Goddess Lube!

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Goddess Lulu’s juicy lips squished together, forming the perfect tip and pucker as the middle of them slightly parted. The slave was pinned down by the sheer power of her beauty, forced to look up at her and watch what was happening. His eyes bulged looking up at her in desperation, weakness and eagerness. The fire in her Domina eyes lit up as the trail of fat spit left her lips and began to trail down towards his face.

Watching the sexy globs of saliva clump and stretch as it drips made the slave squirm in fear and excitement. He wanted this. A spit slut craves to have Goddess Lube all over his face. Goddess Lulu’s Goddess Lube was his drug. A dirty slave is meant to be smothered and slathered with hot, sticky spit. A reward for a slave who’s been behaving well. A punishment for a slave who wants to feel dirty, used and abused. Beautiful, superior ebony Goddess towering over a pathetic slave who is earning his place as a spit cup. A slave that is nothing more than a collective jar of lubricant to be used against him. To be used to fuck him mentally, physically and financially. Beg to get fucked by Goddess Lulu’s Goddess Lube. To have it spat in your face and smothered.

Goddess Lulu loves degrading her spit jar. Her slave is nothing more than a bitch meant to take every last drop and stick his tongue out for every drip. Slave craves to taste Goddess’ superior saliva. Salivating himself at the thought of swirling casino siteleri her thick lube in his mouth, around his teeth and swallowing down his throat. Tasting and swirling it in his mouth as instructed. Goddess Lulu’s beautiful smile lights up her ebony face, her juicy wet lips licking a falling trail of spit clean while you stare, following her tongue and wishing it was yours licking her clean instead. Nasty slave tongue will never be able to lick and taste Goddess directly, instead slave will beg on his knees with his mouth open and tongue out. Begging to taste and be spit on and in. Spit all over like a spit bitch.

Goddess Lulu will never touch slave unless she is smothering more spit on him with her perfect, ebony soles. The way she scrunches them in slave’s face instantly causes him to drool. He is is spit on as punishment, no drooling for slave without Goddess’ permission! The only spit that slave is allowed to drink, produce or touch is Goddess’ spit. The only beverage suitable for a slave is pristine Goddess loogie. Refreshing you with the power and mental superiority of Goddess, Slave will take every last dribble and lick every sticky spot clean.

Slave will even lick between every last toe of Goddess as she spits on her feet and his face to smother and embarrass him more. Licking loogie out of toes, in between wrinkled soles and catching every drop that drips off her soles. Slave will lick up any slot oyna puddles from the floor as well. Using his tongue as Goddess wants, her toy. Slave tongue will always be lubricated and panting like a dog, ready to be used by Goddess as she pleases. Slave will have his tongue out in hyperventilation, in excitement and in hopes of being fed more dribble, like a pathetic dumb mutt.

Goddess Lulu instructs slave to crawl on his hands and knees, tongue out. He of course listens and is reward with a fat glob of spit straight down his throat, mmm. How tasty and lucky of him, Goddess spared him the embarrassment of having to feel her textures in his mouth and allowed him a direct supply of her holy spit and water. Blessed by Goddess. Slave deserves to be baptized in Goddess’ holy spit. Completely covered and rubbed, the only thing that Slave wants to use to rub himself is Goddess Lube. Denied.

Slave is only allowed to use Goddess Lube as water, to drink, and to smother his face with. To fuck himself with financially and mentally further for Goddess. That’s why slave swallows and plays with Goddess’ holy spit, so its’ pristine holy power and slip its way into slaves’ mind and fuck him. Letting her perfect juicy lips instruct you to lick and swallow while her sticky toes, filled with spit press and move together and away. Squeezing her toes and wiggling them, seeing the trails of spit move and slide between them, dripping canlı casino siteleri down as beads of spit travel and disperse along her perfect wrinkles. Dripping trails and following down her wrinkles with slave eyes, the slave begins to salivate and beg. Punished again for drooling with more Goddess Drool, and lots of it. Goddess Lulu drops continuous globs of spit on his face, slapping him at the first sign of protest and complaint. Slave shuts up and immediately starts lapping up every last drop like an obedient jar, being filled by sweet stickyness that Goddess Lulu’s juicy lips provide. Slave loved seeing Goddess Lulu lick her lips and pucker them, forcing the clear sticky substance from between them and seeing her blow bubbles with her spit.

So hot when Goddess played with her spit, blowing bubbles and smothering it all over her lips, spreading and licking it. Even hotter when Goddess Lulu would use her perfectly long and manicured fingers to play with her Goddess Lube, sticking it between her fingers, transferring it from fingers and hands, leaving sticky trails and rubbing them together. Goddess Lulu even liked to lic and suck her fingers to tease the slave and make him nice and hard, only allowing him to handhump with all the spit he collects in the jar at the end. It was a sexy game of spitting on him and in him and forcing him to spit it back out and use it against him. Slave was a spit slut, a jar. Goddess Lulu loved using her loogie to fill his mouth and empty his cock and wallet. Blowing bubbles into his face and bank account.

Fucking him smoothly with her lube, making it pleasurable and making him love every slippery second.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20