Fun In Agra Continues

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When I woke up the sun was already shining. Sudha lay straight on the bed & Mrs. Aiyer was nowhere in sight. Sudha was looking at me sexily. Her fleshy breasts stood firm like mounds. While I was looking at her inviting breasts and nipples, she moved close to me and kissed me.

I curled my arm around her and pulled her to me. I felt her breasts against me as our lips touched again. I ran tip of my tongue softly along her lips, and then into her mouth. She sucked gently & I started pressing and squeezing her boobs with my hand.

She moaned, she sighed. “…uuuuffffff…aaaahhhhhh…”

“Didn’t you get enough last night?” I murmured.

She kissed me again and again, and said “it is never enough”.

Sudha noticed my erection and said, “That’s a sure a sign that you are fully fit & hungry now.”

I pulled from her hairs & planting a long kiss on her lips & said “Well, if we’re going to Taj Mahal we better make this quick.”

Sudha pulled my face to hers and flicked her tongue across my lips before pushing it into my mouth. My hands slid down her naked back. The kiss became more and more passionate. Her hands were all over my head and back. Her body gyrated against my growing hardness. My hands traveled down to her ass and guided her movements. Our lips and tongues probed and swirled in a hot and wet dance of passion.

We held each other tight, our bodies pressed close together, as we kissed. After a while, we broke apart, catching our breath. As our lips and tongues met again I looked into her eyes, the passion, the desire, was all there.

I moved towards her succulent breasts. I kissed them feeling the softness, silkiness and smoothness of her breasts. Sudha seemed much more hotter and sexier then want I had experienced last night.

Her breasts were incredible; I reached for them and cupped them in my hands, feeling their weight, their firmness, and there beauty. She pulled my head to her nipples, guiding one and then the other into my mouth. I sucked on her, drawing her ripe nipples into my mouth. She tasted wonderful.

She moaned, “…uuuuffffff…aaaahhhhhh…”

She was tossing her body in excitement. She asked me amidst her moans to kiss her thighs but seemed to felt shy asking me to eat her.

“You have beautiful tits Sudha,” I said and cupped one of them in my hand. I leaned forward and sucked on her nipple, making Sudha moan heavily.

“Do you like it when I suck your tits?” I asked and without waiting for an answer I started sucking on her other nipple, gently massaging the first one with my fingertips.

“Lovely.” I said, as they stiffened between my fingers. Indeed they were, hard, black and long.

“I like to have them sucked.” Sudha whispered.

I started kissing and sucking on them one by one again. Sudha clasped my head to her breast and began breathing more heavily. “Oh, yes, that’s nice. Mmmmm…” She whispered again.

My hand went down between her legs & found that she was already very wet there.

“It looks you like it like this.” I laughed. She nodded as we kissed again.

She continued to moaned and sighed as I kissed every part of her breasts and nipples, before moving over to her stomach and down towards her pussy. I tickled her little navel with my tongue, before kissing my way past her pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

Looking up & staring into her eyes I whispered “Like me to eat you?” I

“Yes.” She hissed with a movement of her head.

I sat up and parted her legs wide to expose her pussy. I bent down & inched closer, kissing her inner thighs, teasing her pussy with my tongue. I wanted to tease her but before I could plan my next move she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her pussy.

I placed my mouth over her entire pussy, and sucked and licked, drinking in her sweet juices. My tongue found her now very hard clit, and started licking it.

As I was sucking her clit I slowly worked a finger deep inside her. As I was fucking her with my fingers, my tongue was sucking her clit; Her body was writhing like crazy, and literally lifting off the bed.

She was moaning loud, and telling me to suck harder. I managed to casino siteleri look up, and found Mrs. Aiyer had quietly joined us & was squeezing her breasts and pulling on her hard nipples & kissing her all over her face & belly.

“Mmmmm… I do believe you like this a lot.” I joked as I breathed some fresh air.

She responded by pressing my head down more firmly this time & giving me no chance to escape.

I let my tongue travel over her clit – licking her and sucking it tenderly into my mouth as my fingers worked in and out of her love canal.

I licked my way to her love entrance and dove my tongue into her as deeply as I could – lapping up her juices.

Licking, tonguing & fingering her all at the same time was driving her wild. Suddenly she tensed and came – her juices pouring out for me to lick. She tasted so good & different.

She wanted more and I knew it. I lightly bit her clit and then licked her, up and down her slit, lapping up her juices that were coming fast and furious. Soon I was once again sucking her clit hard, followed by penetration of my tongue. Sudha moaned louder and louder as my actions intensified. My fingers were now inside her while my tongue worked on her clit. Her whole body had been lit on fire and she wrapped her legs around my neck.

Then the explosion came. All of a sudden she cried out loud “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ojhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and her grip around my fingers that were pumping in and out of her increased.

Her orgasm was brief but intense.

My cock was throbbing, standing rock solid & wanted to feel the heat of her pussy. As she caught on her breath I slid my body up over her, & she spread her legs wider. Slowly I worked my hard cock into her, before plunging it all the way inside, fucking her so slowly. This was driving her crazy. She started screaming at me to fuck her hard and fast. I quickly obliged, fucking her with wild abandonment, She wrapped her legs around me, digging her heels into my back, pushing me downward, telling me to fuck her and fuck her good.

She also pulled Mrs. Aiyer head down to her breasts, so she could suck on them.

With long fucking session last night I knew I would not come fast. I felt her orgasm building within her; our movements became faster, harder, and more intense. Our cries became louder.

“Harder… aaaaahhhhhh… yessss… ooohhhhhh… deeper… oh fuck… Mmmmppphhhh… fuck me… fuck me… ooohhhhhh…”…

I kissed her lips hard, our tongues stabbing at each other’s mouths, as she came.

She grabbed my hips as her orgasm washed through her body, pulling my cock deep inside her, holding it there.

Sudha & Mrs. Aiyer were now kissing each other passionately. Mrs. Aiyer saw my cock which was still hard & moved towards me and grabbed my cock. She begins to slowly rub it up an down while looking into my eyes. I bend down and kissed her deeply, as we tasted each other’s mouths.

Sudha rolled on her side and propped herself up on one arm to watch. Mrs. Aiyer put her hand on my cock & was teasing the sensitive part under my cock head. It was already wet with precum and Sudha’s juices so was making sticky sounds as she rubbed it. Sudha had moved her hands up the sides of Mrs. Aiyer’s waist and was exploring her breasts.

Mrs. Aiyer kneeled between my legs and strayed at my cock for a minute. Then she opened her mouth and placed her lips over the head of my cock. She held it in her mouth and then pulled back to lick my head like an ice cream cone.

Sudha lurched back in surprise; she stopped squeezing Mrs. Aiyer’s boobs. She was socked to see her sister sucking a cock wet with her juices & my pre cum.

Mrs. Aiyer looked towards her sister & read surprise in her eye’s. She immediately realized her sister’s hesitation & pulling her close she placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Sudha for a moment was taken aback, but soon smiled returned to her face I was somewhat surprised to find that she seemed to have liked it.

Then started an even more erotic phase of the trip. I knew what I had to do. I moved up & pushed Mrs. Aiyer on bed. Getting up I stood behind Sudha and moved her in front of Mrs. slot oyna Aiyer.

Sudha & Mrs. Aiyer had a expression of surprise on there faces. I asked Sudha to kiss Mrs. Aiyer’s breasts. She had no clue what I was up to & obliged by bending down to take one of Mrs. Aiyer’s erect nipples in her mouth.

“Don’t neglect the other one,” I said.

Sudha responded & kept on kissing fleshy boobs and rubbing them with her mouth. Mrs. Aiyer held her head tight in her arms.

Sudha seemed to enjoy & took the spongy boobs in her palms pressing & squeezing them gently.

After about 5 minutes of boobs play, I pulled her down. Sudha got the message. She slowly traced a path between Mrs. Aiyer’s breasts down to her navel and down to the top of her slit. When she got there, she stopped. I moved my hand around Sudha’s waist and held Mrs. Aiyer’s pussy lips apart – exposing clitoris to Sudha. My eyes were focused on Sudha, waiting to see what was going to happen.

Sudha looked over to me I knew this was first time for her, she was definitely going to take some time.

“Now what to do” she said.

“Do what seems natural” I told her. “The best way to learn is to try things yourself. I will tell you if you are not doing it right of if there is something I need you to do. You are doing great so far, just feel how wet her pussy is.”

To my surprise in one movement Sudha knelt down & licked clit for the first time.

She stopped & again looked over to me, all the time avoiding direct eye contact with Mrs. Aiyer.

I wanted her to enjoy, so I said, “lick her slit all the way from top to bottom & put your tongue up her cunt”. “Hold her clit in your mouth & give your sister the pleasure I gave you minutes back” I added.

Mrs. Aiyer adjusted her legs so that Sudha had clear access up her pussy

Sudha knelt down once again & licked Mrs. Aiyer’s cunt. Her tongue danced all over clit and it wasn’t long before she had the hang of it and was working her tongue all along slit, from ass to clit.

Sudha moved her hand up and slid a finger into Mrs. Aiyer’s soaking wet cunt. Mrs. Aiyer nearly jumped off the bed and it scared Sudha. She Stopped immediately & said “Did I hurt you?”

“No Sudha” Mrs. Aiyer moaned. “You just made me cum soooooo hard and intense. Don’t stop, keep going. You know I love to be finger fucked.”

Sudha looked at me questioningly but smiled and went back to work eating Mrs. Aiyer. Her finger re-entered pussy.

I told her where to find sweet spot. She was intelligent & curled her finger pushing little deeper and when she found the spot, Mrs. Aiyer came hard and raised her hips to meet her thrusting finger. This seemed to really please Sudha and she started finger fucking harder while licking and sucking the clit.

Mrs. Aiyer began writhing & moaned “Sudha, Naveen made you very good at this”

I asked her to add another finger and fuck hard. She did as I instructed and was soon fucking harder with 2 fingers. “Add another” I whispered, and she did as instructed, ramming 3 of her fingers in and out of Mrs. Aiyer’s pussy.

“Does that hurt?” Sudha asked.

“No, it is wonderful and I want you add another fingers in me.”

Soon Mrs. Aiyer responded & her legs trembled as she caught Sudha’s head in her hands and pulled her face into her cunt. And then she came it was like a flood. Sudha’s face was drenched with her juices.

I pulled Sudha and kissed her on lips tasting Mrs. Aiyer’s juices.

Before I even realized what was happening, Mrs. Aiyer spun around and pulled me on bed & mounted on me grabbing my cock and easily guiding it to her pussy & lowered herself onto me, my cock easily disappearing into her pussy. She had a sexy, devilish smile on her as she straddled my cock.

She held me deep inside her belly, moving slowly back and forth and using her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock

She began to move & lifted her hips and rocked over me, riding my cock with wild abandon. I began to move with her, slamming up deep within her.

Her tits jiggled in my face as she continued to ride me. I sucked a nipple in my mouth. My hands cupped her creamy ass cheeks and guided canlı casino siteleri her fucking motions.

“Harder… aaaaahhhhhh… yessss… ooohhhhhh… deeper… oh fuck… Mmmmppphhhh… fuck me… fuck me… ooohhhhhh…”… Mrs. Aiyer’s gasps and screams were out of control as her body was wracked with a continuous series of orgasm.

Pussy juice flowed down my balls. My balls were about to explode. I had never fucked anyone like this in my life, not even during my young days.

Just as I was almost to explode she stopped, & put her tongue in my ear and whispered. “You haven’t fucked my ass for long.”

She moved to side & facing the wall, put her hands against head rest for support. She spread her legs and tilted her ass in the air. The two halves were split open to reveal her tight little black/brown asshole.

I began to work it into Mrs. Aiyer’s asshole with my fingers. She moaned softly as I did so, and pushed her ass back onto my hands.

“God, I feel good” she said.

Kneeling behind her I took my cock in my hand, and pressed it gently against her asshole. She jumped, and then she relaxed, and I felt her puckered hole open slightly, grasping at my COCK. “Do it,” she pleaded…

Slowly, gently, I pressed the head of my penis into her asshole. She pressed back against me as I pushed, and the sensation was so delicious I thought I was going to burst. Then, suddenly, the COCK was inside her, being gripped by her tight ass-hole. She was breathing heavily, and the insides of her thighs were trembling. I looked down, and the sight of my cock partially inside her sexy ass made me harder still. I was beginning to get dizzy, and it felt as if every drop of blood in my body was rushing towards my cock and balls

I pushed slowly forward, burying more and more of my swollen cock inside her. I ran my hands across her back and rested them on her buttocks.

“Does it hurt” I asked and she nodded, ” But don’t stop” she said

Sudha was taken by surprise by the turn of events. “Is it hurting you? Excitedly she asked watching amazed as she moved near to Mrs. Aiyer.

Mrs. Aiyer was composed by that time & said “you should fuck her in the ass before we leave… “

Before Mrs. Aiyer could complete her sentence I pulled out a little and pushed back in, then a little more and a little more. It was tight… Mrs. Aiyer squirmed and rotated her ass against my cock.

“Harder, Naveen… I want it harder. Fuck me hard… yeah… ooohhhhhh… that’s it… uuuuhhhhhh…”

Sudha reached around and rubbed Mrs. Aiyer’s tits with one hand & moved other to her pussy, gently massaging it as my cock hammered her asshole. Mrs. Aiyer cried out with an orgasm as Sudha rubbed her fingers rapidly across her clit.

Mrs. Aiyer turned her head and we kissed hard and recklessly. My cock was hammering her ass as Sudha was massaging her pussy.

My cock swelled inside her tight asshole as cum surged through its length. Hot cum exploded from my cock and gushed into her. I slammed even deeper into her body and unleashed another torrent of thick cream up her ass.

I collapsed forward onto her lifeless form. Our lips met and we slowly kissed in the afterglow of our shared union.

“I’m sorry if I was too rough.” I whispered after a while.

“No.” she laughed. “I like it that way.” She replied,

Sudha, this is the wildest thing I have ever done or witnessed. Does it really feel as good.?” Mrs. Aiyer asked.

“Oh yes, there is nothing better. We will have to try it some time when Naveen cannot help us.” Sudha responded

Sudha meri baat mano tum bhi gaand chudwa lo ek bar bahut maja hai magar pahli bar dard jaror hooga” (Sudha you also get your ass fucked, it is very good but beware of pain first time)’ Mrs. Aiyer said kissing Sudha.

Rolling over onto her front and giving me a kiss on the lips she said I would be missing you once I go back but I do hope that you will take good care of my sister, would you?”

“Hmmm, I will”. Was all I said planting a soft kiss on Sudha’s lip.

Mrs. Aiyer slowly moved her hand and moved up to kiss me. We were locked in a very passionate kiss, a very long one. “Naveen, I love you” she said before we parted.

Mrs. Aiyer sat up and said “We better get ready if we wish to see Taj Mahal and also hopefully by that time Naveen will have some thing for us or we will have to do it our self.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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