Great Neighbors Ch. 02

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This is the second story in a series about a man and a wife who participate in sexual liaisons with a couple of female neighbors, fulfilling the husband’s sexual desires and reawakening his wife’s sexual drive.

The morning following the threesome with their neighbor Christina, Jon awoke before Linda, showered, dressed and went downstairs to make breakfast. Linda, after showering, joined him a short time later wearing her robe. Both were very content and spoke little as they consumed the breakfast Jon had made. After breakfast they cleaned up and headed into the living room to read the newspaper as was their non-working day custom.

After they were seated together on the couch, Linda turned to Jon and asked, “Well, do you want to talk about it?”

Jon replied, “Oh yes, I can’t wait any longer! What was your favorite part?”

“Oh God!” exclaimed Linda, “The whole thing. When Christina pulled me towards her and forced her tongue into my mouth I was completely shocked, but it sent a huge chill down my spine. I thought that she was just showing off for you and went along because I knew you must be getting excited and I really didn’t think it would go beyond the kiss. Then she started fondling my breasts and before I could decide whether to stop her, she pulled me down onto the floor and forced my face into her bare crotch!”

“I was dumbfounded when you started licking her pussy,” stated John.

“So was I, I couldn’t believe I was doing it! It happened so quickly, she was dominating me, and it started turning me on that she was using me to show off for you. And then she was moaning and whispering ‘lick my pussy’ and her orgasm just set me on fire inside!”

“What did you think when she led you the couch?” asked John.

“I knew that she was going to have sex with me, and probably with my husband and that I was going to really like it!” replied Linda. “I knew I would do anything that she told me to do!”

“How did it feel when she pushed you onto the coach and pulled your panties down and started fingering you?” asked John.

Linda excitedly, “It was unbelievable! My whole body was screaming with pleasure. I knew you were watching illegal bahis your wife get fingered from behind by another woman and were probably ready to explode! And then I started coming so hard!”

“I was ready to explode! I took out my dick and started stroking it. I really wanted to join in but was afraid I’d ruin what was happening. What was it like when she started using her tongue on you?”

“It felt incredible! If you’d ask me to describe what I thought sex with another woman would be like I’d have said loving and gently. With Christina it was fast and frenzied! She was furiously running her tongue up and down my pussy. When I called for ‘harder’ she smashed her tongue up and down on my clit making me cum so hard!”

“When she finished you off with her tongue I couldn’t stand not being involved anymore!” said John.

John realized the conversation had made him hard and could see from Linda’s glow that she was getting worked up also.

“You didn’t have to worry about ruining what was happening. I could feel that she was doing it for you, to turn you on and make you want her, and when she said ‘let’s suck your husband’s cock’ I knew we were going where she wanted to go and where I wanted her to take me. I’d never seen your cock so huge, I just had to reach between my legs and bring myself off as we sucked you, and then she put me over the top again, stopping and forcing her tongue on me as we both got off!”

“What did you think when she started pumping my dick and yelling ‘suck him off’?”

“I was so worked up that I intended to allow you to shoot in my mouth, but then I tasted a bit of cum and pulled away on instinct as I have always done. I’m really sorry, it was an involuntary reaction!”

“Oh God, Linda, no need to be sorry about anything, it was something I never imagined even happening, it was the most incredible experience of my life!” exclaimed Jon.

“Well, as it turned out,” Linda declared, “you probably got a bigger turn on than if I’d let you go in my mouth! As soon as I saw Christina with her tongue out waiting to catch your sperm I knew that once again she was performing for you and bringing me along.”

“Oh illegal bahis siteleri Linda, it was so exciting, like I was in a porn movie!”

“Your juice tasted sexy, if that makes any sense? And then she just about lifted you off the ground by sticking your dick back in her mouth and then passing it to me. I had no idea what a mouth could do to a penis that has just unloaded. God, it made me crazy that you were squirming with such pleasure!”

“I couldn’t believe it either! In all the years of sex and masturbation I didn’t know of such a thing. It is nearly indescribable! My cock was so sensitive, a combination of pleasure and something approaching pain, something my nervous system had never experienced and I had to pull away as my brain couldn’t handle it! Oh, Linda, it was incredible, thank you!” John exclaimed

Linda laughed, “Hey, it wasn’t like I wasn’t getting off too!”

John was so aroused he wondered if he could make it through the conversation without cumming in his pants. He realized even the slightest brush against his cock would probably cause him to explode. He imagined taking out his cock and jerking off while Linda talked about the sex of the previous night.

Linda blurted, “And then before I could fully enjoy what we had just done to you, Christina was pulling me away again, demanding that I finger her and suck her tits.”

“Did you ever have second thoughts about her pulling you around?”

Linda, “Not one, I knew she was performing for you and using me as a tool, it was so exciting!”

“What about when she said ‘bite my nipple bitch’?”

“Oh God, John, you’d think I’d have been offended, but I nearly came without physical stimulation. I wanted to go with her. I wanted her to use me. What did you think?”

“My penis was starting to come back to life a bit watching you fuck her with your fingers. When she called you a bitch it turned me on more. I started wondering how to get involved in the action and then she blew my mind once again by pulling the shoe thing!”

“Holly shit, John! Of all the things that happened, that was the kinkiest!”

“That was my exact thought too, kinky! canlı bahis siteleri My cock really started to harden. How did it feel?”

“It was extremely arousing! It wasn’t so much the feel as the idea that we were jerking off with her shoes. And then she shoved hers halfway up her pussy and I went off again!”

“I know, when she pushed her pump into her pussy I thought was going to lose my mind!”

Linda, “And then we were off again as she climbed on top of me and ordered you to fuck us! It was very sweet of you to ask my permission to fuck her.”

“Because she seemed to be controlling everything I was afraid of how you might react if I started fucking her. If you had said no, I just would have had to jerk off right there because the shoe thing had done me in and I had to get relief!”

“How was it getting to fuck two women?”

“It was awesome having two pussies open to me!”

“And a fine job you did! Thank you for fucking me first, I came almost immediately. You’d think I’d have gained some control at that point, but then she started friggin my pussy again and fucking me with her thumb. Then she was screaming for you to shoot your cum in her! Thank you again for asking permission, it made me feel like you were not just completely in to her!”

“Oh baby, she might have been trying to put on a show for me, but the real show for me was watching you get off over and over again! I’m about to explode in my pants! Let’s fuck now!” exclaimed Jon.

Linda said, “I’ve got a better idea, stand up”. She then pulled Jon’s sweatpants down and started to suck his stiff dick. The hot talk had Jon ready to blow within seconds but Linda slowed the pace a bit and started licking the base of his cock. When she resumed sucking Jon was ready to explode immediately. Linda put her hand on his ass and pulled him to her, not allowing him to pull away and accepting his cum in her mouth. She continued sucking after Jon had fully ejaculated, moaning slightly, again giving Jon the most incredible feeling he had ever had through his whole body. Just as the night before, Jon eventually had to pull away as the sensation was too much for his nervous system to handle. He wondered if he’d ever be able to be sucked until he was limp.

Jon then tried to get his hands inside Linda’s robe, but she said, “No, later this afternoon, this time it was my show!” She stood up and went up the stairs giggling lightly.

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