Friend’s Email Sex Encounter

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I was telling my friend of many years about sending a couple stories on-line and he got excited and asked if I would send a story that happened to him. I told him sure. He wanted to write about an encounter he had a few years ago with someone he met in a on-line chat room.

Steve is a sex crazed maniac. He has sex at the drop of a hat—or any other piece of female clothing. He married a woman who could satisfy his sex drive. I’ve walked in on them having all kinds of sex on numerous occasions and they really don’t mind. Steve is about 6’2″ 210lbs average build. His dick is about 8 1/2″ and he loves to use it. His wife is average looking, long black hair, B-cup tits and a shaved pussy.

It happened one night when Linda was working (Steve’s wife), he was in the chat rooms and he was chatting with woman that went by the name, Rikki. They were having idle sex chat about what each liked to do sexually and how their other halves didn’t do it for them in bed.

***What was Steve talking about??? Linda fucked and sucked him every way possible. She did him, his friends, gang-bang…she even did his sister for him.***

Anyway, Steve got Rikki’s email address and they started talking via email. Steve asked Rikki to describe herself in detail. She did one better, she sent him a photo as well as the description. She was 28 years old. 5’7″ 125lbs. C-cup tits that had half dollar brown nipples that begged to be sucked, a very tight well rounded ass and a trimmed pussy. Her hottest feature was her long legs. When Steve got the email and read the description and saw the picture, he had to stroke his cock to a spitting experience. Steve sent back an email that he thought she was hot and if she was in the same room, he would give her a fucking she would never forget.

The next day Rikki emailed back that she was flattered and interested in him giving her the fucking of a lifetime but she didn’t believe in meeting someone via cyber. Steve got brave and told her that if they had a chance to meet and if it didn’t work for her, she could walk away. He was even willing to meet on her terms. He sent a picture of himself just after he finished fucking his wife, Linda.

Rikki sent back that she was interested, casino siteleri but where would they meet? Steve told him what city he lived in Boston. Rikki told him that she would drive to Boston and spend a few days (She lived in Hartford, CT). He agreed to meet her in the lounge of the hotel she was staying the night she arrived.

Steve told Linda that he was going to work late and may not be home till morning. The then went off to meet Rikki. He arrived in the lounge just about their meeting time and took a seat near the bar. There were a few women in the lounge and Steve was trying to figure out who was Rikki. He waited for about an hour and no one showed. Chalking it up to experience, he proceeded to leave the lounge. Walking through the lobby, he heard his name called. Turning, Steve finally met Rikki. She looked just like her picture.

Rikki said that she had trouble getting into town and arrived late. She was glad he didn’t leave. They went back into the lounge for a drink and to talk about their meeting. Steve felt his dick stretching his pants the minute he saw her. He kept stroking it every so often to relieve the strain in his pants. Rikki was wearing a tank top shirt and dress slacks. Steve kept staring at he mid section. He noticed a nice little chain that went around her waist, through a loop in her belly button and then down into her pants. That got his interest. They talked for a while and Steve found out her real name was Terri. She had married for 5 years and she never ventured outside her marriage bed until she started chatting on the web. This was her most adventurous experience. Terri asked Steve to come up to her room. Once they were behind close doors, she wrapped her arms around him and they embraced in a tongue locking kiss.

Steve’s not one for kissing, so he went right for the gusto. He had Terri’s shirt off before she what hit her. He was sucking on her nipple’s as his hands were roaming on her ass. Terri just let him take her into ecstasy. After leaving teeth marks on both tits, Steve lead her to the bed, where he tossed her down and proceeded to pull off her slacks. Terri turned over and exposed her ass through sexy thong panties. Steve wanted her ass bad. The half moons cut slot oyna by a sexy piece of cloth got him going more than ever. He joined her on the bed and pealed her panties off while kissing and sucking on her ass. He finally slipped his tongue into her asshole and she let out a little scream. Liking her excitement, he continued sucking and licking her asshole. After her asshole was wet enough, he slipped his finger into her ass. Terri let out a scream of ecstasy. “I’m cummmmiinnnngg…”

Steve just kept it up. In and out his finger went and his tongue was all over her ass.

When Terri finally subsided, she begged him to come up for air. He pulled his finger out of her ass and grabbed her hips and turned her over and stopped.

He was looking at the sexy chain that went around her waist, through her belly button and it ended up in a very erotic little charm clipped to Terri’s pussy lips.

While he was staring, Terri had removed his clothes. She got to his cock and took it in her hands and rubbed slowly. Steve let out a little moan of pleasure, but he was still staring at the chain. Finally, Terri pushed him on the bed and her mouth engulfed his rigid cock. In one sweep, it hit the back of her throat. Steve moaned loud. Terri took her teeth and grated on his dick. Up and down. Tongue and teeth. Steve was in another world. She kept it up and he was in a dizzy frenzy of excitement. He didn’t notice that she had stopped and she was placing her pussy right over his dick. Steve opened his eyes and looked at his cock disappear into her hot wet tight pussy.

“OOOHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” was all he got out.

“YEEsssssss…this feels good…” Terri was saying as she bounced up and down.

“OOOOHhHHHHhh, fuck…I’m cuuummming.” Steve spit out after a few strokes. He shot a wad of cum up into Terri. But she didn’t stop. She kept going up and down his still rigid cock. “Fuck me more, fuck me more.” Terri was chatting. Steve felt a surge and grabbed her, flipped her on all fours and jammed his cock into her doggie style. In and out of her soaked pussy he went. He kept it up through two of Terri’s orgasms. On the third, he pulled out and entered her ass.

Terri screamed.

But Steve’s canlı casino siteleri cock slid right in. He went right up to his balls and then started pistoning in and out.

Terri was now screaming constantly and when Steve had his final thrust, she called out in utter ecstasy.

The sat there for a while. Finally, Terri said, “That was great. Can we try something adventuresome?”

Steve said sure.

She tossed him a towel and told him to follow as she grabbed a towel and out the door she went.

They ended up in the indoor hot tubs. Both of them were naked, except for the towels. There was only a young girl, maybe 18 or 19 in the pool next to the hot tubs. They both wet into the hot tub naked.

“I want you to fuck me right here.” Terri told him.

“What about her?” Steve pointed to the girl.

“Let her watch!”

Steve got Terri positioned on the side of the hot tub and entered her from behind. He pumped in and out slowly. They both looked at the young girl and she was staring at them.

“Let her see your cock.”

Steve brought his cock out, waved it at the girl and then stuck it in Terri’s soaked pussy. He pulled her out of the water completely and fucked her harder. As they both watch the girl, Terri was moaning hard and long. The girl finally pulled her bikini bottoms aside and started fingering herself.

“Go for it.” Steve yelled out to her.

She let out a little moan that they both heard. Terri screamed, “I’m cumming….”

Steve went into over drive and fucked even faster. Seconds later he shot another wad deep into her. Just as he was releasing, the young girl screamed out as she came over her fingers.

All three spent, they slowly got their towels and made their way to the exit.

Terri called out to the young girl, “We’re in room 217 if you want to join us.”

“Could I?” The girl asked. “How about tomorrow night? My mom is expecting me back in the room in a few minutes.”

Terri said, “Sure. I’ll take care of you. Remember, room 217.”

“Okay, I’ll be there about 8pm.” and off she went.

“It looks like you’ll need to be here tomorrow night.”

Steve looked at her and smiled.

***Steve said he’ll tell me the rest of the story later. Right now, he was going home to fuck Linda. I guess that will have to wait.

Email me what you think and I’ll email you back. If you’ve had experiences like this, I’d like to here them too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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