide with bliss. The car slowed momentarily.

“Then I fucked her for you. Deep and hard Mrs. Debra. So deep and so hard, Remember how I made her scream Mrs. Debra?”

Her neck went rigid as she nodded and gasped. The car heaved forward again.

“I canlı bahis siteleri pounded her for you. I made her pussy raw with how hard I fucked her. She was crying I went so deep. Do you remember her tears?”

Debra’s body tensed and she swore loudly. The car swerved for just a second before picking up speed.

“She couldn’t take any more and she pulled out your breast. That almost made me explode. Seeing your body makes me lose control Mrs. Debra. I worship you.”

She went rigid and her eyes fought to maintain focus. The car seemed to shudder with her.

“She kissed your breast like I wanted to and that made me fuck her harder. My jealousy of her tasting you made me fuck her too hard, Mrs. Debra. So you turned her over for me but all I wanted was for it to be you instead.”

Her moan seemed to shake the car as she smiled wide. The car swerved expertly to the left, hugging the road and passing another car like it stood still.

“I couldn’t cum though Mrs. Debra. She was too wet and I was too distracted by you. She disappeared while I stared at you and played with your nipple. That was the closest I came to exploding inside of her.”

Her eyes lost momentary focus and her ass thrust back into the leather seat. The car seemed to take it’s own, dangerous tether.

“Until you offered me her asshole.”

“Yes!” Debra exclaimed suddenly, both hands back on the wheel, her hair flying everywhere and her face pink with blissful agitation. “I gave you her ass Connor. And you were so naughty to take it.” She laughed maniacally.

“Yes I did Mrs. Debra. For you.” He replied almost defensively.

“I know my darling,” she drawled back to him, “you were a very obedient boy. And I want you to obey me again.”

“Of course,” he sputtered eagerly.

“Take out your cock again Connor. Take it out and stroke it for me or I’ll never cum. Let me see that beautiful thing again.” Debra’s mouth shimmered with hungry spit and he could not wait to please her.

He was sore but thick as he pulled his erection through the open fly of his pants. Never had he been so hard and so used in so short a time. An odd pride filled his chest as he saw the growing size of his fatigued dick.

“Yes! There it is darling!” hummed Debra excitedly. “It’s even getting harder again. You are so beautiful Connor.”

“It’s for you Mrs. Debra,” he smiled worshipfully at her, “Only for you.”

She grinned and began to rub her clit and pussy again inside her panties.

“That’s a beautiful thing to say my darling. It makes me even wetter.” She stole a quick glance towards him as she smiled. “Now stroke it for me. Get it bigger and harder again.”

He obeyed and felt his cock come slowly back to life as he did so.

A moan escaped his mouth as he felt it begin to tremble.

“Mmm, there it is,” sighed Mrs. Debra. “There’s that gorgeous, hard dick of yours Connor darling.”

Her appreciation made him grow and his awareness of her self-pleasure made him throb. His strokes grew longer and more powerful.

“What did that cock feel like inside Jewel’s ass?” Debra cooed, her breathing growing heavier.

“It felt huge inside of her tight ass Mrs. Debra. It felt too big to fit.” He replied, starting to masturbate feverishly while watching her do the same.

“But it did, didn’t it baby,” Debra groaned. “It went all the way in.”

“Yes,” Connor moaned softly. “I fucked her ass deep while I watched you and kissed your beautiful mouth.”

Debra moaned very deeply and cried out, “Yes Connor, yes! Her ass was yours and mine and you fucked it for me.”

“For you,” he agreed, the pace of his stroking making him ready to explode. “For my beautiful Mrs. Debra.”

Debra cried out and the car swerved wildly into a driveway under weeping willows. She hit the brakes hard and Connor jolted forward as she shrieked fervently and her body flailed in the driver’s seat.

He watched her orgasm break across her as she cried out. Her face turning towards his as her eyes rolled and watered from the intensity of her bliss. The porcelain musculature of her right arm went rigid as she teased out the last beats of her pleasure and she began to giggle breathlessly as she stared at his hard cock in his hand.

“Finish,” she commanded filthily, her azure eyes aflame with satisfaction.

He could only nod and swallow as he watched her gaze into his lap.

She sat back against the inside of the driver’s door and pulled her legs into her. With a crisp and expert movement, she pulled her panties down her stretched legs and took them in her hand before tossing them in his lap.

“Use it,” she ordered, her mouth rippling with passion.

He did as he was told. The soft lace felt like a balm on the raw flesh of his shaft as he stroked up and down the length of it. The small tie where she had repaired the waistband after he tore it in the restaurant fell between his fingers like a small handle.

Debra pulled the hem of her dress over her thighs and exposed her bare pussy to him, parting the shiny, pink lips with her long manicured fingertips.

“You did this to me Connor,” she growled at him sweetly, showing off the swollen wetness of her juicy pussy. “This is because of you and that beautiful cock, my darling.”

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