Gamer Girl Ch. 06

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A few days later, Gamma and Delta proudly presented their creation. The plywood box was slightly higher than Chloe, wide enough so the bouncy Taitan character had enough space and deep enough for Chloe to squeeze inside. A tall door opened to the outside, lockable from within with a simple wire hook and an eyelet. It even had rolls on which it could easily be moved around as needed.

Chloe walked over to inspect the most important area, the bust of Taitan. The two springy rubber appendages had been removed and made space for two holes cut in the plywood. The rim of both openings had been carefully smoothed down and expertly oiled. Their dimensions were exactly in line with Taitan’s upper body, each reaching from the side of her chest to the middle. But Chloe feared they were much too small for what she had on offer.

Delta saw the sceptical look on her face and explained, “We made them as big as we could without screwing up Taitan-san’s body. Gamma and I debated quite a bit but we both concluded that you would fit in with a bit of help.”

“I’m not so confident about that,” said Chloe, massaging her naked breasts.

“Well then let’s try, right? Doesn’t help if we just stand there. Are you ready to test your new workplace, Purple?”

Chloe smiled, “Sure, let’s do this! Let me sneak in.”

The voluptuous girl opened the door on the side and stepped in.

“Uh, a bit of a tight fit in here. Now where do I…right. Uh-oh, well, first problem is the height, I guess,” they heard her mumbling from within, “Those holes are way to far up there!” She peeked through one of the holes grinning, “What were you guys thinking? That I’m a freaking giant?”

“Uh… right.. There’s not much we can do about it though,” mused Gamma, “The cardboard is the way it is, and we can’t move Taitan’s tits to her tummy. Can’t you stand on something?”

“I’ll get some books!” offered Beta and went searching. He soon returned and handed what he found casino siteleri to Chloe.

“Here you are, these should work.”

Chloe quickly stacked them on the ground of the box and stepped onto the two little platforms.

“Yeah, this is fine. So… let me try this.”

The tips of her breasts appeared in the holes, teasing the three guys.

“And now what?” inquired Chloe from within.

“Guys, our girl needs a bit of help. Don’t let her down. Purple? We’ll try to pull you through so just hold still and don’t scream, OK?”

Delta grabbed the left tip and started to pull. Chloe squeaked surprised as his strong fingers took hold but she didn’t object.

“Is it working?”

“Not really. Her tits are just too big. No way they’ll pass through.”

“Hmmm,” murmured Alpha, “How about some lube? If she’s squishy enough she might pop right into place.”

“Good idea, let’s try this!” beamed Delta and went to search for some oil.

Chloe was feeling quite awkward inside the box, standing on the wobbly stacks, and asked “So should I just wait here or what? Do I need to do something?”

“Just be patient. You’ll have to lube up your tits though. Delta is looking for something.”

“Found some olive oil. That should do the trick, right?”

“Exactly what we need. Purple, can you lube up your tits with this? And spare your nipples, we need some part with enough friction to get a grip.”

“Sure, give me a sec. Alright, let’s see if this works.”

The now glistening breasts appeared behind the holes, jiggling invitingly. Delta grabbed one of her nipples and pulled.

“Ouch ouch ouch, be careful, dammit! This hurts!” Chloe complained from within as he pulled with might to get her tit though.

“Sorry, but I can’t get you in place without some force. It’ll be over in a second.”

“Alright, but be quick. OUCH! Fuck this shit!”

“Guys, this is not going to work. Her knockers are just slot oyna too massive.”

“Let me give it a try,” mused Alpha and grabbed one of her nipples. Without further ado he pulled as hard as he could. Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs as her breast popped right through the tight opening.

“See? You just have to be dedicated enough. Everything OK in there? Just one more to go.”


Thanks to Alpha’s forceful tearing, the other breast slipped through the cutout as well. Chloe’s two, massive tits were now adoring the cute anime character, slightly red and jiggling invitingly. Chloe still whimpered from the ordeal.

“Damn Alpha, that was brutal. But yeah, it worked somehow I guess. How do I look?”

“Phenomenal! You’ll be the star of the campus, that’s for sure.”

Chloe giggled, “That sounds promising. I expect that it was worth the pain. What’s next?”

“We’ll try some outfits on your boobies and check if they work alright. Delta is the proud owner of a set of clothing accessories for Taitan that he apparently never bothered to use. So hold tight while we use your tits to model that stuff. I’ll take some pictures so you can see for yourself.”

The accessories consisted of 5 different outfits, a simple white top with deep neckline, a regular bra in hot-pink with cute, white cat heads on it, a tight mesh top with rather large openings between the black strings, a tiny excuse of bikini top that barely covered anything, and a set of simple pasties with Taitan’s face on them.

All these pieces except the pasties had a set of strings that could be threaded through a number of holes in the cutout and pulled tight inside. And they all looked ridiculously small on Chloe’s massive rack.

As Alpha had promised, he took pictures of each of them when donned on Chloe’s fat knockers and the hidden girl did her best inside the box to hold onto the strings provided to her.

“I think I need some canlı casino siteleri sort of fixture in here to keep these in place. Maybe some clamps or something. I don’t want to hold them in my hands the entire time,” Chloe mused from within while the guys ogled her deliciously wrapped tits.

“Sure, sure. But man your boobs look tasty in this, especially the mesh top is just unbelievably sexy. How your flesh bulges through those gaps… wow.”

“Show me, please?”

Alpha opened the door and handed his phone to Chloe who immediately browsed the pictures he had taken.

She blushed embarrassed.

“What the fuck? This is how my tits look? Taitan is a fucking freak! Do you really think we can…”

“Don’t you dare to back out of this, Purple,” warned Alpha, “We just destroyed Delta’s favorite waifu for this little project and put in a lot of work already.”

“I know… But, this is… I look just ridiculous!”

“It’s not you, it’s just your boobies. And they are not ridiculous by any measure, they are the most beautiful, most perfect things one could imagine! And people will anyway only see Taitan and her huge silicone knockers, not Purple with her unusually large, unusually perfect breasts. So don’t fret, alright?”

“Yeah, alright. You know I trust you guys, so if you are convinced …”

“Great. Beta, do we have some screws or something to fix those strings inside so she has her hands free?”

“Sure,” Beta went to get some threaded metal hooks, opened the door to the box and handed them to Chloe,” Here you are. Try to screw them in the wood and wrap the strings around them. Let’s see if this works.”

Chloe took the silver objects. It worked like a breeze and soon the strings of the white top she wore were wrapped securely around the fixtures.

“By the way, can you reach the other hook to lock the door?” Alpha enquired looking at his watch. Chloe reached out with her hand and verified that she easily could do so.

“Yep. No problem.”

“Great. Looks like we are all set then. Lunch break starts in a few minutes. Perfect timing. Are you ready for your first performance?”

“What? Now? I thought we were just testing?”

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