Following the Sun Pt. 02

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Widower Pete Kurtz turned the camper van into the driveway of the substantial home of Dr Neville and Mrs Cathy Stevens on Morningside Drive, Granite Bay in California, just west of Folsom Lake.

Sharon (20) screamed, “He’s here!”

She raced out to greet her elder sister’s lover.

Pete switched off the engine and took in the appearance of the approaching blonde beauty. She wrenched opened his door, obviously highly excited. So he joked, “Hi, you must be Sharon. Sorry I thought you’d be a kid. You surprise me.”

Sharon heard those words and just lost it. She jumped at Peter and kissed him, full on the lips.

“Jesus Sharon.”

“Don’t you like being kissed?”

“Well not wet ones like that.”

She pretended to be disappointed and said, “Oh well…”

“You are lovely Sharon and come in far above my expectations. God what a body.”

Used to manipulating guys around her age she said, “So you admire my body?”

But Pete was awake to her. “Can it Sharon otherwise your sister will murder you.”

Sharon giggled and made way for Nellie who flew in screaming, “Oh Pete, darling. Ohmigod, I can’t believe you are here.”

“Lying bitch, she knew to the minute when you’d be arriving and delayed to make the big entrance,” Sharon said, retreating to stand beside her waiting parents while hoping to witness some display of lust from two lovers who’d been separated for three weeks or so.

No such display eventuated.

Nellie drew Pete from the cockpit and said, “Come meet my folk.”

Pete, in trepidation, was dragged forward, or almost. God what if the parents rejected him on the spot?

Neville greeted him very solemnly, shaking hands and saying Pete should call him Neville.

Then came the breakthrough. Cathy, busty and modern looking for an older woman, threw herself at him, almost knocking Pete over, and kissing him full on the lips said, “Thank goodness you’re here; Nellie has been a wreck and losing weight since she returned home.”

“Er Mrs Stevens, I don’t think you should be engulfing me like this, I mean not with your husband watching.”

“Neville sought to marry an exciting woman and found me so knows what to expect from me.”

“Er okay but could I have some air?”

Cathy let go and Pete sidled over to Nellie and they placed an arm round each other, looking a little like an old married couple.

Neville and Cathy looked at them approvingly whereas Sharon looked rather disappointed.

Sharon said, “Show me inside the campervan Pete.”

She opened the door and waved her in.

“Come in Pete and let’s try the bed.”

He was mortified but Cathy smiled and said, “Just like her mom she’s a big tease.”

“Er go inside Cathy and try the bed.”

Cathy shrieked in laughter and said he was so funny.

Pete said to Neville, “Take a look Neville. This one is small; I’m about to trade up.”

“Thank you and thank you for not making suggestive comment about me hopping on to the bed with my wife or with my daughter.”

Christ, though Pete. What that this guy’s idea of humor?

When Neville entered the van Nellie who was standing outside with Pete said, “Why are you trading up?”

“To provide us with greater comfort.”

“Us?” she said, with a quaver.

Peter knew this was it. He hoped the others would not emerge from the cabin or call him.

“My plan was to take you into Montana and then slowly head south for the winter. We discussed that.”

“Yes, we did. But I didn’t commit 100 percent. I have my career to consider.”

Peter smiled and said, “That’s okay Nellie. At your age you need to get your life sorted.”

She looked at him steadily, “And you don’t?”

“At least short-term I have committed to following the sun, er warmth. I’ll not try to influenced you unduly; it’s for you to decide.”

Nellie slept in her own bed that night. Pete was given the guest room. During the night Sharon crept into his room. He stirred, hearing something, and she slid in beside him and said, “It’s me.”

Pete snapped into full awake mode and thought, the situation was suicidal.

“I’ll not touch you Sharon and you being here is being disloyal to your sister.”

“Aw, well you finger me and I’ll suck you.”

“No Sharon. Nellie and I have done some hard miles together and my loyalty is with her. Please understand that. I’m not rejecting you.”

“I understand. Good night,” Sharon said, sounding a little emotional.

Cathy, still awake, had heard someone walk past the bedroom. She slid out of bed to see who it was, hoping it was Nellie but fearful it was Sharon. She was just in time to see Sharon under the illumination of the nightlight, positioned almost at floor level, glide into the guest room.

Jesus, Cathy sighed, thinking what a mess. She was thinking she’d better go in and break it up when she heard the voices of the occupants of the guest room raise a little. She stepped back into her bedroom and watched as Sharon walked by muttering. Cathy said to herself you hero Pete and then wondered why was Nellie illegal bahis almost spurning him?

Cathy returned to bed and slipped into sleep, leaving that questioned unanswered.

The family and visitor related well during the next two days and then Pete went off looking for the upgrade. He’d done the research on the Internet and arrived back three days later with a beautiful two-year-old 42ft bus-like RV fitted out to sleep four with a 340hp diesel motor and all-leather interior and three slides (to increase floor space when the RV was parked).

Everyone viewed it and made appropriate noises of approval but it was Sharon who made the major impact.

“Can I travel into Oregon with you and Nellie?”

“Ask Nellie and then ask your mom for approval.”


“I am still pondering my options. Do what you want.”


“Are you sure you want to travel alone with Pete. Think of your reputation?”

Sharon’s bottom lip fell.

Pete swooped. “She doesn’t travel without Nellie.”

Nellie said, “I said I’m still deciding. I resigned two weeks ago and have to work another two weeks to work out my notice of resignation. You go Sharon.”

Cathy squeaked, “Neville!”

But he was no help. “I’m staying out of this. It’s a circus.”

They all looked at Pete who shuffled and said, “I can’t believe this. Sharon your mother is right, think of your reputation.”

“I’ll not be jumping into your bed if that’s central to your thinking.”

Pete pulled out his handkerchief and mopped his forehead. “Sharon, you don’t understand.”

Nellie broke the impasse. “Take her for seven days. She can bus back and make up on her lost classes.”

Everyone looked at Nellie.

“What? Sharon has said she’ll not be jumping into Pete’s bed. What’s the problem?”

“Nellie,” Pete said, heavily embarrassed. “No way can I…”

“Outside for a minute Pete.”

Pete followed Nellie on to the terrace thinking no way could change his mind. He was adamant, no Nellie aboard, no Sharon.”

Nellie kissed him deeply, the first real kiss she’d given him since he’d arrived. “Pete Sharon is half in love with you and has this romantic idea that touring is all sunsets and kisses. Please take her and get it out of her system.”

“No way. She’ll be into my bed looking for sexual gratification.”

“Is that so bad? I remember not so long ago her older sister took the big plunge and you did not object when I came into your bed.”

“But Nellie you are or at least were my gal. My loyalty is with you.”

“Please Pete, do this for me. That’s all I ask.”

Pete rolled his eyes and said, “This is insane.”

“Please Pete, for me.”

He wavered and then said, “All right I want you two girls to talk this through with your mother and then if your mother approves… Christ how could she? Then I want her to come to me, alone, and hand me a pack of condoms and talk to me about looking after Sharon.”

“God mom won’t do that. Can you imagine any mother doing that?”

“Mothers of twenty-year olds yes. But since you know your mother then that settles it, It’s over.”

Almost angrily Pete strode back inside and Nellie followed. She called Sharon and her mother to follow her outside.

Pete sat beside Neville and said, “This is crazy and my presence here is resulting in conflict. I wish I’d never come here.”

Neville chuckled. “That aligns with my own thinking but you must understand we are self-reliant people in this household and function as a family, as a part family or as individuals and know we’ll soldier on no matter what happens. It’s an intellectual thing really. Nellie was the first to put it to test and survived and having observed that Sharon believes it’s her turn to venture out and she’s also chosen you and I believe Nellie accepts that, whether or not she has indicated her position to you.”

“Jesus, I can’t be held responsible for Sharon’s whim. What was this I was told about Nellie arriving home after leaving me and becoming morose and loosing weight?”

“Nothing in life is plain sailing Peter. At your age with your experience you ought to know that. She is lovesick but pulled by inner conflict as well. Those two emotions are not a good mix.”

Pete sighed and told Neville that he’d effectively circumvented Sharon’s hopes by offering a challenge to Cathy that she was bound to spurn. He then told Neville about his demand about condoms.

Neville just smiled.

Sharon came bouncing in, kissed the surprised Pete, and said she was off to pack before getting a good night’s sleep.

Cathy came in, looked at Pete, coldly he thought, and then said to Neville, “Darling please get me a big box of condoms from your medical supplies.”

She then walked over to Pete, sat and took his hand.

Pete’s shoulders slumped. Nellie come in and smiled at him, blew him a kiss and went off to make coffee.

* * *

Next morning at 7:00, with the diesel engine warming up, Sharon skipped out of the house with her two soft carry bags.

Pete said, “Sharon I need to talk illegal bahis siteleri to you.”

“Okay shoot.”

“No way will I have sex with you.”

“Have you been invited?”


“You heard. Have you been thinking I’d just roll over for you? God, what an ego.”

Pete was relieved. “So our agreement is no sex?”

“I don’t enter into unnecessary agreements. May I enter to stow my gear?”

“Yes of course.”

Nellie and her parents came out to see them off.

“Be good to her darling,” Nellie whispered. “Don’t crush her spirit.”

“Er no. Good advice.”

Pete kissed her and Nellie pressed into him and for a moment found his tongue.

Cathy kissed him calmly and said, “Be kind to her.”

Neville shook his hand and said safe touring and added, “This is probably the first independent adventure Sharon has had.”

There were waves, a short blast on the horn and they were off.

They turned to head for Interstate-5 north.

Sharon pulled off her top and removed her bra and turned on the stereo to find music and turned up the volume. Pete knew he was being tested so he said nothing.

“This cabin temperature is great; my nipples are not reacting.”


“How long is this RV?”

“Forty-two feet. It sleeps four and has three sliders to widen living space when we are camped.”

“That’s interesting.”

Pete said a little sourly, “Are you sure?”

“Yes of course. If my bared breasts embarrass you I’ll cover up.”

“Not a problem. They are not easy to see.”

Cathy sucked in breath. “Did you enjoy having sex with my sister?”

“Oh yes.”

Sharon giggled and said she thought they’d get along fine. “Where do we camp tonight?”

“It’s only 170 miles away, a place called Redding.”

“Sounds boring. Actually I’ve been through it a couple of times.”

“Your sister and I spend our first night together on the road at Nashville.”

“God, that’s not boring. Amazing.”

* * *

As the miles ticked off Sharon yawned and wondered where the action was. They were dawdling along at 55 mph when they could be doing 65 mph. She had been shocked that her parents had allowed her to come on this road trip. Her mom had gone soft on Pete so it was understandable that she would approve but her dad, Mr Dry Bones, the so-called power brake on his wife and daughters, had also approved. Until now she’d thought she was the younger child victim of the most fun-stealing, over-responsible parents in all of Sacramento.

But where was the fun? She’d pulled off her top and bra to shock Pete and to her astonishment he almost yawned and he was probably thinking her breasts were smaller than Nellie’s. Jesus, give a girl a fair go Pete!

This was so unfair. Sharon was quite sure Pete would not seduce her. Then what the hell was she doing on this lumbering ox of a vehicle? Oh fuck, she knew. She was aboard to cook, do the dishes and do the housework. Jesus, give a girl a fair go Pete!

* * *

Returning to the highway after a coffee break when they had sat outside on a quite roadside in the sun using the folding tables and chairs, Pete smiled and thought at least the kid had the decency to put on her shirt before stepping outside as they were in view of passing traffic. Why she found the need to wear a bra was anyone’s guess. They were beautifully shaped but boyish breasts. He wondered if she shaved, but had no intention of finding out.

They’d had a moment of tension when packing up to resume their journey. Sharon stood between him and the door and had asked him to kiss her and play with a breast. He hadn’t argued. He’d kissed her on the nose and reached inside his shirt and make sure she saw him rubbing his nipple.

That really hosed her off. Her face darkened and she yelled “Asshole” and rushed inside to the bathroom to wash her hands.

She came out as he finished stowing the tables and chairs and she smiled, “At least you do have humor even if it were fucking idiotic humor.”

Pete grabbed her and hugged her close and kissed the top of her hair. She appeared to really like that, judging by the soft groans.

* * *

They turned off at Redding and continued on to the RV park Pete had selected on the Internet and they followed route instructions off the big-screen GPS.

“Ohmigod, look… it’s beautiful,” Sharon waxed on excitedly.

“I guess you were thinking we were all about highway travel and not turning off into Nature Land?”

“Yes, yes. I goofed. My immaturity shows.”

“It’s nothing to do with immaturity, it’s you just didn’t put yourself into the situation ahead of you.”

“Stop nitpicking. Just enjoy the vista.”

“Yeah it is beautiful. This is what RVing is all about.”

They shared a meal, adding their contributions, with a friendly RV couple on the next site from them and returning their RV after dark Sharon said, “May I sleep with you?”

“Yes of course.”

“Does that mean you are prepared to be a bad boy after all?”

“No it doesn’t”

“I won’t tell Nellie.”

“That canlı bahis siteleri doesn’t matter. She’ll believe what she wants to believe whatever we say.”

Sharon emerged from the bathroom and walked to the bed confidently. She was nude and no she didn’t shave.

“What say I’m clever enough to seduce you?”

Pete’s reply surprised her. “Find something that works.”

Sharon asked him to wriggle down the bed a bit.

Being an ice skater and lithe she climbed into the narrow gap behind his head and sat on her haunches.

“Can you smell pussy?”

He chuckled and said just a little.

She threw off the light bedcover and sheet and said, “Well it’s not making you hard.”

He didn’t answer. She leaned over him and her blonde hair spilt over his face and they kissed, very gently.

She lifted up and looking down said, “That’s better.”

“That was like being kissed by the Fairy Queen Sharon.”

She flushed in pleasure and moved her trunk forward and gently licked his right nipple and then felt her left nipple and some breast being sucked.

Slowly Sharon lifted and moved down, kissing and nipping him until she reached his erection and said excitedly, “God I haven’t had one this big before and oh you shave, all over!”

Pete had his mouth full of pussy and didn’t answer, not even when he pulled away to pull a hair caught between teeth.

From then they were away laughing, panting and yelling.

Finishing breathlessly he watched his semen oozing from Sharon and gasped, “Christ I forgot the condom.”

“It’s fine, I’m on contraceptives. God you filled me. You are very thick.”

“Is that what you wanted?”

“Yes definitely. You were so good.”

He laughed and said they could only get better and she faked surprise and said would there be a second time?

They called home next morning and Sharon spoke to everyone and then gave Pete the phone and said, “It’s Nellie.”


“Hi, I’m walking out of earshot of the others. Did you and Sharon do it?”

“Yeah and for some reason I don’t feel guilty.”

“You weren’t meant to be. I wanted you to have sex with her because it’s what she wanted and even mom recognized that.”

“So you are not off me?”

“No of course not. I’ve had my decision to resign my job gnawing away at me.”

“Then try withdrawing your resignation.”

“No it’s fine. I’m committing to traveling with you. I’ll arrive in Portland early afternoon Saturday in mom’s car and Sharon can return in the car either then or next morning. That’s if she’s willing to leave you.”

“She will. It was the deal. Her education comes first. We’ll stop at a forest camp later today and turn out to the coast somewhere around Roseburg and go up the coast on 101 with some overnight stops. Will reach Portland Friday and camp by the river. Will be in touch. Bye darling.”

Nellie’s voice had a slight tremor when she said, “So it’s darling now?”


“Bye darling,” she said brightly.

Sharon said, “So she knows?”

“Yes and doesn’t appear stressed about it. She’s coming up in your mom’s car to be with us in Portland Saturday and you can return home then or wait till Sunday morning.”

“You mean she will stay in the van if I’m here?”

“Appears so.”

“Then who will sleep with you?”

Pete said airily, “That’s for your two to work out.”

“God I know what answer you are hoping for,” Sharon giggled. “You naughty boy.”

“Dream on baby,” he laughed

* * *

Nellie broke her nine-hour drive for a leisurely alfresco lunch under palms and drank mineral water instead of wine.

She hit the road again feeling refreshed and sniffed, “That jerk; he’s fucked my baby sister.”

She then thought they would have had sex numerous times. And then added probably non-stop and sighed and laughed. The die was now set. If she married Pete her sister would still expect to have a piece of him whenever it suited. Er unless Sharon turned gay. Yeah, right!

Nellie began to feel excited. She’s pulled off the highway to take a call from Sharon who said they had decided on an RV park, forty-five minutes short of Portland to reduced Nellie’s drive time. She thought that was so sweet of them and Sharon sounded excited and said they’d use the car to drive into Portland to eat at a decent restaurant that night. She’d already booked.

The directions were good and Nellie found the camp without a problem and soon had identified the cheerful and stylish blue and green lines along the gray sides of the RV.

Pete and Sharon were sitting outside under the awning when she arrived and Sharon jumped up and came running towards Nellie as she parked. God her sister looked a picture of health with a bit of a tan and she was bubbling. Obviously she was having something that agreed with her.

Pete stood back although waving and Nellie thought he was a darling, giving the sisters time to chat in private. No way would she raise the subject of sex.

“God he fucks brilliantly,” Sharon burbled. “I can understand why you’ll continue on the road with him, sacrificing your career. I would too.”

“Sharon hush, he might hear you.”

“So what? Will we have a threesome tonight?”

Nellie turned scarlet. God what had happened to her uncertain and all too often moody sister?”

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