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My name is John and I work part time as manager/barman at my local private squash club. I am 22 years old, having just finished university, and am deciding what to do with the rest of my life. Last Monday (the quietest night at the club) I was just preparing to close up when a lady member turned up. Her name is Gemma and she is an absolute stunner – about 25 years old, 5’8″ tall, slim but curvy figure long blonde hair (in a pony tail) and extremely beautiful. I had only seen her a couple of times before from a distance but she was one of those people who you could see every mans eyes following as she walked into a room. She walked up to me (the only person left in the club) and asked if I had seen her friend Sophie who she had agreed to play a game with half an hour earlier but she had been held up in traffic. I told her that I did not know Sophie but that I was the only person left in the club. She looked quite cross and then looked at me and asked if I would play her as she didn’t want to waste her journey and had been really looking forward to a game.

I quickly agreed as it was not often I had the chance to spend time with such a gorgeous woman – and I was already wearing a tracksuit with shorts and t-shirt underneath. We went down to the court and started to play. It was difficult to stay concentrated as Gemma looked fantastic in a pair of very tight white shorts and white squash shirt which allowed her curvy breasts to bounce around very nicely when she was playing. This probably explained why I quickly found myself 2 games down and I gave myself a talking to and tried to get back into the game, which I duly did levelling at 2 all in our best of 5 match.

While we had played we had been getting on very well, both of us flirting with each other. Several times when handing me the ball Gemma had left her hand on mine for a little longer than necessary and I am sure that she had also bent over deliberately in front of me a couple of times giving me a splendid view of her sexy bum and the faint outline of a white g-string underneath her shorts!! At the end of the 4th game we took a short time-out for a drink and with a sparkle in her eye Gemma asked if I wanted to make the deciding game more interesting. I asked what she had in mind – thinking that maybe the loser pay for a meal – and was stunned when she suggested that every time we lost a point we had to take a piece of clothing off!! I was obviously interested (indeed my cock twitched at the thought of it) but rather than appear too eager I said that casino siteleri in principle that was fine but what if she had more clothes on than me!! She said that she had 8 items of clothing (including trainers and socks) and I said that counting the sweatband around my wrist I had the same!! We therefore agreed and it didn’t need my maths degree to work out that with a squash game being the first to 9 points one of us would be playing the last point totally naked!! Also as all 4 games had been fairly close I was hopeful that even if I lost I would be seeing much more of Gemma than I could at the moment.

I had never been so nervous as at the start of that game and soon found myself 3-0 down. The sweatband had gone first, followed by a shoe. If anyone has tried playing squash in socks you will know why I next quickly removed my sock rather than my other shoe as I was slipping everywhere. With a bit more grip I managed to win my serve back and won my first point – it was great watching Gemma take her first shoe off and throwing it into the corner near the front wall. She also found it difficult getting grip with her sock but made the mistake after losing the next point of removing her other shoe. Very soon she had lost 4 consecutive points and was barefoot – the game was soon to get a lot more interesting.

The next point was very hard fought, serve changing hands several times, before I managed to scramble to my 5th point. Gemma faced me and very slowly removed her shirt – it was amazing to see her tits wobble in her white bra as she pulled the shirt over her head. I was obviously distracted playing against a beautiful woman who had just taken her shirt off and I lost my serve and the next 2 points to also be barefoot. With the score standing at 5 all we both had 3 items of clothing left. Gemma won her 6th point and I suddenly found myself with just my shorts and pants left to lose. Gemma smiled at me and slowly ran her fingers down my chest saying how she loved my body and as I found it difficult concentrating Gemma soon found herself leading 7-5 and me taking my shorts off.

So there I was in just my pants (and the beginnings of an erection starting to be quite obvious as I was getting very excited). I tried to put all the sexy thoughts of where this might finish out of my mind and managed to win my service back. Another hard fought point saw me get to 7-6 and I had the delicious sight of Gemma bending over in front of me as she slowly slid her shorts down her legs. She was wearing a white thong slot oyna which emphasised her beautifully rounded bum cheeks and as she turned round after throwing her shorts with her other clothes the tight v at the front of her thong was a fanastic sight. My erection could not now be hidden as it was pushing out the front of my underpants and Gemma cheekily stroked my cock through them saying she was looking forward to getting them off. Despite this I managed to win the next point and Gemma faced me as she reached behind her to unfasten her bra. As she removed it her wonderful tits sprang free – with the erect nipples showing that she was also aroused by the game we were having.

It seemed that neither of us wanted to lose the next point as serve changed hands several times with my hard cock wobbling in front of me as Gemma’s tits did the same. I loved watching her reach up to smash the ball as her tits were beautifully exposed and it must have been this that meant it was me who finally lost the next point. Gemma smiled at me and said that she would remove my pants. She knelt down in front of me and slowly pulled them down my legs, releasing my cock which sprang to its full 7 inch length being as hard as I have ever known. She gave it a quick kiss on the end and we prepared to play the next point – which could be the last. Despite my total nakedness and the very unusual feeling of playing squash with my hard cock on show, I managed to win the next point and it was my turn to kneel in front of Gemma to remove her thong. I also slowly pulled this down to be rewarded with the gorgeous site of her pussy that had just a thin “runway” of blond hair in the middle. I also gave her a quick kiss and was just standing up when we heard a voice from the viewing gallery above asking what was going on!!!

I was shocked but Gemma seemed less bothered – it turned out that her friend Sophie had finally arrived and finding the club empty had come to the courts to see if anyone was around. She had been watching for the last 2 or 3 minutes, watching the last few points of the game and our final striptease!! I soon relaxed as I realised Sophie was not going to report us – indeed she soon made it apparent that she wanted to join the action!! She came down to the court and I was quite happy for us to join us – she was a brunette with her hair cut in a bob. She was quite short, probably no more than 5 feet, and had a slim body which made her tits look ample!! Gemma and I stood side by side as she walked in – we must have looked canlı casino siteleri a sight, totally naked, quite sweaty but with my cock fully erect!!!

Sophie walked up to Gemma and gave her a long kiss – tongues were being used and Sophie hands were stroking Gemma’s bum and tits. I couldn’t believe my eyes and both the girls must have noticed my stunned expression as they burst out laughing and Sophie said she did not want me to feel left out and gave me an equally sexy kiss with her hand gently stroking my cock at the same time. Gemma said that wasn’t fair as she had not even kissed me yet, but she soon put that right with an equally sexy kiss and again my cock was rewarded with another (firmer) stroke. While Gemma kissed me Sophie started to quickly undress and we both watched as she took off her shirt, very short squash skirt, bra and thong to reveal a perfectly formed body. Together Gemma and Sophie looked magnificent – one tall one short, one blonde one brunette, one with long hair one short hair but both with perfectly proportioned bodies, nice size tits and beautiful faces.

We decided to retire to the ladies changing rooms in case any unexpected visitors arrived and I was immediately treated to seeing Gemma and Sophie go down on each other in a 69. I had never been in a threesome before although it had long been my number 1 fantasy. Very soon Gemma started to breath heavily and it was not long before she started to cum loudly as Sophie’s tongue ran over her clit and her fingers probed her love hole! To give Gemma time to recover I took her place, tasting Sophie’s sweet pussy for the first time as she ran her tongue up and down my cock. Sopie was obviously close to coming and as I concentrated on her hard clit she started so squeal with an massive orgasm. I was gently rolled onto my back and had the intense pleasure of both girls performing oral sex on me at the same time. They took turns to take my whole length into their mouths whilst the other licked my balls or stroked me and they seemed to know when I was close to coming as they eased off to let me recover. Gemma then positioned her pussy over my cock and slowly lowered herself until I was fully impaled onto her cunt. She then began to ride me, slowly at first and then more quickly until I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot what felt like gallons of cum into her wet crack.

That was not the end of the night – Sophie also insisted I fuck her when I had recovered and there was a lot more girl on girl action for me to enjoy – it was great watching them lick my spunk from each others pussy!! We never did finish the game of squash but I have met both girls (individually and together) since and they say they have other friends who also want to meet me – I can’t wait!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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