Gotta Love Commuting

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It was a late evening and I was on my way home from school after having had several late classes. Like most such nights, I was tired and just plain anxious to get home. I was at the station waiting for the bus to arrive that would take me home, and I wasn’t alone. Many others were waiting for the same bus: those who also had later classes, those who had recently ended their work shifts for the evening, and anyone else who just happened to be out and about this late at night. The public transit system always seems to work in such a way that nobody pays much attention to anyone else, and this night was no different. That usual quiet, almost uncomfortable atmosphere permeated the air, with everyone lost in their own little worlds, myself included.

But tonight was a little different. Tonight I noticed someone. I had been looking down towards the ground, trapped in my own thoughts, when for some reason a pair of legs in front of me attracted my attention. They were firm, toned, and smooth, visible beneath the jean shorts of their owner. He was wearing ankle socks that could barely even be seen above his running shoes, a look that I had always found very attractive. I couldn’t help but glance up at the person to whom they belonged: a muscular asian man about my age, perhaps a year or two older, with short black hair. I couldn’t see his face from behind. His body was bulky, but with muscle rather than fat. I was instantly intrigued.

Now, I’ve always been the kind of person who can appreciate a good-looking person of either sex, even though I’ve never considered myself gay or even all that bisexual (extremely horny fantasies aside). As such, I simply took note of how attractive this man was and tried to go on my way. The bus arrived and we all boarded; he took a single seat parallel to the bus’ direction beside a window, and I had to take one of the seats that faced the center aisle with my back to the window. His seat was right next to mine, and so from there I found that I could see him quite easily.

What’s more, as the bus loaded up and drove off, I found that I couldn’t stop stealing glances at him. His legs were like some kind of visual narcotic. His body was so muscular, it felt like an insult not to imagine what it must have looked like beneath his white sweater. Before long my hormones started acting up and I found my mind wandering to less wholesome places. This was an area I hadn’t seriously considered before, so I figured it must just have been the hormones talking. Exhilarating though it was, I knew I would leave it in the world of fantasy where it originated.

That was until he caught me staring and looked back at me, at which point I averted my gaze in the shy, polite, even slightly embarrassed way that everyone does in such a situation. In my peripheral I could see he was still looking at me, though. Uncomfortable though it may have been, it seemed more like he was checking me out than staring at me reprimandingly. I was nowhere near as muscular as he was; instead, I had a leaner appearance but I tended to wear clothes that accented or augmented particular features of my body (who doesn’t?). Maybe that caught his eye, I thought. I had on a dark green t-shirt which was accentuating without being tight or suggestive. My body wasn’t in bad shape underneath – I had nice pectorals and a fair abdomen – and the shirt just accented that. It was extremely arousing to think of this guy checking me out, and so I felt fortunate that I had my backpack on my lap as a courtesy to the other riders, because it hid the erection that was starting to form. But still, I left it as just a wild fantasy that was carrying my imagination away.

As if fate was intervening, at the next bus stop an older woman got on board, and by this point most of the seats on the bus were all taken. Chivalrous as he was, the object of my fantasy stood up and offered her his seat, which she graciously accepted. Then, as if tempting me, or perhaps it was simply coincidence, he stood almost right in front of me, holding one of the bars overhead to steady himself and assuming a casual pose. Immediately my body flushed and my mind went into overdrive again. I could see his gorgeous legs, his muscular body stretched out… I almost reached out and touched him just for the sake of doing it. I wanted to do things to him that I’d never considered before, but once again resigned it to fantasy.

A couple of stops later, some people in the seats beside me got off, and he decided to sit down in their place beside me. It wasn’t until several moments later that I heard his voice. It was low and he was looking over towards me, so I knew I must have been the one he was talking to. “My stop is coming up,” he said. I looked a little surprised and turned towards him. There was the faintest hint of a smirk on his lips.

“What?” I asked. Surely he couldn’t be suggesting what my vivid imagination thought he was suggesting. casino siteleri Maybe he was just some weirdo who liked to announce these things. But instead, he quirked his eyebrow quickly in a show of interest.

“My stop,” he repeated. His voice was deep and smooth, and this time there was no ambiguity about what he meant. My heart started pounding. I glanced forward again and saw that nobody on the bus was paying any attention to the conversation, which I found very fortunate. Noticing my pause, he tilted his head a little and continued. “Maybe you’d like to… drop by.”

I turned my head back towards him, gave him a bit of a smile of my own (admittedly more nervous), and nodded. I couldn’t believe what was actually happening, but there was no way in hell I was prepared to turn it down. He pulled the cord to signal for the bus to stop at the next stop, and we both got out, moving casually as if this just happened to be where both of us were supposed to get out. The fact that we exited in front of an apartment building helped that.

We began to move up the pathway towards the building, and he spoke to me again along the way. “The name’s Terry,” he said.

“Nick,” I replied. He looked back and smirked again. For some reason that was another feature of his that turned me on. Whenever he smirked I wanted to rip his clothes off and take him right there on the walkway.

We were quiet until we reached the building, at which point we headed for the elevator and began to ascend. It wasn’t until we were inside, alone, and the elevator started moving that we spoke again. He looked at me, giving me a suggestive, hungry glance, and I couldn’t help but reciprocate. Even so, I felt a little pang of nervousness. What was I doing? Was I ready for… this? With a guy?

“Ever done something like this before?” he asked suddenly, breaking me out of my reverie.

“No,” I replied, shaking my head. “And… er… I mean, I’m not really gay or anything so I’m not looking for a…”

Terry laughed a little and nodded. “I figured from the way you acted. Don’t worry, I’m not either.” Not officially gay, or not looking for a relationship? I didn’t know and didn’t care. All I could think about was the jackpot I just hit. Had I really found a guy who was just looking for a night of sex without any strings attached afterwards? It was the type of thing I only fantasized about – and that’s primarily why I left them in fantasy.

The elevator came to a stop on the fifth floor and Terry got out first. I lagged behind, admiring his legs – they were even hotter when they moved and those toned muscles got to work. I was totally out of my league with this one but for some reason he was attracted to me, and I was not going to pass that up. We reached his apartment and he opened it up, immediately dropping his backpack to one side on the floor as we entered before kicking off his shoes. I did the same.

The apartment was nice, but not extravagant; the kind of thing you’d expect from a university student. The living room, straight ahead, had a comfortable-looking sofa with a coffee table and TV, the kitchen was off to the right as you entered, and a hallway to the left led to the bedroom. Terry couldn’t even wait to get there, though. As soon as I was inside and had closed the door, he moved behind me to lock it, and then turned around and grabbed me by the shirt. He pressed his lips roughly against mine and began pushing me back towards the living room.

Having never kissed a guy before I was a little taken by surprise, but I moved into it pretty easily. It wasn’t so different from kissing a girl, I realized, except that he was much rougher and more forceful. Only then could I really tell how much he wanted this to happen. His hands worked their way into my brown hair, which was longer than his, while mine gripped his back. We breathed heavily into the kiss and let our tongues explore each other for what felt like minutes.

Finally, though, my legs caught something behind me and I fell backwards, landing on the leather couch. Terry climbed up on top, straddling me legs with his knees planted firmly on the sofa. His waist grinded against mine, and I could feel the bulging erection inside his jean shorts. It was rubbing against my own through my jeans, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. That rubbing was an entirely new sensation to me. I had never felt another guy’s cock before, and even through the fabric of his pants it was exhilarating.

Eventually Terry’s lips left mine and began moving down to my neck. I craned my head back to give him better access, and sighed out. “God, I want to fuck you,” I admitted breathlessly. This only seemed to quicken and deepen his kisses, so I knew he wanted more. He grinded a little harder against my cock and I moaned. “I want to suck you… I want to fuck your ass and your mouth… I want you to fuck me until it hurts.”

As slot oyna if in response, Terry’s hands moved to the bottom of my shirt and began to slide it over my head. I lifted my arms to give him easy access and the shirt came off, revealing my lean body underneath. He slid his hands up and down my chest while rubbing his own against it through the fabric of his sweater, which I was beginning to remove. He did the same, allowing me my first look at his own body.

It was everything I dreamed of and more. Looking at his firm pecs and washboard abs I just wanted to rub my hands along every inch of them – and I did. It was so extremely arousing. His arms were so firm and strong that I couldn’t wait for him to use them to grip me, hold me, wrap them around me while fucking me.

Terry halted his kisses and slid off the couch, lowering himself onto his knees. His hands found their way to the waist of my jeans and he undid them, unfastening the button and sliding down the zipper. I lifted my hips to let him drag the jeans and the boxers down all at once, revealing my erection. I was seven inches long and my cock curved slightly downward, not enough to look strange but enough to be unique. Terry grinned and I knew he couldn’t wait. Looking up at me only once, he took my member into his mouth.

Immediately I groaned in pleasure and wrapped my bare legs around his chest. He stimulated my balls with his warm hands while his tongue and lips expertly worked my dick. No girl had ever done it to me like this before. They just didn’t know from experience what felt good, but Terry did. He was like a pro. “Oh fuck… oh my god Terry…” I moaned breathlessly, panting, squeezing him with my firm legs. In my arousal it didn’t take long for me to reach the breaking point, so I gave him the warning I gave to everyone before in one form or another: “Fuck… fuck… I’m cumming…”

I fully expected him to pull out and jack me off to climax like all the girls had done, but to my obvious surprise he did not. He kept sucking and licking, twisting the base of my shaft with his fingers whenever his lips weren’t over them. I could feel myself against the back of his throat and he was moaning with arousal, looking up at me with his sexy brown eyes. He wanted me to cum, I knew. That thought in itself was enough to push me over. “Oh fuuuuuuuck!!!” I let out a deep, throaty moan, and my body tensed up as I ejected a huge load of cum into his mouth. He swallowed every drop, and continued to lick my softening dick as if he was desperate to squeeze out every last drop.

I fell back on the couch, chest rising and falling rapidly as I tried to catch my breath. When he was finished with my cock he climbed up again, planting a kiss on my waiting lips – and I found that I could taste my own cum on his lips and tongue as we did. It was extremely arousing and I was beginning to harden again. Even so, I knew it would take some time and I was destined to give him some pleasure as well.

“Your turn,” I said deeply, reaching for the waist of his jean shorts. “Tell me what you want.” My voice changed to a whisper as I pulled him closer to me and brushed along the side of his face.

“I want… to fuck you…” he admitted. In a less passionate moment I’d have been worried, but I was too horny to care right now about whatever pain it might have caused. I grinned and nodded my head. Terry stood up and I slid forward to remove his jean shorts and boxers, revealing his own tanned monster. It was about as long as mine, but considerably thicker – I didn’t find this surprising, considering his body. It just seemed to fit. But would it fit in my virgin ass? I was about to find out. Terry took a seat beside me and I knew what to do next.

I rotated my body so that I was facing him and straddling his waist with my ass positioned over his monstrous cock. Slowly, I began to lower myself down. He gripped his dick with his hand and guided it in. I had to pause when I felt it against my opening – it was almost frightening. But he looked at me with those lustful eyes and that smirk and I couldn’t resist anymore. I lowered myself the rest of the way.

He was so thick that there was a flash of pain at first, but it quickly gave way to immense pleasure. Not only were the physical sensations so amazing, it was also the fact that this hot asian man’s cock was inside my body, filling me up – and what’s better, he wanted to fuck me. He was lusting after me. That was enough to drive me forward. I sat there and wrapped my arms around his neck; he placed his strong hands on my waist and began to thrust himself in and out of my body. There was more pain at first, but it quickly became one of the most amazing things I had ever experienced. We were both moaning, and Terry was grunting in his deep, manly voice, which turned me on even more. I ran my hands along his firm body, squeezing his hard pecs, and occasionally canlı casino siteleri leaning forward to kiss him. Sometimes I twisted my body, not only to amplify his own pleasure but also to rub my cock against his abs. It was the hottest, most arousing experience I had ever had.

Minutes seemed to fly by. I could have let him fuck me like this for hours, but this amazing feeling would only last for several minutes – before finally getting better. Terry’s grunts became louder; his eyes were closed and his face slightly contorted, an expression I recognized all too well from myself. “Oh fuck, Nick! I want to fucking cum inside you!” Now his voice was suddenly loud and desperate, which turned me on even more. I lifted myself up and down on his cock, clenching in order to tighten them around him (not that there was much room to do so).

It was enough to drive him over the edge. He let out a loud grunt and his hips pushed upwards one final time before I felt his warm cum burst into my body. It was an amazing feeling, unlike anything I had experienced before. His softening cock twitched inside my ass, and each such motion sent residual shivers of pleasure through my body. Terry’s strong arms slid around me, pulling me closer to him as we both breathed heavily.

I don’t remember how much time passed after that, but eventually it became evident that we weren’t quite finished yet. It might have been minutes or hours, but both of our little soldiers were at attention again and I wanted more of Terry for myself. “I want your ass,” I told him at last. He looked up at me almost in surprise for a moment, and then smirked and nodded his head. I slid off of him, cum still dripping from my ass, and moved off the couch, beckoning for him to follow as I knelt down on the floor. I got him to lie down on his back in front of me, and I slung those beautiful legs over my shoulders, exposing his ass to my hungry dick.

By this point I was horny enough that I wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries or softness. I wanted his ass right then and there, and I could tell from his hungry eyes that he wanted me inside him. I positioned my bulging cock head at his opening and pushed in – mine no doubt went in easier than his did, but it felt so tight and incredible just the same. He immediately and instinctively tightened around me, but if it was his body’s attempt to deter me it would be far from enough.

I began to thrust my hips, pushing into his ass, slowly and deeply, and watching his face switch from pain to pleasure. Both were in his voice at one time or another as he grunted and moaned, letting out those pleasure-filled swear words attached to my name. While I fucked him, I ran my hands along his legs, feeling his firm thighs and calves, unable to resist them. I almost wanted them more than any other part of his body, but for now this would have to do. I caressed them with my hands and my cheeks, enjoying the hairless smoothness of them; it drove my arousal even further.

Finally one of my hands reached down and took his hard dick, when I noticed that it was fully at attention and begging for pleasure. I continued to plunge deeper into his body, while my hand stroked his thick shaft. Eventually I began to time the two motions together; whenever I thrust I would stroke him in one direction, and when I pulled out I would go the other.

“Fuck… oh fuck yes!” he moaned as I fucked and jerked him. He was loving it more than simply with his words. His body was writhing and his hands craved to hold onto something.

“Shit Terry, you’re so tight… I think I’m going to…” My breath suddenly caught in my throat. I looked up towards the ceiling, closed my eyes, and continued thrusting without speaking. My climax was hitting me again and I wanted to be fully aware of every second of it.

“Fuck Nick… I am too! Keep jerking me… please… oh fucking please…”

He didn’t need to ask twice. Without conscious input my hand stroked his shaft in rhythm with my thrusting, and I listened for his own signals as I came closer and closer to cumming. In both of us the signs were telltale: closed eyes, slightly wrinkled nose, gritted teeth, heavy breathing and grunting or moaning. And they were present in Terry at this moment as well, so I knew he was close.

Finally the man let out a loud grunt that turned into a loud cry of pleasure, and I looked down to see his cock suddenly unload another jet stream of white cum all over his amazing chest. Seeing that, I knew that I could let myself go as well; I forced myself into him for another few seconds, and then finally let out a cry of my own before exploding into his ass. Exhausted and exhilarated, I immediately released his legs and collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily as though the air around me was in short supply.

“That was fucking incredible,” I said breathlessly.

“*You* are fucking incredible,” he replied. His arms went around me again, and I could feel one of his fingers playing with my tender asshole. I couldn’t help but smile. My softening, twitching dick was still inside of him as we fell asleep, joined as one for the rest of the night.

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