Getting the truth out

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Getting the truth out
While we were still going out, my wife was also seeing someone else. When we moved in with me she brought a shirt that her other lover gave her. When I asked about the shirt she confessed about hanging out with him however she denied having sex with him. This story is about how I made her to confess that she had sex with him.

One afternoon my wife and I were getting into one of our weekend afternoon fuck sessions, I call them fuck seasons as they can go on for a couple of hours, depending on how much energy and time we have. During these sessions I usually have her dress up as a naughty sexy secretary or dress up in some other roles or I’ll just have her tied up or ill have her tie my up and we just have fun for a few hours. That afternoon I decided to try out something different.

These fuck sessions starts by her dressing up and usually she has to wear her heels as I have a thing for them and when I get turned on I start to get her turned on and teasing her at the same time, I do this by slowly undressing her while kissing her body and finally end up kissing, licking, eating and fingering her pussy. Then when she really gets so turned on, so wet and ready, when she really wants my cock in her I kiss her back up to her breast and suck her nipples, kiss her neck and work around that part of her body all the while still fingering her pussy. Being really turned on she usually closes her eyes and morn while reveling in all the sensations that’s running through her body and wait for when I will penetrate her and fuck her.

I’ve notice that during past sessions and as soon as I got her aroused she closes her eyes and just lay there moaning just waiting for me to penetrate her. However that particular afternoon was different, I lingered on eating and fingering her pussy, go back up kiss and suck her nipples and her neck while fingering her and then go back down to eat and finger her pussy. She was so turned on that she didn’t even noticed me fetch her former lovers shirt which I hid next to the bed prior to our session and slipped into it.

After slipping in to the shirt, I continued to tease her, she was really canlı bahis şirketleri into it that she got lost in her own pleasure world that when I move up, got on top on her and placed my cock into her gaping pussy and rammed my cock deep into her, her eyes opened in surprise as she wasn’t expecting my cock in her at that moment. Now my wife is more of a submissive when it comes to sex, however this changed that afternoon as soon as her eyes opened and she saw her lovers shirt on me. The conservative submissive wife I knew was gone, she was a different woman, she quickly wrapped long her arms and legs around me and tried to pull me in deeper into her which was something she had never done before. She grabbed my head and forced my mouth onto hers and kissed me passionately and then something I never experienced with her happened, I felt her started thrusting back up at me and fucking me back, her moans were louder then usual then all of a sudden she dug her nails into my back and started cumming. She usually can control when she cums and never came this quick but that afternoon, she couldn’t control herself.

At that point it was clear that these session was not going to be a normal fuck session this was going to be different. I started fucking her harder and faster and she thrust-ed up and fucked me back with the same amount force I was giving her. Pretty soon her pussy tightened up again to cum for the second time. I was overwhelmed with her actions and as her pussy’s grip tightened around my cock I felt my cock throb and I started to shoot my load in her pussy, at the same time as she dug her nails again deep into my back and came for the second time.

My thrusting was slowing down as my cock grew soft. Realizing that I might be getting soft she wasted no time, she pushed me off and as I was lying on my back and she quickly got down and started sucking me to get me hard again. Usually after I came the first time we kiss while I finger her pussy and shell stroke my cock until we catch our breath and I get hard again then we start the second round. This wasn’t the case that evening. She was on my cock like tipobet güvenilir mi a cray person, sucking, licking, stroking. I pretty soon got hard again and she climbed on top kissed me deeply put my cock in her pussy’s opening and as her pussy was already wet from all our cum she just slid right down taking all of my cock into her. I could feel her warm pussy filled with my cum. She the paused, smiled at me, kissed me deeply again and started riding me vigorously.

My once submissive wife is now actually taking the lead in directing our sex session that evening. I was actually impressed with her that she is taking the lead for once, however I was more impressed with myself for finding the trigger to get her to express herself more sexually.

As I just came the second round took a while and she came three times while riding me before we came together again, each time she came she put her hands around my neck and choked me. I was surprised as I am usually the one who lightly chokes her in our past sessions. After she came she collapsed on top of me and we kissed slowly while catching our breath.

When I felt good to go again I got her on her knees and as she was eager to have a cock in her, with both hands she held her pussy open for my cock. I slid in easily and slowly started thrusting and quickly enough she started thrusting back as well trying to get me in more deeper. I didn’t want to spoil her mood so I pounded her pussy really hard and fast form behind non stop for about thirty minutes before I unload yet another load into her.

I was starting to feel a little worn out but I wanted to make love to her before we ended this session as I knew that the conversation that will follow this session will be interesting and I needed us to be more connected to each other before we begin that conversation. Being hard for a while, my cock refused to go soft and that was perfect as it fitted right into my plan. My wife was still on her knees so I inserted my cock back in to her waiting wet pussy. Her pussy welcomed it and swallowed it. When I was deep inside her I slowly parted her knees and she slowly went tipobet giriş down until she laid flat on her stomach with her ass sticking up then I started to slowly thrusting in and out. I stayed in that position for quite some time then pulled out and while she was still in that position I kissed her all over from her neck to her calves. Then I turned her around onto her back, spread her legs and got in between them and kissed and licked her wet pussy.

While kissing and licking her pussy, I reached up with my left hand and rubbed her breast and squeezed her nipple. She was moaning softly with her left hand on her breast and the right hand rubbing my head. She was just lightly rubbing my head but after a while of me eating her out I felt her right hand start to try to pull me into her pussy. With my right hand I started to rub her pussy while kissing her slowly up to her breast where I kissed and sucked each nipple then slowly moved up and as our mouths interlocked for a passionate kiss I slid my cock into her pussy. I just laid their briefly while I continued to passionately kissed her. I felt her pussy starting to tighten around my cock, she was about to cum again.

Feeling her pussy gripping my cock I started to slowly thrust and out of her. I slowly picked up the pace all the while kissing her neck and lips. I guess we were both overwhelmed with feelings for each other and pretty soon I felt her cum, that did it for me. I picked up the pace of my thrusting and shot my last load of that evening into my beautiful wife’s used pussy.

While we were laying there catching our breath, my wife in my arms I turned to her, kissed her on the forehead and mentioned to her that she was a different person and ask what made her this way (although I knew) and she answered that it was the shirt that made her crazy. I then asked how a shirt could have such an effect and she answered that she was picturing him fucking her. Then I asked if he fucked her and her answer was yes, multiple times. I told her that I wanted to hear her stories about getting fucked. She was scared and shy at first but I assured her that she shouldn’t worry as I love her and that she should feel safe sharing her stories. Strangely enough I was turned on by her stories which encouraged her to share them all (well at least that’s what she says). I will see if I can share them but I’ll ask for her permissions first.

My Beautiful Wife

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