Getting What You Wish For Ch. 02

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I didn’t see Jane for the next few days and I was able to put things into perspective. I had to regain control. While I definitely wanted to continue the relationship, I couldn’t continue to allow myself to be dominated by a girl who was young enough to be my daughter. The thought that my own daughter was also being dominated by her did not set right with me either. I decided that Jane was lying about that part of it just to get at me and I was determined to take charge and get to the truth.

I watched for Jane and was rewarded a few days later when she showed up by the pool in one of her very skimpy thong type bikinis. I walked out determined to reclaim my manhood and put her in her place.

“Hi, Mr. S”, she exclaimed. “Do you like my new bikini?”

“Yes, it’s very nice. We need to talk”

“Okay, what about?”

“About the other day, we are not going to continue with that type of relationship. I am old enough to be your father and you will treat me with the respect that I deserve.”

“Yes sir.” She responded. “If that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do.”

I was relieved, thinking that was easy. Then, saying that she was going to swim, she took off her top, then removed the bottom and dove into the water. I started to walk back into the house, but changed my mind, thinking that it wouldn’t hurt to watch her for a few minutes. She looked fantastic, swimming naked in the clear water. I sat down in a chair next to the edge and enjoyed the sight. After a few laps, she got ought and lay down on her towel next to where I was sitting. Never saying a word, she began to apply suntan lotion to her body, spending a lot of time rubbing it on her breasts. I started feeling very uncomfortable as I could feel my cock starting to react to the sight of her nipples getting hard as she stroked them.

“Would you mind putting some of this on my back?” She asked.


She rolled onto her stomach and I commenced to rub the cream on her smooth, beautiful back.

“Put it on the backs of my legs, please.”

I got out of the chair and sat down next to her so that I could continue down her long legs.

“Mmmm, that feels so could. Make sure that you get the insides.” She said as she spread her legs to allow me entry to her inner thighs.

To my dismay, I realized that I was becoming overcome with lust. I was trying to maintain control and all I wanted to do was bury my face between the cheeks of her hard little butt. I found that my left hand had developed a mind of its own and was fondling my growing erection. Within minutes, I found that my treacherous right hand was working its way into her crack, finding her soaking wet.

“Stop that!” She exclaimed, turning over. “You said that you didn’t want to do that anymore.”

“I didn’t say that we couldn’t have a little fun.” I muttered. “We can still do some things, just not the way you wanted to do it.”

“Oh, no; we do it my way or not at all. If you want my body, you will take it the way I want to give it and you will do the things that I want to do when I want to do them and with whomever I want to do them.”

My mind was in turmoil, all I could do was look at her beautiful body and think about how desperate I was to lick and suck every inch. I knew that I had lost, I found myself feeling relieved when I casino oyna understood that I wanted her any way that I could have her. I wanted to be her slave.

“Please, whatever you want, I’ll do it. Please let me suck your tits and eat your pussy.”

She sat up and looked at me.

“Are you sure? You are willing to do anything that I ask, whenever I ask. You want to be my little sex slave?”


“Get your clothes off!”

I hastened to comply and soon was naked.

“You may suck my nipples, now.” She ordered.

I dropped down beside her and worshipped her taunt little nipples with my tongue. She took my head in her hands and guided me back and forth between them, all the while telling me that she loved my mouth and that I was such a good little slave. Soon we were both moaning with lust. She moved my head down her chest and stomach until it was at her crotch.

“Lick my cunt. Shove your tongue all the way in. Suck my clit and make me cum.”

I was in heaven; she smelled and tasted great. I wanted to absorb her; become part of her, I couldn’t get enough. Her moans got louder and more frequent as she started thrusting her hips into my face. Finally she gave a huge thrust and climaxed

“Oh, God, I’m cumming!” Then she pushed my face away, sat up and kissed me. She kissed her juices from in and around my mouth, then pulled back and said.

“Wow, I taste really good! I love tasting pussy, especially when it’s on your mouth.”

We lay there and I started massaging my cock.

“Don’t do that. She said. “I don’t want you to cum right now, I have other plans.”

She reached over and picked up her cell phone and soon I heard her telling someone that it was okay and that they should come on over. When she hung up, I asked her what it was about and who was coming over.

“Don’t worry, it’s a surprise.” That was all that she would say.

I was getting nervous and tried to get dressed.

“No, I want you to stay naked.” She commanded.

Reaching over and taking my cock in her hand, she said. “We might as well make good use of the time while we wait.

Despite my reservations, I soon succumbed to my lust and we lay there fondling each other. She would bring me right to the edge of ejaculation and would then stop. I thought that I would explode, but she exercised total control and would let me get relief.

“Hi, guys.” I heard a male voice and nearly jumped out of my skin.

“This is Derek, Mr. S. He is another pet of mine that I wanted you to meet.” Jane said with a smile.

“Take off your clothes and get comfortable, Derek.” She continued.

Derek quickly stripped down and sat on the other side of Jane from me. I was mortified with embarrassment; here I was, a 65 year old man, sitting naked with a beautiful young girl and a handsome young man, both equally nude. I felt like I was in a fog when I heard Jane say.

“Doesn’t Derek have a gorgeous cock?”

I looked over to see her holding his growing erection in her hand.

“Would you like to see him fuck me while you watch?” She said.

“I don’t know; I guess it’s up to you.” I said, confused.

“Yes, it is up to me and that’s what I want!” She retorted.

“Move around so that I can kneel over you. You can suck my titties while Derek takes slot oyna me from behind.”

She positioned us the way that she wanted and I became lost in her lovely breasts. It was hard to keep either of them in my mouth because she was moving backward and forward in time to Derek’s thrusting into her from behind. I heard her tell him not to cum until she told him and he agreed. I could vaguely hear them both moaning and could feel him getting faster and faster.

“Stop, I want to do something different!” I heard her say. She pushed my head away from her boobs and moved up till her snatch was above my face.

“Now, lick my pussy while Derek fucks me. Derek, I still don’t want you to cum.” She instructed.

Now I found myself licking both her pussy and part of the time,the underside of Derek’s cock.I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I am not gay and have no desire to taste another man’s dick. I had just learned to eat my own cum and wasn’t even remotely interested in trying anyone else’s. However, I just went with the flow. It wasn’t so bad just having my tongue touch it every so often. I wasn’t about to go any further than that though. Shortly, Jane had us stop again and told me to slide out from under her and reverse my position so that she could suck me while I licked her. That sounded fine to me and I hurried to get into the position that she wanted, happily back to licking pussy and occasionally getting a little taste of man meat. I was hoping that Jane would let me cum in her mouth, but she continued to bring me almost to the point then backing off.I was becoming more and more frustrated and willing to do almost anything to achieve an orgasm.I felt her slide her hand down between our bodies and to my mouth. I thought that she was going to play with her clit, but she rose up slightly and took Derek’s member in her hand guided it into my open mouth.

“Suck it, sweetie.” She murmured. “Be my little cocksucker and make him cum in your mouth.”

I tried to pull away, but my head was trapped between our bodies. I couldn’t stop his cock from entering my mouth; it went in further with each thrust. I have read stories in Literotica about men being tricked into sucking other men and discovering that they liked it. I always assumed that it was just BS and it couldn’t really happen that way, but to my surprise, I found that I was becoming even more excited. It was just like the stories; I’d never felt anything so soft and hard at the same time. I began sucking it and running my tongue all around the head whenever he would pull back. I wanted more of it and started wondering what it would be like if he came in my mouth; could I bring myself to swallowing it. I wanted to find out. Once Jane saw that I was willingly keeping it in my mouth, she got off me and sat down next to us.

“That can’t be comfortable for either of you; let’s move you around to a better position.” She said.

I wasn’t going to give his cock up until she finally forced us apart.

“Derek, lie down on your back and Mr. S can go down on you from the side.” She told us as she pushed us the way that she wanted to go.

Derek barely was able to get on his back before I had it in my mouth again.

“Slow down; go easy, my little cockslut.” She laughingly said. “You do want it don’t you?”

I was lost; all I wanted canlı casino siteleri to do was engulf this wonderful new found toy. I worked it in and out of my mouth, trying to get more of it in each time. Once it hit the back of my throat, I started to gag. What a disappointment, I wanted it all. I wanted to bury my nose in his pubic hair and touch his balls with my tongue. Fortunately, I remembered that in the stories, the sucker learned to relax his throat and then he could take it all. I worked on relaxing and sure enough it slowly went in deeper and deeper till I felt my nose hit the target. With my face buried in his wiry hair, I pushed out my tongue and was able to lick his sack. I was elated; it was as though I had won a prize. Now, I could really make this the best blow job that Derek had ever had.

“Oh, my God; I can’t believe that you like it that much, this soon. You are going to make the best cock sucking little slut ever!” Jane exulted. “Make him cum and show me how you can swallow it all.”

I was more than happy to do as she wished. I sucked and licked as I went up and down around on his turgid shaft. I want to feel him ejaculate deep into my throat and find out how it tasted and whether or not I could swallow all of it. Derek reached down and grabbed my head, shoving his meat into me at a faster pace. With one last hump, he unloaded. I could feel it coming up through his cock and then it was filling my throat. I loved it, but was a little disappointed; I couldn’t taste it. His hands went limp and I was able to draw back enough to get the head out of my throat and into my mouth. Sucking on it avidly, I was finally able to find out what it tasted like. I love it and milked him for every last drop. When he was limp and could give me no more, I released him from my lips. I sat up and looked at Jane, not believing what had just transpired.

“That was amazing!” She said. “You really love sucking cock, don’t you? I wouldn’t have believed that you would actually swallow it on your first time. I love you!”

She pulled me to her and kissed me, shoving her tongue into my throat.

“I love the taste of cum in your mouth; you make me so horny. Eat me, quick!”

She lay back and spread her legs so that I could get full access to her with my face. I dove in and started sucking her clit. She was so excited that climaxed three or four times in as many minutes. When she couldn’t take any more she pushed me back, saying.

“You are such a good little puppy, now it’s your turn.”

Lying on her back, she pulled me over beside her and took my semi-erect cock in her hand.

“Cum on my tits, slut and I’ll let you lick it up.” She said as she began to stroke my member.

I knew that I couldn’t hold back long; I had been ready to erupt for quite a while and the thought of eating my won cum made it worse. Sure enough, with only a few strokes, I came all over her chest. She continued till she had gotten it all; then she scooped up a glob and fed it to me. I licked her hand clean, then without being told I leaned over and sucked in the rest.

“That’s right; get all of that good, tasty cum. You are going to make such a perfect sex toy, aren’t you?” Jane cooed. “Aren’t you glad I helped you discover that you like sucking cocks?”

“Yes, I want to do whatever you want me to do.” I replied and realized that it was true.

I was suddenly aware that it was true; I wanted her to make me her slut and abuse me in any way that she wanted. I couldn’t wait to find out what this glorious creature would come up with next.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20