Going with the Flow

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Nicole had no idea what to do with the rest of her life. Yet, it didn’t bother her in the slightest as she strolled across the pasture, covered only by her bikini and sunglasses. She carried a towel, having left all her other belongings back in her tent. She was unlikely to run into anybody — she hadn’t seen anyone all day — and the sense of freedom that came with her limited clothing felt appropriate. Without a cloud in sight, the warm sun caressed her deep brown skin. She felt utterly relaxed.

This holiday had turned out better than she had dared to hope for. Ever since she first heard about the Freedom to Roam laws of Scandinavia, she knew she had to go there. The idea that you could put up your tent pretty much anywhere — even if it was on private land — was very appealing. She enjoyed the city life back home, but after finishing her degree, traveling around the beautiful country side of a foreign land seemed like the perfect unwinding vacation. The foreignness was enticing, making her feel carefree and relaxed. Her future was vague, but for now, she was just going to enjoy herself.

The walk to the lake was longer than it had appeared on her map, and she was pleased when she found it. Sweat was running down her body, and despite the water being murky, it looked ever so inviting. She headed for a small sheltered bay that seemed like a suitable entrance point.

Wasting no time, she kicked off her sandals and placed her sunglasses on a rock before wading into the water. It was crisp, and she gasped as it reached her stomach. Adjusting to the temperature, she splashed around. She dived down under water, wetting her big black curls.

When she left the water, she sat on a rock. She admired the scenery as the sun dried her body. Nature was singing around her, and she felt like a part of it.

Perhaps she could emphasize this notion further? At first she just dismissed the though, not fully grasping what her subconsciousness was suggesting. But the idea reappeared. Hadn’t it been liberating to walk to the lake in just her bikini? Then wouldn’t it be better still if she wore even less? She shook her head at her own mind’s boldness. She hesitated. Did she dare? No, she couldn’t possibly. It was a stupid thing to even consider, even though she was all alone in the middle of nowhere.

But just as she was starting to convince herself to drop the idea, she spotted a bird of prey as a black silhouette against the blue sky. As she turned her focus to it, a sneaky part of her mind managed to bypass her conscious rationale. Instinctively, her hands reached behind her back to unclasp her bikini top. She looked around before letting it go, reassuring herself she was alone. Putting the top to dry on a rock, she covered her breasts with one arm. She smiled at herself, not sure if she felt more silly for sitting topless in the middle of nowhere, or for the fact that she was nervous about it.

There was a significant part of her that demanded that she put a stop to this outrageous behavior. But the novel thrill she felt was so much stronger. She had to take it just a little bit further. With a big breath, she lowered her arm. Nature rewarded her courage by caressing her skin with a soft breeze. Looking down, she noticed that her ebony brown nipples were delighted to have been set free.

Familiarizing to the reality of her state, she managed to relax her nerves. She was tingly inside, but at the same time very satisfied with her boldness. She fiddled absentmindedly with the knot at the side of her bikini bottoms. Did she dare to remove them too? Again she shook her head in disbelief. Where did this desire come from? She didn’t consider herself to be some raging exhibitionist. She never acted like this at home.

But she wasn’t at home.

She scanned the area around her. She had a clear sight for at least a hundred yards across the hilly fields that surrounded the lake. In the off chance that someone actually did approach, could she get her bikini back in time and cover up before they got near? Maybe. Maybe not.

But wouldn’t it be the ultimate act of liberty — to be naked in this beautiful landscape, thousands of miles away from home? What a wonderful secret memory it would be to bring back home. And didn’t people in these parts of the world have a more relaxed attitude towards nudity anyway? Skinny dipping would be part of the cultural experience. Her curious excitement seemed to block any counterargument.

She pulled softly at the string, as if the cautious part of her wouldn’t notice if she untied her bikini bottoms slowly. She gasped as the knot came undone. Not giving herself a chance to chicken out, she quickly stood and pulled them down. And just like that, she was stark naked.

With a deep breath, she laid down her bottoms to dry next to her top. She anxiously scanned the horizon, her heart beating rapidly in her chest. As she gradually managed to calm herself, she was almost surprised that her disrobing hadn’t changed anything around her. The birds were still chanting their love songs, the sky was still blue, and casino oyna the only one beaming at her was the almighty sun. Her unease faded, and was replaced by a sense of pride. This would be a wonderful memory to bring back from her holiday.

She sat down, at first within arm’s reach of her bikini. But as she grew comfortable, she purposely moved further away. She pushed her chest out, as if inviting the sun to admire her. She closed her eyes, and as she grew bolder, the periods between opening them to glance around grew longer.

She felt increasingly sensuous. What a sight she would be if anybody caught her — a sexy black woman, all naked and exposed in this foreign land. She felt out of place at one level, but at the same time so perfectly right, like an enchanting water nymph by the lake side.

It was time for another swim. She strolled slowly into the water, stopping as it reached her thighs. She cupped some water in her hands, splashing it against her warm body. She caressed herself, enjoying the touch of her chilled palms on her body. Reaching her breasts, she gently massaged them. Her nipples stood at full attention.

She waded further out until she couldn’t reach the bottom. Cautiously keeping her face towards land, she swam backwards. It was thrilling. Every back stroke she took would be an extra stroke back to her swimwear in case she spotted anyone. The further out she swam, the more intensely she examined the adjacent field.


Nicole shrieked as she heard the voice behind her. She spun around, spotting a blonde woman swimming towards her. With all her attention focused on the surrounding land, Nicole hadn’t noticed the woman swimming around the corner into her bay. The woman gave her a friendly but at the same time awkward smile.

“Fint idag.”

Nicole stuttered. “Sorry, I don’t…”

“Ah, you’re not from around here!” the woman said, feigning a Dixie accent reasonably well.

“No, I’m not,” Nicole answered, giggling nervously. “I hope I’m not trespassing or anything.”

“Uhm, no…” the woman replied, sounding vague. “Of course not. I was just surprised to run into anyone here.”

Nicole nodded. “Yeah. Me too.”

They trampled water quietly for a moment before the blonde broke the silence.


“I’m sorry?”

“My name is Frida.”

“Oh, nice to meet you Frida. I’m Nicole.”

Nicole waved cordially. She didn’t know what the polite way was to greet someone you met while swimming, especially when not wearing any clothes. She was glad Frida didn’t try to shake her hand. If they kept their distance, the dark water might cover her naked body.

Nicole did her best to keep her body low in the water. “It’s a really nice spot. Do you come here often?”

“Well, yeah. This time of year I do,” Frida replied. Like most people Nicole had met here, Frida had a barely detectable accent when speaking English. “I have a cottage on the other side of that hill over there.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Nicole said, hiding her awe. She had assumed she was in the middle of nowhere, and now she was told there was a house just a few hundred yards away. How could she have been so careless?

“Yes, it’s really lovely in the summer,” Frida agreed. “Great place to get away from the city.”

Nicole moved slowly towards the shore, hoping the blonde might continue on her route and swim away. But Frida swam beside her, heading in the same direction. Reaching the point where they could reach the bottom, they both stopped. Frida too seemed uncertain what to do. She asked about Nicole’s travels, and Nicole answered politely. It was getting cold, and Nicole hoped the blonde girl would be on her way.

But as they conversed, Nicole started to relax. This wasn’t really that bad, right? Frida seemed very sympathetic, and Nicole knew she would eventually look back at this as a funny episode. She probably wouldn’t tell anyone back home about this, but it was certainly a memorable experience. In fact, chatting with someone while secretly being naked was strangely thrilling, even if it was only in the company of another girl.

And it was admittedly a cute girl. As Nicole grew comfortable, she began paying more attention to her new acquaintance. She had dainty freckles on her round cheeks, and delightful little dimples. She must have been the blondest person Nicole had ever seen. Her light, straight hair reached down to her shoulders.

Those shoulders were pretty much all Nicole could make out of Frida’s body. She suddenly noticed something — there were no bikini straps. Could it be…? Maybe Frida just had a strapless model. Nicole looked for further clues, but between the murky water and the reflecting sun, she couldn’t see much below the surface. At least that meant she was safe. Her dark body would be even harder to make out.

Realizing her prying eyes were inappropriate, Nicole quickly turned her focus back to Frida’s face. But the blonde’s attention was directed elsewhere. She was staring up at the rock where Nicole’s bikini was splayed out. Turning slot oyna her gaze back to Nicole, Frida had a peculiar smile.

“Can I ask you something?”

Nicole swallowed. “Sure.”

“Are you naked right now?”

Nicole gave her a guilty frown. “Yes.”

The blonde chuckled. “And are you waiting for me to leave so you can get up?”

“Yes,” Nicole said, giggling nervously.

“Well, the thing is…,” the blonde said, pausing and looking around as if playfully making sure no one was eavesdropping. She whispered. “So am I.”

The two burst out laughing at their shared predicament.

“This is where I usually enter when I go for a swim,” Frida continued. “My towel is right over there.”

Nicole could now see it jammed in a crevice between two rocks. She increasingly longed for her own towel.

“It’s getting a bit chilly,” she said.

Frida chuckled. “Yeah, we can’t stay in here all day. What do you say? It’s just us girls anyway.”

Nicole nodded softly, and as Frida steered towards the rocks, she did the same. Gradually, they rose out of the water, inch by inch revealing more of their naked bodies. Nicole tried not to peek, but her curiosity won as they reached waist deep water. Allowing herself a quick glance, her eyes were drawn to Frida’s breasts. They were very attractive, and she found herself unable to resist another peek. They swayed alluringly as Frida struggled against the resistance of the water, and coated with crisp droplets, her pink nipples poked out in a way that demanded attention. Nicole forced herself to divert her gaze to avoid getting caught. But in the corner of her eye, she was sure she saw Frida returning the peek.

Once they were out of the water, they went for their respective towels. They stood with their backs to each other as they dried off in silence. Again, Nicole was unable to resist her curiosity. She peeked briefly over her shoulder, admiring Frida’s body. She couldn’t help thinking that the girl had a figure not unlike her own, with an impressively round and firm ass. Nicole allowed herself another glance.

This time her eyes met Frida’s, and the blonde smiled knowingly at her. Caught in her act of voyeurism, Nicole quickly turned her head. She felt embarrassed. Why couldn’t she have been more discreet? Now Frida was going to think she was some kind of pervert.

But then again, hadn’t Frida caught her prying eyes because she was peeking too?

Nicole wrapped the towel around her body and picked up her bikini. It was still wet.

“Do you want to come for lunch?” Frida suddenly asked, breaking the long silence.

Nicole was surprised by the invite. She spun around, finding Frida wrapped in her towel too.

“Nothing fancy,” Frida continued. “I was just going to make a salad. But you’re more than welcome to join me.”

How could Nicole turn down such an offer? All she had to eat back in her tent were two increasingly brown bananas and some canned food.

“Oh, thank you. I’d love to, if it’s no bother.”

Frida gave her one of those smiles that Nicole was getting increasingly fond of.

“Great! You can hang that up to dry at my place,” Frida offered, pointing to the bikini in Nicole’s hand.

That bikini was all Nicole had to wear. Was Frida suggesting she’d go without it? It seemed the blonde herself hadn’t brought anything either, apart from the towel around her body.

“Come on, let’s go,” Frida said, not giving Nicole time to think it over.

As Frida headed up a small footpath, Nicole quickly put on her sandals and followed behind. The blonde was chatting away, but Nicole was repeatedly distracted. Her eyes were drawn to where the towel just barely covered Frida’s ass. Every time Frida skipped over a tussock, the towel flew up just enough to expose the lower parts of her firm cheeks. Nicole found herself hoping her new friend would drop the towel all together.

Once they’d reached the cabin, Frida pointed Nicole to a chair on the porch before disappearing inside. She returned moments later, now wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a singlet.

“I’m just going to hang this up to dry,” she said, referring to the towel in her hand. “Give me yours and I will hang it up too.”


Frida giggled. “I meant your bikini, of course.”

“Oh, OK. Thanks.”

Swiftly grabbing Nicole’s swim wear, Frida disappeared around the corner and hung their items to dry on a clothes line in her garden.

“Now, enjoy the sun while I prepare lunch,” she said as she returned. “Won’t be long.”

Nicole did as instructed, smiling at the strange turn this day had taken. She hadn’t expected to end up on some strange girl’s porch. But at the same time, it seemed perfectly in line with her plans for the vacation; she was free to do whatever she wanted, and going with the flow of events seemed like the ideal thing to do. She had a tingling sensation of anticipation inside as she leaned back in her chair with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. It actually wasn’t the ideal attire for basking in the sun, canlı casino siteleri the towel covering most of her torso. She thought about getting the bikini instead, but decided against it. It would still be wet, and somehow it also felt a bit rude to ask for it back just after Frida had hung it up to dry. In fact, hadn’t the blonde seemed rather eager to get it away from Nicole? Why was that?

As they ate, Nicole developed a hunch. To minimize her luggage size, she had packed a small towel, and it just barely reached around her. Several times during their lunch, it almost came undone. Though it was hard to tell behind Frida’s sunglasses, the blonde seemed to peek expectantly at Nicole before she adjusted the towel. Was her new friend hoping to get another peek at her naked breasts? It was an intriguing theory.

Or was Nicole’s judgment being clouded by what she hoped was true? Strangely, there was an unfamiliar voice somewhere inside her, urging her to flaunt her body. Where did this come from? She felt confused. She couldn’t remember feeling a similar thrill before. Back home, she was not known as one who showed off her body to others, much less to other women.

But she wasn’t at home. She was far away in a foreign land. Go with the flow. It echoed like a mantra in her head.

The next time she adjusted her towel, she deliberately did a poor job. Moments later, she felt it shifting again. She resisted the instinct to readjust it. Instead, she breathed in deeply, expanding her chest. Her heart pounded as the towel moved, the knot slipping. It just barely clung to her chest.

She couldn’t help smiling as she noticed Frida’s expression. The blonde seemed frozen, mouth open just as she was about to put the fork inside. Nicole’s theory had passed the test — Frida was definitely hoping to see more of Nicole’s body. Nicole forced her hands to remain at her sides as she leaned back in her chair. She breathed in deeply again, but slowly, so as to make it all look accidental.

Then it happened — the towel fell. Nicole stared towards the horizon, pretending not to notice that her breasts were on display. She cherished every passing second, the thrill of exhibitionism rushing through her body.

“Oops!” she cried eventually, pretending to just then notice what had happened. “I’m so sorry!”

Frida seemed to shake herself out of a trance as Nicole covered up.

“Oh, no reason to apologize,” the blonde said. “No reason at all.”

She grinned coyly. Damn those dimples were cute.

“Thanks so much for lunch. Why don’t I do the dishes?” Nicole offered. “Since you prepared the lunch.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” Frida said.

“I know, but I want to.”

Not waiting for a reply, Nicole started gathering the dishes. Frida nodded absentmindedly, still noticeably affected by Nicole’s display. It seemed the blonde was also experiencing some confusing emotions.

“Why don’t you sit back and enjoy the sun this time?” Nicole added as she disappeared inside Frida’s cabin, carrying bowls and cutlery.

The small kitchen was just inside, and she put the dishes down on the bench before returning outside to fetch the rest.

“Let me get that,” she said to Frida, who had gathered the plates and glasses.

Frida shrugged her shoulders and handed it over to Nicole with a friendly smile. “OK.”

Nicole turned to walk back inside. And then she felt the towel move. She hadn’t even planned it this time. Her first instinct was to grab it, but with her hands full she couldn’t. For a brief moment, she thought that she could probably prevent it from falling by wedging it under her arms. But some part of her blocked the action. Instead she just stood there, her heart beating rapidly in her chest as she felt the towel slip from her body. She shrieked as it fell.

If Frida hadn’t already been checking her out, she certainly would be now. Uncertain what to do, Nicole just stood there naked, seemingly unable to move. She looked over her shoulder. Even behind her glasses, it was obvious that Frida was admiring her round ass. The thrill rushed though Nicole’s body.

Eventually she realized she had to do something. She walked naked into Frida’s cabin, placing the dishes on the bench with the rest. Before returning outside, she placed one hand over her pussy, and used the other arm to cover her breasts. A significant part of her wanted to not cover up, but she felt it might have been too obvious. Besides, covering herself actually served an exciting purpose. It emphasized that her private parts weren’t meant to be exposed, even to another woman.

She shook her head in disbelief as she returned outside. “I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be,” Frida said. “It’s no big deal — it’s just us girls here anyway.”

Nicole smirked. Did Frida really believe that herself? The way her eyes traced every step that Nicole took gave little credibility to her words.

Nicole realized that she had to remove one hand from her body in order to pick up the towel. Maybe she could use this as an excuse to expose her pussy to Frida? As she thought about it, she suddenly became very aware of the sensation of her hand between her legs. She was wet. Very wet. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, given how excited she was. Would it show? Did she want it to?

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