For an ‘A’ Ch. 1

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The clock seemed to take forever to make a move and hit the bell. Finally, after long 45 minutes of torture of Mr. Thompson’s lecture I was able to live again. He was my math teacher since I was in 7th grade (now I’m a senior). And his classes weren’t funny like Mr. Robins, my biology teacher. To tell the truth, I never paid any attention to any of the biology classes. I was only admiring Mr. Robins. Mark Robins, one hell of a teacher. About 32, extremely handsome, muscled, always wearing a white shirt that made his muscles look bigger. Not to mention his cock area. It was amazingly big, even without an erection (well, I never saw him having one, so I wasn’t able to compare). God, he was in every of my masturbatory fantasies, always seducing me. I imagined his long hard cock thrusting into my asshole. Well, not anything like that could happen. Ever.

Since I didn’t pay attention to his classes, my grades started to get lower and lower. He was getting worried about me. One day, after the class he came to me and said with his strong sexy voice:

“Can I have a word with you?”

Almost getting on my knees to suck his cock right there, I answered:


“Dave your grades aren’t very good.”

“I know.”

He looked me deeply, with his amazing blue eyes. I could only pay attention to his huge chest, with some fur coming out of his shirt. His blonde hair sometimes got into his eyes. It was shining.

“Do you have any trouble on your home?” he asked me.

“No, everything’s fine.”

I was starting to get erected right there, in the middle of the class.

He put his arm around me and said:

“You can talk to me.”

I was almost shaking, casino siteleri and my cock was getting harder and harder.

In that moment, Mr. Thompson knocked the door.

Quickly taking his arm off me, we went and opened the door.

“Yeah?” Mr. Robins asked.

“Are we still on?”

I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but they seemed really close.

“Sure. I’ll be there.”

Mr. Thompson turned around and went away quickly. I definitely felt something between them. I needed to find out.

“Mr. Robins, can we talk later?” I said, with my dick not so hard now.

“Sure, no problem.”

I left and started looking for Mr. Thompson. But before that, I needed a pee brake. I ran in the nearest bathroom I found. Getting there, I quickly got my dick off and released myself. On the next cabin, I was hearing moans and a little strange noise. Someone was jerking off. I got excited just by thinking who it was. The guy stood there for like 15 minutes and I was only listening, with my dick hard as a rock. I was about to jerkoff there. Then the man came out. It was Mr. Thompson. Now I was sure he’s gay and had something for Mr. Robins. He left the bathroom and went towards the gymnasium. Of course, I followed him.

He got in the first locker room. I entered behind him. There was some boys showering and changing. I was getting a hard on and I realized Mr. Thompson too. His area seemed to jump a little. I was getting hornier just to think what he would do there. I found an empty locker room and I fitted in there, so I entered and shut the door, so Mr. Thompson wouldn’t see me. About ten minutes later, Mr. Robins got there. The room was completely empty and slot oyna all boys were at gym. I figured “now they’ll do something”. And they did. Mr. Thompson grabbed Mr. Robins and started kissing him passionately. Thompson was taking his shit off while Robins was doing the same. My cock was about to explode there, inside the locker. Thompson headed his hand to Robins’ boxers. His cock was pointing vertically. Thompson got on his knee and started sucking his dick. His moanings were making me crazy. I never realized in Thompson’s body. Sure, he was a boring teacher, but had a great tool and an amazing body. I started thinking what would be to suck his cock. Robins was going wild. He was screaming in pleasure, pulling Thompson’s head to his cock, faster and faster, and during the up-and-down move, I could see the cum rolling down Thompson’s cheek. I threw my cock out of my pants and started jerking off, while I heard Robins saying “turn around I wanna fuck your ass”. Even he had already cummed, his cock was still hard. He got Thompson’s legs and put above his shoulders. He got his dick and put into Thompson’s ass. Thompson was moaning and jerking off. I was getting hornier and hornier, I could feel the cum coming, and during my pleasure, accidentally, I slipped and fell on the door, which opened and scared the teachers. They stopped doing and stared at me. Robins saw my erection and smiled at me.

“It’s okay.” He said. “come join us.”

I was scared but tempted. I wanna do it, but I wasn’t sure. I got up and Robins and Thompson came to me and started sucking my cock. Two of the hottest teachers I’ve ever saw were sucking my dick!!! I couldn’t believe it. They got up and then the three of us were canlı casino siteleri kissing. At the same time. Three tongues. It was all I ever asked. Their tongues were hot. Thompson was going down my ass, licking my body on the way. He got there, opened my butt and sticked his tongue deep. He was tongue-fucking my ass while Robins was kissing me. I never kissed someone like that. He was whispering in my ear “I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you hard.” I was scared, cuz I never had a cock in that size on my ass. His dick was amazingly huge and it hurt only to think about getting in my ass, but turned me on. Strongly, Robins stick his hand on my butt and was massaging it, making me want to cum. He turned me around and Thompson started sucking my cock. Robins got his dick and stucked on my ass and was pushing and pulling rhythmically, making me scream, in pain, in pleasure. He threw me on the floor and continued fucking me, harder and harder. Then he shout “I’m gonna cum.” He took his cock out of my ass and put it in my mouth. Thompson lay down on the floor and I sat on his dick and I started riding it. Robins was cumming in my mouth, more and more. It seemed it would never stop. I drank everything. Thompson was holding my waist and pushing it down against his cock. I felt his cock head on my anus, hitting the walls, making me cum even without noticing. I cam in his face, chest and belly. Robins passed his hand on Thompon’s chest while they were kissing. Robins took his hand on his mouth, tasting my cum. I could see by Thompson’s face expression that he would cum in any minute. He did. I felt his cum runnig my ass up and when I got up, it was slowing falling down on the floor. We three kissed again and got clean. We looked at each other. I was sure that would happen again. Then, Robins said to me.

“Well, I guess someone has an “A” on his report card this semester.”

I smiled and walked away, happier then ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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