Graduation Party Ch. 02

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Ever since my last encounter with Patrick, I fantasized about a great butt fucking. I was always a top. With Patrick, being a bottom was a dream realized. Either way, things got hot. When I remembered that Graduation party, I cream my pants on the spot.

It has been a year now. Since the party. I can’t help but to remember what Patrick said:

“That was better than the soccer team!”

He fucked the soccer team?! If I had known that he had already done that, I wouldn’t have been such a wuss to approach him. But still… who on the team did he fuck?

Soccer players were always in my fantasies, too. I always imagined soccer players to be slow, skilled, and passionate, as opposed to football players who were rough and submissive. The image of both in one setting set off another cream.

On top of all this, my class is having a “small” one year reunion. It started small, until everyone found out about it. Now it is huge. Everyone is going. And guess where. To that same cheerleader’s house. Her parents had moved out and given her the place. Damn rich people, afford to give their daughter a house. But I am not complaining, because I have had some great times there.

The reunion is nerve-racking. Is Patrick going to be there? I haven’t seen him since the last party. I am going, of course, I just don’t want to see Patrick. It would be too awkward to face him after being his ragdoll.


As I head into the house, I see everybody who was casino siteleri at the last party, and then some. Every popular person, all the gothic people, the outcasts, and even the band geeks! After remembering last year, I am restless all night long. I hang with some of my friends. I was friends with everyone. I jumped from clique to clique. They all welcomed me, we all shared our stories, then I went to another group.

I was walking through the hall toward the kitchen, where I saw the gothic people. Preparing for a conversation, I hear something in a nearby room. I look, and see that this room looked familiar… very familiar. I open the door, eager to see the action. I am no wuss anymore. People can’t ridicule me, since I do not see them on a daily basis, so there is nothing to worry about.

What I see in the room is amazing. First thing that totally crushed me was Patrick. He was in the room, fucking the brains out of someone. Then I saw the bottom half. Whom I saw was the notorious Troy. He was the most famous soccer player of our class. His muscles, unlike Patrick’s, were smoothe and defined. Patrick’s were still packed and tight, like before. Looking into Troy’s eyes were a blue sparkle of greatness. He felt accomplished, even when he was being split open by Patrick.

Even more surprising was who else was in there. Another member of the soccer team, Brad, was standing off to the side, jacking off. He was a rock hard 7″, watching Patrick’s 8″ slam into Troy, making Troy’s 7″ stand slot oyna on end.

Brad had muscles like Troy. He was much shorter with those smooth muscles on his chest and abs. His legs were all muscle, no fat. His ass was perfectly rounded. He stood at 5’9″, slightly shorter than Troy at 5’11”.

They all noticed my arrival. Brad grinned. He had a partner now. Patrick smiled as well, remembering our last encounter. Troy didn’t care, but he seemed disappointed that Patrick stopped. I wanted in on the action, so I stripped down quickly and approached Brad. He let go of his rod and I got to work, licking the head and soaking the shaft. The heat and thickness of his cock was so mouthwatering.

“Stop.” He said, “Not yet…”

He went on the bed next to Troy, still being split. He went on his back with his legs in the air. This was where I was going to show my power into Brad’s perfect bubble ass. I lube up my dick and slowly push into his hole. He shutters, but I keep pushing. Once all the way in, I pulse through him. Slamming against him, I am trying to keep up with Patrick and Troy. From what I am hearing, they have both moaned out a cum a few times. But they are still going.

I am slamming Brad. His asses were one of the many that I have longed after while in school. His was one of the best. I kept slamming. I hear Patrick and Troy hit their orgasms for their last time together, and that sends me over the edge. Cumming early, I got down and sucked Brad again to satisfy him. His scolding canlı casino siteleri cock longed for it. I brought wave after wave of ecstasy over him, until he finally came, and deep throated me.

But it was not near over. Troy came over to me. I got on the bed on my back, ready for action but too tired to do it myself. I lift my legs up and give Troy a position. He lubes his dick, and my ass. Slowly, he enters. It feels hot and full. I ravish the moment, as I see his abs pulse, and his face cringe. Troy was the type to really feel his fucking. He lavishes it. Meanwhile, Patrick sits on the bed at the head of the bed, and Brad rides him. Brad’s hump is to die for, he performs it like a porn star.

Troy by now is cleverly working his way at me. Unlike Patrick, Troy takes his time. His fucking is much better than Patrick’s, because I can feel his dick on my prostate. Soon he begins pumping, but still with great skill. I came at least 5 times before he did. It just felt so good. I wanted him to cum, too. I tried as hard as I could to tighten up my ass. It must have worked. Troy’s face displayed great satisfaction, and I got filled with his man-milk. He collapsed on me with a thud.

Patrick and Brad had both finished cumming. They lie on top of each other in a heap of cum and sweat. Troy and I lay together in the same ecstasy. I hear nothing outside the room. Had everyone left? Was it just me and the guys? What would the cheerleader say when we left? Shoot, I have to get back home, I need to study for my college exam!

I left, barely clean from the heap of cum. I feel some on my cheek as I leave the house. I hurry home. I almost hit a few cars on the way, as I remember the night.

Another party, well remembered.

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