Forever Love: The Encounter

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Sitting on his trusty steed, Jonah was thinking of his game plan right before he made his run. He eagerly anticipated his run knowing the hard work and time he has put in on his mare Jetta. He knew that if anyone could beat the fastest time of the day it would be her.

“Ok Jetta its now or never. We’ve worked too hard and its time to show what we can do!”

The stranger in the corner had been keeping an eye on Jonah, following his every step. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on Jonah 4 years ago, he had found his forever love. He was entrusted by Rodrigo, his clan master, to keep guard of Jonah until the time was right for him to approach the young cowboy.

Jameson was a tall fellow with the looks of a young 30 year old. He stood 6’2 with a muscular build and compelling blue eyes. He sported a thinned line goatee with blonde hair that was neatly cropped. He wore a tight fitted black T-shirt with loose fitted blue jeans and plain black cowboy boots. What isn’t known by others is the fact he is a 200 year old vampire. He was saved by a man who become his vampire father in a clan made up of vampires and lycans who worked together peacefully to keep the human race safe from evil.

“Next rider up is rider 267 Jonah Smith on Jetta Dash.” blared the announcer.

Gathering up his reins Jonah headed to the alley way of the arena. As the rider before him exited out, Jonah said a quick prayer and waited his turn at the gate. Many thoughts rolled in Jonah’s head; the time he spent training, money spent getting there, helping his business grow, and of course, the prize money. But he knew that no matter what nothing could take away this moment. It had been a long struggle getting to where he can get on his own and do the things he loved. After putting up with family feuds and mayhem that distracted him and prolonged his future, he felt that this was HIS time now and no one could take that from him.

“Are you ready son?” asked the gateman.

“Yes sir!” answered Jonah as he positioned his beautiful longed mane filly in the alley way. As the gate flung open Jonah gave a quick smooch to Jetta casino oyna and off they went. Jetta was running as fast as she could. Her long mane, which was done in long braids, was flying in the air. Jonah knew that if he positioned Jetta just right they would have an awesome first barrel.

“Easy Jetta,” Jonah demanded as he held on to the saddle horn and cued Jetta to turn. The turn was as perfect as could be. As the duo headed to the second barrel Jameson stood on the bleachers. Seeing his forever love doing what he did best pleased him beyond words. He knew that what Jonah was doing was the main thing in his heart. “I hope I will be in your heart Jonah, my forever love,” Jameson said softly as a slight smile tugged at his lips.


As the duo cleared the second barrel on their way to the third, a thought of worry came into Jonah’s mind. Jetta had a few issues with the third barrel. The last few shows they have been to they have knocked it over costing them the championships and several thousands in prize money. If they can just get around it clean there might be a good chance at winning. “Easy girl,” Jonah said softly as they reached the third barrel. Jetta being the good mare that she is listened to her rider and eased up some. Jonah asked with his reins to bring her in tighter for the turn. The mare responded with the slightest of touch. The rim of the barrel skimmed around Jonah’s leg. So much so that it tipped to one side sending a panic through Jonah’s mind and body. The response from the crowd did not make things any better. Their “OOOHHHH’s” worried him.

“Oh no please don’t fall,” thought the cowboy as he looked back at the barrel. The bay mare with all her might ran down the arena, headed straight to the alley way. The young cowboy knew if he hustled his horse faster they could cross the finish line. The excitement of it all was just over whelming. What is typically a 17 to 18 second run felt like a lifetime to the cowboy. “Come on girl!” he shouted as he put his head down and with all his might, encouraging the mare to run full out. Her flashy braided mane was hitting Jonah in slot oyna the face. They were almost to the finish line.

Crossing the finish line, Jonah lifted up and gathered up his reins and pulled his mare to a stop at the front of the gate. He looked back to see if the third barrel was up. To his delight it remained standing. He petted Jetta on the neck then leaned down to hug her. Jetta let out a little grunt as to say “Yeah I know I am awesome!” Jonah knew the run was as perfect as it could be and had to wait for the outcome. Jameson walked down from the stands trying to hide himself. He knew that it was time to show himself to Jonah. Jonah’s scent reached across the distance and filled his lungs. Jameson body hardened painfully and his heart filled with love. He knew no matter what Jonah WOULD be his!

” With a time of a 16:89 Jonah Smith and Jetta Dash have taken first place and set a new arena record!” the announcer screamed into the mic. The roar from the crowed sent chills down the cowboy’s body. All the hard work had paid off. It was all that he could do to keep from crying in front of people. But he knew he couldn’t do that. His cheeks filled with sorness from the big smile he had on his face. The cowboy knew with this win his business would run better and with the prize money he could pay off some debts and maybe spend some on himself with a shopping spree. Even though he isn’t a big spender, Jonah felt this time it might be the exception.

As they exited the arena Jameson stood at a distance. His crystal blue eyes locked onto the cowboy and his horse.

“See me…..see me now,” Jameson said in a low whispering voice no other could hear. But somehow the echo of it sailed right to the young cowboy, who was walking his mare back to the stables. The pair was among a bustle of people who crowded him congratulating on a job well done . He felt a strange sensation come over him. He glanced to his right locking eyes with a tall stranger in the corner. Jonah felt a small chill but turned his head and headed to the barn. He turned back and saw that the stranger was gone. He stalled for a second then went along. canlı casino siteleri Pushing the stranger into the back of his thoughts he made his way through the crowd, eager to claim his prizes and head home.

With the truck engine roaring and ready, Jonah was giving a quick once over at his trailer. Making sure all the compartments were securely shut and locked and Jetta securely tied. He held in his hand a blue velvet box which contained a brand new buckle. Jonah couldn’t keep his eyes off of it . He would casually open it up just to see if it was really there and that it wasn’t all a dream. As he walked to his awaiting truck, he opened the velvet box one more time just to see the shiney object inside. He gave a little giggle as he stared at it. He could not wait to take the buckle in and have it engraved with his and Jetta’s names.

As he continued walking to his truck, Jonah, too busy staring at his prize, bumped head on to a person of great build. Jonah dropped the box only for it to be caught mid air by the strangers hand. “Forgive me, I did not see where I was going,” blushed Jonah to the tall stranger. ” Nothing to worry about, I am just as clumsy if not worse….here, I think you dropped this.” Jameson said as he gave the box to Jonah. For a brief second their eyes locked. Jonah felt a calmness in the eyes he stared at. He could feel the hotness in his cheeks. “thanks,” he mumbled to the stranger.

” I am Jameson, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Jonah but most call me Cowboy,” Jonah said as he extended his right hand for a shake. ” It’s nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine Jo..I mean cowboy,” Jameson answered grabbing Jonah’s hand to shake it. He could feel Jonah’s hand tremble but with his firm grip he gave a single shake and held the cowboy’s hand. “So you won tonight, how does it feel,” asked Jameson, “It feels pretty good, I still can’t believe it right now.” answered Jonah, who realized he was still holding the strangers hand. “I hope there’s more to come after this,” Jonah added as he slowly withdrew his hand.

“I…uh… need to be going. It’s late and I’m really tired.”

Jameson felt a little displeased as his cowboy stepped back and was about to head to his truck. “It was nice meeting you Cowboy.” “I hope we can meet up again,” he groaned with a faint smile on his face.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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