Forceful Reversal – The Beginning

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I’m sitting in a leather armchair, you walk in the large room from a door behind me, your heels clicking on the white tiled floor.

I don’t turn around as I hear your footsteps and as you approach the side of my chair I point to the floor in front of me and say curtly, “There!”

As you stand in front of me, naked but for your strappy, black shoes and leather collar, you tremble slightly.

In your hands a chain with a black leather handle hangs limply. You look back at me eyes wide with fear, anticipation and a little flicker of wickedness and hand me the leash.”

Taking the leather grip in my hand I pull you closer to me until we’re face to face, you’re bending over and stare defiantly into my eyes.

I move my hand and the leash behind your back and pull more violently, you throw your head back and gasp, no words are needed as the look in your eyes changes to one of fear, you know what’s coming next.

You drop dutifully to your knees reaching for my belt and unbuckling it swiftly, more slowly this time you unbuttoned my trousers and in one movement pull them down. Anticipating this encounter, I had decided against underwear and my cock swung free of its material trappings.

The sight of you helpless and naked in front casino oyna of me had stirred my dick into action and I was now hard as a rock and a clear glistening drop of precum made its way slowly down my shaft.

You eye the drip greedily, then look up at me, your big eyes pleading with me to taste it. I nod imperceptibly, you look back to my cock, just inches from your face and your tongue flicks the shaft rapidly, lapping gently at the clear liquid making sure you catch every last drop of sweet nectar.

With a last lick, a string of juice stretches from my dick to your tongue, it breaks and the drip swings down landing on your chin. You leave it and lift yourself up a little higher.

With a wicked grin while looking up at me you wink and without warning swallow me whole from head to balls. I gasp as I feel your warm, wet tongue slide along my shaft and your throat pulsating, massaging the head. If you kept this up I would be done in seconds. You seem to realise this and loosen your mouth’s grip, opening your mouth wide you begin to lap at my smooth, clean shaven balls. Even this is excruciatingly, I reach down and run my fingers through your hair, grip the back of your head and begin to pump my cock slowly and deeply into your eager mouth. slot oyna

After a minute or so of this treatment, you look up once more, tears welling and mascara running down your face, I pull your head back gently off of my slick saliva covered dick. As you recover you look at your handiwork, smile and grab hold of my manhood. I smack the back of your hand, firmly but with enough force to make you yelp, “That treat isn’t ready for you yet!” I say frowning. You scowl back up at me for the briefest of moments, then resume your position on your knees.

“Don’t make me punish you!” I said, regaining my grip on the chain my hand is so close to your neck that I lift you up, up higher on your knees, up higher still so we are both standing. Looking into each other’s eyes, your cheeks flush red and you briefly look away only to return my gaze and say in a quiet, throaty voice, “Fuck me”.

At this request, I turn you around forcefully towards the chair and bend you over. Your ass presents itself to me, a gift I have every intention of using, I spread your cheeks and marvel at your dripping wet pussy and tightest of holes. Your grool covers most of the top of your thighs and a thread twinkles from your lips, swaying as you stand there. It’s my turn to tease.

As canlı casino siteleri I drop to my knees, I push you further forward so, still bent and using your hands to support you on the arms of the chair, you are on tiptoes and even more accessible to me.

I lean in, breathing more heavily and begin to lick the juices from your lips. I decide that gentle is a welcome reward that will drive you wild, wanting me to part you and penetrate. I can’t help myself, your nectar is so sweet that I force my tongue deeper parting your lips and burying my face in your ass breathing in your musky scent. You groan then gasp as my tongue delves deeper and as my nose brushes your puckered hole you twitch, I take the opportunity to give it the gentlest of flicks with my tongue, you let out a long moan and whisper “more”, hungrily I comply but it’s not enough for you.

My tease didn’t last as long as I hoped and you make it your mission to take control.

You reach back, grab the back of my head and force my face deeper into your cleft. My tongue parts your lips and plunges deep into your wet pussy, you grind hard on my face and your sharp inhale of breath tells me that you’re close to coming. I try to pull away and stop your orgasm but the hand gripping my hair tightens. I’m not going anywhere!

You begin to buck and shake wriggling against me, your breathing becomes more ragged, your knees buckle and you let out a long scream gripping the back of the chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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