Fun with Bradley

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“Take off those fucking shorts,” I demanded. Bradley immediately complied, undoing the button and zipper and pushing the skimpy tan shorts down pass his hips and beefy legs. He wasn’t wearing underwear, which was probably just as well because his shorts were so small that not even a jock strap would’ve been advisable underneath them. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside, giving his growing boner a tug. The smirk on his face told me that he liked my forcefulness. He always liked it whenever I’d play rough. “Get over here.”

His boots made a heavy thud on the floor of the trailer as he stepped closer. I removed my shirt, kicked off my sneakers and looked directly into the mesmerizing blue eyes of the strapping six-foot-two movie star as he pressed his body into mine, pinning me against the wall, and I wished that it could always be like this. Bradley had spent most of the morning filming a scene in his latest picture, a war film. I was working as a production assistant on the film and had caught his usual signal on set earlier that day, a simple wink, which meant that he’d wanted to fool around. We were in our fifth week of shooting, and Bradley and I had been secretly fucking for a good three of those five weeks. Naturally, this was very risky behavior, both for my job and for his career as an A-list actor who the world assumed to be heterosexual, but we loved the thrill. We thrived on it.

Our rendezvous usually took place there in his trailer but, but on occasion, we’d dare to make love in other, more conspicuous locales. Probably the most daring of these was a time we’d driven way up into the Hollywood hills in his Range Rover for a marathon roadside fuck-fest-one that neither of us would soon forget. He was insatiable and so was I, so to say that I was ready for him when the director yelled “Cut!” for a lunch break would be an understatement.

The scene that Bradley was filming involved his character being put through the paces of a rigorous day of military basic training. The sun had been unforgiving that day, and he was drenched in sweat. Standing in front of me naked from the waist down, he was now clad in only a flimsy white t-shirt that clung to his massive pecs exposing hard nipples, dog tags that hung from his thick bull neck, and black combat boots. His breath was coming hard and fast, and it warmed the back of my neck as he pulled me into his embrace. I caught a whiff of his musky scent and went weak in the knees with desire. My hands massaged his massive, muscular back, pushing the damp t-shirt up over his shoulder blades to expose the slick, hot flesh. Bradley groaned when my roaming hands found his ass and pulled the fleshy cheeks apart. He lifted his leg almost instinctively and I found the warm hole, plunging my index finger in.

“Unnnnhh!!” he cried, his head snapping back. I peered over his shoulder at the full length mirror on the opposite wall and watched his glistening body convulse under the will of my finger, probing for his G-spot. He struggled to remain on his feet, burying his head in the crook between my neck and shoulder as I worked my finger in, out and around inside his tight asshole. He took in a sharp breath and clenched his ass cheeks in an effort to get me to ease up, which I promptly rebuffed by smacking his butt with my unoccupied hand. “Fuck, Sean…,” he sighed.

I suddenly felt his warm, wet tongue tracing the skin on the side of my neck. He kissed and nibbled the flesh, tightening his arms around me. His semi-erection had quickly become a raging hard-on, and he ground it forcefully into me as my finger fucking intensified, pushing me against the wall over and over with each thrust of his hips.

“How bad do you want it?” I whispered in his ear.

“Bad. I want it so bad.”

I reached between us and gently grabbed a hold of Bradley’s stiff cock. He gasped as I ran my thumb across the underside of the swollen head, which was slick with pre-cum. He gripped my hand, forcing me to stop.

“Don’t wanna come too soon?” I asked. Bradley shook his head, which was still buried in my shoulder, exhaling and spreading his legs apart so that his feet were planted squarely on either side of me. I withdrew my finger from his hole and ran it under my nose. The slightly pungent scent invaded my nostrils and made my dick jump beneath my unbuttoned jeans. I wanted-no, I needed his ass in every possible way, but that would be soon to come.

I grabbed a handful of his thick brown hair and pulled his head up so that we were face to face, planting a deep kiss on his lips. His tongue invaded my mouth with a fervent passion that expressed more than any words could have his need for me to invade him. Our moans were muffled by the elongated frenching session that could have gone on for hours had we not been bound by the constraints of time. We both had to be back on set in an hour, and finishing out the day of shooting with a major case of blue balls was not an option, certainly not for me.

I broke away from the kiss and worked to catch my breath, casino oyna motioning with my head toward the bedroom. Bradley gripped my arm and pulled me toward the rear of the trailer, and as we walked, I was delighted by the sight of his stiff cock wobbling, bouncing and pointing straight ahead as if giving us direction. He pushed open the door to the bedroom and turned around to face me, pulling me in with him. We fell together onto the unmade king size bed and melted into another passionate kiss before I decided to finish getting undressed. Pushing away from him, I stood at the foot of the bed and unzipped my fly, slowly pulling my near-rock hard cock out-teasing him.

“Is all that for me?” Bradley asked, licking his lips.

“You bet your ass it is,” I responded.

“But it’s so fucking big. I don’t know if I can handle it.”

“Oh you can handle it, alright.”

And handle it he could. We often engaged in a bit of playful banter before sex, finding that it made things that much hotter, but both of us knew that Bradley was well adept at handling all eight inches of my beer can-sized cock in both of his orifices. I’d never had anyone who was able to fully envelop my cock until it disappeared into his mouth or ass, but Bradley always made it look easy. He sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed, tugging my Levi’s down along with my boxer-briefs until they were around my knees. I inhaled deeply as he took my cock in his hand, teasing the piss slit with his tongue while staring up at me with those damn gorgeous eyes. After a few achingly pleasurable moments, he grabbed my balls with one hand and tugged them downward while gripping the base of my member with the other. I trembled in anticipation as he stroked the full length of my dick a few times before spitting on it and taking it all into his mouth in one slow but steady fell swoop.

“S-Shit,” I cried, my knees buckling from the intensity of his wet mouth enveloping me. “Oh…fucking…shit…”

I gripped his shoulders to steady myself, instantly feeling my cock go fully hard in his mouth. It was almost too much to bear, but we’d only just begun. I grabbed his head with both hands and thrust my hips forward, back and then forward again, feeling the tip of my cock hit the back of his throat with each thrust. Bradley retched and backed off of me for a brief moment to catch his breath, looking up at me again with a flushed face and tears welling up in his eyes.

“Oh…baby. Ohhhh…,” he sighed, his voice a quivering whisper. He was beating his cock and mine simultaneously, and just when I thought he’d had enough, he took all of me into his mouth again. He grabbed my butt with both hands and proceeded to suck me off with reckless abandon, his dog tags clinking in unison with the sounds of his wet mouth and muffled groans. I stepped out of my jeans and underwear, put a leg up on the bed to get a good angle and proceeded to face-fuck him once more. I could feel his saliva seep down and coat my cum-heavy balls as they swung back and forth, bouncing lightly off of his chin. He retched again and I withdrew from his mouth, slapping his face with my bulging boner and rubbing it across his saturated lips. His eyes were half closed and he was completely dazed as I bent down to give him more kisses. “Please, Sean. Please…,” Bradley begged between my kisses. He was even more flushed than before, and tears were streaming down his face.

“Lie back on the bed,” I said, thumbing the tears from his reddened cheeks. He pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it aside, laying back with his feet still touching the floor. I gripped his hard-on, which was standing at attention like an erect soldier, and he sat up halfway and let out a choked scream. “Shhh…,” I whispered, easing him back onto the bed with my hand on his chest. The head of his cock was sopping wet. I circled it with my finger and pulled away, watching as a long string of pre-cum stretched about a good four inches before it broke. “You’re so wet.”

Eager to return the favor of his masterful blow job, I knelt down and ran my tongue up his shaft, relishing the saltiness as I hungrily lapped the pre-cum off the engorged head of his cock. Bradley hissed and grabbed my head as I plunged down on his bone, taking most of it into my mouth. I could feel his member throbbing as I began to go down on him with as much enthusiasm as he’d done me. He raised his legs and clamped his thighs around my head, hampering my movements a bit but doing nothing to deter me from giving him a thorough sucking.

After a good while, I left his cock to give some attention to his balls. They had drawn up some, so I tugged at them with pursed lips to make them drop, sucking at the hairy sack as if it was a ripe piece of fruit. My eyes traveled the underside of his shaft. Still shiny with my spit, it was smooth and about a good seven inches in this fully hard state. The tube that houses his urethra stood out like a thick cord along the entire length all the way up to the head. Several thin, engorged veins slot oyna snaked their way up and around the blush-colored tube of meat. It was as if all the blood in his body had rushed to his genitals. I knew that if I continued on for long, he’d have blown his load sooner than I’d wanted him to, so I pulled away from his sack, giving his inner thighs a bite before standing to my feet. I grabbed his right leg, hoisted it up onto my left shoulder and removed his boot, then did the same with his other leg.

The slightly open blinds that covered the window behind the bed allowed bright slivers of afternoon sunlight to invade the room, acting as the only source of light as they ran across the walls, the bed and Bradley’s big, heaving body. He’d admitted to the press that he’d put on a good 40 pounds of muscle for this film, going from his usual 180 pounds to being a 220 pound powerhouse who could deadlift twice his weight. He wore it very well, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring every inch of his newly-gained muscular frame. I’m a few inches shorter than Bradley and didn’t weigh quite as much as he did at that point, but our sizes didn’t detract from the fact that he always wanted me to top him. I was never much of a bottom to begin with, and even though I wouldn’t have minded having his beautiful cock inside of me, topping him was the way it was meant to be and it was the way we each achieved maximum pleasure.

I kissed Bradley’s stocking feet and pushed his legs back until his knees touched his shoulders, allowing me full access to his ass. He whimpered, spreading his cheeks apart with his hands as I ran my fingers over his balls, his slightly hairy taint and, lastly, his puckered point of entry. I stroked myself a couple of times and pulled him to the edge of the bed, getting to my knees once again for a closer inspection. His ass was beautiful. The fleshy, creamy buttocks flecked with brownish-blonde hairs spread to reveal a tight, pink anus that tensed up when I ran my thumb over it. I let a stream of spittle drip from my mouth onto Bradley’s opening, and he moaned my name again as I invaded him with two fingers. He was warm and moist inside. His body writhed and bucked against my digits as I wiggled them around to loosen him up, and before long I’d begun round two of finger fucking his sweet ass. Moving in close, I ran my tongue along the warm skin of his taint and the crack of his ass. He smelled like man and sweat and sex all rolled into one, and he was getting me so hot that I could feel the pre-cum beginning to form on the tip of my own cock. This went on for several moments until I withdrew my fingers and dove into his butthole with my mouth, lapping at the opening and darting at it with my tongue.

“Oh…god…unnnhhh!!” Bradley cried. He spread his legs as far apart as they would go, his flexibility belying his massive size. I ate his ass for several heavenly minutes, exacting my own brand of torture with my tongue until I was sure that he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Keep your legs back,” I instructed, leaving Bradley momentarily to reach for my jeans. I dug the wallet from one of the back pockets, fishing the condom out and tearing the wrapper with my teeth. The lubed prophylactic fit snuggly on my cock head, and I rolled it down onto my erection while still on my knees. Sliding onto the bed, I mounted Bradley, pinning his legs back even further. “You smell like you wanna get fucked,” I said, licking the side of his face. “You taste like it, too.”

“Sean,” he began, his voice pleading. “I-I want you inside of me.”

“You look like you need this big cock inside of you. Is that what you want?”

“Yes! Please!!” Bradley’s lips quivered as he surrendered himself to lust.

In the heat of the moment, I decided that I wanted to take him from behind first. I got to my knees and made Bradley get on all fours with his ass up, spread and facing me. Steadying my cock head at his open anus, I dug in slowly about a third of the way. He was tight as a drum. I bit my lower lip to ease the urge of coming prematurely, my breath catching in my throat from the sheer pleasure of it all. Bradley drew his knees together and let out a scream that was muffled by his face being buried in the bedspread. I allowed him to get comfortable enough with me being partially inside of him before easing the rest of my cock deep into his asshole until my groin was flat against his butt. He gasped and his body tensed up, and I began to rub his back in a soothing, reassuring manner. Grabbing hold of his hips, I slowly began to fuck him.

“Ogodyeah…fucking…big…dick…give…it…to…me!!” Bradley yelled through clenched teeth, arching his back. He’d grabbed a fistful of the bedspread, pulling it back far enough to expose the white fitted sheet underneath. I quickened my pace as his hole had finally begun to relax and open up, allowing my thick cock easy access. Bradley got to his elbows and widened his knees, his head bobbing as I thrust myself into him over and over again. His moans, the dog tags canlı casino siteleri clinking, my grunts and the sound of flesh slapping flesh united to create a carnal symphony of sex. “Feels…so…good. Please…don’t…stop…”

“I won’t, baby. I won’t ever stop.”

He reached between his legs and began to frantically beat off, which made his asshole contract and grip my cock like a tightened fist. The urge to come was overtaking me in waves, but I vowed not to let go of my seed until Bradley let go of his.

Propping one knee up, I switched my angle so that my forward thrusts could penetrate him even deeper. I knew I was hitting his prostate by the way that his entire body had begun to shiver and by the way his moans had become guttural cries of ecstasy. He reached back and dug his nails into my thigh which, in any other situation would have hurt, but only added to the euphoric feeling that was coursing throughout my body. I pounded him several more times before pulling out, deciding that I wanted to finish him off face to face.

“Turn over on your back,” I said, and Bradley did just that, splaying his legs out and wrapping them tightly around my waist. I mounted him and looked down into his dazed eyes as he looked up into mine. Sweat dripped from my brow and fell onto his, making its way down his nose and blending into the perspiration that was already there. His face, beet-red, wet, mouth half-agape, relayed the story of someone who was in a state of complete ecstasy. He was beautiful on the silver screen but even more so laying beneath me, face distorted with pleasure, willingly helpless and in complete surrender. This was the version of Bradley that his millions of fans never got to see, and I cherished it because for these occasional, fleeting moments, he didn’t belong to the world, he belonged to me.

I pressed my cock up against the crack of his ass, threatening to invade him again but not doing so just yet.

“I…I…,” Bradley began, trembling, his voice barely audible. I shushed him, putting my finger to his lips, tracing the entire circumference of his mouth before sticking the index and middle finger in. He sucked them as hungrily as he’d just sucked my dick, using his tongue to draw them all the way into the inviting wetness. I let him at it for about a minute or so before removing them and putting them in my own mouth, sucking his warm saliva off like sweet nectar. I began to move my hips in a circular motion, leaning in for another kiss while raising my lower half so that I could re-enter him. He braced himself with pressed lips and clenched eyes, clutching my ass with both of his hands as I lifted my body, aligned myself with his hole and sank into him once again.

“Fuuuccckk…,” Bradley groaned, his head thrashing from side to side against the bed. His hands left my ass and moved up to grab a hold of both of my pecs. He pushed against me and I pushed back, thrusting into him so hard that we quickly ended up by the headboard. “Mmmm…f-fuck meee!”

My eyes rolled back in their sockets as the urge to come washed over me once more. Again, I bit my lower lip hard, determined not to be the one to get off first. Bradley’s burly, hairy chest rose and fell rapidly as he tried to catch his breath. I grabbed an erect nipple and pinched, moving in closer to give it a good suckling. He pressed my head to his chest and began to sob uncontrollably, and I knew that it wouldn’t be long. There was a slick wetness between our bodies that made me believe he’d already come, but upon looking I could see that his cock was leaking pre-cum like a slow faucet. I grabbed it and jerked it hard.

“You wanna come?” I asked, struggling for breath. Bradley nodded quickly, his hands roaming my sweaty back for something to hold on to. “C’mon. Let me see you come. Yeah, that’s it…”

My hips quickened as I continued to pound mercilessly into Bradley’s asshole with every bit of energy I had left. His slippery cock was pulsating in my hand, threatening to erupt at any moment. He screamed again, pulling me closer to him.

“F-Fuck it out of me!” he yelled, the intensity in his voice almost startling. He opened his eyes and looked directly into mine, taking his cock from my hand and stroking it himself. “Make me come! Fuck it out of…uhhhnnnnhh!!” His head snapped back and his body went completely rigid as he stroked himself to a massive explosion. Six thick ropes of semen flew from his cock in rapid succession, landing in several viscous pools of white on various parts of his torso and the navy blue bedspread. Bradley’s body convulsed and spasmed as he finally loosened the crab claw-like grip his legs had around my waist. He moaned my name repeatedly, tugging out the last of his orgasm while I readied myself for mine.

My movements became more erratic as I worked my way towards my own explosion. The imminent climax welled in me from my toes, snaking its way throughout my entire body like a fuse about to set off a pleasure bomb. My ears were ringing and my groin was on fire, and I could feel my asshole puckering and clenching at will and my balls tightening to the point of numbness. I let out an animalistic scream and lifted myself onto my hands, giving in to my own body and its powerful need for release.

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