Gaytes Pt. 02

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I woke up in the swimmers arm, my head rested on his massive chest. I watched his abs rise and fall with each of his breaths. We were both still naked from the night before. He didn’t have the energy to go again. He stayed the night for morning shower sex.

His flaccid cock was bigger than mine. I cupped his balls and dick, they barely fit in my hand. I ran my tongue around his light brown nipple, he started to stir. My hand tweaked his other nipple, he let out a moan. I straddle his hips, his massive cock was firm against my ass. He ran his hands up my legs and squeezed my cheeks. “Good morning,” He said with a groggy smile.

My cock leaked precum on his abs. I placed my hands on his pecs, leaned forward. My lips met his, our mouths parted and our tongues ran across each other. “We should get in the shower.” I pulled away and got off. He followed me.

The hot water ran over my body, he wrapped his arms around my waist. I was pulled into him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our lips met again, he softly bit my lower lip. I moaned, more precum ran out of me. “I know you’re a top, but do you mind if I have a go?” he asked as he brushed his fingers against my hole.

“No penetration, but after I clean it you can rim me.” I replied and grabbed the soap.

“Let me.” He took the bar out of my hand. He slid it down my back as he ran his tongue up my neck. He lathered up my cheeks as he took my ear lobe between his teeth. I instinctively pulled at his head, letting out a moan. He turned me around, and had me bend over against the shower wall. The water traveled down my back. I could feel it run over his rough tongue as he rimmed my hole. One of his hands cupped my balls, the other spread my ass further for his tongue. I leaned further into his face as I gulped for air. He pulled my cock back between my legs, his mouth wrapped around my erection. His tongue swirled between my foreskin and dick head. The hand that had spread my ass now rubbed against my hole in rhythm with his tongue. My balls tightened.

“Let’s switch.” I pulled away. He rose with a large toothy smile. We kissed before he leaned against the wall. The water ran down the valley of his back and between his ass cheeks. I lathered his ass, using my finger to clean his hole. He moaned when I probed him. After the water rinsed the soap away, I got on my knees and spread his ass with both hands. His pink hole twitched with anticipation. I ran my tongue over his balls, up his taint and circled around his hole. He reached back and spread his ass more. I drove my tongue into his hole, wiggling it up and down. I used one hand to fondle his balls and used the other to jerk his rock hard cock.

“Fuuuck.” He said between gasps. I squeezed his cock. I continued to drive my tongue in and out of his hole. “Fuck me please, just fuck my ass. I need your cock.” He begged.

“Turn the water off.” I commanded as I grabbed the condom and lube from my sink. I squeezed lube onto my pointer and middle fingers.

“Fuck yes.” He shouted when I penetrated him with my fingers. I felt his prostate and brushed it with my middle finger. “God yes.” With the condom on I pressed my achingly hard dick against his warm hole. “Fuck you’re thiiick.” He moaned as I filled him with my dick. I grabbed his shoulder and thrust into him as hard as I could. He shouted in pleasure. I did it again and again. His massive ass bounced with each thrust. I pulled him up from the shower wall. He arched his back so that his back was against my chest. I wrapped one arm over his chest while my other hand grabbed his hip tight. I pounded him as fast and hard as I could. I could hear each of my thrusts in his moan. I could feel his ass tighten, he shot volleys of white hot cum which audibly splashed against the shower wall. My entire body tightened as I shot my load while in his perfectly round ass.

“Turn the water back on.” I commanded, throwing the condom into the waste basket. The hot water sprayed against us again. The swimmer pulled me in and softly kissed me.

“We should do this again,” the Swimmer said as he pulled away. “I’m free this afternoon.” He had a cocksure smile.

“I have to get to a hair appointment, and then I’m meeting up with friends this afternoon. Free this evening?” I traced the outline of his chest with my fingers.

“No. I bartend from four to midnight.” His smile faded.

“That sucks. I’ll just have to find someone else to ride me tonight. You’re okay with that right?” I asked. I wanted to be clear that we were just fucking.

“Yeah. I mean you’re great, but I have a boyfriend, so this cant be serious,” he replied. “Yeah, he’s aware.”

“Cool. I don’t want to know anything else,” I smiled at him. After we cleaned each other, I showed him out of my apartment. One hair appointment later my blonde mohawk turned a dark purple that contrasted nicely against my skin. I uploaded a selfie to Instagram. Hashtag new hair. Hashtag gay punk. Hashtag too many hashtags? I wiped my lipstick off as the rideshare took me casino siteleri to the Basement.

I arrived at the card shop shortly after one. The place never changed much. The glass cases were always full of single cards, the walls were covered in prepackaged decks, sleeves and carrying cases. I actually purchased my backpack from the shop because it had compartments for deck boxes. I walked in and was greeted by Danny, the owner. He was a short, plain looking white guy with blue eyes.

“Hey Swallow.” He greeted me. My online nickname was Swallow. As a kid I was obsessed with the birds. They’re cute. The name stuck, even outside of online gaming. I love the double entendre as an adult, even though I don’t swallow. I never swallow. Guys eating cum kind of freaks me out. I put pineapple juice in my twice a day smoothies just in case it actually improved the taste.

“Yo. What’s up?” I asked as I peered into the case.

“Crucible’s price hasn’t dropped.” Danny explained. The fucker knew me.

“Oh hey!” I turned to find Dorian sitting at one of the small coffee shop tables. “My class ended early so I got here early!” Dorian’s voice was light and lyrical, which matched how the boy moved. He glided through the air like he was in Swan Lake. He still had the green hair, though it was more yellow now. You could also see where his bleached blonde hair had met his pitch black roots. He wore a shiny silver shirt that was at least two x’s two many where as his black Jean’s looked like they were painted on. His white sports shoes looked more fashionable than sporty.

“Hey, what’s up?” I greeted Dorian. The boy barely came up to my pecs. Danny shot me a suggestive smile. “You like the store?”

“Yeah, it reminds me of my local shop back home. Oh I got chicken strips from Daxter’s, wanna share?” He had a cautious smile.

“Shit yeah. Can’t believe that you found Daxter’s.”

“Yeah, a bunch of students recommended it.” He said leading me to his coffee table, it was filled with what seemed to be a half done deck and chicken strips.

“Thanks for the food.” I ate a strip and examined each card. It seemed to be an aggressive strategy made of small creatures boosted through artifacts and enchantments. “Interesting build.”

“Yeah, it’s the only commander deck I have. I was more of a modern guy.” He smiled. “So, any thoughts on how to improve it?” I got to work sorting each card into a pile. A pile for card advantage, a pile for disruption and so on. He paid attention to every one of my words, offering little to no resistance when I suggested changes. The time changed to four before I realized. The store teamed with the usual Saturday crowd. Danny called for sign ups, Dorian entered the Saturday tournament with me.

The first round went quickly enough for us. A new player combo’d off before round five. Round two was more tet etet. Tyrone was piloting his slivers to great affect, though James was wiping the board every few turns, keeping Tyrone in check.

“Countered.” Camden said slapping a spell card on the table. He was short young white guy with brown hair that hung just below his brow. He was a bit of a muscle head who wore always wore grey gym shorts that hugged his ass and hips. “I’m not going to let you win this early.” He laughed, a twinkle in his brown eyes. He was another control player.

“Damn it man. Just let me play,” James said in response. He was a tall heavier man with a cocksure upbeat attitude. The dude could cheer up a dead puppy owner. His round blue eyes were the kind you could lose yourself in. His brown plump lips looked great against his soft beige skin.

“You haven’t let me do shit.” Tyrone said with crossed arms. You could see the frustration in his light grey eyes. He was a short thin older dark skinned man. He kept his hair in long dark dread locks which framed his soft face.

“Whatever man.” James said ending his turn. “Sparrow, what’s with the guy you brought in? You and him gonna… you know?” He made a crude gesture with his hands.

“Play shadow puppets?” no one laughed. Ouch my pride. “No we’re not gonna fuck. He’s just looking for friends.”

“Just friends… with benefits?” Camden said flexing his eye brows.

“No.” I said flatly.

“Ok, here comes my Sliver Queen! Endless slivers bitches!” Tyrone shouted with a little chest shimmy.

“Countered.” Camden said slapping another spell card.

“Nah, its uncounterable,” Tyrone pointed to his land card. It made his creature spells immune to most counters.

“Fuck.” Camden said picking his card back up. “But no… seriously, you’re gonna just be friends?”

“Can anyone stop me?” Tyrone asked. The man scanned each of us thoroughly.

“I got nothing,” James replied putting his hand down.

“Me neither. Why are you so interested in my sex life?” I asked.

“You’re my friend? I care about you?” Camden said pointedly.

“Alright I suppose that’s true.” I opened the Gaytes app on my phone. My phone vibrated, four new messages. slot oyna Two bots, the same muscle bottom pig I blocked before now on a new profile. Lucas sent me a picture of what looked to be a mass of white lace.

I have something I want to show you tonight.

I’ll be home at seven. See you then

I’ll be there at 730.

“Besides I have zero problems getting laid.” I closed my phone

“leaving so soon?” James asked.

“Yeah. I’m gonna want to shower.” I left the boys to their game and found Dorian. He was ahead in his game. “I’m going to head out. See you here next Saturday?”

“Yeah definitely.” He said with a huge smile.

It was six thirty when I got home. I ordered a pizza after I showered. I sent Lucas a message that I was leaving my door unlocked. He came in shortly after seven thirty. “What’s with the trench coat?”

“I wanted to show you something,” he said as he stood in front of me. The coat hit the floor with a large slap. He stood there in thigh high white lace socks, elbow length white lace gloves, a white lace thong that cut into his hips. He had strapped a white harness around his chest. I could clearly see his soft dick behind his lace panties.

“Holy shit.” I said staring at how the fabric hugged his curves.

“Master, do you like it?” he asked. I didn’t realize just how much of a sub this guy was. He stepped forward and a bell jingled from the choker he was wearing.

“Yes. I’m not going to call you slave, whore or anything like that.” I explained as he crept forward.

“As long as you’re happy master,” he said on all fours, sticking his round ass into the air.

“Oh I’m happy. Our safety word is going to be red.” I told him as he crawled to me, his head between my thighs. “Take my pants off.” He pulled down my skinny Jean’s, my cock sprang forward, a little precum hit Lucas. He ignored it as he slowly ran is tongue from the base of my dick to the tip.

There was a knock at the door. “That’s the pizza guy. Grab the money out of my pocket, pay the man.” I commanded him. He grabbed my wallet and grabbed his coat. “Don’t put your coat on. He can see this.” I commanded him. Lucas opened the door wide, the pizza boy stared at him. The he stared at me. I laid back on my couch with an erection soaked in precum. He gave Lucas a pizza box and took the money without a word.

“You need another?” He asked as prevented Lucas from closing the door.

“Get in here and face the wall.” I commanded. I surprised myself. Pizza boy wants to fuck was not expected. The boy followed my command, supplanting himself against my wall, his ass pointing toward me. “Check his ID.” I commanded. Lucas produced the boys wallet. “Cody, eighteen as of yesterday,” Lucas explained. “Take his pants down.” Lucas lowered the boy’s pants, revealing a pair of supple round cheeks and strong thighs. I could see his cock clearly leaking precum between his thighs. “Spread his ass.” Lucas spread the boys rich golden brown ass revealing a hairless tight pink hole.

“I can be here at nine,” the boy offered as he arched his back.

“lift his shirt.” Lucas revealed a narrow smooth waist and firm back. “You completely hairless?”

“Yes sir.” He answered

“You cleaned out already?”

“Yes. I was going to hook up with a guy but he cancelled on my lunch break,” the boy answered.

“I’ll wait for you. Get here no later than nine.” I commanded. The boy got dressed and left without a word.

“Do I have to wait?” Lucas asked with a frown.

“No. You can blow me. I don’t cum from oral.” I explained. He got on all fours and started licking my cock again. His tongue was rough against my hard cock. I produced more precum, Lucas lapped it up. I turned on the TV, it was going to be a while before the pizza guy came back.

Lucas was curled up next to me on the couch, his head on my pelvis, his hand around my cock. “You provide a lot of pre.” He said as he jerked more out of me.

“Yeah. You like that?” I asked him as he licked it up. Guys eating pre didn’t gross me out like cum eaters did. Then again I was ok shooting my cum straight down their throat. There was just something about them licking it up that skeeved me.

“Yes master.” Lucas said as he sat back on his knees. “Can I get something to drink?”

“Yeah, check my fridge.” Lucas bounded into my kitchen. My front door opened and Cody appeared in his uniform. “Take your clothes off and stand in front of me.” I commanded. “The safe word is red.” The boy stood naked in front of me. His cock was hard and at attention, a trail of precum hit the floor. He was the same height as Lucas, more muscular with visible abs, a perky square chest, thick thighs and wide hips. I signaled for him to turn around. His ass stood out against his back, round, high, tight and supple. “You work out?”

“I’m a gymnast sir,” he answered, he spread his ass cheeks revealing his tiny pink hole again.

“On all fours, lick my cock.” The boy fell to his hands and knees. He crawled canlı casino siteleri forward and licked my cock head. “Arch your back and lick the entire cock.” The boy arched his back, his perky ass now up in the air. I leaned back as the boy slowly wormed his tongue over every inch of my cock. “Deep throat me. Lucas nibble on my ear.” I patted the seat next to me, Lucas cuddled up next to me, he bit my lobe and flicked it with his tongue. I moaned as Cody swallowed my entire cock. His throat flexed around my shaft. He did this several times, gagging in the process. “Switch places.” Cody cuddled up to me as Lucas swallowed my balls one at a time, fondling them with his tongue. I wrapped my arm around Cody’s waist and grabbed his ass.

“Fuck.” He shuddered as I ran my finger over his hole.

“Have you been fucked before?”

“Only with my dildo sir. It’s a little thicker than your cock.” He said as he leaned against me.

“Good. Lucas go get my lube and condoms.” Lucas got up and retrieved them from my bedroom. “You’re going to help him lower himself onto my cock.” I said to Lucas. Then I gave Cosy his orders, “You’re going to ride me with your back to me.” Lucas rubbed lube against Cody’s hole. Cody moaned in my ear. The boys got Cody to straddle himself over my cock after Lucas wrapped it. Lucas kept my cock against Cody’s warm hole. Cody lowered his weight onto my cock head. He shouted as my head popped in him.

“Breath. Just breath and flex your hole. It will help,” Lucas comforted his partner. Cody inhaled deeply. I could feel him slowly slide down my shaft with each exhale. “Now, just lift yourself up and then lower yourself.” Lucas explained, he helped Cody balance himself. Cody got himself into a slow rhythm of up and down. He flexed his ass constantly, regularly constricting my dick.

“Start sucking his nipples.” I commanded after Cody managed to keep himself balanced.

“Yes.” Cody gasped as Lucas took one of Cody’s nipples into his mouth. I placed my hands on Cody’s ass, feeling the muscle work as he thrusted himself up down. “Oh fuck.” Thick ropes of cum splashed against Lucas. Cody collapsed against Lucas. Lucas helped Cody off of my dick. The exhausted boy sat next to me. I pulled him in close.

Lucas replaced the condom an straddled me. He thrust himself onto my cock and took all of me at once. I moaned at the sudden tightness. Lucas bucked against me. His cock pressed against his panties, they were soaked in precum. Cody was hard again. I wrapped a hand around his shaft and slowly jerked him off. I ran my tongue around Cody’s ear, nibbled at it. He moaned as he watched Lucas rhythmically fuck me. I freed Lucas’s cock, jerking it with my other hand. Lucas moaned, taking shallower breaths. He pounded me quicker. My hands squeezed their cocks tighter. They started to moan in unison. Lucas thrust harder. I jerked them faster. Lucas cried out. Their cocks twitched in my hands. The cocks shot several volleys and soaked me in hot cum. Lucas stood and ripped my condom off. He could see I hadn’t cum yet. Cody bent forward taking my cock in his mouth, swallowing it hole. Lucas spread my thighs, he swallowed my balls again. I moaned. Cody bobbed faster, his throat tightened around my shaft. I arched my back. I gasped for air. My balls tightened, my cock pulsed. My body vibrated. My voice cracked. Ropes of white hot cum went down Cody’s throat.

Cody and Lucas snuggled up against me. We all panted heavy. “I have to shower.” I said. “You both were awesome.”

“I need to towel off and head home.” Cody said. He stretched and let out a yawn. “My mom is going to be wondering where I went.” He seemed so young in that moment.

“I have to get going to. I have morning classes.” Lucas said getting up. “Can I shower before you?”

” Sure.” I showed Lucas to my shower. Cody toweled off and left. Some small part of me regretted not getting a way to get in touch with him, but mostly I was happy to not have an eighteen year old back in my house. Lucas showered quickly. He dressed in a pair of leggings and small shirt he hid in the pockets of the trench coat. He kissed me before he left.

After I showered I opened my phone. There were a couple of text messages asking if I wanted to go out. Seeing as it was ten I apologized for missing the texts and opened Gaytes. Bzzt. The phone vibrated with 3 new messages. The swimmer sent me a picture of his back in what I assumed was his shower. He had a great muscle bubble butt. The next message was from the muscle bottom pig. This time it was of him in a sex swing. I blocked him again. The final message was from Dorian.

I can’t wait to hang out again. When’s your next day off?

He must have been lonely in a new city without friends. Well maybe he had friends. If he did why was he messaging me so much to just hang?

I’m actually free Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. I have 10 hour shifts with three days off. I gym on my work days. Laundry on Wednesday.

I skimmed the profiles. I wondered briefly if Cody would show up. Then I reminded myself that he was eighteen and as a twenty five year old the age gap was getting skeevy. Dorian hadn’t responded by the time I went through the profiles. I closed the app and went to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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