Fly Fishing

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First a caveat; I am not gay, although after reading my story, you will probably disagree. Prior to the experience I am shamefully recollecting here, I have never been with a man, I have never wanted to be with a man, and I assumed I would never be with a man. My marriage is above average and I have two great kids, a good job, and am working to build a nice retirement. Nonetheless I had an experience a few months back that has me reevaluating my entire life. I thought it might be therapeutic to write it out, so here I go. And yes, this really happened. I’m extremely ashamed of what I did, but to be brutally honest, I can’t wait to do it again.

I’m a reasonably fit forty-three year old. Six foot tall, 180 pounds, with salt and pepper hair, I look every bit the suit and tie guy I am Monday through Friday. I enjoy outdoor sports including skiing, mountain biking, running, fishing, and camping. I live in a large California city and have a well paying, secure job. Saturday was the opening day of trout season. Being between engagements at work, I decided to take a couple of days and see how the high mountain streams looked. We had a brutal winter and I knew snow runoff would be high, but I also knew a couple of spring fed creeks out in the backcountry that might be fishable.

With the kids in school, I had a couple of days to myself. I’d drive up on Sunday after working on honey-do’s all day Saturday, make a base camp and explore the backcountry waters with my fly rod, seeing what the coming trout season would have in store.

On Monday morning, I parked the SUV at a trailhead and hiked several miles back into the National Forest. A couple of other cars were at the trailhead, but with thousands of acres of wilderness, I didn’t expect to see anybody all day. The cars looked like locals, beat up from the harsh winters, and one old pickup was peppered with bumper stickers announcing every form of support for the great outdoors; “Keep Tahoe Blue,” “Support the NRA – I have a gun and know how to use it,” “Trout Unlimited,” etc.

After a couple of hours of mostly fruitless fishing, the water color being off and the flow rate still quite high, I decided to hike further upstream. Rounding a clump of sage brush at the edge of a secluded spring meadow, I nearly ran smack into a fisherman. As I nearly jumped out of my skin, I felt a warm trickle over my fishing waders. Looking down, I realized the guy was standing behind the thicket to take a leak, and standing not two feet in front of him, I was now getting that leak taken all over my feet.

“Wow, sorry man,” I stammered, as I looked down to see the torrent of piss unleashed from his exposed penis. His urine stream was amazing, and reminded me of a that old expression “piss like a race horse.” I stepped back a couple of feet, out of his impressive range. “You startled me.”

Doing nothing to conceal his member, he continued to pee. “No problem buddy, when you gotta go, you just gotta go,” he chuckled as he crushed the 24 ounce beer can he was holding and tossed it into the bushes. “These things go right through me.”

Silently outraged at the fact he was using the wilderness as his own personal trashcan, I made a quick mental note of the guy and decided I would not be making any confrontational remarks. He easily stood 6’5″ and must have weighted 275 pounds. He had a scraggy beard and was wearing a sweat stained camouflage hunting cap with the name “BUBBA” stamped in orange letters.

Oh, the other thing I noticed was the size of his exposed penis; I’d swear the package this guy was sporting rivaled that 24 ounce beer can he had just tossed away.

As his marathon pee came to an end, he grunted, “See something you like, buddy?”

“What, huh…” I stammered.

“You act like you never seen a guy take a piss before the way casino siteleri you staring at my dick,” he replied.

“I, well, umm, I didn’t realize I was staring,” I blurted out, only too aware now that I had been busted, a deer in the headlights as I marveled at Bubba’s impressive package.

“Maybe you one of them faggots, huh boy,” he snorted, as he shook his enormous dick, the last few drops of pee sputtering from his enormous piss slit. “You looking at my dick like I look at a Thanksgiving turkey boy.”

“I, I, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I stuttered, embarrassed and at the same time, enthralled by his big limp dick.

“Looky here, I ain’t no queer, but I also ain’t adverse to getting off, if you know what I mean. Why don’t you get down on your knees and suck my dick, boy. I can see you want to.”

I hated to admit it, but for some unspoken reason, I did want to. I could feel my cock starting to harden as I became sexually aroused. Sexually aroused by a guy’s dick…what in the world was happening.

Amazingly, I did exactly as Bubba instructed and fell to my knees there on the edge of the meadow, gingerly grasping his big fleshy appendage in my quivering hand. As I did so, Bubba let out a soft moan and reached down to fish out his hairy nuts through the fly of his blue jeans. I don’t know what came over me in that instant, but I couldn’t take my eyes off this guy’s fat, hairy sausage. I had often been amazed at the giant cocks on porn stars, but here I was staring down the barrel of a real live monster, and the only thing I could think of was how much I wanted to taste his salty seed.

“There you go gay boy,” he snickered, “now you got the whole damn thing at your disposal.”

I stroked his slowly hardening tool and tugged on his exposed balls, guessing that each was larger than a golf ball. I knew how much I enjoyed getting good head, why not give as good as I’d got? Nobody was going to find out and the thought of doing something so taboo really had me excited.

“Come on now son,” he demanded, “I can give myself a damn handjob. Let me see how well you faggot boys suck dick.”

I was enraged by his tone, but I couldn’t resist the hypnotic power of his massive slab. I bent slowly and pulling back the loose foreskin of his uncut tool, tentatively kissed the purple helmet of his throbbing bone. Maybe kiss was the wrong term, but I felt the unrivaled excitement of a first kiss as I gave his bulb a wet tonguing. His crotch smelled dirty, his package being trapped in his sweaty jeans all day, but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel his pulsating penis in my mouth and I opened wide, drawing several inches into my eager mouth.

“That’s better, boy,” he sighed, as he grabbed my head in his massive hands and immediately started to hump my mouth, his cock growing bigger and harder with every thrust. I did my best to accommodate his aggressive assault, finally pulling back as his cock rammed against the back of my throat, causing me to gag and spit.

“Not bad, faggot,” he chuckled. “You a pretty good little cocksucker.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled as my throat struggled to recover.

“Why don’t you strip naked, boy,” Bubba continued. “I like it best when my wife blows me naked.”

“You mean out here?” I replied, as if the thought of being naked in the forest was more outrageous than the fact I was on my knees sucking this guy’s rod.

“Fuck yea. Ain’t nobody around pansy ass, strip down and show me your little dick while you suck on mine,” Bubba ordered, a tone of aggression again apparent. As he stroked his long pole, the obscene picture of it protruding straight out from his dirty jeans, he chuckled, “Show me how bad you craving this big load and get outta them clothes. Do it now, you fucking slut.”

I stood up and stripped off my waders, slot oyna fishing vest, shirt, and pants, leaving me naked except for my boxers and tube socks. To my surprise, my boxers were tenting severely, barely able to hide my now raging boner. I was totally getting off on both the scene and the dominant attitude of this grizzly mountain man.

“I said naked, boy,” Bubba commanded as he jerked his spit covered boner, now rock hard and leaking precum.

I pulled off my socks and yanked down my boxers, standing completely nude in the sunny spring meadow; all to aware of how my average boner was significantly dwarfed by Bubba’s unbelievable member.

“Well what you waiting for. Get back down on your knees and suck my dick, bitch,” Bubba instructed. “Worship my cock like the cock-loving, cum-craving little whore you are.”

Obeying his orders, I fell to my knees on the soft pine needles and taking a firm grip on the base of his boner, worked several inches into my mouth. I spent the next several minutes trying to remember all the blowjob techniques I had witnessed, whether from girlfriends back in college or the few porno films I had seen at stag parties.

Bubba, was quick to acknowledge what he liked; “Oh yea, cocksucker, that’s it.” When my technique failed, Bubba just grabbed my head and fucked my throat with deep, powerful strokes. I did my best to open my throat, breath through my nose, keep my teeth off his sensitive pole, and let him fuck my face. For some reason, I wanted to give him the best head he’d ever received and I took on the challenge to deepthroat as much of his monster rod as I could handle.

“Jerk your little pecker faggot,” Bubba instructed. “Show me how much you like sucking old Bubba’s big dick. And keep your fucking hands off my cock, you should know that a good bj is hands-free.”

Periodically, he would pull his spit covered cock from my tortured throat and slap my face hard with his boner, “Suck my nuts, boy. Make love to them balls.”

At one point, he pulled his hot schlong from my abused and aching jaw, gave my cheek a hard whack with his boner, and turned around. “Let’s see how good you eat ass, shithead.”

He spread his hairy butt cheeks giving me full access to his sweaty hole. “Get in there boy, pretend your eating pussy, though I doubt you’ve ever had that pleasure.”

The musty smell was repulsive, but I couldn’t turn back now. I licked his ass crack with gusto, paying special attention to the area between his balls and his butthole.

“That’s it faggot,” Bubba moaned. “You’re making me hard as a fucking rock. Now get that tongue up my ass and give me a good rimming.”

I had no power to resist this hunk of a man, and I began to tongue fuck his asshole just the way my wife liked to have her pussy done. My nose was buried up his crack and I swirled my tongue around his hole between deep dives up his puckered backdoor.

“Goddamn, faggot, I could never get the old lady to do that. Hell, if you keep that up, I may shoot my wad. You are one nasty little whore, ain’t you?”

I was being completely degraded and humiliated, yet the almost painful boner I was sporting told me I had never been as aroused in my life.

After several minutes of ass eating, he straightened up and turned back to face me.

“What do you want now, cunt?” he growled, his thickly veined cock only inches from my mouth, a giant pearl of precum hanging enticingly from his piss slit.

“I want you to fuck my face,” I begged, as I licked the engorged purple head of his tool, savoring the taste of his precum. I couldn’t believe the words spewing from my mouth, but I had never wanted anything more than I wanted to deepthroat his menacing spear.

He grabbed my head roughly, and forced half his length into my mouth, until his cockhead hit the back canlı casino siteleri of my throat. He continued to apply pressure, and inch after sweet inch plowed into my throat. I started to push him away as I didn’t think I could take anymore, but he roughly smacked my hands away.

“Put those fucking hands behind your back unless you want me to restrain them there,” he ordered. “I’ve got a belt and I could hog tie you in about 5 seconds.”

With his cock buried nearly ball deep down my throat, Bubba asked, “So you like sucking cock, huh boy? Your faggot boyfriend got a package like this?”

For some reason, I felt strongly that I didn’t want Bubba to think I was gay. Impaled on his rod, I couldn’t answer but I pointed to the wedding ring on my finger, trying to impress upon him that I was married.

“So you married, huh?” Bubba laughed. “Your wife know you like sucking men’s cocks?”

I assumed it was a rhetorical question and rather than respond, I doubled my efforts on Bubba’s dick, pulling one hand from behind my back to stroke my own cock furiously as precum leaked out and lubed my pistoning hand.

“Better yet, does your wife know what a skilled cocksucker you are? I bet you give better head than she ever dreamed of giving,” he laughed. “Fact is, you keep that up, and I’m gonna reward you real soon.”

Proud of my efforts, I continued my assault, now craving the giant load I was sure Bubba was soon to deliver. I had quickly learned to enjoy the taste of his precum and I couldn’t wait to fill my belly with his climactic eruption. My eyes were watering fiercely and my throat was raw, but I didn’t dream of stopping.

With a load roar, sure to scare every fish within a mile, Bubba pulled his cock from my exhausted jaw and jerked it a couple of times before he exploded on my face and tongue, coating my mug in warm, sticky jizz as rocket after rocket of hot spunk also shot into the back of my throat. I swallowed every last ounce of throat sauce, and I eagerly lapped up his creamy spooge, slurping the last few drops from his slowly deflating member.

Without further warning, he let loose another stream of molten hot piss, this time his cock aimed straight at my open mouth. “Take every last drop of this piss, boy,” he growled. “Or I’ll fuck you up.”

I was repulsed by the surprise golden shower, but I was equally scared to death of what Bubba might be capable of doing to me. I forced myself to keep my mouth open and I even attempted to swallow his steady stream of liquid gold.

The taste was not completely disgusting, and the thought of this dominant stud using me as his personal toilet only made me hornier. I knew only a couple tugs on my raging boner would send me over the edge.

His urine flow finally receded, my face and chest soaked from his spray.

“Just thought I’d help wash that sticky spunk off your face, boy,” Bubba chuckled. “I didn’t really expect you’d try and swallow it all. You are one fucked up little faggot bitch.”

As Bubba tucked his now flaccid penis back into his fly and zipped up, I lay back on the pine needles and jerked a gigantic load all over my naked belly and chest. Several spurts hit my upturned face and I swallowed those with relish. I just couldn’t get enough cum.

“Thanks for the bj, buddy,” Bubba chortled as he picked up his fishing gear and headed downstream. “Hope we can go fishing again sometime. Make sure you keep a bottle of lube in your fishing vest, cause next time, I intend to take that cherry ass of yours.”

I’ve yet to get up the nerve to return, but I did buy a bottle of lube that I keep in my fishing vest just in case. Don’t know if I could handle all of Bubba’s big pole, but sure am curious to find out.

Every time I think of this random encounter I pop a huge boner. Just writing out the story, my cock is rock hard and I’m on the verge of blowing a humongous load. Like I said earlier I’m not gay, but damn, I can’t wait to suck my next cock. And maybe next time, I’ll find out what a good ass fucking feels like too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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