Furlong Four Play Pt. 01

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It was nearly teatime on Saturday afternoon and my cousin and I were sitting on his bed with his mate Marcus from university. Marcus had come to visit from Surrey where his parents lived, and even though he’d only arrived on the train that lunchtime, things were already getting pretty sexy between the three of us.

For a start he was drop-dead cute with lovely curly blond hair and a broad muscular physique which filled out his tight-fitting clothes very nicely. Second up, although he talked about some girl called Stacey he said he had the hots for, like my cousin he also had no qualms about hooking up with guys when opportunities presented themselves.

And I got the feeling that opportunities were going to be falling at his feet while he was staying in my Uncle Rob’s house!

On the drive back from the station – Jake putting his foot down and driving his dad’s car like a nutter – Marcus asked in a roundabout way if I was into boy-fun like he and Jake were.

“I wasn’t back in Brisbane,” I told him, gripping my seatbelt tightly because Jake was driving so fast. “But since I’ve been stayin’ with my Uncle Rob and Jake, I’ve figured out I’m probably more into guys than girls.”

Marcus beamed back at me from the front passenger’s seat, and said, “Your Aussie accent is so fucking cool, mate!”

Jake chuckled. “When he says he’s probably more into guys than girls, d’ya wanna guess how he chose to express that preference last night?”

“I dunno,” Marcus grinned. “Been having a sneaky peak at your cousin’s big wang in the bathroom, maybe…?”

“Just a touch less subtle than that,” Jake grinned over at him, doing fifty round a bend he should have hit at thirty.

“Have you been having a looksie through Jake’s porn collection?” Marcus asked. “Jerking off over the dude stuff?”

“I think I made it a little bit more… er… obvious,” I told him with a naughty smirk.

“I dunno then,” Marcus said, clearly unsure about how far he could push the sex talk with a stranger in the car. He turned to Jake and asked, “Come on, then, bud… what’s your cousin been getting up to?”

“How about fucking my butt and shooting his nut so hard that his jizz was flinging out all over his pubes?!”

“Faaark!” Marcus roared with laughter and then, clearly both pleased and impressed, said back to me, “Is that for real? Did you give Jake a spunk-gusher?”

“I’m afraid so,” I nodded, pretending to look sheepish. “I just sorta got carried away!”

“He fucking filled me right up,” Jake smiled, flooring it again now that we were back on a straighter road. “And you know full well, mate, that my arse can take a big load of cream!”

“Yeah, but your hole’s getting pretty loose these days,” Marcus teased him. “All the cocks you’ve taken have given you a slut-butt!”

“Fuck off!” Jake laughed and the two of them threw each other really cute, affectionate smiles.

Marcus turned back to me and said, “Well, I think it’s pretty safe to say you’re into dudes, Shane.”

“Is that the tell-tale sign, then?” I asked. “Makin’ your cousin do a jizz-fart?”

“It’s one of them,” he chortled. Then more quietly and with a really cheeky smirk, added, “I can show you a few others later on if you like…?”

I nodded eagerly and Jake cut in with, “Come on then, Marky-boy – let’s hear what you’ve been up to. It’s been two fucking weeks since I saw you, bud.”

“This and that,” Marcus replied, trying to think of something interesting he’d done to tell his friend about. “Oh yeah – you’ll like this – I had a threesome with my mate Kiernan and his brother!”

“His brother?” Jake laughed. “How d’ya manage that?”

“We were over at Amsterdam on a bender,” Marcus explained. “Pissed as arseholes and sharing a room, the three of us!”

“What was the occasion?” I asked him.

“Kiernan’s brother’s getting married in a few weeks to some girl he met on one of those speed-dating evenings.”

“So the brother’s straight?”

“We all are,” Marcus smiled back at me. “It doesn’t stop us having some fun together!”

I grinned and nodded like I was totally in on it, but I have to admit that I was a bit confused. It was hot, in a way, to think of all these guys who called themselves straight and had women in their lives but who also took every opportunity to play around with their mates in the sack. But I knew that for me, the dude stuff would always outshine anything a girl could offer me and if that labelled me as ‘gay’ then I’d soon get used to that.

“You so better have footage,” Jake said across to him, accelerating alarmingly towards a queue of traffic at some lights.

“Of course I have,” he grinned. “Our phones were all lined up on top of the drawers, all of us filming the bed with the three of us on it!”

Jake laughed as he slammed his foot down to bring us to a screeching halt inches behind the last of the waiting cars. What the fuck was going on with my cousin’s driving?


“So which one’s Kiernan and which one’s the brother?” I asked Marcus, the three of us sitting on Jake’s casino oyna bed as Marcus showed us the movie on his tablet.

We’d been out for the afternoon with Uncle Rob to stare at a big hole in the ground on account of Marcus studying archaeology at uni. Uncle Rob was now downstairs cooking us tea and Jake had wasted no time in getting Marcus to load up the Amsterdam footage.

“Kiernan is the scrawny one, his brother’s bigger and more worked-out,” Jake explained, sitting to the right of Marcus who was in the middle of us both.

“I’ve known Kiernan since school,” Marcus told me as the three figures on the movie drunkenly undressed. “We started fucking in sixth form. I’d only met his brother a couple of times before the Amsterdam trip and he’d always struck me as -“

“Whoa… back up a bit!” I cut in, laughing. “You and your mate started fucking in sixth form… how old did that make you guys? I still haven’t figured out your form names over here…”

“I dunno… it was A-Level year so about eighteen, I guess…”

“And both of you were straight… how the hell did you end up pokin’ each other’s chuggers?”

I was hoping this might help me figure out how I could hook up with other dudes back in Brissy.

“The usual,” Marcus shrugged like everyone knew how two straight eighteen-year-olds end up with their dicks wedged up each other’s brownies. “We were both horny lads… we started jerking off together, then moved onto sucking each other’s cocks. Then one night after a couple of girls we were trying to make the moves on were total bitches with us, we went back to his place and… maybe it was some twisted way of getting one up on them or something… we took turns on his bed fucking each other up the butt.”

“Wow!” I gasped, marvelling at their inventive form of revenge even though I couldn’t see how this might help me with my predicament.

“Come on, move it on a bit,” Jake urged his friend impatiently. “I wanna see you guys doing each other… not pulling your skanky boxers off…”

Marcus swiped the cursor forwards and the three of them were now on the bed, all on their knees with Marcus in the middle. He and the brother were snogging while Kiernan, kissing the back of Marcus’ neck, rubbed his long cock up and down the tight groove between the blond’s two solid buttocks. I’d always though I had a cute bubble butt, but Marcus’ buns were as round and squat as a couple of melons!

“Do the two brothers get it on?” I asked him dry-mouthed, praying he was about to tell me that they did.

But he shook his head. “It was better for me that they didn’t because they both had to focus on me completely!”

“Yeah, normally when you’re in all-boy threesomes,” Jake cut in, “you try and share your attentions pretty equally between the two other dudes. I’m just telling you that in case… you know, as unlikely as it may seem… you ever find yourself sharing a bed with a couple of horny lads!”

Marcus and I laughed. We all knew what we were going to be getting up to later.

Earlier on, after he’d carried his rucksack upstairs when we’d got back from the station, he’d paused uncertainly in the corridor between Jake’s bedroom and the spare room and had asked Jake which of them he should dump it down in.

“In my room, of course,” Jake had answered him gruffly.

“So am I sleeping in your bed?” Marcus had asked.

“Where else?”

“I dunno… where’s Shane sleeping?”

“In my bed too,” Jake had said with a small smile.

“And where are you sleeping?” Marcus had asked, now smiling himself.

“Also in my bed,” Jake had grinned more broadly.

“Cool!” Marcus had declared and looked over at me to check that I was okay with sharing a bed with two scorching fit twenty-year-old guys.

I smirked back at him, eager to show him I was well up for it, and joked, “Don’t worry, mate… I don’t fart!”

“You probably won’t be able to stop yourself after we’re finished with you!” Marcus had laughed, causing Jake to guffaw too. And I think the three of us all had grown instant boners at the thought of what we were going to be getting up to later in Jake’s double bed.

We watched the movie for a few minutes and saw the brother duck down to suck Marcus’ cock while Kiernan crouched down behind him and started having himself a taste of butt-pie.

“Aw yeah!” Jake laughed. “I didn’t know he was into licking dude-ass!”

“Me neither,” Marcus chuckled. “I think it’s a trick he’s picked up playing around at uni.”

“Nice!” Jake grinned, his eyes glued to where Kiernan’s face was feasting between his friend’s round muscular cheeks. I could see that my cousin was getting increasingly horny and he kept adusting the crotch of his jeans where his big mongrel was growing.

On screen, the brother pulled his mouth of Marcus’ cock and pushed himself upright with his own big schlong curving upwards from what looked like a very hairy bush. He gestured for Marcus to get his nosh around the huge thing and then moved back on the bed to give the blond lad space to bend slot oyna down onto it. Once Marcus’ lips were devouring the brother’s thick meaty pole, Kiernan fed more hungrily on his bunghole now that his cheeks were splayed open.

“He’s so gonna fuck you,” Jake said, now blatantly squeezing his hard-on through the fabric of his jeans. “He’s gonna get your little boy-cunt nice and wet with his tongue, then he’s gonna shove his cock up it and bum you dead hard while his brother watches!”

“Am I really that predictable?” Marcus laughed.

“I’m gonna need to wazz off,” Jake replied, already unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down his fly. “You wanna join me, cuz?”

“Fuck yeah!” I chortled, reaching to unzip myself too.

“Well if you guys are gonna jerk off,” Marcus pitched in too, “I’m sure as hell not gonna just sit here and watch you.”

Jake pushed his jeans and boxers down around his thighs and his huge chopper curved upwards, the shaft thick and veiny and the length about ten inches. He jerked his foreskin back so his fat bell-end popped out and its slit wept with a thick ooze of clear liquid. Marcus both sniffed at the sharp whiff coming from its sticky round head and then giggled together at how sour and sexy my cousin’s jeb-stink was.

I yanked my daks and undies down too so my own fat cudger stood up, looking maybe slightly longer.

“Oh my God!” Marcus chortled, looking at my big manhood. “You hide that well, mate!”

I laughed and pulled my own skin back to show off my broad purple mushroom with its long dribbly slit. Both lads leaned in for a sniff of my slippery cock-head and then murmered appreciatively at how hot my helmet-odour was.

Then Marcus pulled his jeans and stripy shorts down to release his thinner eight-inch hard-on which he yanked the foreskin back from to reveal his own shiny red clanger. His strong male musk was much more potent than ours and Jake laughed as he inhaled great nosefuls of it, calling out, “Aw fuck yeah! That’s one hell of a slit stink!”

We all grinned at each other with our big boners poking upwards and I said, “I dunno what girls smell like, but dude smells are sure fuckin’ sexy!”

Jake agreed with me. “You can’t beat a bit of bell-whiff! Especially when the guys have big dongers which are all shiny like ours!”

“Naah,” said Marcus, shaking his head. “I much prefer sniffing a warm, wet pussy… right before I eat it out!”

Jake nodded, accepting that there was something to be said for more girlie smells, something I was unable to give an opinion on.

Then Marcus went on, “I really love how you two have such big cocks, though!” He looked at Jake’s huge hard-on and then at mine which was throbbing more prominently even though the shaft was less veiny. “I dunno which one’s more awesome… they’re both so totally amazing!”

I beamed back at him, loving how much he liked the look of my big Aussie dong even if he prefered soft feminine aromas over my punchier dude-smells. I said, “Jake reckons we’re both big because we’ve got the Furlong gene!”

“Well whatever it is, you’re both as hung as fuck! There’s a bit coming up on the movie a bit later which there’s no way I could manage with you two guys’ massive boners!”

“Oh fuck!” Jake laughed, grabbing his cock and starting to jerk his foreskin up and down. “You so didn’t!”

“I so did!” Marcus beamed back at him, wrapping his fingers around his smaller organ and joining in with his friend’s steady rhythm, “I told you I was gonna do it when I found two guys who were up for it and it took a hell of a lot of lube, but they both got up there in the end!”

I wasn’t totally sure what they were talking about, but I figured Marcus had somehow managed to get both guys’ knobs up his arse at the same time. The thought of doing that made me tingle with excitement – I hadn’t even suspected it might be possible – and I grabbed my own woodie and started wanking it in time with the two other guys’ wrists.

When I’d arrived at this house, I hadn’t been that sure if I liked girls or not. At home in Brissy, I would try to jerk off thinking about girls but I didn’t enjoy it much and often found my dick going limp so I’d usually turn over and go to sleep. Now here I was, barely a week later, pounding away at the mother of all hard-ons at the thought of being able to get two dicks up my butt!

I realised it was fun stuff like this that had been missing from my fantasies and I was grateful to my cousin and his buddy for helping me discover it.

“What do you reckon to that, Shane?” Jake asked me with a leer.

“Pretty hot!” I told him, making him smile more broadly. “Double the fun, kinda…”

When Jake had said that three of us were going to play around after bedtime, was that the kind of thing he was thinking of? I sure as hell hoped so… and hoping so made my cock swell even bigger!

Just then, Uncle Rob walked in, stopped what he was about to say and beamed brightly across at the three of us sitting on his son’s bed. We smirked back at him, amused to have literally canlı casino siteleri been caught with our pants down, all sitting alongside each other and merrily wanking our big horned-up pricks off.

“Do you need help shaking the salad dressing, Mr Furlong?” Marcus asked him, his hand bashing quickly up and down his shaft. “I’m very good at doing stuff like that… I don’t know if you noticed…”

Uncle Rob chuckled. “I was about to tell you boys that dinner would be about twenty minutes. I had no idea you were busy working up such an appetite!”

“Marcus is showing us a movie of him and his mate and the brother, all on a bender,” Jake told him. “I reckon you’d like taking a look at some of this for yourself!”

“I’ll just turn down the potatoes,” Uncle Rob informed us. “Then I’ll be right back up to enjoy an aperitif of my own with the three of you!”

When he’d gone and as we all kept wanking our cocks off, I asked the two of them, “What’s an aperitif?”

I was wondering if it was some kind of sex thing he was going to do with us, hoping he might be going to take turns fingering our three butts while we jerked ourselves off.

“It’s just my dad being a numbo,” Jake said. “He thinks he’s so funny!”

“I really like your dad,” Marcus retalliated. “I think he’s dead cool, actually!”

“Me too,” I agreed. “Uncle Rob’s gold!”

“Fuck!” Jake chortled. “And I thought I was messed-up!”

Uncle Rob soon came back upstairs and hurried into Jake’s bedroom, unbuckling his belt and pulling down the zipper on his trousers. “Come on, budge up, boys! Make room for a little’un!”

We moved along the bed up to make room for my uncle’s hefty arse and he squeezed in next to me, pulling his trousers down. His white Calvin briefs were already bulging prominently upwards with Uncle Rob’s large manhood leaking goo and making a damp patch up near his left hip.

I grinned at Marcus who was staring at my uncle’s thick raised-up package and said, “Nice, huh?”

He laughed and replied, “I’ve stayed here before, Shane – I know full well what your uncle’s packing!”

Uncle Rob chuckled. “Yes, you’ve had quite a few fun stopovers with us!”

He yanked his briefs down and his long cock bounced upwards, thick and solid and with its plump purple head already fully exposed. The smell of it hit me full-on – it much stronger and cruder than the three of us lads’ dicks. It was ripe as fuck if I’m totally honest and before I could stop myself I’d blurted out, “Oh Jesus, Uncle Rob, your big cock-plum stinks something chronic!”

He sniffed at it curiously and agreed, “Yes, it is rather whiffy. It must still bear traces of where I… er… used it last night…”

I smiled at Marcus and explained, “Uncle Rob had his dick up his friend Guy’s stinky butt!”

Marcus’ eyebrows raised with interest at that and I saw his cock grow harder and the head of it swell taut. “Oh wow! It’s always great fun when Guy comes over!”

I chuckled back, “Yeah, don’t I know it!”

Uncle Rob peered at Marcus’ tablet and said, “Come on then, what have I missed? Fill me in on the story so far…”

“Okay,” Jake started. “Marcus is in Amsterdam with his mate Kiernan and his brother. They’ve just got back to the hotel they’re staying at, and now they’re having a nice little threesome on one of the beds!”

“I just had my butt rimmed by Kiernan,” Marcus went on, “while his brother was sucking my cock. Now I’m sucking the brother off while Kiernan is fucking me up the arse!”

“Oh what fun!” Uncle Rob chuckled, peering at Marcus receiving dick from both ends on the device he was holding. Then he added, “That reminds me, I must get a leg of pork for the spit roast we’re having next weekend…”

Marcus guffawed but Jake was more interested in the action going on and told him turn the sound up a bit. He did and we all heard, sounding tinny through the small speaker, the hotel bed creaking and Kiernan’s hips slapping against Marcus’ two lovely round buns.

“Let me have a go on him,” we heard the brother say. “You come out front and I’ll bum him for a bit!”

As they swapped places, our four hands slid quickly up and down our four flagpole dicks. Uncle Rob smiled over at the three of us younger men jerking off together with him, and sighed, “This really is so nice… enjoying pleasuring ourselves along side each other! I think males enjoying masturbation in each another’s company is hugely under-valued as a form of sexual expression.”

“I dunno about that, dad,” Jake grinned over at him, “but I reckon dudes can have a lot of fun whacking off together!”

I had to agree with my uncle – this really was so great! I loved peering back and forth along the row of our four upright dicks as we wanked them off, far more than I was enjoying looking at the movie. There wasn’t a pussy in sight and yet this was as horny as hell. It had never occurred to me how much fun and how versatile our cocks could be. We could jerk them off together, or better still jerk off each other. We could suck on them like drinking down the dribble from a big leaky siphon. We could even stick them up each other’s tight little poopers and fuck each other boy-on-boy. There was no end to what a few guys could do together with their dicks boned-up and their arses well-lubed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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