Good Neighbors – Chapter 12

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Good Neighbors – Chapter 12
(Continued from Chapter 11 – The Lake House Incident)

As Billie finished cleaning off Todd’s cock, she and Betsy got into a mild spat over who would get to fuck him next. They were getting nowhere when Todd decided the on a plan that he hoped would work.

“Listen, ladies, let’s try something different. I have never done this before, but hopefully it settles the issue between you two. And don’t forget – we have all weekend.”

“Alright, big boy, what’s the plan?” asked Billie, still with her hand wrapped around Todd’s shaft.

“Let’s move to a bed and I will show you what I want to try,” said Todd, pulling away from Billie’s grip.

The two girls let the way with Todd right behind them. Mary got up and played grab ass with Todd as they moved to the bedroom. She still had cum all over her, but wasn’t about to miss whatever this guy had in mind.

They reached the bedroom and Todd instructed Billie to lay down on the bed with her ass at the edge and her legs hanging over for a moment.

“Now, Betsy, you lay down on top of her, face to face, so that your pussies are as close together as possible. Then both of you spread your legs and when I step in between your legs, wrap them around me to brace yourselves.”

The women did as he asked and Todd stepped between their spread legs and stood at the edge of the bed with his rigid dick in his hand. “You are both going to get the fucking you wanted, but you will have to take turns, so you might as well enjoy each other while I work you over on this end.”

The women began kissing each other and playing with each other’s asses as Todd leaned in and shoved his cock into Betsy’s tight, wet pussy. He gave her five long, slow strokes and then pulled out. She whimpered at his withdrawal, but continued to make out with her sister. Todd stuffed his rod into Billie’s cunt and gave her five long, slow strokes and then withdrew. Todd repeated several times and each time he increased the pace without missing his target until he each of the women were getting increasingly aroused by the intermittent fucking they were getting. When the indications were that Billie was close to cumming first, he stayed in her and finished her off. She nearly bucked Betsy off of her from the spasms of her orgasm and broke from their kiss to let out a groan of pleasure as she peaked and then collapsed limply under Betsy’s weight. Todd pulled out of Billie and began drilling Betsy hard and fast. He grabbed her by the hips and and really went after it, stroking harder and faster until he was getting close to shooting his load as well. Betsy arched her back and howled as her cum took over her entire body and he could feel her juices pouring over his cock and running out of her pussy and down her inner thighs and onto Billie’s legs.

Todd could hold back no longer. He pulled out and wedged his cock between the two of them and gave them a mutual cream pie to share. He had fucked them so hard and so long that he had built up another large load in spite of having just emptied himself all over Mary. Betsy rolled over on the bed, lying next to Billie. Each had matching cum smears all over their neatly trimmed pubic areas and they proceeded to smear it around and finger their still tingling clits. Both had dreamy smiles on their faces and had to admit, as their mother did earlier, that they had not been fucked that well in a long, long time.

Todd was tired from all of the hard “work” and asked where he could sleep for the night. Betsy and Billie were both caught open-mouthed, about to invite him into their beds when Mary stopped them cold.

“Todd, you have two choices and no pressure. You can sleep down stairs in the bedroom that looks over the lake or you can sleep in my bed with me in the bedroom that looks over the lake. You can sleep all you want and if you need any “room service” then I am available for whatever you might need.

“And ladies, you can get a good night’s sleep and we can resume our party with our guest tomorrow if he is interested.”

Todd chose to join Mary in her bed, figuring he would be good for another round and really enjoyed her personality along with her huge tits and general good fucking skills. He took a quick shower and got into bed naked as was his normal practice. Mary came in a few minutes later, still undressed, and started for the shower.

“It’s a good thing this shiny stuff dried all over me is cum and not super glue. I’d be in a world of shit if it were super glue,” she said with a hearty laugh. She got in the shower and a few minutes she emerged, wrapped in a towel that covered next to nothing. She made no sexy pretense of approaching the bed. She just hung the towel over the back of a chair, opened the curtains and a window to let the cool breeze and the moonlight in, then walked to the bed and crawled in beside Todd.

“Mind if I just snuggle up to you, Todd?”

“Not at all,” he said, putting his arm around her so that her head rested on his chest and shoulder. “Do you mind if I request a little room service?”

They both internet casino laughed and she looked up at him. “What kind of room service would you like? A beer? Some wine? A snack?”

“I think I want you again, Mary, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, honey. And exactly how do you want me?”

“That,” he said, “is entirely up to you. I don’t care how I have you as long as you are willing to give yourself to me in a way you will enjoy it.”

“Well, I don’t know if you are in to this sort of thing, but I would really like to get my ass fucked. If that isn’t your thing, I understand. It’s just that…,” and she stopped and suddenly got a serious look on her face. “Never mind.”

“No, out with it, Mary,” Todd encouraged, “you’ve come this far. Don’t keep me in suspense.”

“Until tonight, this was the first time I have fucked since my husband died. And he died of a heart attack a half hour after I let him fuck my ass for the first time. I didn’t think I could ever bring myself to have sex again until tonight, mostly drunk and listening to my girls goad me into screwing you. Now I’ve sobered up and I still want to do it again.”

Todd caressed her arm while they talked, suddenly feeling more compassion than passion at that moment.

“You don’t blame yourself for what happened to your husband, do you?” he asked.

“I know in my head it wasn’t my fault. The coroner said his condition was so bad, it was going to happen while he watched TV and even if he had been in the emergency room when it hit him, they would not have been able to save him. But I have to know in my heart. And the only way to really KNOW is to do this, tonight, and put the whole thing to rest once and for all. So, if you would do me the favor of fucking my ass, I would really appreciate it.”

Todd had never heard a woman say she would appreciate getting ass fucked and he was pretty sure this was the first time in the history of mankind. It was not even a story he could tell anyone because they would swear he was lying.

“I would be absolutely happy with that kind of room service, Mary. You just tell me how you want to do it.”

“No bizarre positions, if that is what you mean. I am not as limber as I used to be. You could just fuck me from behind if you want while I am on all fours.”

“If you are open to another option, I think you will enjoy it more and you will have a fresh vision in your mind of anal sex.” suggested Todd.

She chuckled and said, “Fine by me as long as you don’t want my feet behind my head.”

“No, nothing like that,” he reassured her. “I just want you on your back with your legs stretched out. I will hold them over my shoulders so you can relax and I can get a good angle on your ass and play with those gorgeous tits while I do it.”

“Okay, I am willing to give it a try.” she said a little unsure of herself.

Mary stayed where she was and Todd moved in between her legs. She lifted them up and he moved them over his shoulders so that her knees were beside his head and her feet rested on his back.

“Comfortable?” he checked.

“Yes, surprisingly I am. That is until you bury that fence post of a cock in my ass. But as I recall, once in, I really enjoyed it. My hubby wasn’t as big as you are, so we will see.”

“If you don’t enjoy it, we stop. In this position, you can also play with your clit to help get you more aroused and make the experience even better.”

Todd lubed up his cock and then lubed up her asshole, then guided his stiff cock to her opening and began to push in. Her asshole resisted at first and she grimaced as he worked his cock head into her. Once in that far, he pressed forward further and pulled back, then a little further, then pulled back. Mary relaxed once his rod was half buried inside her ass and then he began long, slow, even strokes so that the full length of his cock was sliding in and out of her, being careful not to slip out completely.

Todd saw that Mary was fingering herself as he had suggested and he could feel her relax, making his job easier. Then he rested his hands on her huge melons and began to knead them and pinch her nipples until they were erect and larger than pencil erasers.

Mary alternated between looking him in the eyes, closing her eyes as if dreaming, and occasionally looking out the window at the moonlight shining off the lake. For just a moment, she wished that she was getting just a good pussy fucking, but she needed this in so many different ways that she was grateful it turned out like it did. Her finger work on her clit was getting her hotter by the moment and his cock filling her ass was feeling better with each stroke. She pulled her hand away from her clit, wrapped her arms around Todd’s neck and groaned as quietly as she could as her orgasm washed over her body in a series of waves that made her feel like her clit and her nipples were going to explode. Her toes tingled and her legs stiffened above Todd’s back, sticking straight out toward the ceiling. She was panting hard and Todd squeezed her large tits even harder and then tugged roughly on her canlı poker oyna nipples, intensifying the sensation through every nerve of her body.

Todd could relax now and let loose himself and he let her know he was about to spew his cum up her ass.

“Oh, yes, honey, baby, cum up my ass. Shoot it all the way up to my throat if you can. That’s it, yeah I feel it soaking the inside of my ass, oh fuck yeah.”

Mary held him down tight against her and did not let him out of her arms or her ass. He kissed her neck, licked her tits, reached down and squeezed her ample ass cheeks. All the while, his cock was still draining the last of everything stored in his balls.

She finally let go of him and let her legs fall to the bed, and Todd moved over to her side and held her close to him for quite some time. Both just looked out at the moonlight and the moon rising higher in the sky. Neither said a word for the longest time.

“Thank you, Todd. Now I know for certain – in my head and my heart. But dammit, now I have to go take another shower.” With that, they both laughed as she got up and headed for the shower. He followed her and they showered together, taking turns washing the cum off of each other and playing with each other. All of it took much longer than it needed to, but they were having so much fun, they didn’t care. Once they dried off, he led her to the deck, both still naked, and they sat in the deck chairs for almost an hour before they went back to bed and slept soundly the rest of the night.

Todd woke up early the next morning before any of the women arose. It was a beautiful morning and he was out taking notes and measurements for the work he was actually hired to do. The windows were all still open and he heard the women finally rustling around making coffee and breakfast. Billie stuck her head out the window, still clearly naked, looking for him and called him in for breakfast. When he walked in, he noticed that he was the only one dressed. Everyone else was still as naked as they were the night before when they were all fucking. There was no pretense now. It was Saturday and they were ready to enjoy the rest of the weekend with their new friend and play toy their friend packed with him.

Betsy leaned over and kissed her mom on the cheek and playfully squeezed her mother’s tit at the same time.

“I don’t think I want anything to eat this morning unless it is served between your legs, mom. I’ve eaten my sister and now I want to try you out. Maybe while lover boy here fucks me from behind again. If he has anything left in the tank that is.”

Mary laughed at her daughter. “Right after the rest of us have some breakfast, dear. My, my, the quiet, shy daughter suddenly sounds as salty as her sister normally does. What has gotten into you?”

“Him,” she said, pointing at Todd, who suddenly looked all innocent.

“I am pretty sure he still has a tankful. He gave me another round after you all went to bed last night. I had to take a second shower.” Mary said, unusually forthright about her sexual escapades.

“Well, well, who’s getting salty now, huh? Now that we got your motor running, we probably won’t be able to shut it off. We’ll probably have to lock you in your room with a vibrator and a case of batteries when we go home.” Billie loved seeing her mother in this light and figured it was better for her than she realized.

After breakfast, Mary took Betsy by the hand and said it was time for her to have her breakfast. “Todd, would you like to join in the fun?”

“Sure, my tank still has something left in it.”

“Hey, what about me?!” asked Billie.

“I think there is a place for you, too.” said her mother.

“So, Betsy, let’s see you get to work on mama’s pussy.” Mary said lying on her back on the bed. “And Billie, it’s time you taught your mother the fine art of eating pussy. That’s a new one for me, so be patient.”

Todd stood back for a little while as Betsy got between her mother’s legs and began driving her up the wall sucking on her clit and licking her pussy lips. Billie sat on her mother’s face with her ass nearly wedged against her mother’s nose, but she leaned forward enough to allow her to breathe. That allowed Billie to watch her sister lap at her mother’s cunt. She was surprised that her mother was actually quite good at it and told her so.

Mary paused to respond, “Well, I guess it is because we have the same equipment and I know what pleases me, so I am just trying to do what I have had done to me. Glad you like it.” With that, Mary resumed licking her daughter’s pussy and tongue fucking her.

Mary climaxed quickly on Betsy’s tongue, but begged her to continue as she paused working on Billie’s clit herself. Betsy continued with eagerness. She had always had an affinity for eating pussy and had to admit that her favorite sex was swapping pussy with her sister. Todd walked up behind Betsy and she sensed his presence and felt his hands on her hips as he was getting ready to bang her. Without stopping on her mother for even a second, she reached back and used canlı bahis her hands to spread her ass cheeks and put one finger to her asshole, effectively telling Todd where she wanted him.

She was on her knees and forearms, which had her ass in the air and conveniently placed for him to drill her pretty little asshole. Billie and Mary were both open books. You always knew what they were thinking even though they had very different personalities. But Betsy was an enigma. She was more reserved and quiet. She was one of those “still waters run deep” people and she intrigued Todd for reasons he could not explain. In some ways, she reminded him of Meg. Not physically, but in the way that, like Meg, she became more attractive as you peeled back the layers. She was, like Meg, already pretty, but as you got to know her, she moved along the spectrum closer to beautiful. He hoped to have the chance over time to continue to peel back those layers, even if she was married.

And now, to his surprise, she made a simple gesture, pointing to her anal opening, that she wanted something he never would have pictured her desiring. His cock stiffened even more at the little gesture and he intended to make it something she would always appreciate. He began to slowly enter her ass, knowing that it would hurt if she had never done it before or if he approached it too roughly. She went a little stiff on him and seemed to resist a little as he pushed his cock head past the first bit of resistance. Then she relaxed a little and groaned with what sounded like pleasure and he inched forward into her rectum. He then reached around and slid a finger into her pussy as he continued to drive his cock the rest of the way in.

Betsy continued to focus on her mother and trusted Todd to make it good for her. She was not disappointed. He fingered her pussy to the point of distraction to her and she could feel the full length of his cock sliding in and out of her butt. This was her first anal fuck and she was glad she decided to try it. She had no idea that an ass fucking could feel as good and intense as a pussy fucking and if he kept that up, she might change her preference from pussy eating to taking cock up the ass on a regular basis. She even thought, as she ate her mother and relished the cock in her ass, that she might invite her sister to get eaten while her husband ass fucked her. He had been wanting in her ass since their wedding day and she had always said no. He was going to get a surprise when she got home, assuming he could do as well at it as Todd was doing it now.

Billie came and it was one of those rare occasions where she actually squirted some, surprising her mother and herself, soaking her mother’s body and the sheets around her face. She was watching Todd plow her sister’s ass and was hoping that she could give it a try later herself. Mary came a second time on Betsy’s face and decided she needed a break. Betsy needed to concentrate on her high quality butt fucking and came on Todd’s fingers, causing her to clamp down tight on his cock with her rectal muscles. That was enough for Todd. He grimaced in intensity shooting through his balls and his cock as he came, filling her ass with cum. When he finally finished creaming her ass, he pulled back and dropped to his knees on the floor to relax. Betsy just splayed out on the bed, drained from the intensity of the session, and felt the jizz begin to drain from her ass.

“Oh, fuck me, that was good! I wish I had tried this years ago. I didn’t know what I was missing.”

Billie looked over the ooze running from her sister’s ass and then over at Todd and asked if he could give her the same introduction to anal action.

“Your ass is virgin, too? I have a hard time believing you sex fiends have never had a good ass fucking before now.”

“All our friends tell us how uncomfortable or painful it is, so we have steered clear of it. But after seeing you plowing mom’s ass last night when you weren’t looking, we decided if she could take it and like it, surely we could.” You could count on Billie to just put it out there for everyone to know what she was thinking.

“Well, I’ll be damned!” said Mary. “And were you listening in on our conversation as well?”

“If you mean, did we hear all the grunting and moaning, yes. Otherwise, no, we heard nothing you said to each other. And we only peeked in long enough to realize you were taking it up the ass and decided to leave you alone.” Betsy was clearly annoyed with Billie now and was last night as well when Billie practically dragged her to the deck to spy on their mother and Todd.

Billie and Betsy traded places after they had all recovered some and Todd gave Billie the same service he had Betsy and that he had given Mary the night before. Afterward, Billie and Betsy agreed, along with their mother, that pussy fucking was still the best, but a good ass fucking now and then was truly something special.

Todd and Mary took time to work out the details and supplies required for the project after lunch. Mary said that he could bring a guest with him on his weekends to enjoy the place and on the weekends he planned to work, she would like to be there as well to give him a break from time to time so he didn’t overdo it.

Todd was going to enjoy this job…

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