Granny Mistress Ch. 02 – Merrilyn

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Warning: This story contains very intense and excessive degradation activities, events and plots, that are capable of offending your sensibilities. If you are not into extreme humiliation and degradation of male submissives, you will find this story very offensive. Please don’t read this story. Move on to the next nice story that would make your day. Thanks.

(All characters are above 18 years of age)


Mike felt the old woman’s hand pulling on the hair on his head, she needed his service again. He couldn’t believe it was already morning, for his night was so brief, too brief.

He had his mouth attached to his granny mistress’ asshole till well past midnight, inhaling the bad odour of her nocturnal farts. He ate her farts till around 2 am when he eventually fell asleep.

So, now, at about 7 am, when Olena’s nudge woke him up, he felt like he hadn’t had enough rest to make up for endless hours of serving in the day.

“Slave, I want to pee.”

She rolled off the bed and was feeling too lazy to go to the bathroom, Mike was getting used to that part of her, she was quite lazy to do many things, perhaps old age was taking its toll on her strength, but not on her sadistic interests.

She sat at the edge of the bed spreading her laps and exposing her privates.

Mike quickly got off the bed and knelt in front of her, preparing to drink her morning piss. He looked up to her pubes and felt discouraged again, it looked like she hadn’t shaved in months. There was so much pubic hair that every time Mike licks or sucks her, he always ended up having strands of her pubic hair hanging in his teeth.

She rested her crotch on Mike’s open mouth and started peeing into his mouth.

The taste was acrid and metallic. Irritating to say the least. Olena was not quite skilled in regulating the speed of her flow. Anytime she used him this way, she just simply let off her waste at the natural speed. It was his duty to cope with the speed, otherwise would have to deal with spillage and having to clean the ground, and that’s not even factoring the punishment he might then have to receive for that.

About 30 seconds into the gushing of hot piss into his mouth, Olena’s piss was beginning to form a ladder in his mouth. It was as though someone had poured in some detergent water in there. The awful morning drink gradually fainted away until the very last drops.

“Now lick Momma clean and give me some good orgasm.”

Mike’s tongue fiddled through her pubic hairs lapping anything that felt like liquid or fluid. He didn’t like the smell of her pussy, yet he was totally engulfed in it.

He worked Olena’s pussy and before long, he had her twitching and moaning in pleasure already. Her pussy juice began to ooze into his mouth. He licked and sucked and repeated his routine until she started tweaking in pleasure.

Olena had orgasm twice before she felt she had had enough clitoral pleasure for the morning. She then turned around showing him her old rugged behind. It was time to please her from the back quarters.

He spread her ass cheeks and dived into her ass.

She didn’t even wait for his face to settle in there before she started passing wind. His nose was welcomed by a rancid smell. He inhaled deeply and the obnoxious gas travelled fast through his respiratory tracks, leaving a burning trail along.

“What do you say to your lady?”

“Thank you, Mi Lady, thank you bahis firmaları for farting into my mouth.”

“You always have to sound grateful and encourage me to degrade you. I will hate you If you don’t worship me the way I want. You can do better than this, I’m your girlfriend now,” she chuckled as she said that.

“Thank you, Mi Lady, for feeding me with your lovely farts. I really love it and I want you to know this is all I want in my life.”

“Bravo!” Olena was very happy and appreciated him with a loud fart;


He inhaled deeply again, not minding the burning sensations in his nostrils.

It was sunrise already and was time for some sunbathing. Tanning under the early morning sun was a regular part of her daily routine.

“Come, slave, let’s go get some nature outside.”

She dragged him by the leash and he walked on all fours behind the unclad lady.

She had a Sunbath lounge chair on the front porch. Mike had instinctively knelt beside it when she tugged his leash and asked him to lie down face up on the lounge chair.

She then carefully sat on his face, placing her anus into his mouth. His nose was buried into her ass crack, but he was still able to breathe.

She rested her back on the backrest and stretched her legs on his body. Essentially, Mike was laying on the lounge chair, and Olena was lounging on him.

The only part of her body that was in contact with the lounge chair was her back. The rest was directly on Mike.

The first streak of sunlight beamed on her skin, and she started feeling relaxed again; it was time for her morning dump.

As sunlight fell on Olena, faeces fell from her anus into Mike’s mouth. It was the usual watery feel that was characteristic of her excrement.

There was no need for her to lift her ass up in other to allow him to chew, for he had no need to chew. He just swallowed his breakfast as it came from the source.

“The sun is very beautiful this morning, too bad you can’t see it right now, just focus on the sun that is shinning into your mouth.”

As soon as she said that, she shined her anus and pushed another paste of liquid shit into his mouth.

The taste of her shit was the worst thing he had ever had to taste or ingest all his life, but he had no choice, there was no escaping this. Though he never liked it, nor did he think he ever would, he was, however, getting used to this.

She successfully emptied her bowels into his mouth before her 60 minutes of sunbathing was over.

She then got off the chair, pissed in his mouth, and then used his tongue as toilet paper, making him use his tongue to clean her anus and make it squeaky clean.


Mike was naked in the pet house when he heard the doorbell ring. Olena was expecting a visitor but hadn’t informed him.

All he could make of the female voice was that it was definitely someone close to Lady Olena, someone who wasn’t coming for the first time.

It was, in fact, her daughter; Merrilyn. She had been having issues in her marriage lately, and to avoid depression has been coming over to her mother very often to let off steam.

They hugged and sat in the living room, talking while the Tv was on.

“My love, I think you should consider staying for a few days. I do not like the wrinkles I’m seeing on your face.”

Merrilyn tried to relieve herself so Olena could feel better.

“I kaçak iddaa will try my best Nana.” She stood off the sofa to fetch a drink from the kitchen when she noticed a few changes.

“This place looks cleaned recently, who’s been helping you in my absence, Nana, she asked from the kitchen.”

Olena was gonna tell her anyway, she was waiting for her to come back to the living room so she could explain how she came about her slave.

Merrilyn noticed she hadn’t sighted Nana’s chihuahua and that was a bit strange, was he sleeping or something?

She wondered off the kitchen to the backdoor and eventually stumbled on Mike in the pet house.

She gasped and ran to the living room.

‘Nana!” she said out loudly, gasping and trying to catch her breath, she pointed towards the backyard, trying to make words. She was surprised her mother was totally calm and was beginning to smile sheepishly.

“What’s going on here Nana?”

Olena sat her down and calmed her nerves. She spent the next several minutes giving her details of how Mike came to be and the big relief he has brought into her life. Merrilyn’s nerves were now soothed and the initial shock had simmered.

“Just imagine how much ease he could extend into your life too. Think about the troubles James is taking you through right now, what sort of an excuse for a husband he is, would your troubles not disappear in the twinkle of an eye if you could learn to conquer him this way?”

Merrilyn’s face lit up at the thought of that.

“Honestly, Nana, I’m beginning to see from your viewpoint. This is how they should all be conquered.”

She was very much excited now about degrading a man and Olena could read that from her responses.

“Come with me baby girl.”

Both ladies walked to the pet house, and now, Merrilyn looked at Mike in awe, not in fright anymore.

“How do you use him, Nana, I guess I’m eager to humiliate a man now… These idiots one way or the other are all mostly a pain in the ass to those who have them.”

Olena coughed lightly and giggled.

“I can assure you, this one is not a pain in the ass. Actually, he is a pleasure in the ass!”

“Nana, you mean you…” Merrilyn’s voice trailed off, amazed and humoured.

“Yes, my darling. I use him in that department a lot. He does incredible things, which you will find out for yourself shortly.”

“Hmmmm… This will be fun Nana, so, what do you do with the bowl?” she asked, pointing at the dog bowl in front of him.

“That’s for serving him my waste, whenever I’m not excreting directly into his eager mouth.”

Merrilyn was astonished hearing that.

“It is very soothing and relieving, I tell you.”

It felt as though Merrilyn was back in her childhood when she needed her mum to do a lot of explaining to her and help her through her homework and assignment.

Olena was glad to provide the necessary tutelage for her beautiful princess. She was enjoying each step of this herself, as it was beginning to look more like she was making a convert out of her daughter and would now be having a partner in domination.

After another several minutes of gisting and chatting and explanations, Merrilyn was now fully convinced she wanted to see this animal in action.

“You will do us the honour princess, that is both for urine and faeces,” she said, pointing at the dog bowl in front of a silent Mike, who just remained on all fours and kaçak bahis didn’t talk at all except he was asked to.

She beckoned to her Merrilyn to do the needful. She was a bit excitedly shy but had decided to follow this through.

She undid her sky-blue wrapping skirt and pulled off her panties. Her nice plumpy ass came down, inches close to Mike’s face, so close he could perceive her smell.

Unlike lady Olena, Merrilyn smelled very clean and less offensive.

She first let off a stream of colourful piss into the bowl. It was yellow and concentrated. She had not drunk enough water this day.

“Go on,” Olena prodded her.

Merrilyn contracted her bowels and a hard log of shit poked out of her anus.

“Wait, please hold on to that for a minute, can you try that?” she said to Merrilyn who shook her head in the affirmative.

She turned to Mike and commanded him;

“Would you be nice to help my princess bring that out? Don’t eat yet, just collect!”

Mike immediately wrapped his lips around the log of shit coming out Merrilyn’s ass, who found this very weird, but exciting.

“Now, go on my baby.”

She pushed out that log of shit completely into Mike’s mouth. He just held it there in his mouth awaiting further instructions.

Merrilyn looked up at Olena, letting her know there were more logs in her bowel.

“Put the rest in the dish for him.”

Merrilyn excreted two more thick and hard turds of shit into the dog bowl. Her turds were big and heavy, so rather than floating on her piss they just sat right into the bowl amidst her piss.

She turned around and watched Mike holding her shit in his mouth.


That was all Olena said, Mike swung into action instantly.

It was the first time Merrilyn watched another human chew and eat her shit. She felt powerful at that moment and it appeared as though, all the wrongs her husband and any other man at all had done to her, were being paid for at that moment.

Mike finished eating the turd in his mouth and then turned on the turds in the dog bowl. They were had and tasty. He noticed the difference in type and texture between Olena’s shit and that of her daughter.

“Now drink. Lap it like a dog.” Olena gave him the next order.

This provided the mother and daughter some prolonged entertainment. They watched him lap Merrilyn’s piss till the dog bowl was completely empty. He had eaten her shit and drank her piss without leaving any drop or pinch of both unconsumed.

“He is also a very skilful toilet paper,” Olena said to Merrilyn, “Give him your asshole and let him do some wonders on your pretty behind.”

All through this, Mike was completely inside the pet house with only his head outside, to perform his toilet duties.

Merrilyn bent, putting her hands on her knees and arching her butt towards Mike.

Mike used his tongue to clean her asshole.

Merrilyn laughed out loud

“What is it, baby?”

“Nana, you are right, he is actually a pleasure in the ass, not a pain, I’m so loving this Nana.”

“I’m glad you do, my princess.”

After Mike did a thorough job cleaning Merrilyn’s asshole, she then stood beside her mum, feeling so psychologically relieved and pumped up, she placed her right hand across Olena’s shoulder as she looked at Mike in awe, a slave who just consumed her waste products. She felt like an Amazon. She felt like a celebrity. She felt powerful.

And most of all she was thankful to her mum. She pecked Olena on the cheek and said to her;

“Nana, I’m not leaving this place for the next 2 weeks, I’m not ever leaving this!”

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